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"Organized crime of the '80's"

Have you ever felt like taking your anger one someone? If you have then this game will probably suit your every need, like killing for instance. Of course if you feel like relaxing and going on a boat during the night and watch the stars you can do that too. This is Vice City, where a simple man can control a whole city by using his trusty pistol to do his talking.

Since GTA3, Grand Theft Auto has made a great turn for the better in the 3D graphics. There is no real improvement from GTA3, but why fix what is already perfect? There are new moves you can do, like crouching which helps a ton when in a serious gunfight. You are a harder target to hit and your aim increases better. The auto-aim has improved too. In GTA3 you will find yourself aiming at a cop when you meant to aim and an innocent or gang member. Now the aim focuses on the most threatening person by you. With the weapons, there are plenty more than GTA3. You can carry weapons from a chainsaw to a gatling gun. Only you can't carry every weapon in the game, only one in each class, like one pistol, one rifle, etc.

The story is actually present in a GTA game. GTA3 had one though but not as involving as this. You play as Tommy Vercetti. He just was released after a very long stretch in prison. His boss, Sonny Forelli, decides to get Tommy out of Liberty City to Vice City to complete a drug deal. Only then, in Vice City, Tommy gets attacked and the money gets stolen. That doesn't thrill Sonny at all.

The sound is probably the best I have ever heard in a video game, especially the music which has real '80's songs that are good. The visuals are great but comes with it share of glitches like in GTA3. Not a big deal though but can tend to get annoying.

There is a lot to do in Vice City in your spare time. You can travel the city and meet people in clubs while your not taking any jobs, do some gun shooting at a target range to improve yourself, or even take a tank out and decide to declare war on the police. There is plenty you can do after you complete the main story missions. You won't get bored for a long time.

Sounds like a great game with all those ideas right? With all those things you can do there is almost no reason why you shouldn't buy this game. It's great, but it does come with it's flaws.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/27/03, Updated 06/27/03

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