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"You're not being very considerate!!"

These are the types of games that are very controversial and also the kind of games which are good for releiving stress and anger. I'm sure most people have played Grand Theft Auto once or twice. In these sorts of games you have something, which most games do not allow, and it is called free will. You have the will to do almost anything you want. Don't like that person walking down the street? Kill him! Tired of being a law abiding citizen? Kill a cop! Tired of driving normally? Then drive like an insane maniac!

Now of course you do not do this in real life but in these types of games you can. I would recommend this game to people 14 and older. This is a very violent game, but fun nonetheless.

Graphics 10/10
The first Grand theft auto game I ever played was the second one. I never really played GTA3 so as to where if the graphics improved since GTA3 I cannot say. But with the 3-D graphics in this one they are just jaw dropping eye candy. In Vice City it feels like your in Miami itself. Of course the people graphics aren't the best and they have blocky hands. The cars and just about everything else makes up for it. Your car actually makes a dent if you bump into a wall or another car. Parts of your car can fall off while you're driving. The graphics were very good I'd have to say.

Music 10/10
The music is all from the 80's from real people and bands. Like Rap Music? Put on the old skool rap radio channel. Want old skool rock? Well they have that also. Along with Pop, Techno, spanish music almost anything you can think of. Along with two other radio stations which are talk shows they too are great to listen too.

Audio 10/10
The cars sound real. They had great voice actors along with even the common people on the street yelling at you. The Radio's were nice too. Just everything sounded nice.

Gameplay 10/10
This is the best thing about Vice City. The gameplay. As I mentioned above, what made these types of games great is free will. You can jack someone's car, motorcycle, boat, or helicopter if you wish. You can have street races with people (but watch out the old people are pretty mean). Don't feel like doing a mission? Then forget about it and go to a mall and shoot up some idiots or rob some stores! Hack someone's limbs off with a sword or a chainsaw! It doesn't matter! Just hope the cops don't come after you. Yes the cops are to be feared. They are everywhere and they will never stop hunting you (unless you have one star). Anything above one star and they'll become Ringwraiths and track you down.

Story 8/10
This Grand Theft Auto actually has a story unlike the first two Gta's (i'm not sure about GTA3 so i won't say). The story is basically this. Your Tommy Vercetti and you just got out of jail. You were doing time for the family and now your boss, Sunny, has sent you down to Vice City to do a drug deal. But the deal goes all wrong and the drugs are stolen. Now Sunny wants you to get his money back, so you have to do certain missions for all these people in Vice City. After awhile you can become the head of the Mob in Vice City. Later you can own your own house(s). Your own club(s) and even your own car dealership! The story was very nice but so what if it wasn't the best. I wasn't bothered by it.

Challenge 7/10
Challenge was sort of high in this game. Some of the missions were a pain in the arse to do and took many fruitful tries.

Replay 10/10
Replay is very high in this game. forget about doing missions, even when you're doing with every single mission there's plenty of stuff to do, like deliver pizza, become a taxi man. Become a rouge cop and even deliver people to the hospital. Or forget about all that and just do what you please. Kill people, cops. Jump off buildings and commit suicide. Endless things to do.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/29/03, Updated 05/29/03

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