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Reviewed: 07/15/03 | Updated: 07/15/03

From GTA 1 to GTA: Vice City, this series has proven its title worthy of the highest accolades. This game lives up to MOST of my high expectations.

Back in the day when Grand Theft Auto 1 was one of the top games [on PC], I decided to give the series a try. Though the game was purely a ''birds-eye'' game and the cops were extremely stupid, I enjoyed the control I had and the fun of using the hard found tanks to destroy cars all over. However, within a month, I was board of the game. Also, grand theft Auto 2 had arrived.

Grand Theft Auto 2 was, and is even now, one of the most addicting games I have ever played. Its gameplay was pure gold. Then I became a true GTA fan, and I even bought a Play Station 2 to play the next game of the series.

Grand theft Auto 3, sadly, was slightly weak, so I decided to give the 4th installment in the series a try. This game, known as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was almost as addicting as Grand Theft Auto 2, but is still one great game. I played it hours and hours, and even bought the game for PC. Overall, I don't regret spending all I did on this game.

The gameplay is truly well thought out. Basically, you must do jobs [or go on a killing spree] to earn enough money to pay your boss [after the boss lost a lot of cash from a drug bust]. It might not seem like the best storyline, but the execution of the gameplay was well done. The jobs were very varied, but the best part [as always] is that you can have quite a lot of freedom in the game- though the ending objective is simply to earn money. I won't go into the jobs that you must do, but the other ways of earning money includes
1)delivering pizza and do ''legit'' jobs
2)Going on a killing spree and robbing everyone.

Unfortunately, the cars are far too weak and the game can get monotonous. Some of the things you have to do, such as stealing a car, must be done again and again, and you might get bored. The car chases also might get boring.

One of the ways the gameplay quality was decreased is that the cops are too consistent. Their bullets never miss, even if they don't see you.. and in countless missions I have lost because of this. Their behavior is also too similar. No matter what they will follow the same procedure to try to kill you.

The graphics are smooth and crisp at night, and looks truly authentic. Some of the scenes, such as the city in darkness, does bring out a lot of nostalgia. The urban environment itself is quite enormous... no doubt at night-time, the graphics look the best. Unfortunately, in the simulated daylight, things look worse. The graphics may lose its smooth quality, and some lag might occur. The smoothness may also disappear.

The sound was truly superb. The old tunes brought back much memories, and the effects were very, very well done. Not much else to say here.

I have always loved the GTA series and hopefully, the company name will always have a good connotation.

This game is definitely a good game. Only the graphics bring down the game a bit.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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