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"A game destined to be a classic..."

The first Grand Theft Auto game I've ever picked up was GTA3. A friend got it, so we pretty much stayed up all night doing nothing but playing that. The graphics were only half-way decent, and the sounds were livable, but the gameplay is what brought the game out for me. It was literally a city that you could do anything in. Except for one small thing, I thought the game was perfect. The dodo was too much of a pain to fly.

I never did get GTA3 because by the time I played it word of Vice City was starting to get around... motorcycles, helicopters, miniguns, boats, everything. I got it the day it came out and I still don't regret that. It's the one game that I don't think will ever get old, so here's my review.

Graphics = 9/10
The graphics in this game are definately not that bad, but they're not as perfect as they could be with how much time was spent on this game. Jagged lines are still present, and the frame rate can go haywire at certain times, but they're still greatly improved over GTA3's, as they're much brighter and somewhat easier on the eyes.

Tunes = 10/10
One of the coolest features of Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City is the fact that it has all real songs with the exception of a few, and they're all good to somebody. I find myself listening to VROCK or Flash 105 (For one song, ''Last Night a DJ Saved My Life'', lol.) Absolutely no complaints here. The musics great, and the talk radio is hilarious.

Other Sound Effects = 10/10
I've actually heard some very mixed things about this but I've never had any problems with the sound effects. They're not blurred or anything odd like that, and the random one liners from pedestrians keep this game lively.

Gameplay = 10/10
Ah, gameplay. The true staple of any gamer's breakfast. This game doesn't fall short here the slightest bit. There is just about an infinite amount of things to do in Vice City. You can ride bikes, rally cars, fly helicopters, drive boats, even street race or participate in a destruction derby. This game has a higher replay value then your husband/wife.

Story = 9/10
Well, you're a crime lord and you're trying to overtake a city. Not much else to it. To find out the twists you'll just have to play the game. :D.

Replay Value = 10/10
Already discussed this, but yeah. It's almost infinite.

Rent or buy?
Buy. There's no way you can complete this game without renting it for a month, needless to say get the full enjoyment out of it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/22/03, Updated 06/22/03

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