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Reviewed: 05/24/03 | Updated: 05/24/03

GTA Vice City – You’ll love the 80s

The games based in the 80s on a fictional town named Vice City. A town with gangs, rebels and crooks on the street. Bribe the cops, blow up a building, “borrow” a car and take a drive on the illegal city cruises. This game is simply amazing, but how amazing?

Oh man, Lance Vance Dance and Mr. Versetti are in a hurry to take over the town. The story might seem a bit un original in the beginning, but play further any you’ll notice how deep the plot goes. It has twists, depth and coolness I haven’t seen in a long time. You will be introduced to a load of characters, and most of the characters won’t end up being shallow people with names, you will see wicked personalities, hate and regret. The story is well built up on the town, and I’m telling you, it aint’ slow paced.

About a 100 different cars; many helicopters to choose from, an airplane and boats with sails and boats with some extra horse power in their engines. The thing that hit me the most in this game was the fact that they took the time to include two wheel vehicles! Yeah, sure.. we got the choppers but when you get on the PCG 600 and blast away on the freeway you’ll know what I mean. The car psychics are far from realistic, but it’s good for the gameplay. The arcade like driving is smooth and you have a feel of control all the time. The cars will be blown to pieces though, the car can be literally stripped from almost all parts on the outside. If you liked the GTA show damage, you’ll love Vice City. The Controls on Mr. Versetti are smooth on the PC, way better then on the consoles. Now you can aim freely with all weapons and the walking is way easier.

Oh the beauty… no not really. The game runs on a weaker rig though, I have no slowdown and my comp aint’ some high tech super machine. The frame rate is a funny thing, 30 fps at all times. You wont notice it, but you will think that the console version (if you played em’) is faster. The graphics are cool, nothing flashy and incredible. You can see far in this game, try flying over the town with the chopper and you most certainly will see everything you need to see; no fog that is. But… one thing that really gets irritating is the fact that you look at a car that is driving down the road, you make an 360 degree with your character and voila! The car has suddenly disappeared, same thing with the people; it’s not a big deal but it brakes the ‘illusion’ of a living town.

Replay ability.
There’s no such thing. After you play through the game once you don’t want to start all over again. The fact that you have bough your way through the town for 60 hours and collected all hidden packages and done all secret and special missions makes you not want to go back and start from scratch. But, there are missions you really want to experience again, and due to the huge amount of colorful missions you won’t probably mind playing through the game again.

Hours of gameplay.
Ambulance, Police, taxi, food delivery, blowing up stuff with RC planes and stuff… You can do a lot of things in this game. After you do all the missions you’re about 60 % through the game. And if you think you’ll stop after you’ve seen the ending, you’re wrong. There’s always something to do.

Fun Factor
This game is so fun it’s not even funny. You will be sucked into the world of GTA, you will love it, you will want to play it for 7 hours straight and you for the most; you’ll experience the “just one more mission and I’m done” feeling.


Incredible variety in missions
Vehicles to choose from
There is an entire arsenal of weapons (about 40 different)
Controls are smooth
The story
You will be hooked
Inside jokes everywhere
The radio stations
(this list could go on and on…)
You will be hooked
You will hate some missions
The graphics could be better
The game is pretty violent, so not for everyone’s taste
Only one airplane (which does the job more then well)

Overall score: 8/10
For extreme GTA fans: 10/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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