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"Take a bunch of bad games and roll them all into 1 big semi-fun game!"

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City came out months ago for the PlayStation 2, and much like last year's title we had to wait and wait for a pretty much bare bones transition onto the PC. While I did find myself having fun from time to time, the entire experience of Vice City can be summed up in one phrase: Been there, done that...


Now I am sure there are a ton of people who would be very angry at me for giving such a score to their beloved favorite game, but I simply do not care. As I stated in the synopsis for this game, it seems to me that RockStar North merely took a bunch of half-assed games and rolled them into one big collaboration of mediocrity. All of the cars in the game seem to be incapable of staying in one piece. Even if you do something like punch the side of a car, the entire door falls off. Now imagine what happens during a high speed chase, especially since the cops can now shoot out your tires. This type of thing is unacceptable when you consider that about 85% of the game is spent in a car trying to outrun the police. Another source of much grief is combat. The enimies seem to have basically no AI, it's basically just this: once you get within a certain range of an enemy, whether they can see you or not, they start shooting at you. And the thing that's even worse than that is they almost never miss. Now some call this challenge, I call it crap. There were many missions that were failed multiple times simply because I was up against dozens of foes, all of them carrying rapid-fire guns. I can not begin explaining the unfathomable rage that built up inside me while trying time and time again to pass some of these missions where the reward fro doing so was something in the range of $1000. Not to mention the obscene aiming controls, I thought that was one of the things that was improved on from GTA3? Apparently my copy of the game had no such conveniences. Finally, if you have played GTA3 as much as most people have then you are probably already really tired of just mindlessly causing destruction and death between missions, so you can count that out as something fun to do.


Prepare for much letdown if you expect any improvement in this area. To be quite honest, aside from the water I don't think the graphics look any better in this game than they did in last year's GTA. I suggest turning off the trails also, that is of course if you don't want to be blinded by streams of sunlight hitting the screen every 2 seconds.

Sound FX/Music

The dialogue and voice acting are about the only thing this game gets right. And even then it's nothing to write home about. Basically the same as last year's game, only now with added references to drugs and sex. This may be funny and entertaining to a child of about the age of 10, but for an adult it is mostly just annoying. Oh well, what can you expect from a game called Grand Theft Auto? The music (again like last year's game) is comprised of mostly liscensed material, which is a good thing, unless you don't particularly like the music of the eighties. I am one of those who doesn't, there are a few good tunes but most of them are garbage that I wouldn't ever listen to. My suggestion, mute the sound and put on some of your own music.

Overall Score

Some of the missions were fun, but I just couldn't get into this game. Same as last year, just add a few more vehicles and you have Vice City. Only slightly above average.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/25/03, Updated 06/25/03

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