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"A game that will remain to be one of the best in history"

This game was and still is one of the best games in the world. But one disadvantage that this game has is an 18 rating. This annoys the hell outta of teenagers who want to play the game badly. Anyway let's jump to the game itself.

The gameplay is EXTRAORDINARY in this game. This game was like no other game in the world. You can drive different types of vehicles, including helicopters and bikes. You can buy weapons, do story board missions, do rampages, go on free rides and blow up cars and shoot people. You can go to clubs and parties and different types of places. You can also rob shops and store, buy new clothes. The amount of features and things you can do in this game is endless.
You can do absolutely what you want, you can buy different properties. This game has different types of guns and weapons that you can use, which makes the game more interesting. There is also the ability to do stunts and street race. You would have to play this game for about a year to get bored of it.

Some of the controls like the skimmer may seem hard for some people, but all you need is practice.

This graphics for this game is incredible, the cars and every look extremely effecting and like real life. But even thought the graphics are wonderful, it can also look a bit too colourful and bright sometimes. And some people also complain that it looks a little cartoony and not realistic. The graphics in the PC version are better than in the PS2 version (In my opinion).
But overall the graphics are amazing and more than average.

There is nothing wrong about the sound, all you need is a decent sound card. But other than that the sound is realistic, the vehicles sound can sometimes have an unrealistic tone but oh well, it's still a game. Sound is a subject in vice city that should not be worried about. It's the graphics that is most important.

The story continues from Liberty city, Tommy arrives in vice city to do some kind of deal, but everything is set up and Tommy loses his money. His friends and brother die during the deal but he survives. Sonny forellli (His old boss) is outraged. The story is I would say quite original and interesting. You would be eager to find out what happens in the end. But if I tell you then I will spoil everything.

To get bored of this game, you would have to start the game over again about ten times. But most people still play the game and never get bored. You can install mods, patches, skins, and many more and use cheats if you have finished the game.

Like most modern games, the recommended amount of RAM is 256mb. But some people do not have that amount or cannot afford it. This is another disadvantage of vice city. But all the upgrading and getting a good computer is worth it for playing these kind of fantastic games.

This game is a classic and it will always be, it has dreams of people come true and it is destined to be one of the best games in modern history. Overall 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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