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"Apart from this game being incredibly awesome, it's ADDICTIVE!"

I have not played Grand Theft Auto 3 so this review will not be a comparison of the two games. But what can I say? This game is incredible. There’s no way that GTA 3 is better than this. If it is, by all means I’ll quit writing this review and go get it. That’s how good this game is. IT. COMPLETELY. ROCKS.

This game takes place in the 80s. The overall appearance of the game is presented well enough. There’s no fancy menus or anything, but to me that’s not a big thing. As a side bonus the retail game comes with a map of Vice City. And believe me, you’ll need it at first. Vice City is huge. It’s comprised of 2 different islands. One of which you won’t be able to access at first. You will need to unlock it. No biggy.

It’s hard to begin this section with all of the different kinds of gameplay in this game. For crying out loud, it’s a Flight Simulator, an awesome driving game, a boat game, and an action game all-in-one. These are all just the side effects of the game. I haven’t even mentioned the single player game yet. And when I say single player game I’m just talking about the actual game. There’s only one choice of what mode you can do. It’s just called “New Game”, or “Load Game”. There’s no official single player mode. I just consider it the single player mode if you choose to play the missions. The single player game is fun. You play through various missions getting asked by various people to kill other various people. Sure, it’s fun, but I don’t think that’s where the game strives. This game strives at its freeness. It strives at the freedom that you the player have to just roam around. You could buy the game and not even play the single player for weeks. Why? Just because you can wander around and just have fun.

The people in the game are funny to watch and listen to. If you pay attention, you just might catch a funny line or two. The cops. Ahhhh, the cops. Those guys are nuts. They don’t give up, which is all the more fun. It’s the nice regenerating cop idea. I like it. The cops are pretty rough. They’ll try to catch you at first and “bust” you, but if you don’t comply then they go for the kill known as getting “wasted” in this game.

As with most computer games, the graphics that the game has depends on what type of system you have. I have a good system, so it ran quite nicely. The texture models are pretty good. The vehicles in the game are really nice. The scenery is nice too. Overall, everything is nice.

Bring back the 80s, dude. This music is awesome. Adults will recognize it as their music from when they were young, kids will recognize it as, “Boy, glad I wasn’t alive back then”. But hey, even if you don’t like the music, you can at least be glad of the realism of it. While you’re cruisin’ around town in your pimpmobile, just flip on the dial and there you go. Any type of 80s music you could think of. It’s a nice touch.

Haha. Even trying to think about a game more replayable is funny to me. This game couldn’t be more addictive than it is. Oh yeah, with the recent release of Multi Theft Auto: Vice City (MTA:VC) this game is can’t-put-it-down kind of game. If you don’t know, MTA:VC is a way to play Vice City with other people online. What could be a better modification to a game like this? None that I can think of. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable.

Final Analysis
If you haven’t realized by now, I think highly of this game. Just do us both a favor and buy it.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/14/03, Updated 10/15/03

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