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"Best Grand theft Auto yet? Yes."

This game has a lot to live up to. Before it was Grand Theft Auto 3, which was a smash hit, people didn't think the Grand Theft Auto series could get any better! Well for those who thought that consider thinking again because Grand Theft Auto: Vice City completely blows 3 right out of the water. Read on...

Story 8/10
Yes! Finally a decent story with the Grand theft Auto name! You are Tommy Vercetti, a framed man caught up in the paradise of Vice City. People want you dead, cops might get in you way, and your only option is to turn to crime, to get back at your boss from Liberty City Sonny Forelli. After a while Tommy wants the city to himself, does he get his way? Go play the game to find out!

Graphics 9/10
Ok so it looks a lot like Grand Theft Auto 3, but with a lot more colors. Everything is beautiful in this game, from the palm trees, to the flashy cars you get to steal this game has awesome graphics! The only thing that gets old is the lack of character design. You could be walking on a side walk and you can see two people who look like they are identical twins. This gets very old after a while. But you will be having so much fun that you won't notice it hardly at all.

Sound 10/10
The music is great! All the radio stations have 80's music as you go along driving in your car (or motorcycle). You want some 80's rap? Go to the rap radio station. You want 80's rock? Go to the rock radio station. The sound effects in the whole entire Grand Theft Auto series have impressed me and made me feel like I was right there in the game itself!

Game Play 10/10
Wow! I wish I could give this section an eleven out of ten.
You can do anything you want to! This time Rockstar has exceeded what we thought could be done to a video game! You can do the following and more, steal cars, kill anybody, go on missions, and anything else you can think of. Rockstar has also added many more cars, missions, places to go. You can now also buy your own buildings, go in some. You can also do the special missions with cop cars, Pizza Scooters, and much more! The game play is the best in any action video game ever.

Replay 10/10
The replay is just great. The game deserves to be played at least three times!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/15/03, Updated 06/15/03

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