• All the Weapon #'s.

    Follow the code CHTWEAP X, when x=1-30. These are the weapons, according to their corresponding number.

    1 M16
    2 Ak47
    3 *none*
    4. m1 Garand Sniper Rifle
    5 *none*
    6 PPs 41 (Drum Clip)
    7 Colt 45. Pistol
    8 Tarakov
    9 Marakov
    10 Revolver .38
    11 Remmenington Shotgun
    12 Winchester Rifle
    13 *none*
    14 SVD Dragunov
    15 SKS Simonuv
    16 *none*
    17 M60 Heavy Machine Gun
    18 Degterav Machine Gun
    19 US-M3
    20 *none*
    21 Thompson
    22 Silenced Colt 45
    23 PPs 43
    24 *none*
    25 M1 Carbine
    26 Mosin Nagant
    27 M79 Grenade Luancher
    28 Bakiael Shotgun
    29 US Knife
    30 VC Knife

    28Bakiael Shotgun
    7Colt 45. Pistol
    18Degterav Machine Gun
    25M1 Carbine
    4m1 Garand Sniper Rifle
    17M60 Heavy Machine Gun
    27M79 Grenade Launcher
    26Mosin Nagant
    6PPs 41 (Drum Clip)
    23PPs 43
    11Remmenington Shotgun
    10Revolver .38
    22Silenced Colt 45
    15SKS Simonuv
    14SVD Dragunov
    29US Knife
    30VC Knife
    12Winchester Rifle

    Contributed By: Brian A S.

  • Single Player Cheats

    Enter the master code, followed by whichever codes you wish to enable.

    CHTALLQFAccess Quickfights
    chtcannibalsAll Vietcong wear masks
    GIFTFROMPTERODONEnable Access To The Following Cheat Codes
    CHTGRENADESGet Grenades
    CHTWEAP XGet Weapon Where X Is Value 0-30
    CHT3PVPlay In 3rd Person View
    CHTAMMORefill Ammunition
    CHTHEALRestore Health
    CHTHEALTEAMRestore Health For Team
    showfps 1Show Frame-rates Per Second
    showprof 1Show System Stats
    chtallqfUnlock all Quick Fight maps

    Contributed By: chubskj and JetBlack.

Easter Eggs

  • VC Zombie

    In the very first arrival mission at Nui Pek, as soon as you exit the chopper, go right to the entrance of your bunk, before talking to the captain or anyone else. Try opening the locked door ten times. On the tenth attempt, you will hear laughter. Keep trying and on the 13th attempt, you will get the M79 grenade launcher, keep trying and on the 15th try some scary music will play and a VC zombie will walk at you with his arms straight out and his eyes rolling in his head. You can now either shoot him or enter the jeep and drive around camp.

    Contributed By: Dagon.

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