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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

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    			Final version :
    Spellforce is currently the best game technically and in interest which combine
    RTS and RPG. I couldn't miss the opportunity to make a walkthrough for this
    Version 1.0 : The beginning of this faq, it will be improved with new stuff
    later, like a review.
    Version 1.2 : I go further in the game and updated some typos errors. I also
    added some commentaries in the review.
    Version 1.3 : The walkthrough is up to Greydusk Vale. There are 10 other maps
    after this world. The game is really huge. I'm playing version 1.01 of
    Spellforce, but you can patch the game to version 1.10.
    Version 1.4 : Final version of the review. Added new sections and the
    walkthroug is up to the end of The Godwall. There is 7 maps to finish before
    the end of the game and if you look in the spellforce files, the apparently
    missing map (as they are numbered) will probably appear with the official add
    on announced recently. Of course i will be ready in time.
    Version 1.5 : Pay attention to this update as the specs are inside some parts
    you have probably already read :
    1)In the stoneblade mountains campaign, i updated on how to open the chest
    sealed by a star shape.
    2)I updated inside the walkthrough the 5 soulstones sidequests. Sadly i missed
    2 of them (bonelurker and nightblade) and they were waiting on the corpse of
    their owners.
    3) I have completed lots of sidequests and the walkthrough is up to the end of
    Southern Godmark campaign (There is only 3 campaigns left)
    4) Added new units and buildings in section 3 and new rune heroes in section 4.
    5) I added some names of NPC to help you in solving the sidequests.
    6) Despite the fact it's off topic, i have begun a walkthrough for Shining Soul
    2 for GBA, so it will maybe slow my progression in Spellforce.
    Final Version : Added the missing informations to complete the game, last
    buildings and units, list of all sidequests and main quests and other stuff to
    complete this guide. Added a new section about the avatar. Enjoy and see you in
    another of my walkthrough. Added I will also return for the spellforce addon
    faq when the game will be released.
    Update of 01/04/05 : Added 2 missing buildings in the third section for the
    Homepage : http://www.dimensions-sega.fr.st
    E mail : advanced_knight@yahoo.fr
    1 Review
    2 The about section
    3 Description of buildings and units
    4 The Avatar
    5 Rune Heroes
    6 Walkthrough
    7 List of all mainquests and sidequests
    8 Cheats
    9 Credits
    1 Review :
    The first thing that impress in Spellforce is the box art. High quality
    sorceress preparing a fireball, monsters facing elves workers in post
    apocalyptic medieval war, i really appreciate it.
    Once you get started, you're thrown in action. The tutorial shows great
    graphics and complicated story. The opening movie, directly inspired from the
    lord of the ring 2 is truly impressive. Actions and battles are great. After
    that, you can create your hero as in a classical PC RPG. I have not seen any
    other FMV for the moment but i hope there is more in the game (actually i
    stooped at the second campaign). [Update] In fact the only other movie is the
    The graphics are incredibly goods (I have a radeon 9700 gold so i push
    everything to the max). The decors are various with lots of areas to explore,
    the monster are huge and numerous. You can set up the graphics in both 2D and
    3D by using the mouse and according to the situation. [Update] Pushing the
    anisotropic to 8 is really cool but it asks a lot of resources and even my PC
    suffers to handle the game. Spellforce tends to lag even in short config, but
    the patches correct lots of issues.
    I come directly to the animation. If you feel it's time to explore, a 2D as in
    Nox is more suitable to see every aspects of a map. If you feel it's time to
    fight, according to the fight, hand to hand or melee you'll choose a view as in
    Diablo 2 or PSO for the first case and Warcraft 3 view for the second. The
    animation is smooth and quick but even with a good config the game slows a lot
    as i say earlier. Sometimes it even lag when you want to scroll quickly the map
    or control a very huge army splitted in many points. The worst is that it can
    lag when you select a spell and even with the anti lag button (in the option
    menu) the lag occurs. It's too bad but i think we will need the next gen
    graphic cards and CPU to handle this game fully. [Update] About the use of the
    view, i admit that i always use the 2D view. Viewing the character in 3D is
    impressive but in the action you'll have difficulties to manage a team.
    The sound is pleasant. [Update] The musics are great and you hear them only
    when you pass on a certain point on the map.However when you're searching for
    your way, it's better to not have sound to think peacefully. IMO, the
    programmers have done the good choice by inserting "scripted event musics". The
    voice acting is cool and the music relax the player or stress him according to
    the situation. The only bad points is when you hear "there's too many of them"
    while your full army attack a single ennemy. Wax on wax off...
    The controls are complicated. If you're new to the RTS style you'll live
    difficult time to build a small city and produce troops. But once in the heat
    of the game, they appear more simple than in a full RTS or in a full RPG. It's
    a plus because Spellforce combine the two genres. [Update] When ou advance in
    the gamen you will discover more buildings and troops. Later  the game tends to
    be more a RTS than a RPG. The RPG phase is here to develop the story and to say
    to the player where to go and what to do. It's also composed of lots of small
    or huge sidequests. I found it hard to manage even with the quest book.
    What can i say about this game ? i really enjoy it. Technically i was very
    happy (despite the fact i read very bad critics on the net about the graphics,
    i maintain they are very great) to discover this game. The RTS phase is as
    unplayable as in a true RTS and the RPG phase is essentially composed by quests
    to solve and a linear story. It becomes interessant when during a RPG phase you
    must battle with another army or build a city under a siege. After playing
    Empire of Magic i wasn't surprise by the scenario and the whole game. Combining
    RTS and RPG seems to become a habit now and i think that i will see lots of
    different version of combination. Empire of Magic was a Shining Force like
    (turn by turn) but was more simple that Warlords Battlecry and Spellforce tries
    to combine Warcraft and a classical RPG. As usual in this kind of combination
    the RPG part with story and level increase save the game from boredom. You will
    want to finish this game to know the complete scenario. Spellforce is however
    for huge PC with high config, don't forget it before thinking to buy it.
    Also it has a real problem with ATI cards, which are solved by using the patch.
    About the user interface, version 1.01 is very poor, but once patched, you have
    more bindstones to travel, you can sort items in your inventory and it's not a
    luxe. Last you have a quick load function. One of the major drawback is that
    the game has lots of difficulties to manage a huge army. It appears wiser for
    you to succeed to split into smaller unit and classified one (archer,
    fighters). Sending a huge army is useless. What's really terrible is the flow
    of ennemies. Once the avatar died it becomes so hard that sometimes it's better
    to reload the last save. In fact on some maps it's crucial to destroy the
    fountains before doing anything else. I regret also that the money is useless.
    You sell lots of useless equipments according to your class, my spellbook is
    full of useless spells (managing a magician is really hard IMO, i played the
    fighter) and you can't buy resources to merchant. I sometimes buy an armor or
    two for the heroes but my avatar is equiped with armors, swords and stuffs
    found on the battlefield. These aspects can sound negative when you played
    other games before.
    It's time to conclude this review. I think that this game is perfect for the
    present time and i can't wait to see how the combination will increase in
    quality. Imagine Fallout and Warcraft with the engine of Neverwinter Knight.
    Buy Spellforce to see what the future is.
    PRESENTATION : 18/20
    GRAPHICS : 20/20
    ANIMATION : 15/20
    SOUND : 16/20
    CONTROLS : 15/20
    INTEREST : 17/20
    FINAL NOTE : 94%
    Rune Fighter ADK.
    2 The about section :
    This section will be in each guide i will produce from now.
    I know it's an awful one, but it's the only one i have. Correct me if you wish
    that's the best you can do. I am kind enough to warn you so don't expect i
    answer to hate mails or to a question like : "Is this your first language ?".
    Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do.
    Please write to me only for true questions. Most of the time, i know it by the
    poor questions i received, you write to me just because you have seen my name
    near the faq. You don't want to read my faq but you want a quick advice. Sorry
    to say this but i'm tired of these mails.
    This faq is basically dedicated to my own site and to gamefaqs. If you wish to
    download it for your site, ask for the permission but it's not all misters and
    misses webmasters. Think to update my faq because when i correct my english or
    post an update with more informations, it's on gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.
    I receive questions about things that are in an update and some people continue
    to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies Of Arkadia...
    Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do
    for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.
    3 Descritption of buildings and units :
    Human Buildings :
    Woodcutter Hut : Allow to extract the wood, cost 40 woods.
    Quarry : Allow to extract the stone, cost 30 woods and 20 stones
    Mine : Allow to extract Iron, cost 50 woods and 30 stones
    Hunting Logde : Allow to hunt animals for food, cost 50 woods and 10 stones
    Fisher's Hut : Allow to fish for food, cost 40 woods and 20 stones
    Forge : Allow to recruit fighters, cost 40 woods and 30 stones
    Crossbow Tower : Shot arrows to ennemy to prevent them from destorying the
    camp, cost 80 woods and 50 stones
    Breeding Farm : Allow to increase the food, cost 100 woods and 60 stones
    Small HQ : Allow to increase the number of soldiers and workers, cost 50 woods
    and 50 stones
    There are 4 upgrades : once built give more 10 workers, 100 foods (15
    soldiers), 200 foods (20 soldiers), 300 foods (25 soldiers), 400 foods (30
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Food Store : Allow soldiers to auto regenerate, cost 60 woods and 90 stones
    Smelting Works : Allow to double iron production, cost 75 woods and 75 stones
    Aria Shrine : Allow to extract Aria, cost 20 woods and 60 stones
    White hand : Heal a soldier near it, cost 50 stones and 80 arias
    Agricol Farm : Allow to increase the food, cost 100 woods and 60 stones
    Shooting Range : Allow to recruit archers, cost 150 woods and 150 stones
    1 upgrade : double crossbow, cost 300 woods and 100 iron, the marksmen fires at
    2 ennemies.
    Temple of light : Allow to recruit clerics, cost 40 woods and 60 stones
    1 upgrade : path of light, cost 200 irons and 100 arias, cleric receives a
    shield and mana regeneration is increased
    Medium HQ : cost 100 woods and 150 stones
    There are 3 upgrades : give 10 workers once built, 1000 foods (40 soldiers),
    1500 foods (50 soldiers)
    All these buildings need the Medium HQ :
    Academy : Allow to recruit casters and mentalists, cost 100 woods, 150 stones
    and 100 arias
    2 upgrades : Shock Wave, cost 600 arias, mentalist can cast shock wave on 3
    ennemies simultaneously
    Clarity : cost 400 arias, enchanter increases its mana regenration and reserve.
    Master Armory : Allow to recruit paladins and armsmen, cost 150 woods and 200
    1 upgrade : Fire blessing : cost 250 irons and 250 arias, paladin receives a
    fire sword and high resistance to fire magic.
    Large HQ : cost 250 woods and 250 stones
    4 upgrades : give 10 workers once built, 2000 foods (60 soldiers), 2500 foods
    (70 soldiers), 3000 foods (80 soldiers)
    Griffon Rider, cost 500 irons and 300 arias
    Human Units :
    Recruit, need a forge, cost 50 irons
    Scout, need a forge, cost 40 woods and 15 irons
    Marksman, need a forge and shooting range, cost 30 woods and 50 irons
    Cleric, need a forge and a temple of light, cost 40 irons and 20 arias
    Enchanter, need a temple of light and an academy, cost 65 arias
    Mentalist, need a temple of light and an academy, cost 100 arias
    Paladin : need a forge, temple of light and a master armory, cost 60 irons and
    30 arias
    Armsmen : need a forge and a master armory, cost 70 irons
    Commentaries : The humans cost alot but their armies are strong. I regret that
    the griffon rider is weak. A paladin with a fire sword is fantastic for melee.
    I appreciate also the cleric who heals in battle, even if they don't have a lot
    of mana to spend. The archer towers are inefficient and the archers not as good
    as the one in Heroes of Might and Magic 3. This race is easy to control for a
    debutant but you need aria for the best troops, and usually aria is rare. You
    won't have many problems to reinforce your army with armsmen however.
    Elf Buildings :
    Woodcutters Hut : cost 40 woods
    Gatherer Hut : Allow to extract berries, cost 50 woods
    Hunting Lodge : cost 60 woods
    Armory : 60 woods
    1 upgrade : Shield, cost 300 woods, Warder receives a wood shield
    Archer tower : cost 120 woods
    Small HQ : cost 100 woods
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Lenyagatherer : Allow to extract the lenya, cost 80 woods
    Forester : Allow to plant new tree in the area, cost 50 woods
    Sawmill : Double the production of wood, cost 100 woods
    Food Store : Allow soldiers to regenerate mana and HP, cost 150 woods
    Frost Bringer : Throw iceballs to ennemies, cost 20 woods and 100 lenyas
    Ailantery : Allow to recruit healers, cost 200 woods
    Archery Hall : Allow to recruit windarchers, cost 30 woods
    1 upgrade : Ice Strike, cost 100 woods and 200 lenyas, windarcher shoots ice
    arrow and can freeze the ennemy and damage him.
    Medium HQ : cost 250 woods
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Hunter's Guild : Allow to hunt for more food, quick food reserve increase, cost
    150 woods
    Iron Armory : Allow to recruit wanderers and protectors, cost 400 woods
    2 upgrades : Frost Shield, cost 100 irons and 300 lenyas, Wanderer receives an
    ice dagger, the spell ice shield and high ice magic resistance.
    Aryn's Wrath, cost 100 irons and 300 lenyas, Protector receives an ice sword
    and high ice magic resistance
    Hall of the Ancients : Allow to recruit wintermages and druids, cost 250 woods
    and 100 lenyas
    1 upgrade : Elen's gift, cost 500 lenyas, Druid, Wintermage and Healer spent
    less mana in forest area
    Large HQ : cost 500 woods
    Elf Titan : cost 700 woods and 300 lenyas
    Elf Units :
    Ranger, need an armory and 50 woods
    Warder, need an armory and 60 woods
    Healer, need an ailantery and 55 lenyas
    Windarcher, need an armory, an ailantery and an archery hall, cost 25 woods and
    30 lenyas
    Protector, need an armory and an iron armory, cost 80 irons
    Wanderer, need an armory, an iron armory and an archer hall, cost 45 woods and
    45 irons
    Wintermage, need an ailantery and an archery hall, cost 70 lenyas
    Druid, need an ailantery and a hall of the ancients, cost 100 lenyas
    Commentaries : The elves are really interesting in the way of the magic. having
    a healer and a wintermage is a real plus for an army. The windarchers upgraded
    are also very impressive when they form a battle line to support the front one.
    Best of all you can freeze up an ennemy who use a healing spell and they are
    strong enough to fight in close range, even if they are weak. The titan is also
    very good. The only negative point is the fighters. They need iron to be
    create, which means you need another race to extract it and supply it. With
    infinitely (virtually) woods thanks to the forester you can create every
    building, but the lenya is not enough to supply reinforcements.
    Dwarf Buildings :
    Quarry : Allow to extract stone, cost 150 stones
    Mine : cost 70 stones
    Moonsilver Mine : Allow to extract moonsilver, cost 150 stones
    Forge : Allow to reruit militias, cost 80 stones
    1 upgrade : Whirl Axe, cost 100 irons and 100 moonsilvers, allow the warrior to
    throw his axe to an ennemy
    Pigfarm : to obtain foods, cost 120 stones
    Small HQ : cost 100 stones
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Smelting works : cost 140 stones
    Food store : cost 150 stones
    Stonemason's hut : Double the stone production, cost 130 stones
    1 upgrade : Art of construction, cost 300 stones, dwarf buildings resist more
    to ennemies attack
    Moonsilver Hall : Allow to recruit Elites and Elders, cost 300 stones
    1 upgrade : lightsilver, cost 400 moonsilvers, elite and elder receives more
    powerful weapon and resistance to black magic
    Medium HQ : cost 250 stones
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Great Armory : Allow to recruit elites, elders and demolishers cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Throwing Hammer, cost 200 irons and 200 moonsilvers, defender throw
    his hammer
    Sanctuary : Allow to recruit battlepriests, cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Willpower, cost 200 irons, battlepriest receives a shield and high
    resistance to any type of magic
    Large HQ : cost 500 stones
    Dwarf Titan, cost 500 irons and 200 moonsilvers
    Dwarf Units :
    Milita, need a forge, cost 60 irons
    Watchman, need a forge, cost 70 irons
    Warrior, need a forge and a moonsilver hall, cost 25 moonsilvers and 50 irons
    Defender, need a forge, a great armory and a moonsilver hall, cost 30
    moonsilvers and 60 irons
    Demolisher, need a forge and a great armory, cost 100 irons
    Battlepriest, need a forge and a sanctuary, cost 80 irons
    Elite, need a forge, a moonsilver hall and a great armory, cost 110 moonsilver
    Elder, need a forge, a moonsilver hall and a great armory, cost 120 moonsilver
    Commentaries : The dwarf are really strong, so strong that they don't need
    healers. However, you can destroy more but it can be a trap. You go so far in a
    camp that sometimes it's hard to retreat and you can't wait the reinforcements.
    I don't like the defender unit, these archers are weak and useless. The
    demolisher, elite and elder are excellent. Usually dwarf are intelligent and
    let a monument near sufficient stone resource so you can build everything. But
    if your camp is attacked and destroyed you will have problems to rebuild it.
    The titan is efficient but curiously less than the elf one. Supplying Iron is
    usually hard and that's why i prefer the humans. You can summon reinforcements,
    but you will have to manage efficiently a team because you can't really call
    lots of reinforcements if your army falls. Also the pigfarm for automatic food
    supplying is a cool feature.
    Orc Buildings :
    Woodcutter's hut : cost 40 woods
    Mine : cost 100 woods
    Hunting Lodge : cost 50 woods
    Boar Breeding : Allow to breed boars and obtain food, cost 150 woods
    Mace Carver : Allow to recruit fighters, cost 70 woods
    Forge : cost 100 woods
    1 upgrade : Scythespear, cost 200 Irons, Spearman receives a scythe blow that
    can damage up to 3 ennemies.
    Fisher's Hut : cost 50 woods
    Firestarter : Throw fireballs on ennemies to defend the camp, cost 80 woods and
    60 lenyas
    Small HQ : cost 90 woods.
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Shaman's Hut : Allow to recruit totems, cost 110 woods
    1 upgrade : Viper's Shield, cost 100 woods and 250 lenyas, Totems receives a
    shield, more spell power and poisoned spear
    Food Store : cost 140 woods
    Croptent : Allow to extract lenya, cost 70 woods
    Smelting Works : cost 200 woods
    Hall of Glory : Allow to recruit drummers, cost 350 woods
    1 upgrade : Glory of the Horde, cost 50 woods and 100 lenyas, drummers and
    hornblowers have more influence during a battle
    Medium HQ : cost 200 woods
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Blood Shrine : Allow to recruit firemasters, cost 200 woods and 100 lenyas
    1 upgrade : Firestorm, cost 300 lenyas, firemaster receives a wave of fire
    spell that can damage up to 3 ennemies
    Dark Forge : Allow to recruit Veterans, cost 450 woods
    1 upgrade : Tunderstrike, cost 400 irons, veterans receives a tunderstrike that
    can cause additional damage
    Large HQ : cost 450 woods
    Orc Titan, cost 400irons and 400 lenyas
    Orc Units :
    Thug, need a mace carver, cost 40 woods
    Spearman, need a forge, cost 50 irons
    Totem, need a mace carver and a shaman's hut, cost 15 woods and 30 lenyas
    Firemaster, need mace carver, a shaman's hut and a blood shrine, cost 20 woods
    and 50 lenyas
    Fighter, need mace carver and a forge, cost 30 woods and 30 irons
    Drummers, need mace carver, a shaman's hut and a hall of glory, cost 40 woods
    and 15 lenyas
    Hornblowers, need a forge, a shaman's hut, a dark forge and a hall of glory,
    cost 50 irons and 40 lenyas
    Veteran, need a forge and a dark forge, cost 80 irons
    Commentaries : This race is efficient in the way of construction, but very poor
    when you come to the battle. The firemasters and totems are really useful if
    you can form a distant line, they will be less good in hand to hand. Drummers
    and hornblowers are useless and don't really fight. The spearmen are too weak
    to be on the front. Fortunately,the orc titan and the veteran are corrects.
    They both resist to fire magic. You will need them to collect resources and
    help the trolls for example. Note that the drummers are bugged and you can
    summon as many of them as you want. You will also note that when you have
    enough lenya for another troops, the drummers, take 50 lenyas to be created and
    not 15.
    Troll Buildings :
    Woodcutter's Hut : cost 30 woods and 10 stones
    Quarry : cost 30 woods and 20 stones
    Mace Carver : Allow to recruit Rowdies, cost 40 woods and 50 stones
    1 upgrade : Heavy Club, cost 300 woods, smasher receives a bigger club
    Hunting Lodge : cost 20 woods and 40 stones
    Small HQ : cost 50 woods and 50 stones
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Stonecutter : Allow to recruit devastators and throwers, cost 150 woods and 200
    2 upgrades : Hail of Fire, cost 400 stones, thrower bashes hot stones for
    additional damage
    Tunderstrike, cost 200 woods and 300 stones, Devastator receives a tunderstrike
    for additional damage
    Corpse Collector : Allow to increase the food reserve, cost 30 woods and 30
    Food Store : cost 80 woods and 80 stones
    Stone Thrower : Throw stones on the ennemies, cost 100 woods and 200 stones
    Ironhouse : Allow to recruit Hurlers and Bouncers, cost 300 sotnes and 400 irons
    1 upgrade : Way of the North : Bouncer receives an ice club, Hurler throw ice
    ball and both resist to ice magic.
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Blacksmith : Allow to recruit destroyers and champions, cost 400 stones
    1 upgrade : Chaos Weapon, cost 500 irons, destroyer and champion receive
    special weapon.
    Large HQ : Cost 250 woods and 250 stones
    Troll Titan, cost 700 woods and 300 stones
    Troll Units :
    Rowdy, need a mace carver, cost 90 woods
    Smasher, need a mace carver, cost 120 woods
    Thrower, need a mace carver and a stonecutter, cost 120 stones
    Devastator, need a mace carver and a stonecutter, cost 70 woods and 60 stones
    Hurler, need a mace carver, a stonecutter and an iron house, cost 10 stones and
    60 irons
    Bouncer, need a mace carver and an iron house, cost 70 woods and 70 irons
    Destroyer, need a mace carver, an iron house and a blacksmith, cost 80 woods
    and 100 irons
    Champion, need a mace carver, an iron house and a blacksmith cost 50 woods and
    150 irons
    Commentaries : The trolls are really stupid, you feel it as soon as you
    controls them. Simple buildings, simple combinations to obtain powerful troops.
    They are so stupid that in battle they will hit the ennemies but if you don't
    stop them, they will attack you and then attack between each other (bug or
    troll reality ?). You always need to give order and to do monitoring on the
    troll army. They cost alot, it's hard to build a full troll army. The advantage
    is that it's very powerful, the dwarf are helpless in comparison. They depend
    also on another race, as the elves, for the iron.
    Dark Elf Buildings :
    Quarry : cost 50 stones
    Mine : cost 80 stones
    Breeder : Allow to obtain food, cost 150 stones
    Forge : Allow to recruit assassins, cost 80 stones
    1 upgrade : Dance of Death, cost 300 irons, The assassin can do a finishing
    blow and when he dies, kill all the ennemies around him of same level or in
    critical shape
    Tower of Sorcery : Use a laser to defend the camp, cost 50 stones and 100 arias
    Small HQ : cost 110 stones
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Onyxshrine : Allow to extract Aria, cost 80 stones
    Mindbreaker : Hypnotize the ennemy, cost 50 stones and 100 arias
    Onyx Tower : Allow to recruit sorcerers, cost 140 stones
    Food Store : cost 180 stones
    Dark Academy : Allow to recruit Necromancers, cost 250 stones and 100 arias
    1 upgrade : Redemption, cost 500 arias, the warlock changes into a poisoned
    spider when he dies.
    Moonsilver Mine : cost 160 stones
    Fungus Farm : Allow to obtain food, cost 120 stones
    Stonemason : Allow to double the production of stone, cost 130 stones
    Medium HQ : cost 300 stones
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Shadowforge : Allow to recruit Deathknight, cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Dark Bond, cost 400 moonsilvers and 200 arias, Havoc and
    Deathknight will resist to high magic.
    Moonsilver Armory : Allow to recruit battlemaster, cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Sinister Blessings, cost 100 irons and 300 moonsilvers,
    Battlemaster receives a multitude of magical effects.
    Arkanum : Allow to recruit warlock, cost 200 stones and 150 arias
    1 upgrade : Nor's Calling, cost 500 arias, Necromancer revives at midnight and
    fight again.
    Large HQ : cost 550 stones
    Dark Elf Titan, cost 300 moonsilvers and 300 arias
    Dark Elf Units :
    Assassin, need a forge, cost 100 irons
    Sorcerer, need an onyx tower, cost 80 aria
    Necromancer, need an onyx tower and a dark academy, cost 110 arias
    Darblade, need a forge and an onyx tower, cost 70 irons and 20 arias
    Battlemaster, need a forge and a moonsilver armory, cost 50 moonsilvers and 80
    Deathknight, need a forge, an onyx tower and a shadowforge, cost 80 moonsilvers
    and 40 arias
    Warlock, need an onyx tower, an arkanum and a dark academy, cost 140 arias
    Havoc, need a forge, an onyx tower, an arkanum, a shadowforge and a moonsilver
    armory, cost 110 moonsilvers and 60 arias
    Commentaries : The Dark Elf is a powerful race, they don't fear the magic but
    isee a lot of bad points. The titan is quick but weak, you need a lot of
    different resources to recruit your troops but the most important thing to note
    is that the unit are really long to create. It explains why you obtain them
    near the end of the game. You need to be experimented in defending a camp,
    because you need to protect a lot of buildings and sources. If you manage to
    create a dark elf army with all the upgrades, you obtain a powerful army but
    you don't forget that you can't summon quickly reinforcements.
    4 The Avatar :
    You have the choice between predefined avatar or original avatar. I suggest you
    create your own avatar. Spellforce is also a RPG and you must build an avatar
    that looks like you. I have chosen a rune fighter. I can't really say it's a
    good choice. During the course of the game i was able to use heavy combat gear
    but most of the time it was light combat gear that i found. Another major
    problem of the rune fighter is the elemental magics. It's hard to increase it
    and you need high elemental magic to obtain new spells but also equip the best
    ring of the game and even sometimes some gear. If you choose a rune fighter, be
    sure that he can handle light weapons, as they are more numerous than the heavy
    According to what i have seen with the rune heroes available on the game, a
    rune warrior is also an average choice. the problem is the armour a rune
    warrior can equip.
    The mentalist were also very weak even well equiped. They have access to more
    spell than the 2 previous classes.
    As in other RPG, the priest is good for healing but average in battles.
    The mage seems to be the best class (forget about the weapon and think to the
    power of the spell in this case).
    The warlock is a good mix of a mage (offensive spells) and a warrior (weapons).
    However they can't heal themselves.
    Generally if you wish to increase an attribute :
    Example of my Rune Fighter :
    Heavy combat art or Elemental magic, you must increase 2 specs like wisdom and
    intelligence or strenght and stamina. Other specs don't matter for the hero. I
    doubt for the moment that the game manage the charisma (for example, low
    charisma and you can't obtain a sidequest) for a rune fighter, but it will
    maybe come later with the addon.
    The maximum level you can expect for your avatar seems to be level 30. I
    personally reached Level 26 at the end of the game.
    That's all i wish to say about the avatar. I can't really talk of other classes
    because i haven't played an entire adventure with them. I hope that the few i
    say here can be useful.
    5 Rune Heroes :
    The rune heroes are secondary characters that you can summon occasionnaly to
    lead your other armies or to help you in special quests or boss battles. You
    can also used them to escort you when you don't want to build an army but
    explore a map.
    Rune Priest :
    Thalia level 3
    Morticus level 6
    Noemi level 9
    Tiehr level 14
    Adhira level 18
    Rune Archer :
    Caithlyn level 5
    Jawhel level 11
    Shalir level 16
    Rune Mage :
    Silas level 6
    Shaidar level 22
    Rune Mentalist :
    Iolan level 8
    Selthas level 12
    Rune Warlock :
    Raithska level 7
    Antius level 18
    Rune Warrior :
    Rodgar level 11
    Karia level 14
    Rune Fighter :
    Istvan level 7
    Tilleth level 12
    Ivor level 15
    Alrius level 17
    Gareth level 20
    6 Walkthrough :
    Tutorial Campaign :
    In this mission you are highly guided so i don't see the interest in making a
    detailed walktrough but who knows, someone will appreciate.
    1) You begin with Tahira a white mage level 5. You must help to find some
    warriors. They were attacked while they were looking for a Rune that can summon
    a rune warrior. Follow the path to the east and activate the bindstone (a save
    point where you respawn if you die).
    2) Continue on the way and you will learn how to fight, distribute exp, train
    for new ability and also how to change the view.
    3) You will then find a hero rune to help you summoning a ... hero of course. A
    hero is a secondary character, weaker than your avatar and he can't win level
    or exp. You can change its specs by changing armors and swords. You find the
    rune on a corpse of an ennemy. Near this stone, you will find the hero monument
    to ... summon a hero. Summon him.
    4) Later you find at least one survivor, Lev. Your mission is to heal him. Use
    your healing power until his gauge becomes green. Lev will then ask you to find
    Joshua who managed to survive and hide but still in danger. Continue the way.
    5) You arrive at a fork where you can explore an area and kill a lot of
    monsters for exp or go south to continue this tutorial.
    6) After you kill everyone continue until you reach a village. You will learn
    to trade (gold, silver and copper change). Continue a little more and you find
    at least Joshua near a monument.
    7) He asks you to destroy the orc and goblin camps. To do this you need to
    build your city. First summons workers. Now pick up wood, stone and iron (you
    find some very close of the monument. Once you have them in sufficient
    quantity, build the 3 buildings necessary to store them near the root of each
    resource. Then you will build different structures.
    With a hunting lodge you collect food, then build a small HQ, with the food you
    can upgrade the number of troops. The number of workers increase with a food
    warehouse structure. Once you will be prompted to build 2 archer towers, you
    will face your first attack. Kill the goblins.
    8) Now i hope you follow all the instructions of the guy, it's time to summon
    your troops and to attack the goblins camp. Follow the way and kill them all.
    In theory it's easy. Once you have destroyed this camp, you will be prompted to
    build an arya shrine and a cleric structure. Recruit new clerics (3 at least to
    advance in the tutorial).
    9) Let your workers do their jobs and continue on the way until you reach the
    orc camp. Kill them all. The boss will have the rune you need to bring back to
    Joshua. Once this camp is destroyed bring the rune to Joshua. He will thank you.
    10) Now you meet with Rohen (from the intro movie) but Tahira is not really
    happy to see him. Anyway you have 2 choices now, follow them in the portal to
    end the tutorial or explore the rest of the map for exp and treasure. Do this,
    and kill the ennemies in order of appearence on the map. Normally at the end of
    the road you find a second portal you can pass.
    Greyfell Campaign :
    1) The game begins with Rohen summoning your avatar, choosen before you began
    the tutorial. He asks then you to go to Greyfell asap. Your avatar, i called
    him Lyle and will refer to him from now on, doesn't understand very much what
    happened but will at least obeys accompagnied by a messenger.
    2) Explore the area and pick up all the chests you find, kill everyone. You
    continue until a cutscene stops you. You discover that the dark mage of the
    intro movie is still alive and that the messenger is nothing but a traitor.
    Kill the traitor and talk to the white mage you meet then.
    3) He asks you to build a city to beat the goblin camp on the way. As in the
    tutorial, pick up the basic resources, build the warehouse for each one, then
    the small HQ and the hunting lodge. The goblins will always attack in low
    number and from the east. So just place a tower to protect the camp or use your
    hero. Once you are ready (you have upgraded the number of troops to 25) summon
    them all and go to the goblin camp.
    4) Take all the chests on the way to find new weapons and armours. You find
    also a town attacked by orcs that you must help. Don't forget to talk to the
    village chief to obtain a reward. There is an optional way after this event in
    the mountain, you need to use to find an eyeglass in a chest. it's for a
    sidequest later in this campaign.
    5) After you summon reinforcements go to Greyfell. Talk to Sartarius and the
    town will be attacked. I used only the hero to talk to Sartarius and let all my
    troops outside of the town. So they logically defend the town without any
    6) After the victory, Sartarius will give you a letter for the guard of the
    northeast door to the portal of Liannon. You must go to Liannon and talk to
    7) Before you leave the town find the apprentice Gabar just behind Sartarius
    and talk to him. He will ask you to find an eyeglass. Finish the dialogue and
    talk again to him to give the eyeglass you found a while ago. He will ask you
    to find a Quill and reward you for the eyeglass.
    8) Talk to some merchants just to look at the prices here (too high for the
    moment) sell unused items and last talk to the guard of the northeast door. Be
    sure to talk of every subjects. The game is scripted and even the stupidiest
    questions must be asked in order to advance. Pass the door and then the portal
    to complete this campaign.
    Liannon campaign :
    1) The first part is linear but there are optional ways i suggest you take. In
    one of them you find a hero stone in a chest. The monument is farther in this
    2) Continue until you reach the town. You will find easliy Darius. Talk to him
    and he will direct you to the guard chief, Lieutenant Celen Shell.
    3) From here you can directly talk to her, then solve some sidequests. Summon a
    hero (you have found it earlier on this island) and go to Tyrgar the fishman
    west of Liannon. He will ask you to bring a bag of fish. You can find it by
    killing some goblins on the other side of the lake. Near the other side of the
    lake, is somewhere in the decor a rusty chest you can open with the rusty key
    in your inventory (also near of the abandonned Muir family house (the same Muir
    as Shan Muir, the elven healer of Liannon)).You find valuable items like a
    dwarf eyeglass. Once done, Bring the bag back to the fishman who will ask you
    to bring it to Sunder. Sunder is in Liannon, he is the blacksmith. After he
    sees the bag, he will give you a shield.
    4) If you exit east of the town, you will find a bridge guard who talks of a
    ghost. He asks you to kill the ghost. You can find the ghost east of this
    bridge. He is not that hard to beat. You take his sword, a ring and an armor.
    Near the ghost location is a chest you can open to find some goodies. Bring the
    sword back to the guard. To identify the ring, the guy advices you to show it
    to Ortah. Ortah is with the merchant near the lieutenant. Ortah will tell you
    the story of Udwin.
    5) Now back to the main quest. Advance north of the lieutenant and turn left to
    find the bandit camps. I suggest you beat the weak one with the leader and find
    the "wanted poster for Celen". You find also a chest near this camp. Bring the
    old axe you found after killing the bandit to Sunder and exchange it against a
    weapon. You can go back to Celen and obtain some help to open the portal and a
    reward for both sidequests you completed. Kill all the goblins on the way to
    the portal and the soldiers will open the portal for you.
    6) There is another sidequest you can't solve now. You must find more ghosts
    and kill them. The next ghost is level 10 so it's too early yet to battle with
    7) You need a red stone key to open the north portal and kill the goblin leader
    behind it.
    8) Go back to Greyfell and find Seno the dentist. Give back his tool and he
    will reward you.
    9) Pass the portal to Eloni in Liannon.
    Eloni Campaign :
    1) Kill 2 goblins and meet Sidahan. She asks for help. She will then show you
    the monument to build a town and troops. For the moment, explore the map and
    kill some spiders. You can handle alone the camp to the west. There are some
    goblins, a strong one (the boss) and the traitor Zarn which you must killed to
    obtain a large key. Once it's done go back to the monument and begin to build
    the town.
    2) Begin with the resource buildings, then the forge. Then you are ready for
    summoning. Now it's time to battle. Beware the computer AI is very powerful.
    Once you open the gate you will fight a first horde and if you don't fight well
    you will be outnumbered. Once this horde is dead, you can advance to the
    village of the east (you'll see a monument, activate it between 2 battles and
    use it to build more troops). Beat the boss and obtain new rune stones and
    magic scrolls.
    3) Go back to the monument and meet the elves in the small village. The chief
    will give you more troops. Don't forget to save and to summon new troops. you
    have also gained new buildings and units during the battle with the boss so use
    it asap. Now you can meet with the elves hidden in a hill. They will ask you to
    escort them to their home. Use them (they are powerful) to increase your troops
    units and beat the village to the north which is very difficult to take. Then
    you will meet the elf chief Lycande.
    4) She offers you special units to finish the map. Once again save and summon
    new troops. Added to the elf reinforcements you can handle the next battles
    with the elite of the orcs. On your way to the portal go northeast to find
    another elf tribe that need to be escorted and go also east to say to another
    clan that the road is free. After lots of efforts and saves you will reach the
    5) Of course don't pass the portal now. Go back to the elven village and talk
    to each clan chief. They will give you a reward. Find an elf, Ashawe, that
    wishes some "manes" from beast men. She gives you a white key to open the white
    gate south of the village. Despite it's not an offical sidequest, after you
    complete this one, you can still continue to sell manes against exp to Ashawe
    after you beat beastmen on other maps. Go to the south gate and talk to the
    trader. Accept to help him and open the portal.
    6) This part is fairly simple if you have magicians with you. Beat all the
    monsters (to obtain the manes) and free the traders to obtain the magic quill.
    One of the trader talks of the stardust. She wants you to find the Ariafrost.
    This artefact is guarded by a dragon. You remember the elf tribe of the
    northeast camp ? Near this camp is a path to the dragon. Fafna the dragon is
    easy to kill if the hero has good level. Bring back the ariafrost to this
    trader. Continue  (in this part of the map) and you will find a man with
    chains. Free him and he asks you to kill his brother and the demon he was
    chasing. You find both of them at the end of the path. Go back to the guy to
    obtain a reward. Now exit to the first trader and he will offer one of the
    three rings he has to reward you. Choose the one you wish. Don't forget to
    bring back the manes.
    7) Use the bindstone to teleport back to Greyfell. Give the Quill to Gadar. Now
    the apprentice asks for a chalk. Teleport back to Liannon. Now you can summon 2
    heroes level 5 and 6. Do this and fight the ghost of the scribe to obtain a
    ring and a book. Bring them both to Ortah and he will ask you to show the book
    to Darius. Darius will talk of some stories with you. Go back to the ghost
    house and kill a difficult ghost of a scout. Again you obtain a ring you need
    to show to Ortah. Now you must fight with Udwin's ghost himself but you will do
    it later as he is too powerful for now.
    8) You have completed a lot of sidequests now and it's time to go back to Eloni
    and pass the portal to Leafshade.
    Leafshade campaign :
    1) This campaign begins with the meeting of Sergeant Einar. He asks you to help
    him to reach his homeland. He despairs to win but maybe you can interfere. He
    helps you to find the monuments. This time you have a Human monument and a Hero
    monument. Kill some spiders then begin to build your town.
    2) After you obtain your first troops destroy the village of the bandits west
    of you. They have a Aria source you need to obtain elementalists and magicians.
    Once it's done, you can summon more troops and a cutscene will show you that
    the goblins scout has seen your town. There is another source of Aria you can
    conquer easily on the north of your camp but you must protect the workers too
    after you conquer it.
    3) The next step is to go to the goblins village north of you and to destroy it
    very quickly. Else you will have problems sooner or later to beat the goblins
    village north west of your town. Once done, head northwest to destroy another
    camp. If you have time go southwest of this camp to beat Hyrr and obtain some
    4) The path leads you to a second hero monument and a bindstone. Activate them
    both to gain time and new troops. No need to build another town, you don't have
    the time. Summon at least all your heroes and 6 elementalists and 6 magicians.
    You must have upgraded the medium HQ to 50 so you can have a large archers
    army. All classes must be present in your army. Split in two your army. One is
    lead by a hero and the other by your avatar. Store the 2 groups to switch
    easily and give orders. Near these monuments is an elf that asks for
    ingredients to build 2 items for you. You will find them by killing all the
    foes of this map. Another quest is to bring the 5 heads of the twonk brothers
    to Einar.
    5) Before you attack the final camp, beat first the orcs that have hostages
    south of the final camp. You obtain the first head. Go to the final camp with 2
    new allies (2 elves join you to reward you) and sent the splitted army on each
    lookout tower. Be sure to ask to your heroes and avatar to help independantly
    Einar and his forces to beat the orcs army when a horde attack you to defend
    the tower.
    6) After the first wave, apply the same technique to the 2 towers next. Once
    the path is safe, you see 3 directions. North to kill some orcs that will
    attack you by behind when you will enter the final camp and south you can shoot
    the horde which protect the final camp without being hit.
    7) Now enter the final camp again with 2 armies. Beat the 2 lookout towers and
    then the buildings to stop the monsters. Advance carefully and always beat
    first the lookout tower. You will encounter a huge monster and one of the
    twonk. At this point you have 4 heads after you win the final battle.
    8) You will see a path starting from the final camp. Follow it to kill the
    fifth brother, obtain a Chalk and the last head. Bring all the heads to Einar
    and he will reward you. Now to complete the quest of the ingredients
    (spellwork), you must go back to the second hero monument and explore the ways
    full of spiders and giant beetles. Kill all the ennemies and you will obtain
    what you want.
    9) Bring the chalk to Gabar and he will ask again for help. This time you must
    bring the master's robe to Tanara. Unfortunately she can't repair it. She needs
    the silk of the spiders of northern windwalls. And for the ghost of Udwin, you
    can't beat it now. It has a powerful healing spell and is very powerful.
    10) You have now buildings and troops of elves in your inventory. You can also
    summon paladins and armsmen. Go back to Leafshade and pass the portal to the
    The Shiel campaign :
    1) Follow Einar to captain Banir. Banir says he can't help you unless you save
    the lord commander. You must find Shan Muir of Liannon and ask her for the
    antidote. She advices you to find a special herb. She tells you to ask the
    brigde guard to the north the key to the gate i mentioned earlier. Now open
    this gate and beat the easy goblins. Take all the chests. North of this camp
    you find a lonely goblin. Kill him and take his pants.
    2) Talk to Shan Muir and she gives the antidote. Now go to Greyfell and show
    the pants to Tanara. She gives you a new magic pant. I suggest you equip the
    hero with it. Go to Eloni and to the elf village. Find an elf called Swerdis
    and she will ask you to bring her back a special item (a wound tincture) from
    Greyfell. Only Valdis can give it to you. You find trader Valdis near the north
    gate to Liannon island. She says that her delivery has not arrived and so she
    can't give anything for the moment. The merchant that gives the delivery is
    supposed somewhere in The Shiel. All in all it's time to bring the antidote to
    the commander.
    3) After you heal the commander, he gives you 8 men and ask you to find some
    clues about the one who poisoned him and take his wife away. He also shows you
    how to beat the alert post chain by using the path south. Once you have done
    this you are ready to conquer the elven monument.
    4) This time you will have to fight against the bandits and the orcs. The
    bandits have several camps here and the orcs camp to the north is very hard to
    take. The only chance you have to win is to go directly to the south and kill
    the 2 alert guards. Be sure to send your heroes on the second guard while your
    troops kill the first. Now run to the village, kill a first horde and summon
    your 3 heroes. Last beat the second horde to reach the monument.
    5) The time is really against you. Post your heroes and avatar (plus the rest
    of the Utran soldiers) near the river to beat the intruders. Meanwhile, begin
    to build a woodcutter hut near the trees and another one completely outside of
    the camp in the north to obtain lots of woods. Immediately after build the
    armory and hunting lodge and then the small HQ and increase your troops to the
    max. With a total of 34 mens split in two groups.
    6) One group must destroy very quickly the camp of the green bandit (Gondar
    Thorme) while the other defend against the orcs. Then you're ready with full
    troops to fight the orc camp.
    7) This is the part where the luck interfere. If you were quick, the other
    bandits have not seen yet your camp and they don't attack you. It's time to run
    to the orc camp. With your 2 groups attack the towers. After you destroy them,
    the boss Corn will come with his horde. I suggest you use the spell warcry
    (your avatar) and equip your avatar with a mace (if it's possible for your
    avatar of course). Concentrate your units on Corn who is very difficult to kill
    (he does also great damage with the 2 burning swords). Once he is dead the
    horde will be in trouble and you will beat it more easily. Now you have your
    chance to stop the 3 magic fountains of monsters by destroying the buildings
    around. Then you must confront with the last 2 towers and magic fountain (near
    the quarry). You can't wait or the computer will summon a horde and will be
    invincible. Once all is destroyed you have done the most difficult part of this
    map. The time is no more a problem now. The 2 fireswords will be used later by
    your rune fighter hero.
    8) While you were fighting other bandits came and destroyed your camp helped by
    some goblins and orcs. Really proud of them they attack the Utrans resistants
    and die. DON'T interfere with this fact, 1) you can't cause of lack of power,
    2) you will run to a game over. Once the camp is only occupied by one or two
    bandits, go there and summon again your 4 heroes. You have understand it, it's
    time to annihilate the bandits of this map. With only your avatar and heroes go
    to the orc camp you've destroyed and explore the rest of the map. Kill some
    spiders to discover some items and then go south and explore the map. You'll
    encounter differents small camps and they are not too hard to beat. Once you
    reach the fortress, go all the way back to the Utran camp. Show the necklace to
    the Lord Commander and he will ask you to find more clues about the traitor.
    9) Now go south of this camp and free the portal to Liannon. Then go west and
    explore the maps to beat all the bandits camps. Go to the fortress and beat the
    small camp near it and also the spiders. After the great cleansing, the only
    ennemies remaining are the orcs in the fortress (and they can't respawn) and
    the monsters that are guarding the portal to the Wild Land which i recommend to
    not attack (or maybe the first group in front of the stone gate and retreat
    10) Again with your avatar and heroes only, conquer the fortress, no matter you
    die, it's easy now. Activate the bindstone. Once all the foes are dead, a group
    of soldiers appear from nowhere and say that you can use the power of the
    dryads to beat the units that are guarding the portal. You receive a new elf
    building to build a Lenyagatherer. Ask some elf to build the lenya building in
    front of the source (everywhere on the map). One is near the fortress, a second
    can be found near the orc camp. Once you have 1000 lenyas in stock go near the
    portal to the wild land. From here go north and find the dryad well to
    sacrifice the 1000 lenyas. Wait for the night and do it. You obtain 1 playable
    dryad and 4 NPCs.
    11) You notice a chest, it needs a combination which i haven't found for now. I
    suppose you'll have it later.
    12) In the same time you were collecting the lenya, i hope that you have build
    an elf or a human army to help the dryads. In fact they don't need help but you
    need help to protect yourself during the final battle. The AI is not stupid and
    will attack you and not concentrate all his troops on 5 dryads. Victory at
    least. When you're ready pass the portal to the wild land.
    At this point, the sidequests not solved are :
    Magical artefact (can't find the rock spiders maybe it's too early)
    From the deep (need to beat the ghost of Udwin)
    The wound tincture (need to find Flann)
    Purple banner (need to find clues aout the traitor)
    (not in the book) Find the combination for the chest (related to the one above).
    Wild Land campaign :
    1) You see a cutscene of Rohen fighting dark creatures. Then talk to the guard
    who will direct you to the village north of where you are actually. Talk to
    Swansong. You can find Flann Godersen. Despite the fact the quest book didn't
    say i found Flann, it will be updated and it says to learn the secret of the
    chest from him. In the dialogue, Flann asks for a malachite. Talk to Mark. He
    wants you to kill the spider master who killed his daughter. You'll have the
    choice of killing the master or to ally with him against the orc. If you choose
    to kill him you can obtain a reward : a silk and a dress. Bring the dress to
    Mark (he gives 2 opals, exp and 10 silver) and show the silk to Calina. She
    directs you to Tanara in Greyfell. Tanara will ask for a dark silk and 2 light
    silk to create a special robe for you. I have not explored this way but you'll
    complete this quest when you will go to other campaigns. I prefer to ally with
    the spider master.  In this case he asks you to bring him back his flute stolen
    by an orc.
    2) Advance and destroy the 2 bandit camps. Kill everyone and once it's done, go
    back to the elven monument and build an armory. I suggest you take all your
    time to build 2 woodcutter's hut, place the lenyagatherer and protect all of
    them by some archers towers. The fact is that the orcs are waiting you and only
    few of them attack you. Continue until you can upgrade the small HQ to 30. Be
    sure to take all the berries as you cannot hunt in this area. Build some
    berries hut, the food store and the sawmill near each source. Build the Medium
    HQ and don't forget to build the forester. Once you feel ready, ask to the
    spider master to launch his attack.
    3) The wave of orcs will die easily. You find then a second elven monument,
    where i suggest you summon new troops and a human monument. Prepare some humans
    workers. Destroy the magic fountain near this monument and the one to the south
    near the quarry. Now is the big deal. Protect the quarry from the orcs but
    DON'T advance to the aria source. Build a fish hut to increase to 40 your
    number of troops. Once you have secured the second camp with archers towers
    advance and watch the cutscene.
    4) Now you'll have to battle with a small horde and 2 Blade Soldiers. They are
    very powerful, but if you have enough healers (at least 6 or 7) you won't
    suffer against them. Now the idea is simple, you must launch many attacks on
    the final camp. There are in theory enough wood and lenya (and even iron now)
    to do this. You must attack first the archer towers which cause great damage.
    There are 14 of them to destroy and they protect 6 magic fountains.
    5) To prevent the monsters from respawning, you must invade the area and attack
    at least one of the building. As there are 6 fountains, if you stop the 3
    first, the ennemies will appear and flood you by using the 3 next. After a long
    and hard battle you'll penetrate the camp and in it you'll have to fight many
    bosses. First kill Calira Winterwhite, Shadiskar, the Wilding and some Blade
    Soldiers. Don't forget also to kill the paladin, who is the traitor Tynar, the
    lord commander, asked to find.
    6) Take all the items in the chests, new elven buildings, new workers and units
    and also some magic spells. You'll find the banner and some useful things.
    You'll have to fight against 2 more archers towers to destroy the last fountain
    and also 2 Blade soldiers to clear the path to the portal.
    7) Bring the flute to the spider master (the orc of the first wave had it) if
    not already done, bring the banner to Tynar and last pass the portal to Frost
    Ice Gate Marsh :
    You watch a cutscene where Rohen is finally killed by the red magician (the
    dark one). You must go back to Greyfell as you can't fight alone all the blade
    soldiers. Well you can try but i think it's useless for the moment. Even if you
    succeed you can't really expect much of doing this, as the game is scripted.
    Don't forget to switch on the bindstone here. I think the monsters won't attack
    it as long as they don't see you or you attack them.
    Greyfell :
    Talk to Sartarius, he will give you a letter for the south hallite guard so you
    can go to Northern Windwalls. He also advices you to find Marcia, who knows
    where the fortress of Hokan is. Talk to the dentist and give him the orc tooth,
    you found in a camp during the campaign of the Shiel. Find a magician called
    Castagir. He asks you to find a shadow ring, but he doesn't have any
    information about it. Once the way to the portal is opened, go to the right and
    find the chest hidden in the tree. Then pass the portal.
    Northern Windwalls campaign :
    1) When you arrive, talk to the guard. He will direct you to Lord Janir. Marcia
    won't help you until you help Lord Janir. Lord Janir says that you must help
    Gunthar to stop the waves of undeads. He has seen an elven monument to the west
    and you can steal iron on undead villages to hire elf soldiers. Once you've
    spoken run to the bindstone, then find the elven monument.
    2) Build the woodcutter's hut and the lenyagatherer, then the gatherer hut,
    hunting lodge and armory. When you have enough resources, build the ailantery
    and archery hall. In theory you can stop here, but a medium HQ is a plus.
    Technically you don't have much time, once the archery hall is ready, summon 15
    archers and 10 healers at least. Split in two and run to Gunthar (you can
    destroy the small camp near yours on the way) who won't stand a long time
    against the dead. Go on each side of the trench and shoot the deads. Summon
    reinforcements while you are fighting and be sure it's always windarchers and
    fighters (or warders).
    3) Gunthar will announce that the massive wave has been stopped, but there are
    3 other waves that are waiting and the ennemies will attack by using small but
    powerful waves (fighters and archers). Your mission is to beat all of them
    until the portal. To obtain this part of the quest, you must talk to Gunthar. I
    suggest you let the hero here and summon reinforcements. First, attack the
    small undead camp on the east of the trench. Forget the spiders for now and
    destroy each wave by summoning reinforcements.
    4) You can find a second bindstone. You will have the choice to go north or
    south, go north first and destroy the undead camp. You kill a boss called the
    Shadow. He has the shadow ring. Now go south and finish all the waves until the
    portal. Don't pass it. Take all the chest, with new elven building and workers.
    You find also a dwarf worker stone. Don't forget also to take each cart of iron
    you found in each undead camp. It allows you to summon elven protectors. One of
    the horde is lead by a Bonelurker. Kill him and collect his soulstone. This
    horde is northwest of the portal to Greydusk Vale, in the mountain.
    5) Now chase the spiders. You find one called the Rock Weaver, kill it to
    obtain the spider silk. Finish the map to take all the chests, kill all the
    spiders and destroy undead camps. Go back to the camp to the north of the
    bindstone, you'll find a second elven monument (after destroying lots of bone
    towers) and also a magic fountain of undead but there is only one wave and it
    doesn't respawn. You can summon troops from the second monument without waiting
    they arrive where you need them.
    6) Once the map is totally cleared, go back to the village and talk to Marcia.
    She says that you must find a dwarf who lives in Southern Windwalls. She gives
    you a key to open the gate. This gate is near the trench where Gunthar was
    waiting you. Open it. Now use a bindstone to go back to Greyfell. Finish the
    magical artefact quest (show the silk to Tanara), then give the robe to Gabar.
    Now show the ring to Castagir. He asks you to find a mage, Rigour, who lives in
    the Darklands (one of the future campaign). Now you can go to the Southern
    Southern Windwalls campaign :
    1) It's very important that you find all the chests on this map and kill every
    single ennemies to obtain all the items you need. Go south to the hero monument
    and call all your heroes. You'll need them only on this map. Kill the foe then
    and enter the dwarf village. Talk to the captain, you hear of a giant to the
    south, then find Skarvig. He is ok to help you but in order to restore the
    alliance between dwarves and humans you must talk to the dwarf boss. In this
    village you will find some persons of interest. First Lorderic, talk to him and
    he will ask you to find ingredients to poison the giant. You will find all of
    them on this map. Then talk to Cronvig. It's a dwarf who needs glasses to see
    correclty. Cool, you have found some in Liannon, give them to him. He will then
    ask you to find a bronze statuette. Talk then to the dwarf boss and he will
    tell you the story of his son, murdered by ennemies and betrayed by a human. He
    asks you to avenge his death and then he will restore the alliance. You must
    beat a dragon and bring the helmet of his son to him. He adds you will find the
    traitor to the south.
    2) Go south and meet Bron and his wife. He said that Horg, the giant eats all
    his animals. Continue southwest, avoid the giant (he is not that hard but he is
    powerful for now). Beat the beastmen camp and find a lonely baby wolf and also
    some special beast manes. Go back to Bron and ask him a meat. Talk to his wife
    and show her the manes. She will make a special robe with it. Bring the meat to
    the baby wolf. He will eat it and then run to his parents. Follow him. The
    father Tanar will want to follow you. It's a good idea, but be sure to keep him
    alive (most for your consciousness than anything else). From the southwest camp
    go right and you find a beast camp. Destroy it. You find in a chest the first
    ingredient. North of here is the traitor, Joshua.
    3) Talk to Josha and he will direct you to the gate to the east. Follow him and
    ask the dwarf to open the gate. Now you will have several ways to explore to
    find the ingredients and some other items. You find here 2 bindstones and
    another hero monument. You will also obtain new buildings and troops for the
    dwarf plan. I suggest you advance and begin by killing quickly the rock spiders
    you found in the south. In one of the chest there is an ingredient. Go away
    quickly as the spiders here respawn infinitely. After killing some spiders on
    this map you obtain a dark silk. Bring it to Bron's wife who directs you to
    Tanara in Greyfell. Good you obtain the same sidequest as if you killed the
    spider master. So it was a good idea to spare him after all.
    4) You'll fight several necromancers from now. They are not hard to kill but
    the sorcerers along them can be a pain. The most important thing is to bring
    Joshua to the dragon. If he dies (but it won't happen easily) you'll have to
    reload your file (i guess you earn less exp). On the way you find the dragon.
    Kill it. Talk to Joshua and he offers a choice, giving back the helmet or
    letting you do it. Keep it for you, he will be happy.
    5) North of the dragon is a group of spiders with a giant Kirsh. Kill it and
    find in a chest an ingredient. To the south is a village of warrior ghosts.
    Kill them to open the chest they are guarding which is the final ingredient.
    The fifth ingredient can be found in a chest near the portal along with a
    malachite. Don't pass the portal to Greydusk Vale.
    6) Go back to Lorderic and ask for the poison. Show the helmet to the dwarf
    boss and he will restore the alliance. Now go to Bron and ask for a meat. Wait
    for the night and approach of the giant. Exchange the meats. Now he is
    poisoned. In the morning, he will be awake. Kill him. You obtain the key to
    stoneblade where you can find the earthblade. You need to bring it to Skarvig.
    Sidequests to solve or to open now :
    1) Go back to Greyfell and talk to Zarim. He is south of Sartarius. He will ask
    for a special wood. In Wildland you found a broken crossbow, give it to him and
    close this quest.
    2) Talk to a man named Orthanc. Show him the dragon trophy you obtain in
    Northern windwalls and he will ask for 5 souls if you wish a weapon. He
    suggests you find the first soulstone (the one of the angstling) in Northern
    Windwalls, it's in the village of ghosts. You have destroyed it to complete
    another sidequest, you will find the 4 other soulstones elsewhere. He can do
    also an armor if you manage to find a dragon's scale. He talks also of the Amra
    Armor. He said that Sunder in Liannon can answer to you about this.
    3) Talk to Sandor. He tells you the story of 3 graves. They can be found here
    in the Greyfell map. Go to the bindstone and teleport back to shadowpass.
    Follow the road til the bridge. You find the first grave. Examine it and kill
    the skeletons. You find the second grave in your old human camp. The last grave
    is in the goblin camp you destroyed to the south. You obtain 3 words, Shin, Tar
    and Guar. Go back to Sandor. On the way, you pass in the village. To the east
    is an hermit you can help. He wants a Zirfar potion from Shan Muir. Continue to
    Greyfell and tell to Sandor what you learn. He directs you to Goran. Goran
    tells the story related to these name. Go back to Sandor and he will ask you to
    help him to open the cave of the sorcerer. This cave is between the human and
    goblin camp. You can't miss it. Choose to whisper the name and you'll fight the
    ghost of the sorcerer. Kill him and you obtain a book. Bring it to Goran. He
    asks you to visit Darius. Darius will give you a silversnake (a ring).
    4) Now in Liannon, talk to Shan Muir. She doesn't want to help the hermit, he
    is a murderer. Insist on and she will offer a pain easer or another healer. 1)
    Choose the pain easer and bring it to the hermit, you will then fight a dryad
    to save him and the story will have a good ending. 2) Choose the healer. It's
    Illrias in The Shiel. Go to The Shiel in Utran fortress. Talk to Illrias. He
    says he wants his money back. The robber is in the southwest part of this map.
    He is alone and weak. Bring the purse back to Illrias and he will give you the
    Zirfar. Then give it to the hermit and last kill him.
    5) In Liannon, after you talk to Shan Muir, talk to Sunder and then again to
    Shan Muir and she says that her sister Lea tried to find Amra. They both
    disappear but you can find some men near the ruin of her house. Go there and
    kill 3 Sentos thug. Summon your heroes because they are strong together. You
    obtain a letter. You can go to Sentos shop in Greyfell who appears for the
    occasion (in the trader area) and ask for explanations to him. Before this read
    the next point.
    6) With your heroes and specially the warlock who has the spell extinct, fight
    the ghost of Udwin. Use extinct and war cry to weaken him and be sure to have a
    mace for your avatar. You'll win (i was at level 12). You obtain Udwin's ring.
    7) Go to Greyfell. Find Sentos the trader near where there are lots of them. He
    gives an appointment in the Wild Land. Go there and find him near the village.
    He will summon 3 guys. Run to the village and the guard will kill them for you
    (you can help them of course). Talk again to Sentos and he will say to search
    for Lea's grave in the whisper.
    8) Talk to Flann Godersen. Give him the malachite. You can question him about
    the chest. The combination is Right, Left, Middle, Left and Middle. You also
    need a key to open the chest and he will give it to you. Go to The Shiel and
    open the chest. bring the delivery to Valdis and then the tincture to Swerdis.
    You obtain exp. Talk also to Ashawe (in the elven camp) to sell beast manes if
    you obtain some more in the Southern Windwalls.
    9) Now go to the Stoneblade Mountains. It's a bonus map. It's not a map you
    need to do to complete the main quest. As you can complete some sidequests
    there, i suggest you go there.
    The sidequests that i need to complete for the moment are :
    Shadow World (bring the shadow ring to Rigour)
    Earthblade (find an earthblade so Lorderic can forge a stoneblade for you)
    Dragon Armor (find a dragon's scale so Orthanc can make an armor for you)
    Delicate Fabric (find 2 light silk)
    Dwarf Service (find a bronze statuette)
    Amra and Lea (find Lea's grave and then Amra's legendary armor)
    Soulstones (find 5 soulstones so Orthanc can make a weapon for you).
    Stoneblade Mountains Campaign :
    1) When you arrive talk to the dwarf, Gorin. He will tell you most of the
    secrets of this map. Then you can go north to the elven monument and kill some
    spiders. Here i have summoned my 4 heroes and build a dwarf camp. You need a
    camp to collect iron in order to forge the earth blade. Explore the map, find a
    dwarf named Tworsnik that lives behind a spider nest. He asks you to find 7
    mushrooms to finish his poison.
    2) Now explore the map. You'll encounter several small beast camps. You can
    handle them alone, go to the north to find the hero monument and they will help
    of you. The only camp that needs an army to be destroyed is the one on the east
    part of the map near the giant ogre. I suggest you begin to search for all the
    map for the mushrooms. Kill all the beasts here. It's easy exp for you. You
    find some mushrooms in chests, other under the cadaver of a beast and some
    after you kill a beast, usually a boss camp. You also obtain a lot of manes.
    3) To the north is a chest sealed by a star shape, you can't open it for now.
    Go east of here and you find an obelisk. You must enter a combination which you
    can found by examining other pillars around this one. The combination is Eye,
    Blood, Hand , Hand, Blood, Eye. You will fight Enri, a level 15 ghost dwarf and
    his compaignions, and obtained a star amulet to open the previous chest. On the
    map, this chest is on the left of the obelisk, just point on it to go to it.
    You find a rune hero, weapons and armors.
    4) Once you have destroyed all the beast camps you have 6 mushrooms. Talk to
    Tworsnik to obtain the key of another locked chest on this map. Inside there is
    the seventh mushroom. You'll be attacked by Gronn. Be sure to have some
    soldiers with you. Return to Tworsnik and you obtain a shield from him.
    5) You find a giant ogre named Kraga. He asks you to find his brother Braga.
    You find him near a lake to the west of the hero monument. Once you have met
    Braga, go back to Kraga and offer to protect his treasures. Be sure to have an
    army with you before offering this, you'll be attack by some beasts. wait for
    Kraga and when he comes back you obtain a ring. Now try to steal the treasure
    and you will fight Kraga. Kill him, you obtain a gemstone and 3 chests full of
    useful things.
    6) The map is totally empty now, no more spiders, beetles, beasts or minotaurs.
    Go to the earth elemental to the south. Give them 300 units of iron. Now you
    will have to chase with an army the 5 guardians and kill them. Go back to the
    earth elemental and you obtain the blade.
    7) Note that you find pieces of adamantium, eternal fire, a complete broken
    equipment for a dwarf here and also the most powerful unit for elves, the
    druid, and a new dwarf unit that you can't summon because you haven't the
    appropriate building. This map is easy and not long (2 or 3 hours of action)
    and very valuable for exp. Go to Southern Windwalls and show the blade to
    Skarvig. He says you can go talking to Urak. The blacksmith will offer you a
    piece of his collection against the blade or the way to make red adamantium. I
    suggest you accept the second choice, as you already found in the stoneblade
    mountains the adamantium and eternal fire. You'll find the other compounds
    later in the game. Go to Greydusk Vale now.
    Greydusk Vale campaign :
    1) This map is fairly calm. For the first part, you activate a bindstone and
    build an elven army. By exploring you find some malachites under the cadaver of
    an ogre. You can really upgrade easily your camp as the food, and the wood are
    here. The lenya is also available so you can build a huge army. You'll be
    attacked by undeads and beasts. With the help of archers towers you can stop
    them as they arrive always by the same way.
    2) Once you feel ready go north and destroy the beast camp. You obtain a hero
    monument and a dwarf monument. You must continue to the fortress and beat the
    undead camp of the north and the one to the south. Once it's done, enter the
    fortress. In it you obtain lots of new sidequests. Talk to Jon to obtain a
    tablet, to Tana to hear about Malicor and to Thurgon to obtain a letter to
    bring to Tanara. Then ask to Urias how to find Hokan and how to deal with him
    (with the help of the mask of belial split in 2 parts). Urias advices you on
    how to beat the undeads : conquer 4 cave entrances and beat Korshar the
    bonecrusher (not on this map, but in The Whisper one). Morton asks you to find
    the traitor who opened the gate to the undeads. There is one chest sealed by
    magic in this town. Last, talk to Flink to search for the whereabout of
    Cassius. In other chests of this fortress you find the buildings necessary to
    expand a dwarf camp and a new dwarf units.
    3) I suggest you rise the elven camp to the maximum, build everything including
    a large HQ and the elven titan. You can obtain an army of 80 soldiers. In the
    same time, rise to the maximum a dwarf camp. They have good fighters, while the
    elves have lots of magicians. In fact i input 30 dwarves (only the two last
    classes) and 50 elves (only the four last classes). When all the soldiers are
    ready, split in 2 groups. Go to Urias and ask him to open the gate. You can
    take all your time before this event. You will fight a first horde leads by
    Nightblade. Kill him and you obtain the third of the 5 soulstones.
    4) When you are on the other side go south and destroy the small camp. Explore
    all this part of the map for treasures. Now head east. The four caves are in
    the path. You have 4 heroes, let one in each cave with 15 to 18 soliders. Each
    cave is easy to conquer but you need at least 15 soldiers to maintain the order
    and let the time to the rest of your army to beat the ennemies. Then you can
    let 10 to 14 soldiers per cave. There is a point to mark here : In theory the
    idea was to stop the arrival of the monsters, but it doesn't work, during my
    campaign only one cave was secured, the other 3 were a pain and i was forced to
    summon new troops to reinforce the entrances. Anyway when the 4 four caves are
    "secured", you can advance to the city. You will need to do this in 2 times.
    The first time, you will fight the horde alongside Kirshar the boss. Kirshar
    must be killed alone. When your avatar is in hand to hand battle alone with him
    you have a small chance to defeat him but it stays hard. On the contrary if you
    launch a horde of fighters, it will failed because Kirshar has a powerful
    healing spell. The only way to defeat him easily is to launch a horde of
    wintermage and wanderer (all have the upgrade allowed by their buidlings).
    Kirshar will be freezed. Then use your avatar to finish him. Kirshar dead, talk
    to Malicor. Before leaving the city of deads, go right to the portal to the
    next world. Free the way and obtain new dwarf buildings and units. South of
    city is a magic fountain of monsters that you must destroy too.
    5) Malicor says that the part of the mask he has stolen is in the chest sealed
    by magic in the fortress. Tana in the fortress has the key. Talk to her to
    obtain the first part. Now exit and go north to free the portal to Northern
    Windwalls. On the way, you will find an undead camp. There is a chest with a
    map in it. Show this map to Morton. You find that the traitor is Thurgon.
    Morton wishes to confront him. Once he is near Thurgon, talk to him and you'll
    have to fight him. This map is complete. Then, go to Greyfell and give the
    letter from Thurgon to Tanara. you can now pass the portal in Greydusk Vale to
    the next world, Howling Mounds.
    Howling Mounds campaign :
    1) When you arrive you watch a cutscene. Korshar gives the order to a skeleton
    general to call the 5 commanders to defend the fortress. Your mission begins
    then. 3 of the commanders have a magic fountain of monsters near them. You need
    an army to beat them. You can handle alone the 2 commanders north and the
    second north west. In the same time, you have begun a dwarf camp.
    2) The major problem of this map is the iron. There are 3 iron sources on this
    map. One of them is north of your dwarf camp. You don't have much time to
    waste. Once you have 15 or 20 warriors destroy the second camp north of you. It
    has a second dwarf monument. Normally the dwarf units are really strong. You
    can advance and destroy another camp and another magic fountain north of this
    camp. Now you have free the 2 other iron sources.
    3) Go west and kill a single leech. You find the cadaver of Cassius. The only
    problem is that you can't leave the map to show it to Flink now. You obtain a
    fourth soulstone (the first from the angstling, the second from the bonelurker,
    the third from the nightblade and the fourth is from the crypt stalker). Flink
    has moved of the fortress of Greydusk Vale. You must find him elsewhere (in
    fact in Greyfell). Destroy the last camp to the west. Beat first Nevermore and
    his horde and then the fountain. Don't kill the last commander now. He won't
    move anyway.
    4) You have noticed a magic fountain near the gate of the fortress. Save your
    game and go there to destroy it. Normally the gate won't open, if it's the
    case, simply reload your file and beat the last commander.
    5) With this, you activate the next event. A gigantic horde will spread all
    over the land in your direction. I suggest you attack first and stop the wave.
    Build a new army now. The time is a problem as the fortress has a lot of
    fountains to destroy but you can't build endlessly an army as the iron is very
    6) During a first phase you must destroy the magic fountain in front of the
    fortress if you haven't done it previously and then the 2 inside the fortress.
    Build again a new army (30 soldiers) and advance to the next fountain. Then
    there is another one in the first part of the way to the portal. I encountered
    the problem of iron here and there are 3 fountains before the portal to the
    inside of the fortress. So i used only 10 soldiers per wave and 20 workers to
    fight the ennemy. Be sure to destroy the building to close the fountain and
    especially the one in front of the portal. It produced skeleton generals hard
    to kill. Kill also the leech named The Unforgiven, you obtain the soulstone of
    the unforgiven and the tears of a soulless creature. After lots of try, you
    access the portal.
    7) It's time to summon your 5 most powerful heroes. Inside the fortress, the
    game will look like Gauntlet Legends for the decor. The way is linear and you
    must kill the monsters one after the other. Once you feel ready attack Korshar
    to obtain the second part of the mask. Now you are ready for Whisper city and
    Hokan. Pass the portal.
    Whisper campaign :
    1) When you arrive you watch a cutscene of a warrior. Find your way to him and
    he asks you find his griffon and his weapon and armour. This map is hard to
    begin but then will be easy.
    2) When you arrive to the next part of the map, you find a dwarf monument, an
    elf monument and a bindstone. Activate the bindstone. Now build simultaneously
    the dwarf and elf camps, with an armory, a forge and the resource buildings.
    You won't have much time before the leeches see your camp. They will
    immediately send a huge wave to destroy it. The food comes easily and you can
    upgrade to 20 soldiers quickly on this map. Take the basic soldiers and don't
    fight the coming horde. Avoid it by using an alternate way.
    3) While the horde will destroy your camp, use your weak army to destroy the 3
    magic fountains on the southwest part of the map. Of course your army will be a
    decoy while your avatar shoot the graves. All in all, you will finish this
    alone and kill some leeches. Now it's time to help your camp. Until you go
    back, summon workers to lure the leeches. It will split into several groups to
    destroy each building. Use this fact to fight small groups. Don't forget that
    the leeches will probably switch off the bindstone, so don't die.
    4) Once you've the saved the camp, begin to rebuild it. With only your heroes
    you can defend it from the northeast and from the east. The ennemies come one
    after the other. Once you feel ready take 20 soldiers with you. Beat the undead
    camp to the east, it has a moonsilver mine you really need to succeed on this
    map. Once you obtain it (it won't be easy) you have just to push to the max
    each camp to obtain the 2 titans and at least 60 soldiers (i pushed to 80).
    5) Your priority is to beat the camp to the far east, the deads come from the
    north east but their camp has many magic fountains. Once this camp is taken,
    you find 3 leeches who guard a grave. This is Lea's one. Kill the avengers and
    then the ghost of Lea. Take the letter and the jewel.
    6) This part of the map is cleared. Now go west, you find another huge magic
    fountain, destroy it. You really need 70 soldiers, careful. By exploring this
    part of the map, you find a hero camp and a phantom spider. Kill it and you
    obtain the first light silk. You are now stucked.
    7) Once you have a new army (or maybe as for mine, you still have your 60
    soldiers) go to the northeast part of the map. You find a mosaic. Kill the
    guardian and input the first part Jon gave to you in Greydusk Vale. A new part
    of the map with a magic fountain and a horde appear. Beat it. After this, a
    guardian of the 2nd fragment appear on the map. Beat it and input the second
    fragment (it opens a part of the way to Ismail from the cutscene). Then beat
    the third guardian and input the third fragment. You must fight "a cruel one".
    Once dead, go near the hero monument and you discover a new way to the griffon
    of the warrior. Your avatar must talk to the griffon to free him.
    8) Near the griffon is a small city you can reach to kill more undeads. You
    find in all the chests the weapon and armour for the warrior. Now beat the last
    guardian (very very difficult alone, easy with a horde). Input the last
    fragment. The way to Ismail is opened and again you must fight a powerful horde.
    9) Talk to the warrior, let him go alone to Ismail and he will kill him and his
    leeches. Now you can travel alone to the grave of Hokan. Talk to the ghost to
    learn the secret of the phoenix stone and where to begin to search for it and
    then give him the mask of Belial. You can advance to the portal to Godwall and
    take the last dwarf units in the chest.
    Sidequests to solve now :
    1) Go to Greyfell. Talk to Sartarius. Now find Flink in the town (near
    Castagir). Show the fragment and he says that Fayt has another one. You offer
    to kill him but it will be very hard. You need to go to Leafshade by using the
    portal in Eloni (i suppose the bandits switch off the second bindstone in
    You access to the hero and human monuments. Kill some bandits on the way and
    then summon the heroes. They will help you to free the way to the second aria
    source. Build your town and an army that goes up to 40 soldiers, don't forget
    the griffonrider. Now advance carefully to the bandit camp and destroy the
    waves one after the other. Attack again and again until you reach the boss
    Fayt. You have just enough resource to do this (the bandits are level 16/17 and
    20 (Fayt) while your soldiers are level 9 (with the rune found in Whisper). You
    finally obtain the second part of the key. Give it to Flink and he will give a
    reward : the ring of the rouges.
    2) In Greyfell talk to Adhira. She asks you to find 3 special bloods (demon,
    dragon and giant spider) to concoct a potion for a hero (her brother). He will
    become stronger if he drinks it.
    3) Still in Greyfell talk to the dwarf Hinrik. Give him the Dwarf Brandy and he
    gives you the bronze statuette of Cronvig. Give it to Cronvig to complete this
    4) Talk to Orthanc to obtain a soulweapon of your choice.
    5) Last, go to Liannon and show the jewel and the letter to Shan Muir. She
    directs you to Tyrgar the fisherman. He says that only the dark elf, Craig, can
    help you to find Amra. The only problem is that he leaves in Southern Godmark
    (so it will be later in the game). Now enter The Godwall.
    The Godwall campaign :
    1) You watch a cutscene of a magician asking for a fragment. Then talk to the
    guard to learn the situation here. The way to Mulandir is blocked and you need
    to kill the briarwolves to go there safely. You find an elf monument near the
    bindstone so it's time to build the town. The problem is the food. How can you
    upgrade the army if you haven't some food ?
    2) Follow the way and free the first camp (do this alone) and talk to the
    peasants. Bren will offer 350 food units. Build also a hunting lodge and a
    lenya gatherer here. Once your army is ready you can destroy the small camp to
    the east of the village. You find some berries and you can build a gatherer hut
    here to collect them.
    3) From here you have 2 choices, you killed the briarwolves scouts one after
    the other before they can report that your camp exists, or if you failed, you
    will fight the waves one after the other until you can advance and reduce the
    fountains to zero.
    4) Once you feel ready, climb the mountain and attack the large camp on the top
    of the mountain, The fact is that the horde that guards the old dwarf town and
    the hordes of the 2 camps of the east won't move for now. With a total of 30
    soldiers and possibly an elf titan attack the camp to the north. You must go
    through all the defenses and beat 2 magic fountains. Some peasants leads by an
    archer, Hal, will thank you and offer iron. Then there is a set of 4 archers
    towers. I stop here and then go all the way back to my camp with the remaining
    troops. I summon then reinforcements in the elf camp and then the horde that
    guards the old dwarf camp began to move. It's time to annihilate it.
    5) Don't open the door now, talk to the guy and take the key. You must retreat
    again after the fight and summon reinforcements. Fine again for another attack
    of the large camp. This time you will have to deal with 2 towers and a
    fountain, then another set of 2 towers and a griffonrider. I retreat again and
    summon some helps. In the final line, there are 2 towers, 3 buildings and a
    horde to beat. You will have the opportunity to talk to a man who asks you to
    free the scribe. He will also says that the wolfsign you found on corpse of
    briarwolves corporal can be sold to Halycos in Farlone's hope.
    6) By exploring the map you find lonely persons who spare resources or someone
    who asks you to find the scribe. You can also find another dwarf and elf
    monuments. Now open the dwarf city and summon the titan and some
    reinforcements. On the east part you find a spider which guard a corpse with
    items on it. Don't forget the tree here. From the large camp, go north and beat
    the 2 finals waves with a griffonrider and the boss, captain Kliar.
    7) Now finish the 2 camps, begin by the one to the south then the one just
    above. Reason of this order, you find a medicine that you must give to the
    peasant chief. The map is finished. You have just to pass the portal to
    Mulandir. This campaign was very hard IMO.
    8) In the last chest before the portal you find the first buildings and troops
    for the orcs.
    Mulandir campaign :
    1) During a cutscene, the scribe warns you about the medusas and the gargoyles.
    This campaign is an action one. You can summon your 5 best heroes. Then you
    will have to advance carefully avoind the cursed guardian or you will run to a
    gameover (it stones you and your comrade, then summon gargoyles to finish you).
    There is nowhwere a monument to build a city so here are some clues.
    2) On the west part of the map, you can clean it easily by progressing very
    slowly, reach the portal to Farlone's hope. Don't pass it now. The main quest
    says you must find clues here. You must reach the guardian you see on the
    northeast part of the map. On the west part, on the top of the mountain is a
    phantom spider which will give you the second light silk Tanara needs.
    3) Now it's time to head east, be sure to avoid the cursed guardian. The reason
    they stone you is that they are level 25. My hero is at level 19 and i doubt
    your heroes will be higher than level 20, unless you battle only with him on
    previous maps. Reach the east part and you found another hero monument. By
    going north of here you find a locked gate. Don't forget this location as it's
    the way to The Rift.
    4) Now try to obtain the chest south of this gate. It contains the orc rune
    worker level 10. After you explore all the map, there will be 2 chests harder
    than the other to take and one area that require a trick to be reached. The
    first chest i am talking about is the one you see when you go north then left
    fom the beginning of the map. For this one, i attack by the northeast. Be sure
    that all the monsters follow you there. Once they are all beaten, send 1 hero
    to collect the items in the chest. He will be probaly stoned after but the
    mission is completed.
    5) The second chest is south of this one. The path is guarded by a cursed
    guardian and there are 2 gargoyles that are bording the way. Lure the guardian
    and run into the demons. Don't fight them, run a little so you can be sure that
    the cursed guardian won't see you. Take the chest.
    6) Go to the portal to Farlone's Hope. The area difficult to reach is on the
    east of this portal. The guardian will stone you if you advance. Now send 2
    heroes on the other side of the way. The cursed guardian will have to move.
    Meanwhile, go east then north to reach the area. In this part you see only
    lesser demons and fire demons. However there is one called arzach that you need
    to kill. He is level 15 and not very hard. You obtain the blood of demon
    necessary to forge a shadowblade and also a rune archer level 16. Exit of this
    area and find your way to the east. To reach the guardians you need to go east
    and then north in a mountain path. On the way, kill Thar and his servants. You
    obtain his head.
    7) Talk to the guardian. He will ask you to find 4 fragments. You already have
    one that you can give to him. He also opens the way to The Rift for you. There
    is one fragment there. Before you leave this area, activate the bindstone and
    the hero monument near the guardian. Now you can 1) meet Tanara to obtain the
    magic robe, 2) meet Urak to obtain the shadowblade. He says that he needs time
    to fix it. Go to Greyfell and immediately come back, it will be ready. The
    shadowblade is a good weapon, it has a 10-17 power and you can equip a shield
    on the other hand.
    8) Go to the portal of The Rift. You find some chests with new orcs buildings
    and troops and some buildings and troops for trolls.
    The Rift campaign :
    1) You meet Talia. She wants to kill Ulather. She goes in the canyon. To follow
    her you need an army. Unfortunately you can only build an orc camp here. You
    have all the necessary resources and especially iron sources. The ennemies come
    from one direction so post a tower asap to protect the entrance of the camp.
    Post also your hero.
    2) When all the buidlings are up, including the medium HQ, build an army of 40
    soldiers and attack the demons. They come from the east. You need to follow a
    path in the mountain to find the 3 magic fountains. It will be very hard but
    you need at least to destroy the first demon gate to stop the 3 magic
    fountains. The second and third gate will be very easy to reach. On this map i
    obtain a bug with the drummers. You can summon them infinitely as long as the
    lenya is inferior to 30. Maybe this bug has been corrected in the 1.1 version.
    It also takes 50 lenyas instead of 15 to create a drummer if you have more than
    30 lenyas.
    3) Once you beat the 3 fountains, take the 2 chests the monsters were guarding.
    Now advance. If you wish you can also destroy the other fountains in the
    mountain. You find them by following the paths. They are heavily guarded but
    the monsters don't respawn infinitely if your hero don't fall against the
    monsters. I think it's better for the rest of the campaign. Else when your camp
    will be attacked after Ulather's death, they will probably respawn and flood
    4) Talk to Talia and she opens the gate to fight Ulather. She loses. Fight him
    and kill him. You obtain a rune warlock level 18, a red glowing key and some
    stuffs. Talia says she will follow you. Find the hero monument. You can't use
    the troll monument for the moment. Use Talia to beat the medusa level 23 in the
    mountain path near the troll monument. The medusa loses a cool armour.
    5) Meanwhile you summon your heroes, your camp has been devasted by a horde of
    demons coming from nowhere but it's like that. Don't fight them they are too
    much powerful for you (level 25 monsters only). Once all the monsters are gone
    in the mountain go to your camp. Talk to Talia and she will give you her
    fragment. Now you can also open the 3 chests near the portal with the red
    glowing key. You obtain a rune for troll workers and new buildings and troops
    for both orcs and trolls.
    6) Now you have the choice to exit of this map to end this campaign, or to
    build a troll camp and then attack the remaining demons even if they are
    "peacefully" sleeping in the mountains of the rift. The reason to this attack
    is that one of the monster will give you a stone of eternal fire. These stone
    are counted, if you miss this one, you won't be able to complete all the
    sidequests that require a stone of eternal fire. Talia is gone and there is
    nothing else to do in The Rift. All your quests and sidequests leads you to
    Farlone's Hope now.
    7) Once you feel it's time to leave The Rift bring the fragment to the
    guardians in Mulandir and then go to Farlone's Hope.
    Farlone's Hope campaign :
    1) There is not much to say about this map. You begin to talk to a soldier of
    the red legion. He talks of the dragon to the north, the briarwolves camp and
    also that Halycos (or Halycor) gives reward for wolfsigns. He also tells you
    that if a member of the red legion sees an orc he will attack it due to old
    tales. Go east of where you are to meet commander Halycor. You can give to him
    previous wolfsigns obtained on other maps and future one you will find on some
    corpse. This quest cannot be triggered off. Talk also to Thom. He asks you to
    find someone to heal the cataract of the general of the red legion.
    2) Near the first soldier you met, you find an orc monument and a trader post.
    Talk to Jon Farlone. He says that his part of the fragment is guarded by Fyrmir
    the old dragon. Talk then to Rigour, he will change the shadow ring into
    enchanted ring. Say also that Thar is dead and you will earn some exp. With the
    enchanted ring you can see Shadows (some monsters you will have to chase to
    complete a sidequest). You also learn that Elwen has the last fragment you are
    searching for.
    3) Honestly, you can build an orc town if you wish, but the wolves are so weak
    that i destroy each camp with only my avatar. Anyway, if you build all the
    buildings and troops, summon the orc titan and only totems. In one of the camp
    you find an assassin named Seth. He asks for a wolf armor elite and a red
    legion dagger to kill Briar. You find the armor by killing the captain Urar in
    the camp west of the one with Seth. The dagger is guarded by a group of
    briarwolves near a cadaver in a camp north of your orc monument (or by
    following the west path to the north you find yourself on the other side of
    this camp). Give the items to Seth and say you are ready.
    4) You watch a cutscene where Seth kills Briar. The elite soldiers decide to
    leave the camp and kill the red legion. The problem for them is that now they
    are alone and the red legion will finish them. DON'T even try to fight them or
    you will die. On the contrary when they leave the camp, attack the camp of
    Briar to the north and finish this war. In this camp you find Elwen. She says
    her part of the fragment is hidden under a stone in a middle of circle burned
    trees. Talk to the dwarf, Brok, and he asks you to find elements to make a
    gunpowder. Leave the camp and go back to the trading post.
    Note :
    1) East of this camp you can find several drakeling camps. I suggest you
    destroy them for exp and also for treasures.
    2) On this map in one of the camp in the north you find the last orc unit, the
    fighter, in a chest.
    5) South of the trading post you find the stone Elwen described. Look
    underneath and use an army to kill "The Frost Thing". Now you have the
    fragment. Go to the trader Farlone and asks him for the powder. If you have
    opened all the chests in The Rift and Mulandir you have all the elements except
    for one and only one : a stone of eternal fire.
    6) With your totems and the orc titan go to the north and meet the dragon
    Fyrmir. First use your avatar to kill alone all the drakelings on the way. Then
    use the totem to kill Fyrmir. You obtain dragon's scales, a stone of eternal
    fire and the last fragment part. Go back to the trader Farlone. He makes the
    last element. Go back to Brok in the final camp and he will ask you to follow
    him. After a big explosion he opens the way to the portal to Greyfell.
    7) Now go back to Mulandir and talk to the guardian. He changes into Melchlan.
    Be sure to have your heroes with you before you talk to him. Fight the 4 elite
    soldiers. Once they die, continue and kill all the Melchlan's dolls on the way.
    Last talk to Melchlan to obtain the phoenix stone. Then you can talk again to
    him to kill him or let him leave. I kill him for exp.
    Sidequests to solve now :
    1) Go back to Greyfell. Offer to Orthanc the dragon's scales and he will give
    you the armor.
    As you are on Greyfell go to the bindstone. Gabar will come and inform you of
    the situation. Sartarius went to Frost Marshes to open the way for you.
    2) Talk to Seno. Seno gives a needle. Return to Thom with the needle. He will
    give a tablet. Show this tablet to Goran in Greyfell who asks for a sapphire.
    As you have completed the Shin Tar Guar subquests, you have one. Give it to
    Goran. The cataract quest is complete. You will obtain the reward from Goran
    only if the game is patched, version 1.05 or higher.
    3) Go to the Northern Windwalls and find the band of Shadows (south of the
    trench, near the spider nests). Kill them and you obtain the manifest of the
    shadow. If you wish more exp, you can also kill a band of undeads level 4 who
    mysteriously appear (probably summoned by the shadows). You can, still for exp,
    pay a visit to Greydusk Vale and outside the fortress (south of the path to the
    4 caverns, kill another band of Shadows. Go to Rigour and show the manifest. He
    says that you must find the shadow Crystal.
    4) All the roads lead to Howling Mounds now. You must find this crystal and
    also solve once and for all the Amra and Lea quest. There is also a third quest
    in Howling Mounds i didn't mention. On this map, you killed on the northwest
    part of the map a graverobber and obtained a glowing octagon. Find the Sleeping
    Figure to the north and in a hole near the iron mine and input this octagon in
    it. Talk to it and you made an alliance with it.
    5) Teleport yourself inside the fortress and go to the portal to Whisper. You
    notice now north of this portal a suspicious wall. Look at it and find the
    shadow crystal. Now exit and go to the Amra's guardian horde. Kill it (a lot of
    level 10 won't be a problem for you). You notice also a small group of Shadows
    on this map. Kill them all. Now go to your dwarf monument.
    6) Build the complete town with all upgrades and dwarf titan. Summon 20
    soldiers composed of elites, elders and demolishers. Go to where you found the
    horde of Amra's guardians and look at the small grave. It is the one of Amra.
    Fight the new horde. Have your avatar beat the level 10 while your dwarf fight
    with "The end of hope", a fighter level 30. When your number of soldiers
    decreased send your titan and your avatar to finish it. The end of hope will
    probably kill the titan and possibly your avatar if you don't take care of him.
    Once he is dead, the level 16 ghost of Amra comes. Kill him and you obtain his
    armour and greaves.
    7) Show the Shadow crystal to Rigour. He says he doesn't want to take it. Bring
    it to Castagir. He says that he must study it. Go on another map and then come
    back to him. He will give you the Shadowpulse armor. You look very cool with it
    and are heavily protected against any kind of magic with it.
    Ice Gate Marsh campaign :
    1) When you arrive run to the hero monument. Summon your best heroes. Kill
    everyone on the way. The foes are weak compared to you. At the end of the path
    you meet Urias (a cool bug occurs as he is in both ice marsh map and greydusk
    vale fortress) and Craig, the dark elf. Talk to Urias and he says that
    Sartarius is being held captive in southern Godmark. Talk to Craig and he says
    that you can find dark elf runestones here in frost marshes. The problem is
    that they are guarded by very dangerous ice elves. He also tells you all he
    knows about Amra.
    2) Advance with your heroes and beat some forest drakeling. You find south of
    Craig a portal to Southern Godmark, east of him an orc monument and north of
    this monument is a path to the ice mountain where you must go to obtain the
    dark elf runes. Note that you will have to fight ice elf, giants and ice
    golems. In this path you find a troll monument. They are more than useful
    against the golems as they don't fear to be frozen.
    3) Begin to explore the mountain path while you build the orc camp. You can at
    least kill some giants. Some of them are stronger, Wieldwilder and Destroyer
    (both level 25) can be beaten now. After Wieldwilder, you find in a chest a
    small HQ for Dark Elf. When you will see Ironfist i suggest you retreat for now
    and come back later with troops. He is really strong and cannot be beaten in
    hand to hand battle.
    4) You have to deal with ice elf camps, ice golem camps and a frost thing camp.
    Don't forget to kill the giants. The monsters come from only one way. Guard it
    with your heroes and avatar. Once you feel ready to build an army of 30
    soldiers minimum (40 would be a better choice though) Go to the golem camps.
    Let your heroes block the way of the ice elves and send your avatar and the
    units full of totems and firemasters (and some other fighters if you wish) to
    beat easily the 2 golem camps (they are near the troll monument).
    5) Once they are gone, proceed by waves to finish the ice elf camp. You need to
    fight 2 magic fountains. It begins with 2 frost bringers, then 2 others, then 1
    alone. You reach the camp and it's protected by 2 frost bringers. Concentrate
    your troops on the ice conjurer(s). They are deadly as they will summon ice
    elementals. Destroy the 2 frost bringers in the same time, using the avatar and
    heroes. Now launch an attack on the 2 buildings to stop the first fountain. I
    notice that attacking the second fountain with only the heroes and avatar will
    stop the production.
    6) By killing the ennemies in small units and then attacking the buildings
    without being seen (i use this often in this game, as in Metal Gear, Spellforce
    is an infiltration/RTS/RPG/Action game) is a better method than to summon
    troops again and again. Destroy the 3 academies, but if you wish to stop the
    fountain, you must also beat the 3 frost bringers. There will be a last frost
    bringer protected by some Frost Things.
    7) At this point, you need to kill all the frost things. Again i did it with
    the heroes and avatar. Reach the elemental node to stop the last fountain (the
    one of the frost things). Summon again a full army of 40 soldiers with lots of
    firemasters and totems. Add few veterans, a drummer and a hornblower to help
    your troops. Do 2 armies, one of 25 and another of 15. Summon the titan (if not
    already done) and call again your heroes, which must be dead by now.
    8) There are 2 bosses on the map. Near the frost things camp, there is "The
    Frozen One", level 29. Send the firemasters and totems to finish him. You
    obtain the rune for dark elf slaves. Beat now the giant Stormfist. To do this,
    send the orc titan in the front line, followed by the 15 soldiers and the 25
    next. The titan will suffer 50 points of damage, use a rune priest (a hero) to
    heal him during all the battle. The totems and firemasters will also work as
    archers, then they will attack. Alongside the titan you can send other heroes
    or the veterans. When your army begin to decrease, send your hero to finish the
    giant. You obtain good stuffs and jewels.
    9) You have found here, a quarry, a small HQ, an onyxshrine, a tower of sorcery
    and a mindbreaker. It's sufficient to build a dark elf town for the moment. Go
    and talk to Craig. Then go south of him and pass the portal to the Southern
    Southern Godmark campaign :
    1)This map is fairly simple if you know the trick to win. When you arrive
    switch on the bindstone and the dark elf monument. Summon the workers and build
    the quarry and the small HQ, then the onyxshrine to collect aria. Now, protect
    the bindstone with 2 towers of sorcery and 2 mindbreakers. Protect the rest of
    the camp with as many towers and mondbreaker you can (4 of each is sufficient).
    2) On this map all the blade monsters are level 13 so attack the horde from the
    west and the east alone. Your hero is strong enough to do this. Begin by the
    west. Beat also the golem camp. Advance and beat another horde. Now come back
    to your camp and stop the horde from the east. Your questbook says that you can
    advance to the orc monument, don't do this, it's useless.
    3) Go west after the golem camp to discover a hero monument. Summon them all.
    Now go south, in the snow, and continue to the south. You find a horde of ice
    elementals guarding a chest, and later you arrive directly to the magic
    fountain of the ennemies. Now your goal is to destroy the black building. Use
    your avatar to do this while the heroes are used as decoy. Finish the frost
    bringers and then run on the second and the third fountain. Each time focus
    first on the building.
    4) With the remaining heroes find the fourth fountain to the south, another
    dark elf monument and a chest near it with a dark elf unit. Once this fountain
    is down, you have practically win this map. Now go north and find the black
    tower. Destroy it. You will have to fight a horde of 20 blade soldiers. This
    horde has a trick, each ennemy move after he receives a hit. It means that you
    must press repeteadly the button of the mouse and point on the ennemy you wish
    to hit, else the heroes and avatar won't do anything.
    5) When this horde is down, explore the map and take all the chests (the
    rewards are very poor). Once you feel ready find the second bindstone, near the
    portal of the ruins. Switch it on. Pass the portal. Beat the monster. You find
    Sartarius. You watch a cutscene where Sartarius dies and the dark one takes the
    phoenix stone. Then Craig and Urias come to save you. Help them to beat the
    blade soldiers. Collect the items in the 3 chests. They are the last buildings
    and units for trolls and new buildings and troops for dark elf.
    6) Talk to Craig, then to Urias and last go to the portal to Nightwisper Dale.
    On the way you can open 2 chests. Pass the portal to Nightwisper Dale.
    Nightwisper Dale campaign :
    1) Another easy map. My avatar is now at level 24. You begin to zigzag around
    the toxic flower and kill the blade soldiers one after the other until you
    reach the second bindtsone. Note that the chest and the treasures are hidden by
    the trees in this part of the map. As i say, you reach the bindstone. Now you
    see a fork, to the south and to the east. Both path leads to the same way. If
    you go south you reach the dark elf fortress and and if you go east, you will
    destroy a Kithar camp. Go east and not south, you will understand later.
    2) I suggest you clear the map and find the hero monument to the south. Near
    the path to the hero monument is the path to the spider's lair Zalaga. Kill all
    spiders and then Zalaga and you obtain the spider blood needed to complete the
    last sidequest. You probably notice other camps on your way if you used the
    east path and not the south one. Don't approach them without your heroes.
    3) Normally you must talk to the dark elf, but don't do that. Helped by your 5
    best heroes, conquer alone the monument. The magic fountains don't exist here
    (except for the case you ask for help) and the blade soldiers are weak (just a
    captain and a defender are dangerous, the other are weak). Concentrate on the
    captain and then on the black towers.
    4) You find a dark elf monument and a troll one. Don't use them. If you use
    them the magic fountains in the Kithar camps will be activated and you will
    dive into a very long RTS phase. In order to succeed with this trick, be sure
    to never die. if so, reload your file and retry. Advance. Now the goal is to
    destroy the 3 Kithar camps. Advance carefully and force the first boss,
    Solobrashe to follow you. Kill him (you obtain a dark elf slave rune level 14).
    Now attack the rest of the horde, destroy the buildings.
    5) You arrive at a fork, use the path to the south to reach the second camp.
    You will go north later. For the second camp, advance slowly to beat the horde,
    then the building and last the second boss, Kzin (you obtain a rune fighter
    Gareth level 20).
    6) Save now. For the third camp, you can beat one or two Kithar alone, then the
    whole horde with the third boss, Horshak will attack you. Concentrate your
    power on Horshak. Then on the grey warriors, then the brown one. Technically,
    only my avatar survive to this fight. He destroys alone the buildings. You see
    a path that goes down. Follow it and find a cadaver to obtain items. Now go to
    the dark elf camp.
    7) You notice weak creatures named Irvish. Kill 7 of them to collect 7 aria
    crystals. Talk to the dark elf. Give him the 7 crystals and he will give you
    some troops. Direct these soldiers to the 2 dark towers that are guarding the
    portal. As they are soldiers of the darkness, they don't fear the power of
    these tower. You have a small mission to complete, go to the first Kithar camp
    and then to the fork i mentioned, this time go north. You will fight a fourth
    boss, Razaar. After you win, talk to Archon. He will protect you from the dark
    magic of the black towers (but it's useless if you follow my way) and you find
    near him 2 chests full of buildings and troops for dark elf.
    8) Complete this map and pass the portal to the Breathing Forest.
    The blood sidequest :
    Go back to Greyfell and give to Adhira the 3 bloods. She says that you need an
    adamantium vessel. Go to Southern Windwalls and talk to Skarvig. He asks for
    adamantium, but if you collect all the chests in the Stoneblade Mountain, you
    still have one piece remaining, give it to him. Now go back to Adhira with the
    vessel and she does the potion. Bring this potion to Tombard his brother. Go in
    the little village near Greyfell to find him. Give it to him and kill him then.
    You obtain a sword 8-12. Go to Breathing Forest now.
    Breathing Forest campaign :
    1) When you arrive, follow the path to the south to find the bindstone. Then
    advance straight. You can see Kithar and Blade Soldier camps. Both are
    numerous, Kithar to the north, Blade Soldiers to the south guarding the portal
    to the last map of the game.
    2) If your hero is stronger (level 25 and above) you can beat all the camps
    alone, turning the game into a hack and slash. The magic fountains won't be
    switched on because you don't activate a camp. So you pass, kill everyone, a
    boss sometimes and you obtain new items. You will obtain for each race a rune
    worker level 15, for the dark elf the last buildings and troops.
    3) You obtain also a new rune hero. each time, a boss is guarding it on him or
    it's in the chest.
    4) The only true thing you notice on this map is the giant tree Bloodash who is
    guarding the heart of the forest, a green jewel. For the moment, you have the
    choice to steel it (approach it and then take it) and fight Bloodash, or to let
    him leave in peace. I suppose that this event will interfere with the upcoming
    add on for Spellforce.
    5) Don't waste time to build a dark elf camp, it will spare you a lot of time
    and a very hard RTS phase as you will be attacked by all side. You won't be
    able to protect each resource buildings. Beat all the ennemies for exp and then
    go to the last map, Sharrowdale. Agaian don't die and don't switch on any
    monument and the ennemies magic fountain won't be activated.
    "About the giant tree 'bloodash' who gets mad when you take his gem, all you
    have to do is take it, after killing off all the cat creatures, and lead him
    through the blade camps and he will wipe out all the towers and some of the
    You can just put the jewel back anytime you want, so I just killed off the
    cats, took the jewel, let him destroy most of the blades, and put the jewel
    back, and he was neutral again."
    Note : This can be a real good idea, you gain a lot of time by doing this as
    Bloddash is really powerful (try to beat him and you will understand).
    Hints submitted by Francesco :
    "In Breathing Forest I understood how to use Blood Ash to your advantage. When
    you get the stone, he will follow you, but even any other of your units; he
    will stop chasing you if a worker passes near him to follow this one, then when
    the unit is dead will search you again. Well, I stole the stone, went to an
    edge of the Blade camp and made sure he followed one of my workers on the other
    side; then I had let him kill the worker, and to follow me again he smashed the
    camp. That was the only way to do it because in version 1.05 the black towers
    bring instant death. And take a look to the Farlorn’s Hope – Rift – Mulandir
    campaign triad: following your walkthrough, in the Rift (second part) you
    SHOULDN’T HAVE the troll worker rune, found in a chest in the main wolves camp
    at Farlorn’s hope (if I’m not mistaken). And anyway I wasn’t able to force
    through the demons, even with a full army of orcs; I din’t try with the trolls."
    Note : That's why i received mails from people complaining about the black
    tower. Once patched the game seems to become more unplayable.
    Sharrowdale Campaign :
    1) Once again, choose to not activate the monuments. You will gain a lot of
    time by choosing the hack and slash path instead of the RTS one. The fountains
    of the ennemies camps won't be activated. The only condition is that you
    mustn't die. The first part of the map is composed by 3 ennemies camps. A camp
    leaded by a Pyrotwar to the south and north of it a camp leaded by "The Second
    Princeps Of The Hand". Not so far of this camp is the one leaded by "The First
    Princeps Of The Hand". You obtain the 3 wedges necessary to open the gate to
    the portal to The Plain.
    2) In the plain, go south and beat the Master of Souls and his soulslaves. You
    obtain a first octagonal key. Don't switch on the monument and go to the north
    to beat the huge blade soldier camp. The boss, "The Third Princeps Of The
    Hand", has the second octagonal key necessary to open the way to the portal to
    the Obsidian Mountain. Pass this portal.
    3) Here summon your best 5 heroes for the final battle. Follow the road and
    beat all the bosses on the way. The 3 of interest are "The First Triumvir",
    "The Second Triumvir" and "The Third Triumvir". They have the 3 wedges you need
    to open the last gate.
    4) A horde will spread, beat it. Advance and destroy the last black towers. You
    can take a last chest (with an average shining armor inside) before fighting
    the final boss, you will also discover a second hero monument. Now approach of
    the final boss. You see 3 ice weavers and 2 dark crystals. Send your 5 best
    heroes on the boss, "The Soulforger" and send your avatar on the 2 dark
    crystals. They heal the final boss so you need to stop them. The Soulforger
    will revive 3 times with his minions.
    5) Once it died, your avatar will pass the last gate automatically. You will
    discover that "The Dark One" is in fact Rohen, or may i say his evil side. His
    plan was to pass a portal to travel back in time and stop the convocation.
    Rohen will do it and then will change into the white mage. You understand that
    the time is looping. The old Rohen from the future tried to stop the young one.
    The young Rohen though he was able to control the power of the convocation, but
    once he travel back in time, he becomes again the old rohen and finally he will
    try again to stop his young himself. The young Rohen can't travel back in time
    without being changed. All this adventure was just a miserable failure, unless
    the addon allow to change this fact.
    Sorry for the spoiler, but if you have read me so far you will forgive me. I
    really thank you.
    Rune Figther ADK.
    7 List of all mainquests and sidequests :
    Mainquests :
    To Greyfell
    Attack of the orcs cave
    Darius the cartographer
    The path to Eloni
    Drums in the forest
    Through the forest of shadows
    The liberation of the shiel
    At the wildland pass
    Return to Greyfell
    The battle of Stonewell
    Into the Greydusk Vale
    Border warfare
    The mask of Belial
    The howling mounds
    The whispering city
    The phoenix
    On the godwall
    Four time shards
    Through the rift
    Wolf and dragon
    Counter attack
    The end of the order
    To Urgath
    The breathing wood
    The circle closes
    Sidequests :
    Magical artefacts
    Small fish
    The ghost of the mine
    From the deep
    The tooth crusher's pliers
    The last of the archers
    The free traders
    The dream snatcher
    Head hunt
    The hostages
    Kingzog Leggins
    The wound tincture
    The purple banner
    The spider master
    The old man and the music
    Shadow world
    The bigger they are
    Predator's fur
    White shadow
    Dragon armor
    Delicate fabric
    Dwarf services
    Black yew tree
    Amra and Lea
    The sick hermit
    A poison dwarf
    Big trouble
    Gwen's medicine
    The cataract
    Not listed sidequests :
    The menhir in stoneblade mountain
    Selling more beast manes to Ashawe
    You will find the solution to all these sidequests in my walktrough. The
    sidequest wolfsign is bugged and you will receive exp each time you give one to
    Halicos. This sidequest won't close even after you kill all the briarwolves. Or
    maybe, if you patch the game.
    8 Cheats :
    Press only ] if you play version 1.01.
    Press CTRL and ] to open the console (player of the 1.02 and higher version).
    Note : these Keys are the one of a qwerty keyboard.
    You can, if you open the console input words to cheat in the game :
    SetGodMode(1) : invincible
    GiveMeGoods(x) : x units of each material
    SetNoManaUsage(1) : spells wont cost mana anymore
    FastHeroCast(1) : much faster hero casting
    SetBuildingFastBuildMode(1) : build your building faster
    SetFigureTechTreeMode(1) : now you have all units
    SetBuildingTechTreeMode(1) : now you have all buildings
    Submitted by Marticus :
    "The 2 TechTreeMode ones need to be set to 0 to work, and they just remove the
    requirements for building (you still need the schematics), for example you can
    build a wintermage without building a hall of the ancients.
    Also, you need 'Application:' before each of them for them to work, and
    Atmosphere:TimeLock(1) will freeze the light level.
    "GodMode only works for the avatar, and your health will still go down, but you
    wont die. NoManaUsage will make spells cost no mana, but ones that require
    upkeep (summoned elementals, auras, etc) will drain mana still."
    "The console commands are logged in LogConsole.des and I find it easier to use
    the cheats by having the file with the cheats already listed, and just need to
    use up arrow to access them. For reference, here is the structure of my
    LogConsole.des file (between the ---):
    // DES file 'LogConsole.des'.
    // Do not modify.
    	NumOfLine = 8
    	Line0 = "Application:GiveMeGoods(99999)"
    	Line1 = "Application:SetBuildingFastBuildMode(1)"
    	Line2 = "Application:SetFigureTechTreeMode(0)"
    	Line3 = "Application:SetBuildingTechTreeMode(0)"
    	Line4 = "Atmosphere:TimeLock(1)"
    	Line5 = "Application:FastHeroCast(1)"
    	Line6 = "Application:SetGodMode(1)"
    	Line7 = "Application:SetNoManaUsage(1)"
    9 Credits :
    Thanks to the editor.
    Thanks to Marticus for the good tips he has submitted.
    See you in another of my walkthroughs.
    This walkthrough is copyrighted 2004, ask for permission to post it on your

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