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Reviewed: 07/13/03 | Updated: 07/14/03

Another successful GTA port!

Vice City. The game that puts you in the 1980s in the little big city called Vice City. Gangs, crooks and rebels rule the streets around Vice. What all is there to do in this game, you ask? The things you can do are almost unlimited. You can steal a Porsche, go in killing sprees, fly in a helicopter, shooting guns and missiles, you can break all the laws you want without worrying about the consequences! Excellent game to relieve your anger.

You control Tommy Vercetti, a man recently released from a jail term of fifteen years for killing eleven men after being backstabbed by somebody. (you will find out) The gangsters will decide that you should not enter Liberty City, due to gang problems, and instead they send him to beautiful Vice City He had a load of money but somehow he lost every cent of it. He has to try to get it back before the certain person gets real mad at you. You have to stop at nothing to get it back (you hope).

Graphics: 10

Remembering the graphics from the Playstation2, which were near perfect, are even more improved here. The amazing thing about this game, is the fact that it is a PC game, yet it has very little slow down and clutter! If you get high enough in the chopper, you can see nearly everything on one side of the island. The damage shows just like it would if you had a wreck. But the fact that cars can disappear right before your eyes sort of take away from the realism of living (and killing people) in a real city.

Sound / Audio: 10

The sound is perfect also. They put in real music onto the radios, unlike GTA3, which also adds a point of realism. You like rap? they got a station for it. Spanish music? They got one for that too. They got Techno, Rock, Pop, and two talk shows also which will keep you laughing for hours! The car sounds are realistic too. the different engine sounds in the different cars make you feel like you are in a real car! Also the collision sounds when you hit something *screech pow* makes you feel like you just had a wreck, but without having to pay the damages!

Controls: 9

The car controls feel more like a simulation game, you turn really fast, speed up fast, and stuff like that. That's the only reason this does not get a 10 from me, but this is more a bias than anything, since I am not a sim fan. Enough about me, here are the positive points about the controls. The guns are easy to control, you press R1 to aim on someone, so that pretty much kills them! Also there is the issue of driving. The cars handle just like they mostly did in GTA3, some have good traction and very nimble such as the Blista Compact. Others, such as the Stallion slide a lot, so another touch of realism.

Gameplay: 10

Oh man, how do I begin with the Gameplay? There is absolutely endless possibilities you can do in this game. You can become a cop, fly a helicopter, rob a store, go on a killing rampage, steal cars, do unique stunts, jump off buildings and killing yourself, getting involved in a gang war, drive a taxi delivering everything...I can not even remember everything! Not only can you do millions of things, there are also some 70-80 missions to do to unlock everything. So no matter how hard you try, you will not get bored with this game. I am trying to stop playing, but I can't!

Replayability: 10

For the reasons I talked about in the Gameplay section, you will never get bored of this game, because you will always find new things to do in the game. If you are looking for a PC game that you can play for a few months, or you are looking for a game that you can kill lots and lots of people in, then Vice City is the perfect game for you!

Buy or Rent?:

BUY! This game is absolutely worth anything up to $50 dollars. So if you see a copy of this game, you need to buy it and experience the instant classic that is Vice City

Overall: 9.8 rounded up to 10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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