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    Walkthrough by eolsunder

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        SPELLFORCE 1 ! The Order of Dawn
      V 1.0 Completed 7/9/10
      Written and maintained by James Friel
      Copyright @2010 James Friel (jamesfriel05@comcast.net) This FAQ is solely 
      intended for use on Gamefaq.com forum site, and may not be reproduced or
      duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
      the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
      make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it. 
      2006 JoWooD Productions, Developed by Phenomic. Published by JoWooD. 
      I.   Revision History
      II.  Introduction
      III. Hints and Tips
      IV.  Walkthrough
           1. Greyfell
           2. Liannon
           3. Eloni
           4. Leafshade
           5. Shiel part 1
           6. Shiel part 2
           7. The Wildland Pass
           8. Greyfell part 2
           9. Northern Windwalls
          10. Southern Windwalls
          11. Stormblade Mountain
          12. Greydusk Vale
          13. Howling Mounds
          14. Whisper
          15. Godwall
          16. Mulandir
          17. The Rift
          18. Farlorn's Hope
          19. Frost Marshes
          20. Southern Godmark
          21. Nightwhisper Dale
          22. Breathing Forest
          23. Sharrowdale
      V.  Last Words
      7/09/10 v1.0
      - FAQ started
      - Added Introduction
      - Added locations 1-23
      - Added Hints and Tips and Last words
     [NOTE: My revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be noted
     as a .1 addition, so the 3rd revision, if it ever gets to that, will be the
     version 1.3]
      I recently started playing the Spellforce series and really had fun with it.
    But I noticed there wasn't much on the internet about the game in terms of
    walkthroughs and info. Some of the host sites are not working anymore, and
    the JoWood website not updating anymore with minimal forums. So I decided to
    put up a FAQ/Walkthrough to help players.
      This Walkthrough is for the First Spellforce game Order of Dawn. We will be
    making up a warrior character. As you advance and level up you want to pick
    the following skills for your warrior. These are the minimum you want your
    stats and skills..
      Strength 80  Stamina 80  Dexterity 37  Agility 34  Int & Wisdom 29
      Heavy Combat Arts    12
      Heavy Blade Weapons  10
      Heavy Armor          11
      Shields              12
      Light Combat Arts     2  (for the 2 special abilities)
      Elemental Magic       2
      Ice Magic             2
      My final character was level 30
      Strength 89  Stamina 89  Dexterity 40  Agility 37  Int & Wisdom 35
      Heavy Combat Arts    12
      Heavy Blade Weapons  12
      Heavy Armor          12
      Shields              12
      Light Combat Arts     2
      Elemental Magic       5
      Ice Magic             5
      Now, the reason we will take 2 levels of Light Combat Arts are to pick up
    the valuable skills. Taking levels higher than this do not grant you anymore
    skills of value. You will still have a couple extra skill points left over 
    from your main 4 combat skills. Most low level magic abilities aren't really
    beneficial to your character, but there are a few that are. The main one that
    is very useful at low levels is ICE MAGIC. A ICE SHIELD will surround your
    character with a ice shield that lasts a good time and has a chance to freeze
    foes hitting your character. As a low level magic ability, this magic is
    VERY valuable all through the game, as it works against any level foe. Another
    low level spell that is ok is healing, but to me, ice magic is more valuable
    especially when your main combat abilities are used up, and 10+ enemies are
    ganking your hero. 
      When you get these minimum stats and abilities, you can put put any extra
    points into your strength and stamina (your main 2 skills for heavy combat
    arts), and max your 4 main combat skills up to 12. Anything extra put into
    Elemental and Ice magic evenly (don't put any into Light combat arts, 2 is
    the max you want in this). 
      You want to get Heavy Combat Arts 2, Light Combat Arts 2, Elemental magic
    2, and Ice magic 2 first, then you can raise up your main 4 combat areas. The
    reason i suggest getting elemental and ice magic 2 early is because i never
    found a level 1 ice shield scroll because you bypass those levels quick. You
    can buy a level 2 and above scroll from merchants. So get level 2 and your
    set the rest of the game with your cool (get it?) ice shield.
       This section will hopefully help you with your gameplay and enjoyment of
    the Spellforce game. 
      1) You will be playing your first walkthrough of the game as a warrior. The
    warrior in the Spellforce series is superior to the mage in almost every way.
    So to survive easier and have a better time we will have the walkthrough for
    a warrior. Mages are fun in the game, but not recommended for the beginner. 
      Warriors have higher hitpoints, higher defense and stronger armor. Since
    most foes in the game attack physically you will survive easier. Mages rely on
    mana to cast spells so if you run out of mana you have to sit around and wait
    for it to replenish. This is very very noticeable in the early parts of the 
    game and still annoying in the later parts. A mage will not cast their spells
    automatically in combat so you constantly have to control a mage to kill foes.
    A warrior will automatically attack anything that attacks him, so you don't 
    have to keep constant control. Lastly, mages can be disrupted by attacks, so
    when in the middle of a army of foes your mage is almost worthless because 
    they cannot get a spell off. Your warrior has no such limitations.
      2) This reasoning applies to your heros as well. Hero mage friends are about
    useless compared to warriors, archers, and most healers. You really shouldn't
    use any rune hero mages at all, concentrate on physical attackers and a healer
    or 2. 
      3) Farming. Farming in the game is the act of using spawning foes as a
    source of constant experience. Most boards you can complete very quick by 
    killing foes and destroying spawn buildings, but to gain more experience for
    your character you will want to "farm" spawn points to keep gaining experience
    and items. You do not have to farm opponents, it might get boring after a 
    while, but you will be at a vastly lower level if you do not. Farming foes
    makes the game much easier. I will tell you how to farm the boards you are
    doing, its up to you to decide just how much you want to do it. 
      4) Some controls you want to remember. hitting "H" while your troops are 
    hilighted will cause them to HOLD position, not moving. Ranged troops of your
    army will still shoot foes that come into range, and melee army troops will
    still attack anything that attacks them. This HOLD function is used most of
    the game to keep your army troops in position to farm spawn points.
      5) ALT-TAB will pause your game and exit to the windows screen if you want
    to surf the web or do something else without having to actually exit your
    game and re-enter. You will NOT continue to do things in the game while Tabbed
    out, the game goes into pause mode. 
      6) There is a mushroom quest in the game that requires 1 of each of a half
    dozen types of mushrooms. You always want to keep 1 of each type of mushroom
    you find for this quest. 
      7) DO NOT dual weld weapons. For some reason people say this is good to do.
    This is NOT true. Equipping 2 weapons does not make you attack twice as fast.
    Instead you will alternate weapons when attacking. So if you equip 1 dagger
    you will attack with the dagger. If you equip 2 daggers, you will attack with
    the first dagger, then attack with the second. But not at any enhanced speed.
    You should always go with weapon/shield, 2 handed weapon, or weapon/bow for
    archers. If you doubt this advice, simply time how fast you attack both with
    1 weapon and with 2. You swing at the same speed.
      8) You have light and dark armies. Humans/Elves/Dwarves share resources
    while Orcs/Dark Elves/Trolls share resources. 
      9) CTRL-DELETE or CTRL-END will rotate buildings you are placing so you can
    fit them into difficult areas, or to point their "front" towards resource
    materials for quicker gathering.
      10)  In many areas, foe spawn camps do not start until you activate a Hero
    or Army monument, so often you can explore and clear maps with little effort
    since no foes spawn. We will do some of this to make battles easier later.
      11) Plan your bases carefully for easier control. Build your Small Head-
    quarters fast so you can use your secondary buildings to increase resource
    gathering. When you put down mines and quarries, if you have the secondary
    building that increases production, put THAT closest to the stone/iron since
    miners will drop ore off at THAT building instead of your quarry/mine. When
    you are putting down your food buildings, try and keep your main food building
    near any fishing huts/hunting lodges/cattle farms, etc to increase your food
    gathering. Resources are scarce so always have your secondary buildings to 
    increase your gathering up and running as soon as possible for maximum
      12) For maximum farming its good to have archers as your troops if you have
    them. Mages are very strong but they run out of mana soon so after that they
    are just weak physical troops. A bug in the game keeps them from regenerating
    mana. In races like Elves and Dark Elves its good to use your lenya/aria for
    towers instead of magical troops. Towers don't run out, towers survive longer
    than troops though the lenya/aria cost is a bit more. Elf archer/frost 
    towers are excellent and Dark Elf hypnosis/magic towers are excellent.
    [NOTE: Remember, the 3rd expansion you can import this character into the
             game. All Hero's and items you currently wear are imported, but your
             inventory is not. At level 30 if you reach it, make sure all your
             Heros and you have the best equipment before finishing the game and
             make a special save, maybe called "Import save" so you know which
             file you want to import. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GO OVER LEVEL 30 with 
             this save, the 3rd expansion cannot import you if you are level 31 or
      1)  GREYFELL
      Start a new game, name and pick a face for your character, choose Heavy
    Combat Arts and Shields to start. Put 4 stat points into intelligence and 
    wisdom, 9 points into strength and stamina, and 2 points into dexterity and
    agility.  If you want to go through the tutorial you can do that here to 
    learn how to use the controls of the game, but i'll skip that part and go 
    directly into the game since the tutorial isn't part of the regular campaign.
      You'll start Spellforce with a cutscene with Rohan. Afterwards enter your
    inventory and spellbook and put [WARCRY] into your quickbar. Start down the
    path and activate the Bindstone. Continue onward and you'll fight some basic
    forest foes.. Forest Beetles and Young Forest Spiders. Get the Treasure chest
    to the west. 
      Go up the hill to the bridge and talk to Wulfgar. Continue east fighting
    some more forest creatures until you hit the cutscene with the Darkone. After
    you have killed the messenger search him for the [CASKET]. Get the treasure
    chest to the north and continue east.
      At the Human Monument area activate the Bindstone then the Monument. Start
    producing Human workers to harvest wood and stone. Build your buildings and
    strengthen up your camp. While you do this, move your Avatar down the south-
    east road killing any goblin foes on the way. You'll hit level 2 soon, raise
    Heavy Combat Arts to 2, and Light Combat Arts to 1. Enter your inventory
    and spellbook and put [BENEFACTIONS] and [BESERK] into your quickbar. As you
    build your town, create SCOUT archers only, they are more beneficial for 
    experience farming. Kill the Cutpurse just south of town making sure to take
    the [TANARD'S EYEGLASSES] on him.
      Take your Avatar down the road just north of the goblin camp. Get the nearby
    treasure chest to the west. When you are able, create 20 Scout Archers and 
    send them down to take position behind your hero. Don't forget to use the "H"
    key to HOLD them in place. Once your archers are ready, head into the goblin
    camp and kill all the foes. Keep control of your archers with the "H" key so
    they do not start damaging the goblin buildings. Station your archer force 
    between the 2 spawn points. Send down 4 workers to start building about 6+
    towers in the goblin camp to take over farming the spawn from your army. There
    is a treasure chest on the west side of the camp.
      Once your towers are in place, leave 1 archer between the spawn points to 
    draw attention, and take the rest of your army east to the orc camp and kill
    all the foes there. Again, build about 4 towers there to kill any spawning
    orcs. Once those towers are up, take your entire force east and you will have
    a cutscene of the nearby town under attack by an orc army. Take your troops
    and clear out the orcs. Talk to Lemuel after to get a reward. Head north out
    of town and clear out any remaining enemies you can find. There is another
    treasure chest north of the town. Now head up to the city of Greyfell, you
    should be level 3 by now.
      Station your archers by the town entrance near the big light. Head to the
    Bindstone and Sartarius for a cutscene. Orcs are attacking the town. When able
    take the town troops Sartarius gives you and go to the town entrance. Your
    archers should basically mow down the invading orcs pretty easy. Go back to
    the Bindstone and activate it, and talk to Sartarius and get all the info out
    of him you can. You'll get a sucky level 1 [RUNE WARRIOR CORD] Hero. 
      Talk to Gabar twice to get his Eyeglass quest and to give them to him. You
    will get his Quill quest. Talk to Seno the Dentist on the east side of town
    and Hinrik the Dwarf on the southeast of town for their quests. Head to the
    Leonidar Knight at the northeast town gate and talk to him to get the gate
    open. Before entering the portal to Liannon, have your forces distroy all the
    enemy buildings on the map so you don't have to worry about them later. When
    finished enter the portal to Liannon.
      2)  LIANNON
       Head down the path clearing it of goblins on the way. You'll find a 
    treasure chest. To the southeast is Wartskin, kill him to get his key, and 
    another treasure chest nearby. Enter the small town and continue west to the
    Hero Monument and activate the Bindstone. Use the Monument and summon Cord. 
      Go southwest to the Bandit camp and clear it. The Bandit leader has a 
    [WANTED POSTER] and [OLD DWARVEN AXE]. Get the T-chest and destroy the bandit
    camp. Go northwest to the small goblin camp and kill any foes. Kill Snarf to
    get [SNARF'S DAGGER]. You'll find also in the camp Human army icons in a
      Continue north to the northgate and kill any goblins there, including Gnaff.
    and [TEMPLE OF LIGHT]. Do not destroy the buildings, so more goblins can 
    spawn for farming. Head southeast from there to the fisherman Tyrgar and talk
    to him for his quest. Go back to town and go north clearing out any goblins
    by the lakeside. You'll get a [BAG OF FISH] from the Fishrobber goblin. Just
    to the northeast is a small house which has a t-chest that your [SMALL RUSTY
    KEY] will open. Inside are [EYEGLASSES OF A DWARF], [TOOLS OF A DENTIST], and
      Go back and head out the east side of town. There is a small house just to
    the north with a Terror From the Deep Ghost. Kill it to get the [RING OF THE 
    WARRIOR], and [OLD SWORD]. North of the ghost is a t-chest. Talk to Brak
    Dalinger just east of town. Go into town and talk to Sunder and sell your axe
    for silver. You get more silver than trading. Talk to and get all info from
    Bart Boggelson. Finally talk to Darius. 
      Head west up the hill to the merchant and talk to Ortah and get any info on
    Udwin the ghost. Talk to Celen Fell by the Monument and turn in your [Warrant]
    and [SNARF'S DAGGER]. Clear all enemy buildings, you are going to head out. 
    Talk to Celen so she summons some troops to head up to northgate. Go back to
    fisherman Tyrgar to turn in your [BAG OF FISH] and he tells you to take it 
    to Sunder in the village. Finally head northwest to the northgate and talk
    to one of the Leonidar Guards to open the gate. Head in and enter the portal
    to Eloni. You should be about level 4.5.
      3)  ELONI
      The fighting is about to start picking up, along with the experience. Go
    down the path and kill a few goblins on the way. Talk to Sidahan at the bottom
    and she will lead you up to the Human Monument. Kill any straggler spiders
    about and activate the Bindstone, but not the Monument. Talk to Sidahan again
    then head west. There is a gate north, ignore it, and continue southwest down
    the path by the ponds. Kill any goblins in the way. Follow it to the goblin
    camp. There is Gubble and Zarn the Traitor. Kill them both. You should be
    strong enough to kill them, maybe fall back to heal after the first. Get the
    [GATE KEY] off Zarn. Go back and activate the Monument then take your Avatar
    back to the goblin camp and station him at the entrance while you build your
      You want to max out your camp to get 30 Marksmen built up. Send some workers
    to build 6+ towers at the goblin camp for farming. When your towers are up
    have 3 workers build an Aria shrine and gather Aria. Put 1 archer in the 
    center of the towers to draw any spawn. When your marksmen are ready and 
    upgraded, its time for some real fighting. Gather your Avatar, your marksmen
    and 6 workers at the north gate. Save, then open the gate and head north.
      Keep your Avatar ahead of your archers. Down the path you will run into a
    virtual army of goblins. Just stand your ground and your army should finally
    take down the goblin hoard. Keep moving into the open area where there is a
    second Human Monument. You will make a defensive wall here. Place your army
    to the right of the Monument with your Avatar out front, and bring up your
    6 workers to start making a line of towers behind your archers. You want about
    10-12 towers in this area to keep down any attackers. Spread your marksmen
    along the line. Make sure to activate the Monument so you can replace any
    troops needed. Have your Avatar go east to the Eloni Ranger and talk to her.
    Now go west up the hill and talk to Sindare, who will give you 3 elven archers
    you can add to your force.
      When your tower line is good, take half your archers and your Avatar to the
    northwest goblin camp and clear it. Station your archers on the east side to
    farm any goblins spawning. You'll kill Urshuk and take the [RUNE ARCHER 
    CAITLYN 5]. Have your 6 workers head up and fill the camp with towers to farm
    any spawn. Now take your army to the east goblin camp and clear that also
    killing Ruff who holds a [RUNE FIGHTER ISTUAN 6]. Again, have your workers 
    build up 4-5 towers in the camp to farm spawn. You have a breather so get
    your army back up to max.
      Go back to the west goblin camp and station your archers on the north side.
    Take your Avatar north until you run into some Fist Orc scouts. They will
    summon some reinforcements so take your Avatar back to your archer/towers so
    you can wipeout the invading Fist Orcs. Once that is done take your army 
    north to a small Fist Orc camp and clear it, killing Murak and get the nearby
    t-chest. Continue east into the large open area but don't go east towards
    the final goblin camp, instead go north and then west along a long path to
    Fafna the dragon. Kill it and get the [ARIAFROST] and [STONE OF ETERNAL FIRE].
      Now head out of the area back to your second monument and go south of 
    Sindane to a small gate and talk to Jequai Sundancer. Head all the way west
    into the Elf city. Activate the Bindstone and talk to Lycande to get the 
    [WHITE STONE KEY] for Jequai's gate. Talk to Swerdis to start her quest, talk
    to Ashawe to get her mane quest. [NOTE: remember Ashawe, you want to sell any
    manes to her, because you will get exp also]. Finally there is a well-hidden
    t-chest at the northeast side of the Elf city. Head back to Jequai and open
    the gate. Thump the goblin is just inside, kill him. Head west into the
    beastmen/ogre area and secure the ogre spawn site. Have workers set up some
    towers to farm any ogres. Clear the beastmen spawn point west and again set
    up some towers to farm it. Activate the nearby Bindstone. Talk to Istur Ash
    to get his quest. 
      Head up hill to the west, you will come to some large bones. Build a half
    dozen towers at the first large bones and station your archers here. You want
    to take your Avatar west near Sharknar until he spawns bone warriors to 
    attack you, then run your Avatar past your towers (this makes Sharknar fall
    back to his starting area). Once the skeletons are dead return to their
    spawn spot, draw more to your towers, repeat. They are level 1, but since they
    are a new foe you get exp from them. Eventually Sharknar will not fall back
    and your forces will kill him, spawning the Dream-Snatcher. Kill him also to
    get the [HUMMING OBSIDIAN]. Return to Istur Ash to complete his quest. 
      Your about done with the map. Return to the far northeast final goblin 
    camp, clear it out and continue northeast to clear out any remaining Fist 
    orcs. At this point you should be about level 6.75. If you want you can 
    continue farming but I suggest just wiping out all enemy buildings on the map.
    We are done here. 
      Once all the enemy buildings are gone, talk to all 3 Eloni Ranger groups and
    have them return safely to the city. Talk to gatekeeper Jenquai Sundancer to
    choose a reward.. I picked the Wyrm eye since i could use it already.
        Ring of the Warrior. AC6 strength +2, stamina +2
        Ring of Pure Mind. Sorcery ring  AC4 agility +3, Intelligence +5
        Ring of connected. Wyrm eye ring  AC4 dexterity +4, Intelligence +4
      Talk to Shadira Sundancer at the old ogre spawn site now. Talk to her again
    to turn in the [ARIAFROST]. You can either give it to her free for experience
    or choose options 2,2,2 and get a basic ring. Talk to Merchant Ishtar next
    to Shadira and buy 3 human buildings [GRAINFARM], [FISHING GUILD] and 
      Go to the Elf City and talk to all 3 Eloni Rangers for some basic rewards.
    Talk to Ashawe to turn in your beast manes. Talk to Merchant Mark on the south
    side of the city and buy the [CATTLE BREEDING] human building. Finally talk
    to Lycande to get the rest of your human buildings. [HUMAN WORKERS 3], 
    and finally [MENTALIST]. Journey via Bindstone to Eloni northern cape and
    enter the portal to Leafshade. You should be level 7 at this point.
      4)  LEAFSHADE
      More fighting more fighting! whoooo fun time. 
      Head down the path, there is a small pathway to the right that leads to 
    a couple lesser forest beetles and a dead body with some minor loot. Continue
    into the large open area, don't talk to Einar yet, go northwest and clear the
    small bandit camp killing Sling. Head back and talk to Sergeant Einar, who
    will follow you into battle with his troops (Einar cannot die). Head east to
    your Hero Monument, cleaning out the young forest spiders in the area. 
    Summon your 2 heros and send them up to the small bandit camp building. Take
    your Avatar and activate your Human Monument and start building your base. 
    The pathway leading north is the only exit from your base. Do not go up there
    yet, this will be your defensive wall. Station your Avatar at the entrance.
      Build your base to max, you have plenty of time. Send 1 worker to put up
    an Ariashrine near the bandit building (the source only has 1 fountain so you
    only need 1 worker gathering). You want to fortify the north path with your
    army. Put up about 12 towers at the entrance, 2 White Hand healing buildings
    and make an army of Marksmen. Station your Avatar just north of your archers
    and towers. Slowly over time the enemy armies will start trickling down, 
    getting stronger and stronger. Many deaths, much experience. When the spawn
    starts getting strong, have your 2 heros wipe out the bandit building to the
    west and join your Avatar in front of your forces. When your forces are ready
    send your Avatar up the north path, triggering a cutscene. Station him back
    at the base. You can farm a lot here. So stay here farming foes until you get
    bored, then continue. I stayed here until level 9.
      Now once you want to move on, gather up half your army along with your 
    Avatar and once an enemy wave has come, quickly move north and east to take 
    out the goblin camp on the east cliff area. Wipe out all buildings and foes.
    Move your Avatar group back to your main group. Now with your entire army move
    north into the second large area and clear foes until you are on the north 
    side just south of the wooden gate areas. Station your army here and wipe out
    anything that wanders down. Send up workers to put up 6+ towers as backup
    and have workers start gathering the Aria and Iron in this area. 
      We will move into the main enemy spawn camp. There are 5 Twonk brothers here
    that you can collect their heads for a quest from Einar. Once you get the
    first head you can talk to Einar for the quest. Darmor Twonk has [RUNE PRIEST
    MORTICUS 6], then there is Sergil Twonk, Brandel, Elijah has [SILVERMOON] and
      Clear out the first camp spawn area and move west. There is a chest 
    For a Human army I would only make Paladins for melee and Marksmen for ranged.
    A path southwest leads to Hyrr the orc and a t-chest. Move north and clear
    out the center base area and the north and west spawn camps. Destroy all 
    buildings and foes. 2 t-chests are in the center base area. There is a small
    exit out of the base to the north/northeast. Exiting down that path will
    trigger a cutscene showing you the main enemy base to the east. Take your 
    entire army and move east and station them on the west side of the main enemy
    bridge. Build some towers as backup here. Build your Large Headquarters if
    you haven't done it, upgrade your paladins, and max your army and have them
    gather here. 
      Take your Avatar and half your army north towards the second Human Monument.
    Activate the Monument and Bindstone and talk to Sinwen about her sisters, and
    the 2 magical artifacts to get her quests. Head east to the spider area and
    clear it out, killing the Scythecrawler which holds [RUNE MENTALIST IOLAN 8],
    [BLOOD OF THE CRAWLER]. There are 4 dead bodies and a t-chest to loot. Now
    go back up the path that is west of the Monument to fight the Skeletonmage and
    his followers. The Fire Skeleton holds [STONE OF ETERNAL FIRE] and a nice 
    Flaming Wrath fireburst bow. 
      Head back to your army but go south this time up the hill to the east. You
    will fight Ragnar Twonk who holds [STARFIRE] and some enemy troops. At the
    top you will fight Ronk and his crew and free the elves. Talk to one of the
    elves for a reward of myst crystals and exp, and they will join your army.
    This should be the last of the 5 brothers, so talk to Einar to complete that
    quest. Regroup your army then do the final assault into the enemy base east. 
    Have your troops concentrate on the enemy while your party takes down towers.
    Sweep into the final base and kill everything. UMURUK the giant has [TROLL
    SKULL] and [RUNE WARLOCK TONYA 7]. There are 4 t-chests here. Obak is on the
    north path, he holds a [ORC TOOTH]. There is a long path to the southwest
    where Gulkar and some conjurers are. Gulkar has [INVOCATION CHALK] and a 
    Bindstone is at the end of the path. 
      Go back to Sinwen to complete her 3 quests and receive the Nightglow ring
    and the Spellmask helm. Finally go talk to Einar and finish the map, he will
    open the southeast gate and give you a Sigil Ring. The 2 chests hold your 
    starting Elf Army Buildings. [SMALL HEADQUARTERS], [WOODCUTTER HUT], [ARMORY],
    [HUMAN WORKER 4], and [ELF WORKER 4]. Make sure to equip everything in your
    inventory. You should be level 9 by now. Enter the Portal to Shiel. 
      5)  SHIEL   Part 1
       You'll enter Shiel with a cutscene. Follow Einar down the path, you'll run
    into a small bandit camp, kill Lifty and his goblins. Continue on into the
    military outpost. Talk to Einar then Captain Bahir. Activate the Bindstone.
    Head southwest up the path and kill all the Minotaurs in the area, but don't
    damage the buildings. Enter the portal to Liannon.
      In Liannon, head down to town and summon your heros at the Monument. Talk
    to Shan Muir to get her quest, then go north and talk to the bridge guard to
    get the [RED STONE KEY]. Open the north gate with the key. Go through and 
    northeast to the goblin camp and kill everything and take down the buildings.
    Burgle the Ripper will have a nice poisoned dagger. One of the chests contain
    the [ALFALAS HERB]. Go west to another t-chest and kill Klingzog. take his 
    [KLINGZOG'S LEGGINGS]. Head back to town and talk again to Shan Muir to get
    the poison cure.
      Go east out of town to the ghost house and kill the Ghost Of The Scribe. Get
    ring to Ortah west of the town to turn it in. Show him the book also. Now take
    the book to Darius. At the ghost house the Ghost Of The Scout appears. Go 
    kill him also taking his [BROKEN BLACKYEWBOW] and [RING OF THE SCOUT]. Go back
    to Ortah and turn in the scout ring. The Ghost of Udwin now appears but he
    is too strong to beat, we will do that later. Go to the Bindstone and journey
    to Greyfell city.
      In Greyfell talk to Gabar twice, to turn in the Quill and the Chalk. He will
    give you a robe quest. On the east side of town talk to Trader Valdis to start
    her quest, and talk to Seno the Dentist and turn in his pliers and old tooth.
    Talk to Tanara the Seamstress on the northwest side of town to turn in your
    leggings for nice magical pants, and show her Gabar's robe to start her robe
    quest. Journey back to The Shiel Refugee camp.
      6)  SHIEL   Part 2
      Time to fight some more. 
      In the camp talk to Merchant Roch and buy the elf [FORESTER] and [SAWMILL].
    Give the antidote to Captain Bahir who will cure the Commander. Talk to 
    Commander Tynar when he is cured and ask who poisoned him and ask for troops.
    He will give you a few of his troops. Take them west and clear out any
    Minotaurs (do not destroy any buildings we will farm them). Now hit the
    Westman barbarian camp just east. A small path south of the barbarian camp
    leads to a dead elf you can loot.
      Just east is a small force of Bandits and Brigants. Kill them. Go southwest
    and you'll find another small bandit camp. Follow the south road east towards
    the center of the map. A small path leads up to a few spiders and Lenya field.
    Clear the bandit camp south of the spiders then go north and clear the bandits
    south of the Fisher guild and in the valley with Kargan Skorn. Kargan holds
    [RUNE FIGHTER MALVAREN 9] and the Soulstinger sword. You'll see your Human
    Monument in the center of the map, ignore it for now.
      Gather your troops back at the west village area, you should be about level
    10.25. Take your troops and head east between the stone pillars up the goblin
    trail. Kill everything on the way, at the far end start killing the Alert
    Post goblins. Follow the trail east killing all 4 Alert Post goblins. Just
    south is a bandit camp with Gonthar Thorme. Kill them. Southeast is a large
    group of Brigant Marksmen, kill them. Now head west to the Elf Monument area
    and clear it of Minotaurs and buildings. Station your troops on the west exit
    of the area, and use the Hero Monument to summon your heros, and activate the
    Elf Monument. The east side of the area by the water ford will be the main
    avenue of attack of the enemy, so station your Avatar and Heros there. A 
    t-chest by the Monument holds [HUMAN WORKER 5]. 
      Now build your base. You want to fortify the east side with 10-20 towers
    backed up with 15 archers and your Avatar/Heros. Build about 6 towers on the
    west side. You want to keep your eastern forces steady, while take your other
    15 archers and your Commander troops west. Start clearing the various enemy
    camps with your roaming troops. Keep the buildings up. Have 6 elf workers 
    with your roaming force to build 6+ towers at each spawn camp spot to farm
    spawning enemies. Once towers are up, move your force to another camp. I 
    always start with the west Minotaurs, then Westmen barbarians, then to the 
    bandit camps south. 
      Enemy forces should constantly be bashing themselves against your east tower
    walls and Heros. Your roaming party should move east until it reaches the
    Human Monument. You should be level 11 by now. Secure the Human Monument area
    by putting a half dozen towers at each exit. Start building your human base
    since it will be able to get bigger than your elf one. Upgrade and pump out
    maximum Marksmen archers and start mining any ore you see about. Continue
    taking over enemy camps until you are about level 11.5, your experience will
    slow down to about nothing at that point, and enemy spawn will slow down
    vastly also. Once you have 2 main areas left to take over (the southeast
    castle and the northeast base) gather all your forces at the elf base with
    your Avatar. 
      Now to take the northeast base. Send all your forces into the base. Have
    your Avatar party take the towers while your army handles the ground forces.
    Wipe out everything. Kill Corn the leader who has [GOLDWEAVER'S CHAIN] and
    2 awesome Firedance swords. East of the base is a group of spiders and 2 dead
    bodies to loot. South of the spiders is the Dyrad statue and Bindstone, and
    a chest you cannot open yet. Stay away from the east Firedevil base. Just west
    of the Firedevil base is a small camp with Botar Hammerfall. Kill him to get
    his nice hammer. 
      Now head down to the southeast castle and clear it of all foes. Once the
    castle is clear a cutscene will happen. Equip your Lenya gather buildings and
    gather 1000 Lenya. Activate the Bindstone at the castle and talk to Lord
    Commander Tynar to turn in the Goldweave chain. At nightfall head to the Dyrad
    statue. Gather your army just west of the Firedevil base. Use the blue bowl
    and summon your dyrads. Attack the base with your army from the west, and 
    then send down your dyrads from the north to wipe out the enemy Firedevil
    troops. A south path leads down to 2 skeleton bodies to loot. A t-chest in
    the area holds more Elf building plans. [AILANTERY], [MEDIUM HEADQUARTERS],
      You should almost be level 12 by now. Enter the portal to The Wildland Pass.
      You'll go through the cutscene then talk to Knight Defor. Head to the Dawn
    Knight camp and talk to Merchant Korel and buy the elf [MASTER WOODCUTTER] and
    [HUNTER'S GUILD] buildings. Do not talk to anyone else yet. Head east and
    clear the Monument area, then east to the Bandit camp and kill all foes. Get
    the 2 t-chests here then go northeast clearing foes. Go back to bandit camp
    and go southwest you'll run into the Spidermaster. Talk to him but do not have
    him attack yet. Just south of him is a small hidden path west, go down and
    kill the spider there and loot the soldier body. Go back up and head southeast
    to the larger bandit camp and clear it. Go east and you'll see a large orc
    army in the valley. You can actually clear it yourself if you want. Warg has
    the [FLUTE OF THE SPIDER KING]. Go east into the Elf Monument area to clear
    all foes. Go southeast to the next orc camp and clear it. DO NOT go farther
    east you don't want to trigger the cutscene. 
      Now head back to your camp and talk to Master Swansong. Head to the Elf
    Monument and activate it and the Bindstone. Have your Avatar station himself
    at the first bandit camp spawn spot. Build your base, and as soon as you can
    station about 6 towers by the first bandit spawn camp. Keep your Avatar 
    protecting your base from forces of the east. Have 6 workers move down to 
    the Spidermaster and build a few towers. Have them slowly head to the south
    bandit base and build towers nearby, working their way to the base. When your
    Avatar has chance, have him move down to the south bandit camp and clear it
    and have your workers put up 5-6 towers at each spawn spot. Now move your
    Avatar and workers to the west side of the orc valley and build a line of 
      Draw the army of orcs into your towers to clear the way to the next camp.
    The next camp area has an Elf and Human Monument along with a Bindstone. 
    Activate them all. Set up some towers around the spawn point and now you 
    want to start making an army of Windarchers. Once your towers are up, move
    your Avatar down towards the last orc camp along with your archers. You can't
    do much with your human workers yet they have no stone, but the last orc
    camp has a stone area. Build a line of towers outside the orc camp. Remember
    you do not want to head anymore southeast you don't want to trigger a cutscene
    yet. Orc forces will move up from that direction so get a good 10-20 towers
    all ready to go. Keep your human workers by the Monument until that last camp
    is secure. 
      When the last camp on this part of the map is secure start building your
    human buildings. You will have to carry stone across the map a little at first
    until you can build your stone building near it. Upgrade to your large head-
    quarters as soon as possible and build many food producing buildings with
    your human workers to fuel your army growth. When you have a good force 
    standing guard just north of the Aria fountain, have your Avatar go south to
    trigger the cutscene. 2 blade minions will run at your forces. Kill them.
    Upgrade all your buildings to max, and pump out an army of Windarchers. Gather
    everyone at your southern towers, its time to head east to finish off the map.
      The last enemy stronghold is tough. You will have to rebuild your army a 
    few times. Take everyone east and to the first enemy camp. Take down all the
    towers and kill all foes. Station your archer army directly in the camp 
    center near all 3 spawn points. A t-chest is on the east side. Have workers
    set up towers all over the camp, maybe a dozen. Build your army back to max.
    When ready start heading north there are a dozen towers and many troops up
    the path to the second base. Take down the towers first. Have workers build
    a wall of towers at the north exit of the base it will be constantly attacked
    try and get 6-12 more towers up. Station your Avatar at the north exit, only
    attack north with troops your Avatar can die fast to the Firemasters.
      Rebuild your army and continue attacking north until you get into the north
    enemy camp. A small building on the right spawns many Firemasters. Its great
    to farm if you want. If not, make sure to take that one down FIRST. I farmed
    it for a while with my archer army while workers set up a half dozen towers.
    There are many enemies in this area, you will eventually kill the entire group
    and get a few items.
      Shirkar.. nothing important
      Halgard Arvig has the [CRIMSON BANNER] and [SIGN OF THE FIST]
      Carlira Winterwhite has [RUNE WARRIOR RODGAR 11]
      Wildling black wolf has [WILDLING FUR]
      Brannigan the leader has [MALACHITE]
      A chest north of the camp has elf buildings [LARGE HEADQUARTERS], [IRON
    ARMORY], and [PROTECTOR]. You can now have your forces take down all enemy
    buildings on the map (unless you want to farm more). Take your army west up
    the hill and you will encounter 3 Blade Minions on the way to the Portal of
    The Frost Marshes. Kill them and activate the Bindstone but do not enter the
    portal. Instead send your army to the Spidermaster, while you journey back to
    the Village of Skye. 
      Talk to Flan and turn in the Malachite. He will give you his chest info and
    make sure to also get his key. Chest is RLMLM knobs. Talk to Markword Storme
    to get his quest to kill the Spidermaster. Go talk to the Spidermaster and 
    kill him for his murder. You'll get [SILK OF THE SPIDER MASTER] and [TORN
    CHILD DRESS]. Go back and talk to Markwart again. Talk to Calina and show her
    the Spidermaster silk. You should be level 12. I was level 12.75 at this 
      Use the Bindstone and journey to Shiel Dyrad Cove and open the locked chest
    with the combination of R-L-M-L-M knobs and then the key. Get the [SHIPMENT
    FOR VALDIS]. Journey to the Shiel Fortress of Ulran and talk to Lord Tynar
    and turn in the purple banner. Journey back to Wildland Pass Ledge and enter
    the Portal to Frost Marshes. You will watch a long cutscene but when done you
    cannot do anything else except activate the Bindstone. The enemy army is way
    too strong. Journey back to Greyfell. 
      8)  GREYFELL Part 2
      Many people to talk to in town.
      1) Talk to Sartarius to update him on what is happening
      2) Talk to Tarim just south to turn in your broken bow
      3) Talk to Valdis the Trader on the east side of town to return her chest
         and to get the wound treatment.
      4) Talk to Orthac on the east side to activate a couple quests
      5) Talk to Hallit Corporal at the south gate to open the gate, then head
         east around the wall to a hidden t-chest.
      6) Talk to Castigir at south marketplace 
      7) Talk to Tanara the Seamstress to get her robe quest
      8) Talk to Sandor to get the grave quest
      Now Journey to your Human Monument and start building your base and an army.
    You want to upgrade and build to get about 30 Marksmen and 10 Melee troops at
    the least. While you are building up, have your Avatar visit the 3 gravesites
    and fight the 3 skeleton guards. 
      1) First grave just south of the Monument area, where the Cutpurse building
      2) Second head west from Monument area up path. Its on the east side of the
         bridge near the 2 statues. Its hard to see at first.
      3) Third is in the first enemy camp south of the Monument area on the 
         southwest side.
      Take your Avatar to the center small town, and southeast is the sick hermit.
    Talk to him to start his quest. Report back to Sandor who will have you talk
    to Goram on the east side of town. Talk to Sandor again after you get the
    name of the Sorcerer. Sandor will head to the cave, you can just run there 
    you cannot do anything until Sandor shows up. Gather your army at the cave
    entrance you should have 40+ troops. When ready activate the cave and summon
    Shin Tar Guar and kill him. He has [BOOK OF SHIN TAR GUAR] and [SAPPHIRE]. Do
    NOT sell this Sapphire it will be needed for a quest later. Go back to town
    and talk to Goram. We are done here, now head to Liannon.
       In Liannon you have a few things to do..
       1) Summon your Hero's at the Monument you'll need them
       2) Talk to Darius and have him decipher the book. Also ASK him about the
          book for quest update
       3) Talk to Sunder then to Healer Shan. Get the Pain-easing potion from 
          Shan Muir. Now head north and northeast to the small house where Sentos
          and his thugs lair. Kill them and get [LETTER FROM SENTOS].
       4) Head to the ghost house and talk to and kill Udwin to get [UDWINS RING].
          You and your party should be strong enough to kill him now.
       Journey to Greyfell and confront Sentos in the center marketplace. Now head
    down to the Sick Hermit and give him the pain potion, you get his new quest.
       Journey to Wildland Pass Village of Skye and talk to Sentos. Defeat his 3
    thugs then talk to him again. 
       Journey to Eloni Dyrad Lake and defeat the Evil Nymph and Dyrad. Take the
    [LOCK OF THE HERMIT]. Go to the Elf settlement and talk to Swerdis for a 
    reward. The Ice Staff you get you'll probably want your Avatar to use, its 
    very nice and does good damage and speed, plus chance of freezing.
       Journey to Greyfell and talk to the Sick Hermit again to cure him. Now head
    to the south gate and enter the Portal to Northern Windwalls. 
       At this point your character should be level 13, maybe almost 14. Your 
    Heros are probably Istuan, Rodgar, Marticus, and Malvaren. Remember try and
    stay away from mage and warlock Heros. Your skills and stats should be similar
    to what mine were...
        Heavy Combat Arts  6       Strength  58    (you'll want 80 minimum)
        Shield             5       Stamina   58    (you'll want 80 minimum)
        Large Blades       4       Dexterity 36    (you'll want 37 minimum)
        Heavy Armor        5       Agility   30    (you'll want 34 minimum)
        Light Combat Arts  2       Intelligence 29 (needed for level 3 magic)
        Elemental magic    2       Wisdom       29 (needed for level 3 magic)
        Ice Magic          2       Charisma     25
       Your much stronger now, so strong you can almost solo most of the map. So
    head south from the gate don't talk to anyone. Activate the Bindstone you find
    and swing west around the Keep hill (do not go up the ramp). At the end of the
    path you'll fight 3 Giant Rock Beetles. There are 2 t-chests you can get. Now
    go back to the Bindstone and go on the east side of the Keep, continue east
    to the Elf Monument area. Vier south to an undead camp and clear it, also
    destroy the building. Angsting has [SOULSTONE OF ANGSTING]. Do not take the
    iron cart yet. 
      Go southwest all the way past the guard bridge and then north into the nw
    undead area. Stay to the east and clear the first undead camp and towers, but
    keep the spawn buildings. Ore cart here, but will get ore later. Go west then
    south hugging the mountain, then up the hill to the second undead camp and 
    clear it. Go back to the main road and south to another Bindstone. Activate it
    and you'll see a closed gate west and the friendly defense army south. Go 
    past the army and lure the Frostbone skeletons up to the army. 
      From here go south into the first spider area and clear it. A small hidden
    path to the west leads north to 2 t-chests. Head back to the main road and 
    go east to another undead camp. Clear it (save buildings and ore) and go 
    northeast up the hill to the big light and clear the 3 small forest spiders.
    Keep going east into an open area. Some towers are east but head south to kill
    a couple Great Forest Spiders. To the west are 5 Frostbone skeletons. You can
    try and kill them if you want.
      [NOTE] Here is how I killed them solo. Just near them activate your Frost
    Shield. Now run at the skeletons, they will attack and freeze you. Activate
    Beserk skill, when the freeze ends you'll Beserk. Attack the skeletons. They
    will continue to freeze you. Concentrate on 1 at a time. Use your skills when
    you can to stay healed and Beserked.
      Go southeast to the next Bindstone and activate it. Head west to a large
    open area then south into an undead defensive patrol. Defeat it then south
    more into the second spider area. Kill Rockweaver to get [ROCKWEAVER SILK].
    Keep an eye out, the undead camp east will start sending waves of undead to
    the friendly army. Intercept them, you are strong enough to kill them solo. 
    Work your way east to the camp and keep killing the waves of undead that are
    spawning out of the Portal. After 3 or so waves the undead will finally stop.
    Kishan has [ELF WORKER 6]. Ashdigger has good loot plus [DWARF WORKER 7] and
    [RUNE PRIEST NEOMI 9]. 2 chests are near. One has Elf [FROSTBRINGER], [HALL OF
    ANCIENTS], [WANDERER], and [WINTERMAGE]. The other chest has Dwarf [MILITIA],
    [WATCHMAN], [QUARRY], [MINE], and [FORGE].
      From here head northeast into another undead defensive patrol. Then head due
    east along a long mountain path with some undead which ends at another undead
    camp. Kill them all, Bonelurker has [SOULSTONE OF THE BONELURKER]. Head west
    to the center base which is surrounded by 8 towers. Take down the towers and
    all foes in the base. Shadow has [SHADOW RING]. Now go northeast and kill a
    couple undead foes near the second Elf Monument. Journey back and go to the
    portal you first entered and talk to Hallit Corporal. Head south and up the
    ramp to the Keep. A cutscene will occur with Marcia and Jonir. Talk to both
    of them when the cutscene ends. Head northeast to your Elf Monument and 
    activate it and start building your base. Go south and grab the first Iron Ore
    Cart on the way down to General Gunham. Talk to him a couple times. 
      While waiting for the first enemy wave, make sure to send 2-4 workers down
    to build 3 towers on the cliffs near the friendly army. Take your Avatar north
    to the first undead camp and clear it, grab the Iron Ore Cart. Head west to
    the next Iron Ore Cart. Finally south to the hill with another Iron Ore Cart.
    Keep your Avatar here and bring 6 workers to put about 8 towers up at each
    spawn area to farm them. You'll need 8+ since your towers don't damage the
    undead easy. The south army will encounter 3 waves of enemy undead. Get your
    Avatar there in front as soon as possible. Stay here until all waves are dead
    and continue to build your base. Once all 3 are dead the General will lead
    his troops to the Greydusk Vale Portal. Follow them and help them clear all
    foes in the way. 
      Come to the first undead camp, kill them and all buildings. Take the Iron
    Ore Cart. Head south towards the Portal and kill all foes and buildings at
    the Portal camp. Take your Avatar to the east mountain path camp and totally
    destroy it. Now take him and camp the center main camp until you can get 20
    or so archers to take over camping. That's about it for this map, not much
    farming you can do no spawn spots. Time to leave. Head back to the Keep and
    talk to Lord Hallit and then Marcia. You'll get the gate key to the southwest
      Journey to Greyfell. Talk to Tanara the Seamstress first, then take the
    robe to Gabar. Last go south merchant area and talk to Castagir. Journey back
    to the Northern Windwalls and open the southwest gate to The Southern
      This is a pretty easy map. Head south and Activate the Bindstone. Kill the
    goblin Fulgrot, who has 2 very nice daggers as loot. Go to the Hero Monument
    and summon your heros. Continue south until you get to the entrance to the
    Dwarf camp. Talk to Ragnar then enter the Dwarf city. Go east into the main
    base and Activate the Bindstone. Talk to Sarvig and talk about all options and
    you will be welcome in the Dwarf town. 
      Talk to Svartlar, then talk to Cronvig and turn in his glasses. Get the
    [DWARF BRANDY] and get his quest. Talk to Thane Sjalfson, then leave the Dwarf
    base and continue south. You'll kill a couple Minotaurs and there is a t-chest
    west. Talk to Miria and Bron the farmers on the way past. South is a Bindstone
    but don't worry about it, a Giant wanders around during the day, don't attract
    his attention. Go east to the beastman camp and clear it out. Leave the 
    buildings and place 2 of your Heros here to farm the spawn. Get the 2 t-chests
    one has [BITEFERN]. 
      Go east clearing out more beastmen and minotaurs. Talk to Joshua Hallit who
    will meet you at the Guardian gate. Go west near the Bindstone and wait till
    the giant goes south, then go west and up into the Urok base. Kill all foes
    and station your other 2 heros at the spawn spot. Talk to Tinara's cub who
    wants meat. Go to the farmer Bron and get a piece of meat and take it back to
    the cub. Follow it north to Tinara and talk to him, you'll get [RUNE ARCHER
    JAWHEL 11]. Tinara will follow you and help fight, but hes weak and won't 
    last long don't worry about him dying. Go to the Guardian of the gate and 
    talk to Joshua then the Guardian. Make sure NOT to take Joshua with you. 
      Continue east, at the intersection head north into 3 assassins. Kill them 
    and keep going north where sorcerers and necros are waiting. West are more
    troops to kill. Keep going east and north killing more mages. Further east
    you will find another Hero Monument guarded by 3 Spiderwhisperer goblins. They
    have nice loot. Activate the Bindstone. Follow the trial south and east into
    a large valley, now go south. A t-chest is here along with spiders in the 
    area. Kill all spiders and on the south hill is a t-chest [WEAVERGREEN]. Keep
    going east you'll find a Ghost of a warrior camp. On the east side is a 
    t-chest. Argard is by the spawn spot he holds [ELF WORKER 7]. 2 t-chests are
    at the spawn spot, and north is a Bindstone and another t-chest holding
      Go back to the valley and go north to a Urok camp, then north and east into
    spider territory and a Bindstone. Further east are more spiders and Kirsh.
    Kill Kirsh for [DARKSILK] and [SHADOWCRAWLER POISON]. A t-chest holds 
    [SILVERWIND]. All the way east are more spiders and another t-chest. Head
    up the large center hill to the top where Zyrafyr the Dragon awaits. Kill him
    t-chest is nearby. Go southeast where a party of mages is waiting. Beyond them
    is a Bindstone and a portal to Greydusk Vale. Don't enter it yet.
      Destroy all enemy buildings now and Journey to the Dwarf compound. Talk to 
    Lorderic to get the Giant poison. Talk to the Thane and turn in the helmet,
    you'll get 3 dwarf buildings as a reward, but you have them already. Head
    south out of the compound now stopping by to talk to Miria to turn in manes
    and pelts for a fur jacket, and to ask about silk. Talk to Bron to get a 
    piece of nice meat which you poison. Make sure its nighttime and head down
    to the Giant Horgr who is sleeping. Plant the meat on him and wait for him
    to wake up. He is weakened now. Gank him and kill him, getting his [KEY TO
    STONEBLADE MOUNTAIN]. Open the southwest gate and enter the Portal to 
    Stoneblade Mountain.
       A pretty simple map, good to farm. The map is divided up pretty well, on
    the west side is your Elf Monument and north are Minotaur and Beastmen enemies
    while on the east side is your Dwarf Monument and north are Stoneling and 
    Urok enemies. Farther north are spiders. Since your Dwarves don't have many
    buildings yet, your army and defenses are going to be Elf while your Dwarves
    are only for mining. We will explore the map solo then set up for farming.
       Activate the Bindstone and talk to Gorin. Head north into the Elf area and
    clear any foes about, then head east into the Dwarf area and do the same. Now
    head north from the Dwarf area and you will encounter 3 Urok camps. Kill all
    foes in the camps but leave buildings except for towers for farming. The 
    second Urok camp has a t-chest, and the third Urok camp has Frang who holds
    a couple basic mushrooms. 2 t-chests are here, one contains 3 [ADMANTINUM
    SHARDS], a Dwarf [WARRIOR] and an Elf [DRUID]. 
      Keep going north past the Giant then west to another Bindstone. Take the
    small south path through the ruins all the way to the Hero Monument. Now go
    south into Beastland territory and clear them out. On the east side is a 
    Minotaur camp with a locked t-chest (Twarsnik's chest). A Southeast path leads
    to spiders and eventually to Twarsnik the Dwarf smith. Talk to him to get his
    mushroom quest. Now head west out of the Beastmen area and there is another
    Minotaur camp. Go southwest from the camp, killing a spider, into another
    Minotaur camp area. A t-chest is here with [ADMANTINUM SHARD]. The north
    Minotaur camp has Thunderhorn. Another t-chest has [ADMANTINUM SHARD]. From
    the camps go southwest into a spider area. Clear them out then head east to
    where some earth elementals are. Talk to Servant of the Deep to get his quest.
    There is also a Bindstone here.
      Now go back past the Minotaur camps and head north to the spider area just
    left of your Hero Monument. Clear them out then continue northwest into the
    next spider/beetle area. In the Great White Spider lair is a t-chest with
    the Poison Prickly Mushroom. Head east and you'll find a t-chest locked with
    a star shaped hole. Just right of this area is the Stone Golem/Guardian spot.
    Kill them all and activate the center puzzle rock. Click Eye-Blood-Hand-Hand-
    Blood-Eye to get a [STAR SHAPED AMULET]. Use the amulet on the star t-chest
    just to the west to get [RUNE FIGHTER TILLETH 12]. Explore the rest of the
    map and clear out any foes. There are 2 Giants about, ignore them for now but
    there is a t-chest just west of the Giant Braga. Now send your Avatar to the
    Hero Monument and make sure your runes and Heros are ready. 
      Start the map by summoning your Heros. Send your Avatar to the Elf Monument
    and activate it then head east to the Dwarf Monument and activate it. Station
    your Avatar at the ford in the north part of the Dwarf area, while your Heros
    are stationed at the entrance to the Elf area. You want to get towers up at
    both base entrances and a few Ice towers. I had 20+ towers at the Dwarf base.
    Once you have towers starting, take your Avatar and Heros into the beastland
    area and to the far west Minotaur camps. Clear them out and station 2 heros
    at each spawn point in the west camps. Have your Avatar move between the 3
    eastern Minotaur camps to keep spawn down. When you are able, have your Avatar
    stand guard at the eastern Minotaur camp (with the locked t-chest) and have
    workers build 2 Frost towers and a half dozen regular towers at the camp to
    take over spawn. When they are up move west to the next camp and repeat. Soon
    you will have all 5 Minotaur spawn points walled with towers. 
      The [RED WOODLING] mushroom can now be found on the dead Minotaur body in
    the center of the Minotaur camps.
      The Urok camps are going to pound you now. They will send endless waves 
    against your Dwarf camp and your Hero Monument. You want your Hero's at the
    Hero tower to keep it working along with 20 troops and full towers, constant
    waves will hit your Hero Monument. It will be all your Hero's can do to keep
    it up. At least they don't have far to go when they die. Have a Titan at the
    entrance to the Dwarf base along with your Hero. You'll get a lot of enemies
    and a lot of experience. Fill the Minotaur bases with both type of towers they
    will constantly spawn also.  I was up to level 17 at this point. 
      If you get overwhelmed start knocking down enemy buildings. When you have
    a breather send your hero and 4 workers up to the Stony camp just above your
    Dwarf area and clear it and set up many towers to farm it. Just soak the 
    experience. Once you are bored and want to finish the map, gather your army
    at the Dwarf base and head north with your Avatar and start knocking down the
    Urok bases. Keep your Titan at YOUR base as defense. What I did was take my
    Avatar/Heros and 4 workers move north from the Hero Monument and take the
    Urok bases from the north since the south was secure with my defenses. When
    you have all bases secure, Go west of the Giant Kraga and build about 10-15 
    towers. Enemies will appear here later. Bring your whole army and station 
    them west of Kraga in the open area. I was about level 17.25 at this point.
      Once you are all done there are still 3 more things to do on the map before
    you leave. First you should have the first 6 mushrooms of Tworsnik's quest.
    Go talk to him he will tell you the 7th is in his chest. He gives you the key.
    Go open the chest (locked chest east side of Minotaur camp) and Gron the
    Minotaur will appear. Kill him and get his Gron's Fireaxe. Get the 7th 
    mushroom and go back and talk to Tworsnik to get his shield reward. Now go
    talk to Kraga. Head west and talk to Braga then return and let Kraga know 
    where his brother is. You will stand guard while he kills Braga and returns.
    Just wait. When Kraga gets back talk to him again. Now gather some forces
    around Kraga and take your Avatar east towards his treasure. Kraga attacks.
    Kill him and then claim the 3 t-chests he has east. Finally go to the sw map
    and talk to Servant of the Deep. Give him the 300 iron and 5 stone guardians
    are summoned across the map. Take your troops and kill all the guardians and
    their Stonies. Return to Servant of the Deep to get your Earthblade. 
      Journey to Greyfell and talk to Sartarius, Tanara, Orthanc, and finally
    Hinrik the Dwarf who will give you the [STATUETTE]. Sell off any excess item
    while you are here. 
      Journey to Southern Windwalls Windholme Dwarf base and talk to Skarvig,
    Cronvig, and finally Urak. Pick option 1 with Urak you want to get the info
    for red admantiunum, don't exchange the blade you'll want it later.
      Finally Journey to Southern Windwalls eastern portal and enter the Portal 
    to the Greydusk Vale.
      12)  GREYDUSK VALE
       Greydusk vale is going to be into 2 parts the west side of the city and
    the east side. You start in a very large area with plenty of resources. On the
    southeast side is a body of a dead Giant you can loot. Head north out of the
    area into the Urok camp and clean it out, but leave the buildings. We are 
    going to station our Avatar/Hero's up here to farm the spawn while our camp
    is being built, and bring up workers to erect towers about in a bit. After a
    while undead from the north and south areas will start to head down, but you
    will be ready by then. 
       Once the Urok camp is secure and your base is up and running, you can head
    up towards the town. Approaching the town they will open the gates for you.
    There is a Dwarf and Elf monument at the entrance. Make this your defensive
    position set up towers and archers. Have your Avatar/Heros secure the north
    camp and set up towers to farm it, then move to the south camp and repeat. 
    Activate the 2 Monuments and enter the town. 
       Inside talk to Jon Greywind for a fragment piece. Talk to Tana, Fink 
    McWinter (he moves to Greyfell), Thurgon to get a letter (you don't want to
    deliver this yet), Morton to talk about a traitor, and finally Urias. There
    are a few t-chests in the town holding dwarf buildings.
          [MOONSILVER MINE].
       Once you get your buildings upgrade your dwarven forces with them. Make
    sure you have maxxed your troops and are ready for the eastern map. When ready
    talk to Urias again to open the east gate. Move all your troops just outside 
    the east wall and hold them there. Take your party along the south wall and 
    you'll enter an open area where roaming Ashbone Cavestalkers run about. Take
    your workers with you and build little tower groups so they can take down 
    the roaming skeletons. I usually build a frost tower and then 4 regular towers
    around it. Head south into a large ruin area and clear it. Put a half dozen
    towers are the ruins entrance to block it from any roaming skeletons.
      Head north. On the east side is the entrance to Snake Pass. ignore it for
    now. Have your workers put some towers along the east cliff wall. Clear the
    entrance and continue north. Move your army down to the entrance to snake
    pass.  There is a t-chest just east of the town plus Nightblade, who has
    [SOULSTONE OF NIGHTBLADE]. north of the Snakepass entrance is an alcove with
    2 more t-chests. Head northwest to some more ruins and more roaming Ashbone
    Cavestalker skeletons. Set up some towers here also. There are 2 t-chests
    in the ruins, the west ruins holds [DWARF WORKER 8]. To the northeast is
    Sirkah, Soulthief and some Envoys of Death. A t-chest near Sirkah holds the
    [MAP OF THE SECRET CAVES]. To the far north is a army of sorcerers and archers
    at the Northern Windwall portal. Send your army there to clear it and return
    it back to the entrance of Snake Pass. 
      Once all of this part of the map is secure, its time to enter Snake Pass.
    Take all your forces through Snake Pass cleaning it of enemy forces. At the
    end is a ruin area where Zahir and some undead await you. Kill them all. Zahir
    holds [RUNE MENTALIST SELTHAS 12]. Activate the Bindstone then continue east
    up the hill to the Portal to Howling Mounds. A t-chest holds more dwarf 
    buildings [SMELTING WORKS], [STONEMASON HUT], and [DEMOLISHER]. Go talk to
    Malicor Serpentes then journey to Greydusk vale Fortress. 
      Talk to Tana Songblade for the chest key and open the locked chest for the
    [RIGHT HALF OF MASK]. Talk to Morton then to Thurgon. Kill Thurgon then talk
    to Morton again. You are done with this board. Sell off excess items and 
    destroy all enemy buildings on the map. Head back to the east and enter the
    Portal to Howling Mounds. (I was level 18 at this point).
       Another map that is divided into 2 parts. You start heading into a small
    area with a Dwarf Monument. Clear it of all foes and head north into the main
    area. You have 6 spawn camp areas here, 5 of them with their Commanders of
    Korshar. On the east side is the gate to the east, you can't open that yet
    until all 5 Commanders are dead. The good thing is the undead guarding the
    gate have unlimited respawn if they are killed. 
      Go ahead and clear the west area solo with your Avatar. You want to kill all
    the Commanders of Korshar except for the northeast one save him for last.
      1) Clear the Gravelurker camp near the 2nd Dwarf Monument, don't activate it
      2) Clear the Commander and Skullsplitter west
      3) Head west across the bridge to the 2nd Commander and Soulthief.
      4) Go south of the bridge and clear 3rd Commander and Nevermore.
      5) Now go north of the bridge and clear 4th Commander. A gravelurker here 
         carries a [GLOWING OCTAGON]. At the northeast Commander camp there is
         a sleeping body. Talk to it twice to awaken it with the Octagon. It will
         become a temp party guest and give you a nice Chaos Axe.
      To the northwest a Spellweaver guards the body of a dead soldier. Search
    the body to learn its Cassius Demer who has [FRAGMENT FROM CASSIUS]. At the
    east gate is a t-chest containing Dwarf [DWARF SANCTUARY] and [BATTLE PRIEST].
    When you have the area clear except for the northeast Commander go start your
    Dwarf base.
      You want to maximize your base. While its building send your Avatar between
    the various camps and kill any spawn. Your goal is to get your 50 max soldiers
    and use them to farm some of the camps. Produce 40 upgraded Defenders (the
    only distance Dwarf troops) and 10 upgraded Battle Priests. Have 10 troops
    per camp, 8 Defenders and 2 Battle Priests up front. Have your Avatar keep
    the spawn down at the NE base without killing the Commander, and you can have
    him head down to the gate to kill foes also. 
      After a while you can switch your farming to the unlimited spawn at the
    gate. Clear the other 5 camps and send your entire force to the gate with
    your Avatar. Clear the gate, the spawn will return from the south. Line up
    your army with Battle Priests in the front and just mow down the undead that
    keep spawning. Put your Avatar by the NE base to draw any spawn there down.
    Sit back and farm as long as you want. When you are bored and ready have your
    Avatar clear the northeast base. A Crypt stalker has [SOULSTONE OF THE CRYPT
    STALKER] and [ELF WORKER 9]. The east gate will open. Stand fast at the gate
    entrance with your army and Avatar to take down some initial waves. Then enter
    the base with your army and head north. Clear out the north spawn point and 
    keep about 12 troops to hold it. A t-chest is here. Take your Avatar northeast
    to the north side where 2 t-chests are.
      Now with your remainder troops and Avatar clear out the south spawn point.
    A Bindstone and t-chest are here. Again set up 12 troops to farm the spawn
    point and continue east with your remaining army. Clear out the area and you
    will find 3 t-chests in the area. Move north to the next spawn point, again
    putting 12 troops here to farm it. Get the t-chest. Take the rest and move
    north to another spawn point and clear it. Set your remaining troops here. Now
    move your Avatar east then south up to the final Tier. Clear all foes in the
    final Tier. You'll kill the Unforgiven who has [SOULSTONE OF THE UNFORGIVEN],
    [TEARS OF A SOULLESS BEING], and [RUNE WARRIOR KARIA 14]. This tier has 2
    spawn points and a Portal to the Inner area. Have your 2 west forces destroy
    their buildings and move up to these 2 spawn points. Get all t-chests. Finally
    send your Avatar through the Portal. 
      Activate the Bindstone and summon your Heros. Move through the small maze
    and kill all foes on the way to the end where you'll fight Korshar. He holds
    [LEFT HALF OF MASK], and [DWARF WORKER 9]. A t-chest near the Portal has 
      [NOTE] part of the wall just north of the Portal can be searched but there
    isn't anything there yet, but note it we will be back here later.
      Hit the Bindstone and Journey to Greyfell a few quests to do. Talk to Tanara
    the Seamstress and turn in the letter. Talk to Orthanc to turn in the 5
    soulstones and pick the Greataxe reward. The Soulaxe is very strong, Use this
    for pure offensive power, or you can stick with your sword/shield for higher
    armor. Talk to Fink McWinter at the south marketplace and give him the 
    fragment. Now its time to head to Leafshade.
      Journey to Leafshade, we have Mercenaries to kill. They are very strong you
    will need an army to back you up. Journey to the south Bindstone and kill the
    couple Mercenaries in the area. Activate your Human Monument and start 
    maxxing out your army. The Mercenaries will kill your troops easy, I suggest
    making healers and archers so they can back YOU up. Work your way and kill
    Fayt and get his fragment piece. Return to Fink in Greyfell and SAVE before
    you talk to him. He will reward you with a ring. Make sure its the Malachy
    ring, its very powerful. If not, reload. Head back to Howling Mounds Inside
    Fortress and enter the Portal to Whisper. I was level 20 at this point.
      14)  WHISPER
       You'll start the map with a cutscene. Head down the hill killing a couple
    undead on the way to Uthar. Talk to him and get the t-chest nearby. Head 
    south and east into your main base area. The Whisper map is basically a very
    large center area with main undead bases east and south. north is sparce. So
    most of your defenses should be facing east and south. Since your Avatar is
    very powerful at this point you can explore solo before you activate your
      In the center is your Elf and Dwarf Monuments. Head north up a long pathway
    at the end take a left and you'll go up a spiral hill where an undead base is.
    Kill the Manifest of Terror for [UTHAR'S SWORD]. Go down and now head east
    you'll find a Mosaic. kill the Guard and continue east. You'll reach a main
    intersection. North leads to the final boss Ismail. You are actually strong
    enough to take him solo, but don't. If you go south it leads to Lea's Avengers
    undead. They are strong, but you can take them if you want solo. Search the
    gravestone and Lea's Ghost arrives. Kill it for [LEA'S TRINKET FOR SHAN] and
    [LEA'S LETTER FOR SHAN]. Now go east down the hill to the east undead base.
    There are 3 t-chests you can loot here. Kill all foes. 
      Now go back to your main center area. Due south is another undead base. To
    the southeast are ruins with undead. Kill the Manifest of Trepidation to get
    [UHTAR'S ARMOR] and [RUNE PRIEST TEHR 14]. All the way south is a square 
    undead fortress holding 2 t-chests.
      Going southwest, you'll reach a undead ruins. On the far west side are some
    spiders, the Phantom Spider holds [LIGHT SILK]. A couple undead bases are
    down here also. The Harbringer of Frenzy is here and the Griffin of Uthar you
    can free. There is a large undead ruins on a plateau west which has 5 t-chests
    you can loot. Its a little maze-like down here. When you are ready to make
    your base and do some farming, Summon your Hero's at the monument and send
    them to the far east undead base. it has 2 spawn spots, so put 2 strong heros
    on one spawn spot and the other 3 on the other. That base is handled.
      Have your Avatar activate the Elf Monument and start building a maximum 
    base. Wood is scarce, Build your Small and Medium Headquarters fast for more
    workers. Have 10 workers start Foresters in the large open area north. To
    the right near the berries build a Gatherhut, Foodstore and Hunting Lodge.
    You are going to want 6 workers sent to the east undead base where your heros
    are to set up tons of towers to take over farming. Do that as soon as possible
    to free up your heros to farm other spawn spots. have your Avatar roam about
    south to kill any spawn early. Start east and secure your spawn points with
    towers and a few Windarchers. Do this as far around as you want. When you have
    the camps secure there are 2 things to do to finish up the map.
      Head up to the Mosaic. Click on the Mosaic and you'll put your first piece
    into it. This activates a spawn in the east undead camp. Killing the next
    mosaic undead gets you the next mosaic piece, putting that in gets the next
    one, etc. The Mosaic foes are pretty tough bring backup. 
       1) First spawns at east undead camp
       2) Second spawns at path west of east undead camp
       3) Third spawns east side of your Elf area, east of Lenya field
       4) Final spawns at the Mosaic
       All the foes have nice loot, well worth doing.
       Finally head back to Uthar and report you found all his items. He will 
    head east to fight Ismail, head there also and join in the fight. After you
    kill Ismail talk to Uthar again. Continue up the path east for a cutscene. 
    Go north to the Bindstone and activate it, then north to a t-chest which has
    Dwarf [ELDER]. Enter the Portal to the Godwall.
      15)  GODWALL
       This map has you on the south end and a winding path up the mountain to 
    the north. You'll have a cutscene with Mechian. Afterwards talk to Kerwen
    then go east through the gate and activate the Bindstone. The south area has
    a Elf Monument. Ignore this for now and start up the path, time to explore a
    bit but we won't waste time doing the whole map. Up the hill is the first
    Briarwolf camp, a t-chest is here also. Exiting east is 2 paths, go east to
    the second camp, which has berry bushes and a maybe a Corporal. Head west, go
    back and head northeast farther up the path to next intersection. To the left
    is the Dwarf base and the third Briarwolf camp. Take down the towers while you
    are here. Go back and then go east to the large fourth camp. Again take down
    the foes and towers and get the t-chest which has [GWEN'S MEDICINE].
      You might find [WOLFSIGN] on higher end Briarwolf Corporals, Lieutenants,
    etc. Save them to turn them in later.
      That's enough for now. Head back to your Elf Monument and start your base.
    You will need to get food in order to progress further but make as much as you
    can and get some basic Windarchers. Head north with your Avatar and start to
    secure the enemy camps with some workers setting up towers to farm the spawn.
    Basically do this up to the 4th base (that has moonsilver on the east side).
    Have your Avatar clear the camp, archers secure the camp while towers are put
    up. Make sure to keep hunting lodges going since food is scarce.
      Ok once you hit the 4th base, there should be a good supply of Briarwolf
    soldiers heading down to your location. Slowly work your way up the pathways.
    I build towers along the paths also, they shoot north weakening the enemy
    troops as they go down the paths. Keep your Avatar in front, your archers 
    behind and your workers in the back to use when you reach bases. When you 
    reach the map light tower, station your army to defend vs the east, and set
    up a few towers as backup. Take your Avatar north then west where you can
    find a dead elf body north to loot, and south a t-chest and you can talk to
      Now take your army east to the 5th base and secure it. Head northwest to the
    6th base and a t-chest in the corner. West of the base is an Elf and Dwarf
    Monument. Secure the base and take your Avatar east to destroy 4 towers, then
    move south up to 2 more towers. A small force of enemies awaits east. Take
    them down. Another base is east but we won't do that yet. Build up
    your defenses here, max your army and move all troops up to this location.
    Send your Avatar back to the first enemy base we will start taking down the
    enemy buildings. Let your army farm a bit while you clear the buildings.
      1) Destroy first base. Bren Fallwind appears, talk to him and listen to his
         stories. Ask him for resources if you want.
      2) Second base.. nothing
      3) Third base at Dwarves. John Goddard appears, talk to him for the Dwarf
         gate key. Inside is a Bindstone and 2 t-chests. Go west down path to the
         body of a dead mage you can loot. There is a stone patch here you can
         search but nothing is here....yet.
      4) Fourth base.. nothing
      5) Fifth base. Sunder Dundrew appears and needs medicine for Gwen. Give it
         to him. 
      6) Sixth base. Tamira Hal appears. Gives resources.
      Now its time to continue. You have a nice army, Probably Titan, and your
    Avatar ready to go, along with some backup workers for tower building. Head 
    east and pass through a small town with 6 towers and 2 enemy healing hand
    buildings to take down. A Dark Griffin rider awaits. 2 t-chests are also here,
    the second holds [RUNE FIGHTER IVOR 15]. Further east is a spawn point with
    more troops and another Griffin rider. Talk to the prisoner Chord Dunnahan
    and learn some info, also you can turn in [WOLFSIGN] at the next map. Destroy
    all the buildings here. Head north to the final area, clear the enemies and
    kill Captain Kiar who has [RUNE WARLOCK SEVERUS 15]. Activate the Bindstone
    and 3 treasure chests contain your orc buildings..
       1) [TOTEM], [THUG], [SPEARMAN]
          [FOODSTORE], [MINE]
       Talk to Vintus Lannard and get info. He gives location of fragment of glass
    so journey to the Old Dwarf Town and go west to the tree on the path and pick
    up the [SHARD OF SPRING DANCE]. Journey back to On The Wall and enter the
    Portal to Mulandir.
      16)  MULANDIR
       Ok this board is going to be kinda hard at first. The lower half of the
    board consists of misc foes and 2 hard foes. You have Medusa archers and
    Gargoyles. Gargoyles are frozen statues about the map, and there are about 6
    wandering Medusa's. When a Medusa spots you, they will activate EVERY frozen
    Gargoyle on the map, so any Gargoyles near you will swarm your party. The
    idea to beat these 2 foes is this.. You will summon your hero party and 
    station them near a few frozen gargoyles. You will then send 1 hero towards
    a Medusa so when the gargoyles are activated your party can kill the ones
    near you without fighting the Medusa also. Repeat until done.
      This will take a while, but remember, Hero's are expendable, you can just
    summon them back again. Keep your Avatar alive even if it means running while
    your Hero's die a honorable death keeping you alive. You can just summon them
    back again. Start clearing the spawn about the southern part of the map. The
    east lava field has a t-chest with a couple Seductress's. To the se is another
    t-chest and the east side near the 2nd Hero Monument has 3 t-chests. 
      To the SW lava field are 2 more t-chests. At the west is the Portal to 
    Farlorn Hope, a Bindstone, and 3 more t-chests. Up on a hill is a big Phantom
    Spider who holds the second [LIGHT SILK] along with a t-chest. Heading NW
    you'll find Thar's Servants leading to some ruins where Plexor Mim Thar is. 
    Kill him for [THAR'S HEAD]. There are 4 t-chests about. Just south are the
    NW lava fields where Arz'ach lairs with some Firelings. Kill him for [RUNE
    ARCHER SHALIR 16] and [DEMON BLOOD] x2. 4 t-chests are about the area.
      On the North part of the map is the 3rd Hero Monument, a Bindstone, 2
    t-chests, and The Guardian and his gate. You need to turn in the 4 glass 
    shards. Go ahead and turn in the [SHARD OF SPRING DANCE]. Now clear out all
    the gargoyles and Medusa, only the eastern part of the map is left. Head back
    to the second Hero Monument on the east side and head northeast to the 
    gargoyle Blutstein and kill him. Due east are 3 Fire Drakelings and 2 more
    t-chests, one of which holds [ORC WORKER 10]. The NE pass is now open so head
    northeast up to 3 more Fire Drakelings. There is a Bindstone, the Portal To
    The Rift, and 3 t-chests. They hold..
         SHRINE], and [HALL OF GLORY]
      2) Orc [FIREMASTER] and [DRUMMER]
         Troll [SMASHER], [ROWDY], [THROWER], and [DEVASTATOR]
         and [STONECUTTER].
      Journey to Southern Windwalls Windholme and talk to Urak for him to start
    the earthblade. 
      Journey to Greyfell and talk to Sartarius for some info. Now talk to Tamara
    the Seamstress to get your Everwhite Silk Robe. Talk to Adhira to get her hero
      Journey to Eloni Elf Settlement and talk to Ashawe to turn in your beast
      Head back to Urak in Windholme to pick up your earthblade. If it isn't ready
    just journey to another map and back and it should be time. You'll probably
    be using this as your main weapon at this point. Journey back to Mulandir Rift
    Portal and enter the Portal to the Rift. I was level 23 at this point.
      17)  THE RIFT
      There will be a cutscene. Instead of exploring solo we will start your Orc
    base right away. Go north and activate the Bindstone then your Orc Monument.
    As for troops you want 10 Orc Spearmen as meat shields and the rest Totems.
    The base only has 1 entrance to the east, and it will be assaulted with 
    demon armies. Get a good amount of towers here, station your Avatar on the
    path up the hill, and put your Totems at the top of the hill to blast away at
    anything heading up. You want 6-12 firetowers also, but they take up a lot of
    room so just fit in what you can. Put your army at the top of the hill with
    Spearmen in front and a couple Drummers in back. Totems and Towers should kill
    pretty much anything walking up the path. 
      The enemy demons don't attack in huge waves but they give nice exp. Take
    your avatar to the first south demon camp. It has 3 gates and 2 t-chests. Go
    ahead and camp here for a bit farming the demons they shouldn't bother you
    much at your level. You have a north path that leads up through Mistress of
    Zarachs and 2 more gates. To the east is a Vulcanoid and east of that is
    a Bindstone and Talia Storm. When you are ready for the next part of the map
    prepare your army. You are going to be swarmed with a boatload of very strong
    demons, but if you prepped as I told you, you should beat them. Make sure you
    have about 10 towers at the bottom of your base path, and 6-10 on top. You
    want 50 troops, maybe 40 of them Totems at the top towers.
      Activate the Bindstone and talk to Talia Storm. She goes to fight Ulather
    but fails. Go in and show her how to do it. Kill Ulather and get [GLOWING RED
    is dead you'll be thanked by Talia. Now hurry and journey back to the west
    base the demons are on the way. They will hit your lower towers and hopefully
    be a little confused. This helps the towers take down a couple. Keep your army
    at the top while your Avatar uses hit and run tactics to try and take down any
    demons on the west side. Beware they can kill you they are that strong. So
    run back up to the west if you start to get hurt. Try and lure some demons up
    into your army range. Eventually you'll take down all the invading demons, but
    you probably will lose most of your towers and initial army doing it. No big
    problem, rebuild them. 
      Not much else to do here, you can farm a bit if you want. There is a Hero
    Monument north of where you fought Ulather if you want some Hero backup. I got
    to level 25 then cleared the map. There is a Troll Monument up here also but
    you cannot use it yet, not that you need to. Take Talia back to the west side
    and talk to her when she is ready. Get the [SHARD OF WINTER SILENCE]. Now you
    can use the Red Key to open the 3 locked chests.
         THROWER], and [IRONHOUSE].
      Journey back to Mulandir Old University and head north through the Portal
    to Farlorn's Hope.
      18)  FARLORN'S HOPE
      Unlike other maps, the enemy Briarwolf camps are active when you enter. 
    There are friendly Red Legion camps and enemy Briarwolf. The trouble is, your
    camp is Orc, which is enemy to both. So the goal is to move about the map and
    not have both sides attacking you....or.. maybe that IS the goal. 
      Start the map and move down the hill and talk to Flint Mortaine to get info.
    Head east to the Red Legion main camp and talk to Commander Halicor. You can
    turn in your wolf emblems here. Talk to Thom Laire to get his quest. Now move
    to the center of the map to your Orc Monument. Activate it and the Bindstone.
    Now wood is going to be scarce early on but you'll need everything. Take 5
    workers and send them to where you first entered the map at the Portal to
    Mulandir. Red Legion troops will probably kill 1 on the way. Have them run all
    the way to the far north side, those troops should fall back. Then build a
    woodcutter hut and get the trees here.
      Build 1 tower on the east side of your camp and 2 towers on the south side.
    We are going to take the towers to the enemy, not wait for them. Build your
    camp up while your Avatar roams the southern part of the map killing Briarwolf
    troops. There is an enemy camp due south of your base with 2 spawn spots. Have
    your Avatar keep one side clear while 6 workers build towers. Move about 6
    spearmen down to the spawn point to tie up enemy troops at each location. When
    you are done you should have about 10-12 towers in the camp with 6 spearmen
    at each spawn point. This will have you killing both Briarwolf and Red Legion
    troops that pop up. Replace any Spearmen that are killed over time. There is
    a body on the nw side of the camp that holds the [DAGGER OF THE RED LEGION].
      Now its time to hit the south enemy base because you need more wood. Its a
    little hard because not only do you have the base, you have a friendly base
    east and a second enemy base west. Have your Avatar clear the south base, and
    send your workers far southwest to start logging wood away from enemies. Keep
    enemies dead until you have enough wood to build more towers. We want to 
    secure the west base first. Send your Avatar and workers and about 10 spearmen
    to the top of the hill above the west base. Build 8 towers and station your
    spearmen in the middle as lure. Captain Ultar holds [WOLF ELITE ARMOR]. A
    t-chest holds Orc [FIGHTER].
      Now secure the south base. You want 8-10 towers set up on the east side
    entrance and 6-10 spearmen as lure to take down both the base spawn AND the
    friendly spawn from the east. You should be down to zip on Lenya but we will
    get more later. Now explore the rest of the map. We have a Briarwolf base to
    the northwest with 2 spawn spots, but we don't have enough towers to secure
    that. No problem use it as a good source of constant spawn. There is a large
    Red Legion camp to the southeast. Now there are 2 areas we will be working on.
    To the north is a Dragon and to the far west/northwest is the main enemy camp
    and a Fire Drakeling spawn base (you can reach these by going sw past the
    west Briarwolf camp and swinging north). The Fire Drakelings are nice to farm,
    but the main west Briarwolf force you want to leave for now. The dragon we
    will have to make a force of Totems since it can only be hit by distance 
    attacks. Spearmen are useless against it.
      First we will destroy the nw Briarwolf camps since we don't have the forces
    to farm those spawn spots. There are 2 t-chests up here also. Now take down
    all the enemy buildings in the area we are done farming the Briarwolf camps.
    The only areas left are the dragon north and the Fire drakelings/Briarwolf
    elite camp far west. Once all enemy buildings are down, take your entire army
    of spearmen to the closed gate to the west. Take your Avatar to talk to 
    Dundred in the south who will want you to get armor and a sword so he can 
    sneak into the Elite base to kill the Elite commander. Give him the items and
    a cutscene will show him destroying the Elite generator commander (otherwise
    the elite soldiers respawn endlessly). Send your Avatar to the gate, the Elite
    guards will attack from the base. Your army is to stall the soldiers until 
    your Avatar can arrive and help. Try and take down as many as possible until
    your army eventually fails. Your Avatar can handle some, but not the whole
    group, so when your health drops to 50% or less run to the first Red Legion
    base and regroup. The Elites will attack the base, hopefully the base will 
    last long enough for you to regen your mana and skills. If not kill what you
    can and flee east to your towers. Finish off all the Elite troops and then
    take your Avatar to destroy the troops in the now open NW base.
      While your Avatar is doing that, rebuild your army, this time getting Totems
    which will be needed to kill the dragon. You don't need an entire army of 
    them, you'll want some Melee troops to act as meat shields, but you want
    mostly Totems. In the NW base get the 3 t-chests, and talk to Elwen and Bork.
    Now go farm the Fire Drakelings until your army is ready. There is Faurung
    you can kill for [STONE OF ETERNAL FIRE], [VULCAN GLASS PHIAL] and a nice 2
    handed Crimson Wrath axe. Send your Avatar to the north Dragon area and clear
    it of enemies. Make an army of 30+ Veteran orcs and send them into the 
    Red Legion camp just north of your base so they can clear it so the camp
    doesn't mess with your troops. Send your Totems (I had 30) and about 10 
    Veterans and your Avatar north to the dragon. Send the melee troops right next
    to the dragon while your Totems blast it. When its dead move all troops back
    to your base and search the dragon Fyrmir for [SHARD OF SUMMER WIND], [DRAGON
    SCALES], [STONE OF ETERNAL FIRE], and [DRAGON BLOOD]. 2 t-chests in the area
    hold [RUNE FIGHTER ALRIUS 17] and [TROLL WORKER 11].
      Head back to your base and on a small hill on the east side talk to Jon 
    Farlorn to assemble all the ingredients for Bork. You should have everything.
    Talk to Rigour Mortis, show him the ring and show him Thar's head. Head back
    to Elwen and Bork, you can destroy the base now. Talk to Elwen and Bork.
    There are 2 t-chests in the final base and Commander Briars body. Go and have
    Bork blow up the rocks south and Elwen tells you the location of her shard. 
    Follow Bork south and talk to him again to blow up the rocks. Go up the hill
    to the Portal to Greyfell and loot the 3 t-chests. Now head to the large stone
    just south of your base and activate it. Kill the Frost Thing and get the
    [SHARD OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT]. Your done on this map, clear it of any leftover
    foes and buildings. Talk to Commander Halicor at the main Red Legion base and
    turn in any [WOLFSIGN]. He will also reward you for destroying the Briarwolves
    with 4 orc buildings. You have 3 already, the 4th you need is Orc [FIGHTER].
      Journey to Liannon and talk to Shan Muir about her sister and show her the
    items you have. Go west talk to Tyrgar the fisherman.
      Journey to Greyfell. Talk to Seno the Dentist and learn how to help Thom.
    Journey back to Farlorn's Hope Red Legion Camp and talk to Thom. Take the
    Tablet back to Greyfell to Goram. Give him a Sapphire to complete the quest.
      Talk to Orthac in east Greyfell to turn in Scales for Dragon armor. You
    probably already have better armor at this point, but its still good.
      Journey to Northern Windwalls Pass. Head south into the spider area to fight
    4 shadows. One carries the [SHADOW MANIFEST]
      Journey to Greydusk Vale, in the center-west are about 6 shadows. Go kill
      Journey to Howling Mounds South, to the west are 7 shadows to kill.
      Journey to Farlorns Hope Trade and talk to Rigour and then Jon. Journey to
    Howling Mounds Inside Fortress and search that part of the wall north of the
    portal for the Shadow Crystal. Head back and talk to Rigour and he will send
    you to Greyfell Castagir. 
      Journey to Greyfell and talk to Castagir who will have you wait while he
    makes the Shadow Pulse armor. Journey about to a few maps and come back and it
    should be ready. Very excellent armor. 
      Journey to Mulandir Palace and go east and talk to the Guardian and turn in
    all your Shards. He will flee east, follow him and kill all the Mechlan 
    clones on the way. At the end talk to him and get the Phoenix stone and then
    kill the murderer. There is a t-chest up here also. Activate the Bindstone and
    journey back to Greyfell. In Greyfell you will have a cutscene and then you
    want to Journey to the Frost Marshes Rohen's End to continue your quest.
      19)  FROST MARSHES
      We are going to explore a bit first. Head north down the hill, killing some
    Blades on the way. You'll pass a Hero Monument, ignore it for now. Continue
    and you'll come to a Blade camp. Head up and east into an open area where
    you will find a Drakeling camp north and an Orc Monument east. A pathway heads
    northeast up to the second part of the map. Head up and at the intersection
    north and west lead to Hill Giants. Head north and kill the Windwielder who
    has a [RUNE PRIEST ADHIRA 18]. The t-chest he is guarding has Dark Elf [SMALL
    HEADQUARTERS]. Continue west clearing out the Giants and you'll arrive at the
    top of a hill and kill Stormfist. A dead giant body is here you can loot.
      Don't head east from the intersection, it leads to the Frost Elves and Ice
    Golems. They both are too tough because they can freeze you. Head all the way
    back to your Hero Monument and summon your heros. You are going to drop off
    your Heros at the Blade camp to farm the spawn while your Avatar goes to 
    activate the Orc Monument, then camp the Drakeling camp for spawn. Build your
    Orc base up. When possible put some fire towers along the south wall of the
    ramp leading northeast to attack anything heading down. Talk to Urias and 
    Craig to get all their info and quest updates.
      Build some towers by the Blade camp so you can move some Hero's up to the
    NE ramp to help with defense. Put some towers by the Drakeling spawn area so
    you can move your Avatar up to the ramp (maybe just put 1 Hero at the Drake-
    ling spawn instead.) Your camp should be building fine with 6-10 towers at
    the bottom of the ramp to back up your troops. You will be running low on
    wood very soon. Get a decent force of 30+ spearmen and take your army north
    up the path into the second part of the map. Halfway up is some more wood to
      At the intersection head east and secure the pathway north. Frost Elves 
    come from the north while Frost Golems from the east. Set your army here along
    with some tower backup. Activate the Troll Monument and start mining the
    stone and iron in this area. The Frost Golems to the east might be too much
    to handle along with the Frost elves. Take down the 2 spawn buildings for them
    if they get to be a pain. At the east path is the body of a dead Hill Giant.
    A t-chest in this area holds Dark Elf [ONYXSHRINE]. You have plenty of stone
    so start building Troll Throwers and other troops to boost up your Orc troops
    and when ready send your army north and take down 3 Frost towers and some
    Elf troops. A t-chest here holds Dark Elf [QUARRY].
      Head west to the first Elf town taking down towers as you go. Clear the
    town and farm the spawn spot if you wish. A t-chest here holds Dark Elf
    [MINDBENDER]. Head west and clear the second town, a t-chest here holds Dark
    Elf [TOWER OF SORCERY]. The last area to the east has a Frost Thing spawn, 
    they are tough with their freezing take your army into them. They are great to
    farm also. West is the Frozen One guarding a chest with [DARK ELF WORKER 12]
    in it. Head back and talk to Urias and Craig. Destroy all enemy buildings on
    the map its time to move on.
      Journey to Howling Mounds Fortress and head west into the open area where
    many Amra's Guardians are roaming about. Search the area and kill them all. 
    At the grave of Amra, which is due east over the pond from the center Dwarf
    Fortress, search it to activate the second wave of spirits. You will fight
    a very hard End Of All Hope spirit but you should be strong enough to defeat
    it solo. if not, simply build a Dwarf army to back you up. When its dead the
    spirit of Arma will appear, kill her to receive [AMRA'S CHESTPLATE] and 
    [AMRA'S GREAVES], probably the best armor in the game for a warrior. Of course
    put the armor on. Journey back to Frost Marshes, back to Urias and south 
    through the Portal to Southern Godmark.
      Starting off you will head into a large open area with a Dark Elf Monument
    and Bindstone at the north side. Ignore these for now. To the west is a group
    of Blades. Kill them then head southwest to kill a second group of Blades.
    West of here are a couple camps of Frost Golems, ignore them they are too
    annoying with their freezing we will deal with them later. At the south end
    of the center area is a third group of Blades. South of them is another group
    but leave that group alone. Head east to the fifth group of Blades guarding
    the east area. Kill them and move east into your main Orc base area.
      This is a large isolated Orc base area, plenty of room and only one small
    entrance to guard. Much better than the Dark Elf base. In the far east, south
    and southwest areas are 3 t-chests. Start your Orc camp and activate the 
    Bindstone. Send your Avatar west to kill any wandering spawn and build about
    10 towers at the base entrance just in case. Upgrade your camp to max. When
    you are ready we can secure the north area. Just build Orc Veterans and Thugs
    (when you are out of Iron) that's all you'll need.
      Send your Avatar to the Dark Elf base and activate the Bindstone and the
    Dark Elf Monument. Have your Dark Elf workers start mining stone (also 2 stone
    spots in your Orc camp) and Lenya. Send your Avatar and some Orc warriors west
    to the Frost Golem camps and secure them. Have 6 Dark Elf workers follow to
    build towers at those spots to farm. On the west side is another Bindstone,
    a Hero Monument (summon your heros), and a t-chest. Heading south you'll run
    into some Ice Elementals on the west hill. They are weak. Kill them and get
    the 2 t-chests there. 
      While you are securing the west side, send your Dark Elf workers to the 
    center south of the Dark Elf area, just north of the group of Blades. You want
    to set up a virtual wall of towers in this area because Blades will be flowing
    up from the south very soon. Put 20-30 towers easy in this area. More if you
    want. Both types since the Mesmerizing towers really help against enemies.
    On the west side your Avatar/Heros head south into a Blade base. Secure the
    base and get the t-chest north of the spawn spot which has Dark Elf [SORCERER]
    and [ONYX TOWER]. Bring some Elf workers down to set up towers to farm the
    spot. South of here is another Dark Elf Monument. 
      [NOTE:  Between the north and south areas is a huge dark tower that will
    kill anything in its area. This is the reason we skirt it to the west. You 
    can actually destroy the tower but its not worth the trouble.]
      Now, at this camp the northeast Blade building spawns endless special spawn
    for the north defense. You can watch them spawn and move north. You want to
    really build up defenses around this building so you can really farm. I put
    dozens of towers up of all types all around these buildings. Later on stronger
    Blades will spawn really amping up the experience. Put about 6 Orc veterans
    at each spot to draw the spawn and farm away. Move your Army east to the SE
    Blade base and clear it for farming. Get the t-chest. A Princeps Of The First
    Order is here who holds [RUNE MAGE SHINDAR 19] and [SHOULDERPLATES OF A 
    PRINCEPS]. Now head south and west to the south Blade base and clear and 
    secure it. Get the t-chest here. 
      The east path leads to the Portal to the Ruins. Enter and appear in the
    final east area. Head up and free Sartarius and you'll have a cutscene. After
    talk to Urias and Craig. Get the 3 t-chests nearby for buildings..
      Continue up the path, getting 2 t-chests on the way. The second one near the
    portal has [DARK ELF WORKER 13]. Enter the Portal To Nightwhisper Dale.
       Enter the map and activate the Bindstone. Take the first west path to a 
    hidden body of a giant body you can loot. Kill any Blades on the way through
    the pathway. You want to go around the green Spit Flowers they will kill you
    in a poison cloud. Half way through there is a t-chest on a northeast path.
    Near the north part of the path is another t-chest to the east under a tree.
    Exiting the Spit Flower area you head east down a long road. You'll get a
    t-chest and continue southeast to a Bindstone. Activate it.
      Now head southwest clearing any foe you find. New enemies on the map. Irvish
    Drakelings carry [ARIA CRYSTALS] and they will respawn later. Kithar are a new
    cat enemy, very strong similar to trolls. Head south and you'll see a Dark
    Elf base to the west. Continue south into the spider lair. At the end you'll
    kill Zalaga for her [SPIDERBLOOD]. There is a dead skeleton body you can loot
    also. Heading out east there is a Hero Monument up on a south hill. Some 
    misc Blade and Irvish are about the center of the map.
      On the southeast side is the Blade camps. A Dark Elf and Troll Monument are
    down this way along with a Bindstone. A north path winds down to a portal 
    guarded by Deadly towers. They will kill you instantly. Ignore that path until
    the end of the map. Continue east and northeast you will encounter the Kithar
    camps along with 4 Kithar leaders. Kill them.
      Kzin holds [RUNE FIGHTER GORETH 20], Razaar nothing, Horshak nothing, and
    SOKARESH [Dark Elf worker 14].
      There are 2 t-chests near the High Archon, don't talk to him yet.
      When you have explored the map its time to start it up. Make sure you have
    7 of the [ARIA CRYSTALS] from the Irvish. Go to the Dark Elf city and talk to
    Dracon Shain. He will give you a few troops. Take your Avatar to the Hero
    Monument and summon your Heros. Divide your Dracon troops into 2 parties. We
    want to drop 1 party off at the 2 Irvish spawn spots on the way east to your
    Dark Elf Monument. If they aren't currently there, just have your groups wait
    in the area and you can move them when the Irvish spawn. Have your Avatar go
    activate the Dark Elf and Troll Monuments and kill any Blade spawn from the
    2 spawn spots. Have your Hero's gather at the Hero Monument then head north
    to the Kithar camp and clear it and farm the spawn spot. 
      Here is what I did, and it worked well. At your Dark Elf Monument start
    building your base. Quickly have 5 workers start gathering the Aria from the
    fountain. Your goal is to start building many towers on the east side by the
    spawn spot. These towers will not only handle the Blade spawn, but there will
    be Kithar coming down from the east. Once you have enough towers to contain
    that area, start building towers by the Kithar camp your Hero's are farming.
    I kept one warrior and one priest Hero at this spot backed up by towers. I
    moved my other 3 Heros to the 2 Blade spawn spots to guard those, backed up 
    by towers. This leaves my Avatar free to roam about and do what he needs to
      From your Troll Monument build your 10-20 workers. You want them only 
    woodcutting. This will help clear the area to build Dark Elf buildings since 
    its tight around there. Your base should be plenty secure with towers on the
    east side and west sides with your Heros. Have your Avatar make runs east to
    the big Kithar base to weed down enemy troops. Keep building your base and 
    troops. You can switch over to Troll Rock towers if you run low on lenya for
    your Elf ones, but they take up more space. Move your Avatar east to the 
    multiple Kithar camps and secure each one as you go. Have workers build towers
    and have a few Troll troops as lures. Farm as long as you wish. 
      When you are done farming, destroy all the enemy buildings. We will go get
    your nice sword now. Journey to Greyfell and talk to Adhira to turn in her
    quest. She asks you to go to Southern Windwalls Windholme and talk to Skarvig
    to get a admantinum vessel. Turn in the shards to Skarvig for the vessel and
    return to Adhira to get the Hero Potion. Go down to the small center map 
    village and give the potion to Tombard and then kill him. Get the awesome
    Sword of Light. 
      Return to the High Archon in Nightwisper dale in the NE and when you are
    ready you can get a protection spell put on you from him that will allow you
    to move past the death towers up to the Portal to Breathing Forest. Do this
    and enter the Portal
      You come down the hill, a Bindstone is here. SAVE YOUR GAME! There is a bug
    that happens sometimes, you don't want it happening. Head west and there will
    be a cutscene with Blooddash. Afterwards he takes down a Death tower nearby.
    The bug is, sometimes the tower doesn't disappear and it will be there in the
    way after the cutscene. If this happens, reload.
      Now, this map is full of enemy camps, a lot of them. I'll divide the map
    into north and south (with Blooddash as sorta the dividing line). We want to 
    explore the map solo first there are some t-chests we need. I'll layout the
    camps in a menu so you have an idea where they are and where to start. If you
    are going to farm the camps kill all foes save the buildings. If no farming
    just destroy the camps as you pass them. 
                               NORTH SIDE
      1) SE Kithar camp near some moonsilver.. t-chest has [ORC WORKER 15]
      2) East camp near Aria fountain... t-chest has [TROLL WORKER 15]
      3) Northeast no camp, but has Dark Elf Monument, Bindstone and resources
      4) Center camp... basic t-chest
      5) NW camp...  t-chest has [DARK ELF WORKER 15]
      6) West camp..  t-chest has [RUNE WARRIOR ISHTAR 21]
      7) SW camp.. Boss Zirrkah  basic loot
                               SOUTH SIDE
      8) West and SW are Blade camps, stay away they have Death Towers
      9) Center Kithar camp .. t-chest has [DWARF WORKER 15]
      10) SE base is Blade camp, stay away has Death tower
      11) East camp .. Boss Sharkan.. t-chest has [ELF WORKER 15]
      12) NE camp.. t-chest has [HUMAN WORKER 15]
      So as you can see, many camps are about. Blooddash has a Forest stone that
    he guards. Taking this stone will have Blooddash chase you to kill you and 
    get it back. He is invulnerable and kills very fast, but he is slow. The
    Kithar camps you can handle yourself but you'll need Blooddash to take out the
    Death Towers in the Blade camps, we will do that first. All the Kithar are 
    dead and won't spawn until you activate the Monument. So head to Blooddash
    and steal his stone. Head down all the way to the SE Blade base. Keep 
    Blooddash kinda close and try and lure some Blades out of the camp to you. 
    Just run around and try and drag them into Blooddash so he heads into the camp
    and destroys it. Stay out of his range so he doesn't re-target you until he
    is done.
      Once you are done with the SE Blade base, its time for the harder ones. Head
    west to the smaller west Blade base. Again, lure Blooddash near the base and
    try and get the spawn to jump on him. I would save just before you try and if
    it doesn't work just reload and try again. Once he destroys the south base its
    time for the very hard north Blade base. Its much harder to move in the north
    base there are many Death towers and not much room. You come up from the south
    with 2 towers in front of you. You can actually squeeze around the left tower
    near the water. Get close and time it to move between blasts. Get on the tiny
    island after the first blast then move past on the second. You want to move
    up now to the center of the camp staying between the towers. Once in the 
    center you can head out east to the far NE and hopefully Blooddash is now
    attacking the southern buildings. It will take a little experimenting to get
    him to take down all the buildings. When he is done grab the t-chest near the
    [WARLOCK], and [HAVOK]. 
      As long as you have access to the t-chest and the portal you are fine. Head
    back to Blooddash's bowl and replace his gem to have him stop chasing you. 
    Now you can farm the Kithar camps. Head to the Dark Elf Monument and activate
    it and the Bindstone. Start building your camp and get your workers gathering
    Aria fast so you can get towers up. Have your Avatar jump between the 3
    closest Kithar camps while your base builds. When you can start towers build
    10 towers at the east camp. Then move to the southeast camp. The bigger center
    camp has 3 spawn spots, that will be next. Once the first 2 camps are towered
    up its time to tower up the center camp. 
      After this it gets tough. There are many camps, so the Kithar will start to
    spawn fast and they are tough fighters also. Good experience, but you will get
    overwhelmed fast. Your Avatar is tough enough to survive a bunch of them so
    when the spawn gets to much or you want to move on just start destroying the
    Kithar camps and you'll be fine. Head to the big Blade camp and enter the
    Portal to Sharrowdale.
      23)  SHARROWDALE
       A very easy board and map. The south is divided into 3 areas, the west, 
    center and east. You watch a cutscene and head into the western area where you
    have Orc, Troll and Dark Elf Monuments with a Bindstone. Explore solo the area
    isn't complicated. To the southeast is a Drakeling lair with Pyrotwar griffin
    guard. Kill him for his [THIRD WEDGE]. A t-chest is here. 
      The center area is just filler, a small Blade camp is to the north with
    Second Princeps of the Hand who has [SECOND WEDGE]. A t-chest here has [RUNE
    MAGE SHAIDAR 22]. Moving into the east area, the NE is the gate to the north.
    South is a blade camp with First Princeps of the Hand. He has [FIRST WEDGE]. 
    there are 2 t-chests here, and 1 more to the east. The 3 wedges open the NE
    gate. If you want to farm, head back and activate the Dark Elf Monument. Start
    your base we want to get towers up at all 3 spawn locations. 
      You don't need a full base, we only want to build Dark Elf towers so you 
    just need small HQ and 30 workers. 10 for aria fountains, 6 on the stone and
    quarry/upgrade and the rest building towers. Start at the Drakeling camp and
    move east to the 2 blade camps. Your resources aren't used the rest of the map
    so build towers, towers, towers. Now when your tower defenses are up and 
    running take your Avatar through the east portal. You will appear in the 
    second map area, where your good forces are stationed. Human, Elf and Dwarf.
    These use entirely separate resources so you'll have to build from scratch
      In the north area there are Human, Elf and Dwarf Monuments and a Bindstone.
    Go with the Elf army due to unlimited towers. To the southeast is the Master
    of Souls who has [HALF OCTAGONAL KEY]. Souls are very tough, towers won't work
    against them so your Avatar will have to farm here. In the west of this area
    is a Blade base. Third Princeps of the Hand has [HALF OCTAGONAL KEY]. The 2
    keys open the west gate. A t-chest is here. Secure the Blade base with dozens
    of towers, your Avatar will be in the Soul area. No need to build your base to
    max, just have dozens of towers to take down Blade spawn while your Avatar
    farms Soul spawn. When you are bored destroy the Soul buildings and enter the
    west Portal to continue.
      Head up the path to the final area. Kill any Blade and Ogre foes in the way.
    Reach the first enemy camp and kill the First Triumvir for [FIRST WEDGE]. Get
    the t-chest nearby. Continue west up to the next camp with Second Triumvir who
    has [SECOND WEDGE] and a t-chest nearby. Continue up the path, getting a
    t-chest on the north path. You'll come to the third camp with the Third
    Triumvir with the [THIRD WEDGE]. 2 t-chests are nearby, one has the [PLEDGE OF
    THE GODS]. Activate the Bindstone then insert the 3 wedges in the NE gate to
    open it. Defeat the Blades behind it and head east to the final area. 
      East is the Soulforger, the big boss. Hug the wall south and you'll find 
    a last t-chest along with a Hero Monument. Take out the Soulforger, you need
    to take out the green pedestals first because they heal the Soulforger. After
    you kill the Soulforger the game ends so do anything you need to do before
      [NOTE: Remember, the 3rd expansion you can import this character into the
             game. All Hero's and items you currently wear are imported, but your
             inventory is not. At level 30 if you reach it, make sure all your
             Heros and you have the best equipment before finishing the game and
             make a special save, maybe called "Import save" so you know which
             file you want to import. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GO OVER LEVEL 30 with 
             this save, the 3rd expansion cannot import you if you are level 31 or
       Well I hope you had a good time playing the game. Spellforce Order of Dawn
    is the first game of the trio. You can import this character into the 3rd 
    expansion as long as it is level 30 or under. The 2nd expansion is a beginner
    level game that takes place years after the Order of Dawn.
       As I said in the opening, playing a mage casting character is much more
    difficult than a warrior but more enjoyable because you have to use tactics
    and just can't run into the middle of tough foes and survive. Plus casting all
    those spells are pretty fun especially at higher levels. 
       If you find any problems with the walkthrough feel free to email me with
    any notes or corrections if I missed something at jamesfriel05@comcast.net. 
    Please don't email with how YOU would do something, its my walkthrough not
    yours, but errors, corrections or missed items i would like to know about.

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