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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DestructoBoy

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                         —+ The Fellowship of the Ring +—
        The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (PC) FAQ/Walkthrough
                   Written by DestructoBoy (crazysbeej@hotmail.com)
                           Released on January 27, 2003
                          Last Updated: December 4, 2003
                                  Version 2.5
    IMPORTANT!!: If you do not have something pertaining to the words "Lord of the
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    Version History
    Version 1.00
    I only put the quests that are needed to complete the game for now. I'll put
    the one's that aren't needed, but are fun to complete, in later.
    Version 1.1
    I added a little bit more to the section about e-mailing me. I also added a
    question I got asked quite a few times.
    Version 1.2
    I added a few tiny things that don't really need to be mentioned (the "Last
    Updated" thing at the top).
    Version 1.3
    I added a little important note at the top. I also added a credits section with
    a few people that sent me stuff to make things easier for you, and what they
    sent were easier ways to beat the barrow-wight.
    Version 1.4
    I added a section with the only sites that have permission to use my guide as
    of when I last updated this.
    Version 1.5
    I added a person, that noticed a misdirection, into the Credits section.
    Version 1.6
    Two more sites with my guide on them. They're down in the section with my
    permission. Also another "Important" note at the top and it's also in the
    e-mail section. Furthermore my computer decided not to be able to play the game
    anymore. So all of the secondary quests in Hobbiton may not be put in for quite
    a while until I figure out what's wrong.
    Version 1.7
    Oh boy! That took long enough! I've finally got one of the secondary quests up,
    but i did it all by memory because my game is flipping out. On top of that,
    there's two more people in the credits section for helping me out.
    Version 1.8
    And there is yet another site with my guide on it. So it's down there in the
    website section.
    Version 1.9
    Got few more people in the credits section. One wanted to remain anonymous,
    though. Also an item and weapon section which was inspired by the anonymous
    Version 2.00
    Added a question I got asked several times into the FAQ section. So look at it,
    memorize it, and never ask me that question again. I also added two sites that
    have my permission to post my guide on it. Oh yeah, and thanks to a person, who
    is now in the credits section, the other side quest in 'The Shire' has been
    added to this guide. One more thing, another thanks to a certain person, who is
    also in the credits section, we all will now know that this guide does NOT work
    for the gameboy version. So, besides the fact that this guide should only be in
    the PC section for LOTR, there is another IMPORTANT note at the top. Sheesh, I
    sure did add a lot to this update... maybe it's because there is nearly nothing
    left... either that or because I was too lazy to click like 3 whole buttons to
    update it onto the internet. Oh well.
    Version 2.1
    Added another site with my permission, therefore forcing me to realize that
    this will never be done. I also fixed a few stupid spelling and grammar errors
    I found, but I bet there are more somewhere in here.
    Version 2.2
    Got another person in the Credits section for giving me the idea for an enemies
    list. And that would also mean I have an enemies list now. And I added a little
    more to Boss Battle: Balrog in the Mines of Moria section. I also fixed two
    tiny spelling errors. So there.
    Version 2.3
    Added a tip to the Barrow-Downs section and added the person, who sent the tip,
    into the Credits section. I finally just got sick of finding little spelling
    and grammar errors so I threw my whole guide into a spell check and fixed them
    all!! MUAHAHAHA!!... but somehow... I still believe there are some left...
    Version 2.4
    Added that you have a torch to fight off the Nazgul in the Boss Battle: The
    Nazgul under Weathertop. Dawn Arbuckle was the person who sent in that I should
    say that, so I did and in turn now have another person in the Credits section.
    Version 2.5
    First of all, I changed the name of the "Sites That Have My Permission" section
    to "Allowed To Post My Guide". Second of all, a magazine named PCGAMER UK asked
    if they could put my guide in. So now they're down in the newly named section
    and you now know why I changed the name.
    My Thoughts on the Game
    This game is pretty awesome, a little short, but good nonetheless. It's
    pretty cool how you get to see the world from a hobbit's point of view, and to
    cut enemies to shreds as Aragorn, and to blast away orcs with the awesome
    powers of Gandalf. The finishing moves are really cool (stand over a knocked
    down enemy and press the attack button[Aragorn and Gandalf only]). Personally,
    my favorite character to play as was definitely Aragorn. Gandalf was ok except
    he couldn't use his sword very well and Frodo couldn't do jack to orcs. Overall
    I give the game an A. Good job game developers.
    This is my first walkthrough, so yeah it probably will seem pretty bad to some
    of you.
    If you find anything amiss, inaccurate, not understandable, or if you know
    something like a secret or something that's really cool about the game that I
    haven't already put, please e-mail me at: crazysbeej@hotmail.com
    Please don't send anything that has absolutely nothing to do with the game or
    this walkthrough. And please refrain from sending anything that puts down,
    makes fun of, or is just mean about me. I don't care if you yell about the
    walkthrough, just don't start "throwing rocks" at me, if you catch my meaning.
    I created this walkthrough because of how much I love the books by JRR Tolkien.
    This walkthrough isn't anything special but it was fun to create and it just
    might help whoever needs help in the game. My walkthrough may not be as good as
    other walkthroughs on this game but I don't care.
    Also make sure you have something like "Lord of the Rings guide" in the subject
    area of your e-mail. If you do not, I most likely will NOT open it.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. The Shire
      A. Metal Pin
      B. Old Noakes' Herbs
    3. The Old Forest
    4. Barrow-Downs
    5. Bree
    6. Weathertop
    7. Troll Shaws
    8. Rivendell
    9. Hollin Gate
    10. Mines of Moria
    11. Lothlorien
    12. Anduin
    13. Amon Hen
      A. Xiphiidae
    Item Section
    Enemy List
    Allowed To Post My Guide
                                  <1. Introduction>
    When you start a new game, it will show you a brief clip explaining the
    background of the One Ring. As the clip goes on it gradually goes through
    what's been going on after the battle for the Ring. Eventually it will show
    Frodo holding the Ring and someone will knock on his door. The clip is pretty
    informative and fun to watch so go ahead and watch it.
                                   <2. The Shire>
    Character: Frodo
    Weaponry: Walking Stick, Rocks
    Enemies: Wolves, Nazgul(RingWraiths)
    Main Quests: Find the Bag End deed, Sell Bag End to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins,
    Get the key to Bag End, Ring the warning bell, Get the One Ring from Bag End,
    Take the Bag End key to Gaffer Gamgee at Number 3 Bagshot Row, Take the One
    Ring to Rivendell, Meet Merry, Pippin and Sam at Farmer Maggot's Farm, Avoid
    being detected be the Dark Riders!
    What I think about the level: This level is very easy. The only part you should
    have any trouble at all on is avoiding the Nazgul. But this level's cool
    because you get to explore where Frodo lives. Remember to collect mushrooms!
    After the clip, Gandalf will walk into the room and talk to Frodo about the
    Ring that Bilbo gave him. Gandalf will go over a little bit more of the
    history of the Ring and even toss it in the fire so Frodo can read the writing
    on it. If you look closely at the window behind Gandalf, you can see Sam
    listening in on their conversation. I find that quite funny. Well, eventually
    Gandalf will pull Sam in through the window and force him to go with Frodo
    when Gandalf returns from his trip. Gandalf tells Frodo he must leave for
    Rivendell. Frodo comes up with the idea to buy a house in Crickhollow and sell
    Bag End to divert any attention of him going to Rivendell. The next cutscene
    is of a scroll with a picture of Bag End on it. At this point it tells you that
    Gandalf has not returned and Frodo must sell Bag End and leave.
    Yippee! Now you finally get to play and you're given three quests. You're not
    allowed to leave Bag End without finding the key and the deed. So from where
    you are currently standing, turn left and head out of the room and into the
    hall. There will be another archway in front of you so head through that. Keep
    going and head through the archway on the wall to your right. Now open up the
    chest in that room and, TADAH!!!, you got the deed. Leave the room, turn left
    into the hallway you were in before, turn left again and you should see
    something sparkling. It's the key. Grab it and turn right and out the door of
    Bag End. Now that you're outside, Sam should be standing right in front of you.
    Talk to him then turn left. Walk, or run, along the fence until you find an
    opening in it and walk through that. Head down the path until you reach a tree,
    a well, and a pig pen. Walk past those. Keep going along the path and stay to
    the left of it. Within a few seconds you should reach Sandyman's Mill. You'll
    know it when you see it. Near the mill there is a big, stone bridge... it's not
    very hard to find. Cross the bridge then head along the path for a little while
    until the screen goes black, then comes back in full color and states at the
    top, "The Shire-Bywater". Keep going along the same path until you see a large
    arch. Go through it and you'll be in Bywater. Now you get to look for the much
    despised Lobelia. From the arch, go straight for a little while. You should
    pass a hobbit, a maypole, and a large bell in a stone courtyard with yellow
    drape like things around it. Stop just after you pass the courtyard and turn
    left. You should see a hobbit with green overalls and a pink shirt. Talk to her
    and she'll tell you to ring the bell. Turn around, hop up the stairs to the
    bell, switch to first-person mode and hit the bell with a rock. Go back to
    Lobelia and talk to her to sell her Bag End. Now you get to actually see the
    One Ring. Go all the way back to Bag End and enter its front door. Turn the
    corner at the end of the hallway after you enter and go into the room at the
    far end of the hallway. Look inside the chest to obtain the Ring. Exit Bag End
    and it will be night. Turn right and walk through your garden. You will see a
    scene where Gaffer is talking to a Ringwraith. Once he's done talking, you
    will talk to Gaffer after the Ringwraith leaves. As soon as you are done
    talking to Gaffer, run straight from where you are facing and hide behind a
    fence and a tree in front of Gaffer's house. Whatever you do, never use the
    Ring at this part!!! Never never never!!!!! Wait until the Nazgul has passed
    you and has turned the corner heading down the road to Bag End. This part may
    take a few tries so try to get the right timing. Once he's turned the corner,
    or a little before or after, run right and down the road very quickly. On your
    left, you should see a house, a silo, and a fence to the right of the silo. Run
    between the fence and the silo to go behind the silo and don't stop running
    until you are behind a big rock next to a stream. Don't forget to save often
    but not too often. That part was the hard part so now it will be very easy.
    From the rock sneak along the coast line until you can see the bridge. You
    should be able to see a Ringwraith on the other side of the bridge. Get a
    little closer then switch to first person view and toss a rock over the hill
    onto the road to your left. The Nazgul should ride over to see what it was.
    Get just a little closer to the bridge and throw another rock farther ahead of
    the Nazgul to make him turn the other way. Now hop the rock wall and run along
    the path to Bywater. Once you get to the arch at Bywater, you'll see Robin
    getting attacked by a wolf. Alright! Your first fight! Kill the wolf. My
    strategy is to attack it a few times then block just before it attacks. After
    it's dead, go past the bell again ,but instead of turning left, turn right and
    follow the path to another large arch. You'll be in a huge grassy and hilly
    sort of place so just follow the path. After a little while of walking along
    the path, a bunch of wolves will attack you. Now you have 3 options: kill the
    wolves(not recommended), use the Ring and run along the path to safety, or run
    the path anyway because the wolves can't catch you in motion! One thing I've
    learned through this game is that I never had to use the Ring. Not once! So
    ignore the games proposal to use the Ring at this part. Now you'll be in Green
    Hill Country. Cross the two bridges in front of you and walk along the path
    until a cutscene occurs and Frodo sees the "Black Rider". Right from where you
    are standing, you should see a large rock close to being in the water on your
    left. Sneak into the water and hide behind the rock. Switch into first person
    mode and chuck a rock onto the path in front of you or more towards the way you
    came from. Once the Nazgul has gotten to where you threw it, throw another one
    farther ahead of him. After that, sneak along the water until a rock blocks
    your way then run like a turkey in November on the path, across a bridge and up
    to the gates of Farmer Maggot where you meet up with Merry, Pippin and Sam.
    There you have it. The last you'll ever see of the Shire.
                                   <A. Metal Pin>
    When you're at Sandyman's Mill, it's before the bridge to Bywater, you'll see
    a hobbit bending over looking for something. Talk to him and he'll seem pretty
    grumpy and he'll explain that the mill is missing a pin. You'll receive a quest
    here that says something like "Find the missing metal pin". I don't remember
    what it says, ok!? This is all off my memory. Once you're finished talking to
    him, face the mill. Ok, you can still see the mill? Is it still standing? Good,
    turn around. You should be facing a little field of llama looking creatures
    standing on grass. Hop the little wall in front of that and run past the llamas
    and along the water's edge until you get to a house with some silos. Near the
    house you should see a hobbit. Talk to him. He'll tell you that his weather
    vane isn't working. When you're done talking to him, you'll receive yet another
    quest. Don't worry it's all part of the first one. This quest says something
    like "Throw a rock at Hal's weather vane". Ok now face the water and run up to
    it. Turn right and you will see a silo with a weather vane on top of it. Run up
    to the silo and turn right. Run between the house and that same silo and turn
    right when you get past the house. You should see a silo with a ladder attached
    to it. Climb the ladder and face the weather vane. Switch to first-person mode
    and chuck a rock at it until you hit it. After you hit it, you'll get another
    quest that says something like "Talk to Hal". Go back to Hal and talk to him.
    He'll tell you it works like new then give you a metal pin! Cha-ching! There
    you have it. Run back to Sandyman and talk to him to give him the pin and
    finish this quest.
                                <B. Old Noakes' Herbs>
                                (sent in by Isaac Hils)
    When its still day and you need to go to the ring and get past the Nagzul, you
    head toward Old Maggot’s farm. At the point where you would meet up with the
    wolves at night, a man will be there and will tell you to get 4 herbs for him.
    You just follow the path and you can see 2 of the herbs along the way to
    maggots farm plus there are mushrooms along the way that are not there at
    night. Now the other two herbs are on Maggot’s farm. There are the two fields
    on either side of you as you enter. Each field contains one herb and plus a
    dog. If old man maggot catches you don’t worry, he just sends you to the edge
    of his farm then continue your thievery. The dogs are not that difficult so
    just climb in the field on your left first and slowly sneak through. Once you
    see the dog you throw rocks to distract him away then you sneak up and grab the
    herb then sneak back between the fields. Then sneak over to the other field and
    hide behind some of the hay rolls. Throw the rocks to distract the dog and run
    like the dickens to the herb. Old man maggot will catch you then just put you
    outside the area of his farm but hey, you have the herbs! Now go back to the
    guy that wanted his herbs and he'll give you some mushrooms. The whole point
    was to get mushrooms and experience by sneaking and throwing rocks for the
    Nazgul later on in the shire.
                                 <3. The Old Forest>
    Character: Frodo
    Weaponry: Walking Stick, Rocks
    Enemies: Giant Spiders
    Main Quests: Find Merry, Find Pippin, Find Sam, Find 12 Lilies for Goldberry,
    Return the 12 Lilies to Tom Bombadil
    What I think about the level: This level gets really annoying. There are so
    many different ways you can turn and the cheap way the spiders fight doesn't
    help. Other than that, you finally get to see the forest that confused the
    hobbits so greatly. You also get to meet (originally I had this spelled as
    "meat", but Matthew Beckett corrected me) Tom Bombadil! Again, remember to
    collect every mushroom you can get to.
    The level starts out in front of the gates to the Old Forest and Frodo already
    lost Merry, Pippin, and Sam. Run along the path until a tree blocks your way.
    Run back to the gate then back to the tree and the tree will be gone. Keep
    going and eventually you'll find yourself at a fork in the road and a spider.
    Kill the spider. It doesn't matter which way you take so if you take the left
    then you'll find a three way and you should take the path on the right to find
    Merry. If you take the right then you'll find the same three way but you should
    take the left path to find Merry. Now from the path where you found Merry in,
    turn around to the three way and take the path in front of you. Now you'll
    find another fork in the road. Take the left path to find yet another fork in
    the road. Take the left path again then turn right as soon as you can and
    you'll find Pippin. Now turn around until you find the fork that you just
    turned right on and turn left to another fork(which you were already on) and
    turn left again. You find a lot of spiders down this path so just run past
    them. You'll find another three way in the road, but this time take the path
    on the right and then right again, when you can, to find Sam. It seems like the
    forest isn't that big of a place, but if you didn't take these paths... you'd
    find yourself in all kinds of places with forks and more paths and it just gets
    really confusing. Alrighty then. After you find Sam, or whomever you decided to
    find last, the game will darken out then come back and you'll be on the
    Withywindle path. There is a stream nearby that you need to follow upstream, or
    against the flow, until a cutscene occurs where your three companions get put
    to sleep.
    Boss Battle: Old Man Willow
    Ok now you get to fight the first boss. Here's some tips: never back up any
    farther from where you're currently standing because these tree branch things
    will shoot up from the ground and take a lot of health away. And never hit
    the trunk of the tree because Merry and Pippin are in his mouth and he'll crush
    them. Ok, near the base of Old Man Willow to the right and the left is a
    stream. So run along the base of the tree to either stream and wait for him to
    smash his fist into the ground. Once his fist is on the ground, hit it with
    your stick then run to the other stream on the other side of the tree and wait
    for his fists to hit the ground again. Repeat the hit-and-run process until
    Tom Bombadil sings the tree to sleep. Try not to stay near the same stream
    twice because eventually his fists will reach you.
    Now that you met Tom, he asks you to gather twelve water lilies for Goldberry.
    Tom will hop, skip, and jump around on his own little path so sort of follow
    him. Many of the lilies will be within sight from where Tom goes so keep an
    eye out for them. Beware because all of the lilies are being guarded by
    spiders. Try your hardest not to lose sight of Tom because it's pretty hard to
    find him again. If you can't find anymore lilies where Tom walks then you'll
    have to go off searching. If you lose Tom then search for him near the stream.
    Once you find 12 lilies then talk to Tom and he'll bring you to his house.
                                  <4. Barrow-Downs>
    Character: Frodo
    Weaponry: Walking Stick, Westernesse Dagger (possibility), Rocks
    Enemies: Wolves, ghosts
    Main Quests: Find the Missing Hobbits
    What I think about the level: This level is pretty easy. You don't really have
    to fight but it would be a good idea not to have a lot of enemies on your tail.
    Plus some of the enemies drop mushrooms.
    Behind you is a path where Merry, Pippin, and Sam are standing. Go over to them
    then take the path going right and just keep following it until you get to a
    rocky place where the Barrow Downs first begins. Along the way you'll run into
    wolves, but after you kill them then that's it for the wolves on this level.
    TIP: You can actually outrun the wolves and keep your energy to get past the
    other enemies later in the level.
    When you enter the Barrow Downs, you'll make camp, go to sleep, then Merry,
    Pippin and Sam will be taken away again. Guess what, you get to go find them.
    Luckily they're all in the same place. So follow the rock path in front of you.
    Eventually you'll run into some ghosts, kill them if you want but that's the
    last time I'm going to mention ghosts on this level. Take the path on the right
    until you reach a pond. Take the path on the right and you should see a path
    leading up and over a hill on the left. Take that. Then there is a path on your
    right behind a pillar and a rock pile. Take that path too and be sure not to
    fall off of the ledge. Stay to the left wall until you see a path heading up 
    left into an area with a bunch of pillars. Again stay to the left and up a
    slope toward a rock pile where the screen will darken out and you'll be in a
    Barrow-Wight's home.
    Boss Battle: Barrow-wight (Sent in by Aaron Baird)
    This battle used to be one of the hardest bosses I ever fought. I even had a
    really stupidly explained way of beating it that made it really frustrating.
    But all thanks to Aaron, it's now easier to beat it and easier to explain how.
    First off, go get the Westernesse Dagger on the ledge in the chest. It's in the
    general direction of right. Next, hop down, put on the Ring, run up to the
    barrow-wight, and hit it with your dagger. The barrow-wight will hop into the
    ground and appear a little farther away. Take off the Ring and run towards the
    barrow-wight. Put on the Ring again and once you're close enough, hit it
    again. Repeat the "on Ring, hit, off Ring" process until Frodo sings a song and
    Tom Bombadil comes to save them.
    Boss Battle: Barrow-wight (sent in by Andy Kutyna)
    Don't feel like putting on the Ring at all and fighting this freaky looking
    creature? Then you don't have to thanks to Andy. Again, here's another easy way
    to explain the killing of the barrow wight. First, get onto the ledge. Next,
    get into first person mode and aim your crosshairs at the barrow-wight's head.
    Now let the rocks fly. After about 20-25 hits on the noggin, Frodo will sing
    and call Tom.
                                          <5. Bree>
    Character: Frodo, Aragorn
    Weaponry: Westernesse Dagger, Rocks (Frodo)/
    Long Sword, Bow and Arrows (Aragorn)
    Enemies: Wolves, Men
    Main Quests: Check in at the Prancing Pony Inn, Search the village of Bree for
    Merry, Collect Clothes, Collect Melons, Collect Hay Bolster, Collect Small Logs
    What I think about the level: This level is great. It's the first time you get
    to be Aragorn and experience his awesome fighting capabilities. Plus your first
    victim is that annoying Bill Ferny. Collect as much cram as you can find. It's
    kinda hard to use your kick and finishing move on this level but I was able to
    use it once. It should be easier on levels after this.
    Ok you made it to Bree. Now go to the bar by first entering the hall behind the
    stairs and turning left. The guy sitting at the table with the green shirt on
    is Bill Ferny. Diagonally left from the door and near the fireplace, is where
    Aragorn is. So talk to him. He'll tell you that you need to check in at the
    Inn. So go back to where you first were and talk to Mr. Butterbur. Go back to
    the bar and a cutscene will occur where Pippin talks too much then Frodo tries 
    to stop him by dancing. Frodo slips and accidentally puts on the Ring (doesn't
    look too realistic there) and nobody really freaks out. Aragorn then takes them
    to another room and talks to them. Eventually everyone realizes that Merry
    isn't with them and Aragorn goes in search of him on the streets of Bree.
    Boring part's over. Now for the good stuff. From where you are, run in a sort
    of straight line until you run into Bill Ferny! Your finishing move and kick
    won't work on Bill so don't try them. Kill him. After that, keep going in the
    same direction you were already going in until you see a stone arch to your
    left. Go in there and you'll find Merry. More cutscenes. This time some people
    release wolves into the village to kill you. How nice of them. Ok, now Aragorn
    will want to collect some stuff to create replicas of the hobbits to trick the
    Ringwraiths. Exit the area where you found Merry and out onto the road. You'll
    need to turn left but you'll probably run into some wolves first. Kill the
    wolves then you can go the way I told you and all the way to a gate. You'll
    encounter a human enemy here. Kill him. Face the gate and to your right there's
    an opening in the wall where you'll find the logs. The gate guard guy drops
    lembas which can be extremely useful. Now turn your back on the gate and run
    back along the road you just came from. Keep going until you reach the spot
    where you fought Bill. Very near there you should see a sparkly barrel. Pick it
    up and you found the clothes. Keep going along the same path until you reach
    the Prancing Pony and turn left along that path. You should see two wooden
    shops looking things down that path. One on the right and one on the left. Face
    the one on the left and you should be able to see the melons resting on a crate
    to the right. Now go back up the path you just came down and all the way past
    the Prancing Pony until two men gang up on Bob and you interfere. Kill them
    then go into the stone horse stalls and you should see the hay just up the
    ramp. You've finally gotten everything you need so go back to the Inn. A clip
    of the Ringwraiths stabbing at beds then wailing in some weird fashion will now
                                    <6. Weathertop>
    Character: Aragorn
    Weapon: Long Sword, Bow and Arrows, Torch
    Enemies: Wargs, Orcs
    Main Quests: Reach the summit of Weathertop, Protect Frodo from the Nazgul
    What I think about the level: This level is fun just to smack down a couple of
    orcs Ranger style. Now you get to collect more cram so do that. The wargs
    will gang up on you two or more at a time so watch your back.
    This level is pretty straightforward. All you really have to do is follow the
    only path that leads somewhere. Turn slightly left towards the far-left hobbit.
    Run past him and a warg will jump onto a ledge, howl, and then jump down to
    bite your knees. Kill it then keep going and you'll run into more of them. Just
    keep on swinging that blade until all the wargs in sight are dead. Now keep
    on going up the path. The path you need to follow isn't a dirt path but more of
    a rock path so don't follow any dirt paths unless I say or you want to go
    exploring for yourself. If you pass another fire pit along the path then your
    going in the right direction. Also if you can see Weathertop over the hills
    then keep going. If you can't, too bad. More wargs will again attack you
    and you should kill them. Again keep running along the path and eventually you
    will see a bridge. But what's this? Orcs! Heh heh.... Now for the slaughter.
    Kill the orc guarding the bridge and have an arrow duel with the orc archer if
    you want. I normally do because it's kinda fun. Run across the bridge but be
    careful because a little chunk of the bridge falls off. Go up the path and slay
    the orcs there. Then keep going along the path that teeters on the edge of a
    cliff and kill those orcs too. Keep going under the natural rock arch and an
    orc will jump down from above. Scared the keyboard right out of my hands. Kill
    him for being stupid then keep moving. You'll head up some stairs and an orc
    archer will try to shoot you. Uh... kill it. Had enough of those suicidal
    jumping orcs? Too bad, here's another. You'll encounter two orcs guarding the
    stairs to Weathertop so kill them for trying. Now walk up the stairs to see
    what all that light from the night before was.
    Boss Battle: Troll
    This boss is easy. The first time I fought him he didn't even touch me. Switch
    to first person mode and just keep going backwards around the rock pile in the
    middle while shooting arrows and the troll won't touch you. Eventually it will
    look at the sky, grunt, beat its jaw on the ground and die. Now wasn't that
    Boss Battle: Troll (Sent in by Patrick Lombard)
    You kill him the same way with arrows. Instead of doing it in the center go to
    the perimeter and find one of the flying buttresses with a space between it and
    the wall.  Get in just the right position between the two and the Troll stops
    on the other side of the buttress and just looks at you.  Fill him with arrows!
    Boss Battle: The Nazgul
    Hey! What the heck! Another boss battle? Yup. Except this time there's nine of
    them. This boss... er... these bosses are kinda hard and get REALLY annoying.
    First of all, they can hit you while you're hitting them unless the swing you
    throw is one that knocks them down. Plus they're a lot quicker on the sword
    strokes than you are and their blades hurt a lot more. Furthermore, it takes a
    like ten to twenty hits to make them go away! I don't really know how many
    though cause I wasn't counting... it just takes a lot. On this part, your
    weapon of choice is the torch. If for some reason you don't have this, check
    your inventory for it or reload your last save point. Frodo will get stabbed
    by a Ringwraith so you get to protect him. Look for Frodo lying near the fire.
    NEVER LEAVE HIS SIDE!!! If you stray too far from Frodo the Ringwraiths will be
    able to gang up on him all at once and Frodo will get diced into little bite
    sized hobbit meat. If a Nazgul gets too close then beat him a few times until
    he runs away. Do that to all of them. Once all of them are gone or after a
    certain amount of time, you win.
                                   <7. Troll Shaws>
    Character: Aragorn
    Weapon: Long Sword, Bow and Arrows
    Enemies: Wargs, trolls, orcs
    Main Quests: Scout ahead to clear a path for the hobbits
    What I think about the level: This level can actually be kinda tough. It's
    only because when you're fighting the trolls a bunch of wargs will attack
    at the same time. But it isn't that hard. It just takes a little sneaking
    around. Don't really let Frodo fight either. He can get killed, which came
    suddenly to my surprise, and I had to start the level all over again.
    Just follow the only path in front of you. I'd leave just what I put now, but
    that wouldn't be very nice. Run in front of the hobbits and a little ways ahead
    you'll run into some wargs. Dice them up but try to stay in the area where
    you found them as not to bring too many enemies to you. Keep going and you'll
    run into a troll that bursts through some trees. Again switch to first person
    mode. Walk backward as fast as you can and let the arrows fly. After it's dead
    keep going along the path and kill the wargs. Keep going but kinda go
    slowly. Eventually you'll see a sharp turn to the right. Get as far left
    against the wall as you can while still going very slowly forward and looking
    right. You should just barely be able to see a troll’s head above the hill sort
    of thing. So switch to first person mode and hit the troll until its dead. If
    it runs at you just keep backing up along the path while shooting. Ok now keep
    going and you should see some orcs up ahead through some trees. Shoot at them
    and they should hopefully come at you. If they don't then go towards them until
    the sensor thing turns yellow and they run around the corner and see you. Back
    up into this space where two rocks create a small isle way just in front of
    some trees and hack up the orcs there. Some orc archers will start shooting at
    you so back up behind the tree that's just behind that rock isle and hide
    there. Come out from behind the tree once in a while and shoot at the orcs then
    hide again. Do that over and over until they're dead. If they didn't come
    to you then you have to go to them. Go along the path and stop just before you
    turn the corner left. Switch to first person mode and then turn the corner and
    stop. The orcs should begin to shoot at you. Well the obvious is to shoot at
    them while avoiding their arrows. Once they're dead, stay in first person mode
    and sneak along the path while looking to the right. Eventually you should see
    a dirt path that goes over a small hill. Look just pass that and you should see
    two trolls. Shoot at both of them until they're dead. Now run along the path to
    meet up with some wargs. Kill them and the level is over. At this point you
    will meet up with an elf and he'll tell you to take his horse to Rivendell. A
    cutscene will occur where Frodo is being chased by the Ringwraiths. Frodo
    crosses the ford and holds up his dagger. One of the Nazgul will point his
    sword at Frodo and Frodo's dagger will shatter. Frodo looks like he's thinking,
    "Crud! There goes my dagger. Maybe I can kill them with the hilt." Lucky for
    him the Ringwraiths get swept away by the river just then.
                                   <8. Rivendell>
    Character: Frodo
    Weapon: Walking stick, Sting, Rocks
    Enemies: none
    Main Quests: none
    What I think about the level: It's not really a level. More like a uh.....
    thing... you know.... No probably not.
    Finally you reached Rivendell and heard all about Gandalf's problems and
    listened to the Council of Elrond. Pretty much all you do here is talk to
    everyone. So do that just because you can. If you haven't noticed yet, you
    don't have the dagger anymore. What the!? How am I supposed to kill any orcs
    with this!? No worries. Just walk into the door next to Elrond and you'll meet
    up with... Bilbo! You talk a little and he gives you Sting. Dang that level was
    hard. On to the next.
                                    <9. Hollin Gate>
    Character: Gandalf, Aragorn
    Weaponry: Glamdring, Magic: Fiery Blast, Lightning, Staff Strike, Heal, Attract
    (Gandalf)/ Anduril, Bow and Arrows (Aragorn)
    Enemies: Orcs, wargs, trolls
    Main Quests: Find the Gates of Moria somewhere near the lake
    What I think about the level: I didn't fight a whole lot on this level. Mainly
    because Gandalf can't use his sword real well. He can use magic though so
    that's a good thing. But I never really used that either. This time you'll want
    to look for Miruvor. Miruvor is used to re-energize your magic meter so
    collect a lot of those... and cram.
    Ok right now you should be standing right behind a fire. If you want to, you
    can try out Gandalf's abilities with Glamdring but believe me, they're not that
    great so I'm not even gonna mess with them until I get into Moria. But go ahead
    and try them out if you're up to the challenge. Run past the fire until you hit
    the wall then turn right and you'll see some wargs. Hurry along that path
    until you see a path to the left to some more wargs. Run that way and you
    will see a troll. Fight whatever you want but it's a lot harder to kill a troll
    with Gandalf, especially since his magic isn't infinite like Aragorn's arrows.
    Near the troll to your left you should see a rather big path leading upwards.
    Even though I don't normally take this path, it's the fastest path to the gate.
    So take that path all the way up to a lake. Go around the lake on the left
    until you reach the gate and meet up with the rest of the company. Ever read
    the book or seen the movie? If you did then you know what's coming...
    Boss Battle: The Watcher
    Hey look! Now you're Aragorn again, but just to kill the beast. This boss is
    pretty easy. All you have to do is shoot a few arrows into each of its
    tentacles until all of the tentacles go away. There's a fairly safe spot to the
    left when you first start as Aragorn. Just hide on the other side of this stone
    outcropping and only one or two tentacles will be able to, but not likely, hit
    you. Here you can switch to first person mode and shoot each tentacle until it
    is "stunned", as Gandalf says. Only shoot at the tentacles that are to the
    right and left of the beast. Don't shoot at the one on its head because it
    won't go away.
                                 <10. Mines of Moria>
    Character: Gandalf, Frodo
    Weaponry: Glamdring, Magic (Gandalf)/ Sting, Rocks (Frodo)
    Enemies: Orcs, cave trolls, and random arrows shooting out of nowhere
    Main Quests: Find safe passage through Moria, Escape the 21st Hall
    What I think about the level: This is one long level with several different
    passages to help you get lost and die. On this level, you WILL need to use
    Gandalf's sword because you can't survive on magic alone. Or at least it would
    be very hard to do so. I would very much liked to have been Gimli on this level
    because he would have been a fun character to fight as through a crowd of orcs.
    Sadly, Gandalf and Frodo are the only playable characters here. Collect Miruvor
    and Cram here also.
    Now you're trapped in the mines with only one way out... to turn around and dig
    your way out through the rocks! No, just messing. Head straight through the
    doorway in front of you and all the way up the stairs. Kill everything you meet
    up with. At the top, stand facing the lever in front of the door and press
    whatever button you use to talk(E default) to open the door. In the room you
    just opened the door to, there aren't any orcs so go on in. Open the lever in
    front of the other door to go to the next room. This room does have orcs, so
    run in there, head left, and dice them up. Go back to the door and go straight
    this time and kill the orc archer. You'll see two pathways on the right. The
    path closest to the door leads to a dead end with one bottle of Miruvor. The
    path farthest from the door leads to where you want to go. I've noticed that
    when the ceiling is really low and you walk under it, the camera will freak out
    and make it hard for you to see correctly. So be ready. Run all the way down
    the path to a bridge killing orcs on your way. Cross the bridge and kill the
    the bridge guards. Enter the next room and, again, kill all of the orcs. Take
    the only path that leads somewhere... the path straight across from where you
    entered. The door will open automatically and a few orcs will run out to get
    slaughtered by you. Enter the room and turn left then right and you'll in a
    room with three different paths, one left, one right, and one straight ahead.
    First of all you'll want to kill all orcs in sight so do that then go back to
    where you were. The path you want to take is the one straight ahead. Go through
    the door then turn right. You'll see a huge gray square in the middle of the
    room with ropes attached to it. Hop on that and it will take you to a lower
    level. Leave this small room and run up the stairs on your right. You'll come
    to another room with four paths. Take the one on the right and head all the way
    up it. You'll meet a few orcs on the way so kill them all. At the top of the
    path, you'll come to a well with a bucket hanging above it. Go around the well
    and leave the room through the door you haven't been through yet. Watch out for
    the huge chasm in the middle. Go around the chasm and kill the orcs. Enter the
    room that you saw across the chasm when you first entered and the fellowship
    will take a short break. Once the break is over, open the closed door on the
    other side of the huge hole in the middle of the floor. In this next room,
    there is a door on your left that is to be opened with the lever next to it. Do
    not open that door but remember where it is for future use. Go through the door
    you just opened and head straight through the door on the other side of the
    room. Pull the lever at the end of the ledge and a bridge will extend to your
    right. Leave the ledge through the door and turn left. In this room, Legolas
    will tell the fellowship that he thinks someone is following them. Sure enough,
    Gollum will be shown but the fellowship still won't know. After that, cross the
    bridge directly in front of you. On the other side you'll run into a bunch of
    orcs and... a cave troll! The troll is actually pretty easy to kill. Just fry
    it with lightning! After the troll is dead, turn left in the room that you just
    entered and pull the lever. Another bridge will be extended. Remember that
    closed door? Go back to it and now you may open it. Kill the orcs in there and
    turn left. Cross the bridge, kill the orc, and run right into the closed door.
    You'll be in another area called "3 Passages". Cross the huge bridge in front
    of you and kill the orcs on the other side. Enter the hallway and run all the
    way to a wall. You're gonna meet up with a lot of orcs in this part so be wary.
    Turn right, then right again and then left, then left again and then one more
    right and you'll be in a tiny room with a huge door. Pull the lever and enter
    the door. The fellowship will, once again, rest. Pippin has other ideas though.
    Pippin throws a rock down a well and summons the drums of war. When you're able
    to play again, there will be three doors in front of you. If you follow where
    the Lord of the Rings movie said they went, then you won't get very far. But if
    you follow where the book said they went, then you'll be headed in the correct
    direction, which is the path to the right. You'll find that you have to climb a
    very steep and narrow path with a few orcs on it. Go all the way up the path
    and kill every orc because you can. Open the door at the top and head on in it.
    The fellowship will talk with eachother here. When they're done you'll have to
    fight two cave trolls. Not you yourself, but the others will fight. Turn right
    then left until the statue in the middle of the room is to your left. This move
    was made so the trolls don't see you. Go up to the statue and you should see
    four short pillars around it, each with one brown floor switch near them. Push
    each of the tiny pillars onto the floor switches next to them. The trolls will
    immediately die and a door will open up. The easiest way to find the new door
    is to follow the one stream of blue light from the statue. Enter the hall then
    turn right to find Balin's tomb. A cutscene will occur and Gandalf will read
    from a book. Soon an army of orcs will be seen down the hall and the scene will
    end. Oh great... now you get to be Frodo. Frodo is the worst fighter against
    all enemies, especially orcs, so this part could get really tricky. Go forward
    then turn left and pull the lever to put the bridge together. You can fight if
    you want but I don't recommend it. Just let Gimli take care of it. Cross the
    bridge then walk up the little stone path then cross the wooden plank. Turn
    right then go all the way over to a wooden plank and run down it. You should
    see a ladder very close by in the direction you're going. Gimli needs to get
    across a bridge so climb the ladder to the top. There are a few orcs up here,
    but you don't need to fight them. Just follow the path all the way around until
    you see another ladder heading down. Climb down that ladder and immediately
    pull the lever to put the bridge together. Let Gimli fight all of the orcs off.
    After they are all dead, go all the way back where you entered this huge room
    in the first place. If you're wondering why the heck you had to do all that and
    then go all the way back where you first were, it was just to make the getting
    around a little easier for the next part. Now instead of turning left here,
    turn right. Let Gimli fight the orcs. You should see a floor switch on the
    ground near the back. You need to hold that down but not with yourself. Run to
    the left of the switch and you should see two small ledges reaching out to
    eachother. Jump across it then turn right to see another small ledge trying to
    reach the big ledge. Jump across that also and head up the fallen pillar up to
    a ledge. Kill the orc archer. At the end of the ledge you will see a blue
    block. Get behind it and push it off of the ledge. Go all the way back to the
    floor switch. The blue block will be near it, but not on it. Well, push it on
    and the huge door will open. Go all the way to the door by going the way you
    went when you and Gimli killed all of those orcs. Kill the few orcs that come
    out of the door. Enter the door and be prepared for a battle.
    Boss Battle: Balrog
    This boss can be pretty easy or pretty tough. To fight this boss you get to be
    Gandalf again. As soon as the battle begins, immediately switch to lightning.
    The Balrog will begin to shoot fireballs at you so go side to side and forward
    at the same time to dodge the fireballs. The Balrog will stop shooting and get
    ready to breath fire. As soon as the fireballs stop, zap it with lightning to
    stun it. While it's stunned, hit it about three times then back off. As soon as
    the Balrog gets up, zap it again then hit it about three times. Repeat the
    process until it falls. The reason that this can get hard is all thanks to
    Aragorn. Everytime that you begin to run out of magic, Aragorn will give you a
    bottle of Miruvor. The time it takes him to give it to you is just enough time
    for the Balrog to get up, making it so you can't hit it unless you stun it
    again. Oh and it takes an insane amount of time to slay the Balrog, so don't
    think something is wrong if it takes quite awhile. After it falls, Gandalf will
    be taken with it.
                                 <11. Lothlorien>
    Character: Frodo
    Weaponry: Sting, Rocks
    Enemies: none
    Main Quests: none
    What I think about the level: Just like Rivendell, this really isn't a level.
    Hey! Guess what! You finished Moria! Now you get to meet Lady Galadriel. Talk
    to whoever you want to then go over to the ladder that you should've seen when
    you regained control of Frodo. After you do so, Galadriel will show you her
                                   <12. Anduin>
    Character: Aragorn
    Weaponry: Anduril, Bow and Arrows
    Enemies: Uruk-hai, orcs, trolls
    Main Quests: Clear the river's edge of enemies
    What I think about the level: This level is really fun. It's mainly all orc-
    like creatures so have a great time stabbing Anduril through them. This level
    is actually pretty short, but still good.
    Aragorn will be off scouting so Borimir will question Frodo for awhile. Soon
    Aragorn will return and says that you might have to fight. Once you gain
    control, Follow the river's edge and you'll meet with your first Uruk(short for
    Uruk-hai). Kill it since you're obligated to do so. While you're killing this
    one, a few more Uruks will pop their ugly faces out and attack. After you kill
    all of them, keep running along the river's edge. Eventually you'll find more
    of them. After you kill them too, keep going and you'll run right into a troll.
    Switch to first person mode and start shooting at it while backing up until it
    dies. Keep running and you'll find a few more Uruks, some orcs and a troll.
    Kill them. Keep going and you'll find a few Uruks running down a small hill to
    come and get you. Kill them and a few more Uruks will run down. You'll find
    everyone on your team can run up that little hill except you. So your buddies
    might run up the hill and turn the corner up there to kill Uruks. But you
    cannot. After every orc, Uruk, and troll are dead, a Ringwraith on a flying
    beast will capture Sam and you pursue it.
                                <13. Amon Hen>
    Character: Aragorn, Frodo
    Weaponry: Anduril, Xiphiidae(possibility), Bow and Arrows(Aragorn),
    Sting, Rocks (Frodo)
    Enemies: Uruk-hai, orcs, trolls, wargs
    Main Quests: Rescue Sam, Defeat the Nazgul and his Fell Beast
    What I think about the level: This level can get kind of tough with all of the
    Uruks that come out to play. They also decided to send out a bunch of orc
    archers. But it can also be really easy with the Xiphiidae. I'll tell you how
    to find it at the end.
    As soon as you start out, turn left and follow the coastline. Soon you'll see a
    campfire on your right. You should also be able to see a path near it. Follow
    that path and you'll run into some Uruks and an orc archer. Kill them then keep
    going along the path until you see another orc archer. Shoot him then jump down
    into a sort of ditch that's in front of where you killed the archer. Once you
    jump down there, get as close as you can to the edge and just stay there for
    awhile. You're gonna hear a bunch a smashes and the ground might quake. Once
    all of the noise and the quaking stops, slowly walk your way away from the edge
    and closer to where the battle was. You'll see that two trolls had a battle
    against some wargs. Kill whatever is left. Off to the right from the edge you
    were hiding at is where you need to go. You'll see that the path is blocked by
    a bunch of rocks, but once you get close enough, a troll will blast its way
    through. Kill the troll then follow the path it just made. Some wargs and two
    archers are up ahead. Kill all of them and you'll see that you need to shoot
    one of the archers that decided to climb on a ledge. Once they are all dead,
    climb the second flight of stairs that you see but don't jump off. Shoot all of
    the archers that you see off to your right. Legolas will also be there to shoot
    at the archers so don't shoot him. Jump down once they die and run forward
    until a troll runs at you. Lead the troll back to where you jumped down and
    start to run around it. Legolas will shoot at the troll until it dies so don't
    worry about hitting it. After it dies, run the only way you're able to and up
    onto a natural bridge type thing. Frodo and Aragorn will start to walk on it
    when, all of a sudden, Aragorn will see some Uruks and he'll tell Frodo to run
    to the top while he holds off the Uruks. Oh goodie. You get to be Frodo against
    one of the toughest enemies you've had to face. Don't even bother fighting
    unless you have a death wish for Frodo. When you gain control, turn around and
    run. You'll see a path leading into the hills and one leading up on the side of
    the hills. Take the one in the hills. Soon you're gonna see two Uruks running
    up above off to the right. Do what they do and run to the right. When you see a
    path leading to the left take it and you'll meet the Uruks. Keep going and run
    up the stairs on the left to a grassy ledge. Run along this until you see more
    stairs on the right which you should run up. There will be yet another set of
    stairs to your left leading to another set of stairs and yet another set of
    stairs. After that set of stairs there will be a narrow stone bridge to your
    right. After you cross the bridge you'll see even more stairs. Take all of the
    stairs until you reach the top and Legolas and the rest are fighting. You'll
    have to control Aragorn now. So take the same exact path that you just went
    with Frodo. Feel free to fight every orc and Uruk if you want, but it would
    probably be better if you didn't. Once you reach the top, get ready for the
    final battle.
    Boss Battle: Nazgul and its Fell Beast
    For being the final boss, it isn't that hard to beat, just hard to hit. As soon
    as you can, run straight up to the enemy and start slashing at it. Keep hitting
    it until it takes flight. Now for the tricky part. In the middle of the field,
    you should see a small set of stairs leading up to a stone chair. Climb up
    there and shoot at the beast when it flies over head. When it shoots green gas
    at you, back a little down from the chair so the gas hits the back of the seat.
    Shoot the beast about three times and Aragorn will tell Legolas to finish it.
    Legolas will take aim and shoot the creature right in the head, and the Nazgul
    and its Fell Beast do a swan dive into the dirt. Mmmmmm.... dirt.
                                <A. Xiphiidae>
    The Xiphiidae is the strongest sword... er... fish in the game. It will kill
    archers in one hit, Uruks in two to three hits, wargs in one or two hits, and
    trolls in three to four hits. Sadly it is only available for the last level.
    It makes fighting the final boss a little easier than it already is too. Ok now
    to find it. When the level "Amon Hen" begins, turn around and follow the shore
    until you run into a very tall ledge. Turn left and you'll see a warg. Pass the
    warg and go all the way to the top. You'll see this tiny little shape that will
    walk away while mumbling something when you get close to it. After it leaves,
    follow the cliff to the left until you see a part of the ground as rocks
    leading up. Follow that to the top and off to the left you'll see the figure
    again and it will walk away mumbling when you get close to it. Turn around and
    run all the way to the water's edge. Follow the water's edge to the right for a
    little while. You'll eventually see a campfire to your right. Keep going along
    edge of the river and up to a tall rock thing that's half on land and half in
    the water. Once you get there, go as far into the water as you can then look up
    into some bushes and you'll see the figure scream, turn around, and walk into
    the bushes. Turn right onto the land and you'll see a tree up on a hill to your
    left. Find a way up to the tree and a log should be fallen near it. Walk across
    the log and you'll meet Gollum. He'll jabber on about presents or some sort
    then turn around and walk away to the Falls of Rauros. Soon a fish will be
    thrown into your face and you gain control of Aragorn again. Pull out your
    sword and it will be the Xiphiidae. Cool now you have the strongest sword, but
    where's Anduril? I don't think the men of Gondor are going to be very happy
    about replacing the reforged sword of Isildur with a fish.
    There you have it. The end of the game. Told you it was sort of short.
                              <Item and Weapon Section>
                         (No quest items will be named here)
    Mushrooms- Found throughout the beginning levels. Heals 10 life points.
    Cram- Found from Bree and onward. Heals 30 life points.
    Lembas- Found throughout Bree and onward. Heals all life points.
    Miruvor- Found in the Hollin Gate level and Mines of Moria level. From what
             I've seen, it replenishes all of Gandalf's magic/spirit meter
    Walking Stick- First weapon Frodo starts with. It's not all that great but it's
                   better than nothing
    Westernesse Dagger- Second weapon Frodo gets. Better than the walking stick
                        even though you only get to use it once. Found in the
                        barrow-wights home
    Sting- Last weapon Frodo gets. Better than the other two by a little bit. Given
           to Frodo when he's reached Rivendell.
    Rocks- The throwing weapon Frodo always has. Does very minimal damage. Good for
    Long Sword- First weapon Aragorn starts with. It's actually pretty good. Takes
                awhile to kill, but it's still ok.
    Anduril- Second weapon Aragorn gets. It's really quite better. Aragorn is given
             it upon reaching Rivendell.
    Arrows- Throwing... sort of... weapon Aragorn always has. Can kill from a
            distance. Arrows can be seen stuck in whatever you've shot for awhile.
    Glamdring- Only sword Gandalf has. Has a nice cutthroat finishing move. Would
               be better on a more skilled fighter(my opinion don't get angry, plus
               it's just a game).
    Magic- Fiery Blast- A magic attack used by Gandalf. When you use this, a ball
                        of fire shoots out at an enemy. It knocks most of them to
                        the ground.
           Chain Lightning- A magic attack used by Gandalf. This attack sends out a
                            bunch of lightning that jumps from enemy to enemy
                            within a certain range. Sometimes it knocks them to the
           Staff Strike- A magic attack used by Gandalf. If you're ever surrounded,
                         using this will send a blast all around you, knocking your
                         enemies to the ground and hurting them.
           Heal- A magic spell used by Gandalf. When you're low on health, use this
                 to regain some of it.
           Attract- A magic spell used by Gandalf. This one is quite fun to play
                    with. Hit an enemy with it when there are other enemies around
                    and they will attack the enemy that was hit with this spell.
                                   <Enemy List>
                   (Boss enemies and Nazgul will not be named here)
    Wolves- Not very hard. They are possible to kill without you taking any damage.
            If they attack in a pack, then they're slightly harder only in that you
            have to attack more than one. Just don't stop attacking. They can be
            found in the Shire, the Barrow-downs and Bree.
    Spiders- Not too hard, but not too easy. Even one can sometimes be a lot of
             trouble. When more than one attack, they get a whole lot harder.
             Stupid weak walking stick. Make good use of your blocking. When up
             against more than one, run, turn around, hit, run again, repeat. You
             do not want to go up against more than one on your own. They can be
             found in the Old Forest.
    Ghosts- They almost always attack with their other ghostly buddies. They deal
            out quite a bit of damage too. Kill one at a time. Run up, hit it, it
            will fly backwards, so run up to it again, hit it, it'll fly backwards,
            repeat. They can be found in the Barrow-downs.
    Men- Takes quite a bit to kill and they deal out a bit of damage too. They can
         also block your attacks, making it so they take twice as long to kill.
         Just keep hitting them and either run or block when you see that they're
         going to attack. They can be found in Bree.
    Wargs- Annoying. They look like giant rats. These things always attack in packs
           and sometimes they knock you to the ground and continue biting. So, just
           don't stop hitting unless they're about to do their attack that would
           knock you to the ground, in which case you should block. They can be
           found in Weathertop, Troll Shaws, Hollin Gate, and Amon Hen.
    Archer orcs- These are pretty easy. They hold a big bow so they're easy to
                 identify. They can get really annoying though only because once
                 you get nice and close and are about to hit one, they shoot you.
                 Just zigzag up to them and beat them up. They don't take many
                 hits. They can be found in Weathertop, Troll Shaws, Hollin Gate,
                 Mines of Moria, Anduin, and Amon Hen.
    Orcs- Takes a little bit more hits to kill, but not too much harder than the
          archers except that they hit harder. If they're not holding a big bow and
          they swing big axes or swords at you, then you know it's them. Be sure to
          block when they pull their arms back to dish out a hard hit. If you don't
          block it you'll get knocked to the ground. They can be found in
          Weathertop, Troll Shaws, Hollin Gate, Mines of Moria, Anduin, and Amon
    Trolls- If you like having your health then don't attempt to kill them with
            your sword. These are very big creatures who hold giant hammer like
            things... or you can call them 'big rock on a stick'. They're also
            greenish looking. Just stand far back from them and shoot tons of
            arrows into them. Remember to back up when then they start heading
            towards you. It may take a long time to kill with your arrows, but it's
            better than attacking with your sword. They can be found in Troll
            Troll Shaws, Anduin, and Amon Hen.
    Cave trolls- Again, don't try attacking them with your sword. They hit hard and
                 take a lot to kill. They look pretty much the same as normal
                 trolls except that they're grayish. Since you'll be Gandalf when
                 you meet up with these, attack them with lightning. They can be
                 found in Hollin Gate, and Mines of Moria.
    Uruks- Much stronger and tougher than orcs. They're kinda dirt colored with
           white streaks across their faces. They also are about your height and
           have black hair. They dish out a bit of damage and have quite a bit of
           health for themselves. Just attack, attack, attack. If you knock one to
           the ground then go ahead and finish him, but if there are more than one
           around when you knock one to the ground, then let him get up and you can
           just attack it again. They can be found in Anduin and Amon Hen.
    Q: Can you help me on LOTR for my XBOX?
    A: Since you have it for the XBOX, there could be many changes made to the game
    that aren't in the PC version. Plus I haven't even heard of some of the places
    that people have asked me about on the XBOX version. My walkthrough only works
    for PC, maybe PS2(most likely), and maybe another system but I don't know. It
    does not work for XBOX! I'm sorry I can't help you.
    Q: Does this game have cheat codes?
    A: Not that I know of. But if ever I find out or am told about them, you'll
    be able to find them here.
    Aaron Baird- For the easier way to beat the barrow-wight
    Andy Kutyna- For the other easier way to beat the barrow-wight
    Shelli Morrison- For the help in a slight misdirection I wrote in the Mines of
    Matthew Beckett- For correcting my spelling error in the "What I think about
                     the level" part under Old Forest
    Patrick Lombard- For another way of beating the troll on Weathertop
    Anonymous- For inspiring me to put an item section
    Jordan Anilao- For showing me some spelling and grammar errors I made in Moria
    Thomas Hunter- For showing me that "Nazgul" is singular and plural and that
                   there is no such thing as "Nazguls"
    Isaac Hils- For typing up the "Old Noakes' Herbs" side quest in The Shire
    Knijnknelis- For informing me that my guide doesn't work for the GameBoy
                 version of LOTR
    Anish Bhatnagar- For giving me the idea to put an enemy list in
    Gazza- For the tip in the Barrow-Downs
    Dawn Arbuckle- For reminding me about the torch weapon in The Nazgul boss
                   battle under Weathertop
    (If you did help me in some way on this guide and it's in this guide, then
    please remind me and I'll be sure to give you the credit)
                             <Allowed To Post My Guide>
    If you have any questions or what not about the game, just send them to:
    No hate mail please. Criticism, sure. But no hate mail.
    Again, make sure you have something like "Lord of the Rings guide" in the
    subject area of your e-mail. If you do not, I probably won't open it.

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