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"Uru makes evean Exile look like pong!"

Wow. Increadible! This was a game where I could say, ''Now here is something new.''
Uru is the sequel to the cd-rom revolution, MYST. When I first played Myst, I said ''This game is awsome! I love the way you can explore!''-5th grade
I had never played Myst or even heard of it until my dad got me Riven. Then I was hooked. I played them all the time. I loved the story line in Myst and Riven too. And then...Exile came. No words can describe how the way I felt when I first appered in Tomanah. That was cool. This, Uru Is cool x 10,000,000,000! I had also played real-MYST, the 360 day-night Myst. I said to my dad, ''Why does it skip frames soo much?'' he said, ''It has so many frames and too small of a memory space'' Uru has more than enough.

I had better get back on track.

URU: Ages Beyond Myst, a MMORPG

Story 9/10
I loved the original story and plot, however, it got confusing at some times. About the D'ni and the Bahro.
The story takes place in I think 2000. You are asked to interview Dr. Watson, the head of the DRC (D'ni Restortion Council), for some magizine. After the taxi dives you to a cirten point he says he needs to turn back and tells you to get out and find Jeff Zandi. Your adventure begins. You descover things in the new mexico cleft and find your oen linking book. There the story unravels

Music 10/10
Although there wasn't much music in the game, it added a whole lot to the atmosphere when it did play. Mysterius rooms became something out a=of a mystory movie. The music added a tuch of sadness or a hint of mystory or terror. I would have liked to hear more though.

Gameplay 10/10
You see your-self, as, well, your-self. You create every detail, mouth width, chin width, chin length, nose size, eyebrow sizes, hair color, skin color, hair style, facial hair, jewlery, shoes, sandels, shirt patterns, type of shirt, type of pants or shorts, and gloves. Even eye color! Not to mention buind and age. I truly saw myself in the game!

Setting 10/10
Relto, Telehedren, Garsheen, Eder Gira, Eder Kimo... There are so many! I give it a 10 because every age had it's own plot and equal length.

Graphics 10/10
Not a single mistake anywhere
I had always been into role playing games with the good graphics. But tis blows dem away. It never made me mad. Everything is so smooth
so there it is

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/20/04

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