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    FAQ/Walkthrough by f13rysp1r1t

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                        -+ The Fellowship of the Ring +-
        FAQ / Walkthrough       Justin          Version 6.3        07/02/2004
             ====================== FOR PC ======================
               L  LOTR - FOTR LOTR - FOTR LOTR - FOTR LOTR - FOTR  L
               O                                                   O
               T      Author : Justin Ang                          T
               R                                                   R
               -      E-mail : fieryspirited1@hotmail.com          -
               F                                                   F
               O      Version: 6.3                                 O
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               R  LOTR - FOTR LOTR - FOTR LOTR - FOTR LOTR - FOTR  R
    "The Fellowship of the Ring" interactive game  2002 
    Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. All rights reserved. 
    The Tolkien Enterprises logo, together with "The Lord of the Rings" , 
    "The Fellowship of the Ring" and the names of the 
    characters, events, items, and places therein are trademarks
    or registered trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company 
    dba Tolkien Enterprises under license to 
    Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. Black Label Games, the 
    Black Label Games Logo, Vivendi Universal Games, and the 
    Vivendi Universal Games Logo are trademarks of 
    Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. in the U.S. aother countries.
    This document is  2004 Justin Ang.
     (   A: Introduction                                                         )
    Hello there and welcome to my walkthrough for Black Label Games, 
    Vivendi Universal Games and Surreal Software's
    Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring. 
    I have worked hard to make sure that THIS guide is THE most 
    comprehensive one you'll ever find on the net.
    (sorry if i sound too 'proud', one's gotta be proud of 
    their work to make it good right? )
    So...let's continue shall we?
    1. A Little About Me
    My name is Justin Ang and I'm a 14 year old teen from Singapore (as of the 
    time when I was writing the guide). My hobbies include:
    Go - karting, typing this guide (Of course!), Rollerblading (In-line Skating),
    swimming, Surfing the Net, playing online and offline games,
    playing my Gameboy Advance, Harry Potter, Spongebob Squarepants, Star Wars and
    playing my Playstation.
    Let's move on shall we?
    2. E-mailing Rules
    1. Do not e-mail me asking silly questions or irrelevant things, because,
       chances are that your questions are answered in the guide.
    2. If you have anything to say, comment, criticize or contribute anything at
       all, you can e-mail me then. Full credit will be given of course.
    3. If you put the subject as 'LOTR-FOTR' there is a better chance that I
       will respond to you.
    4. Any rude comments in the mail will be instantly deleted. Ok?
    5. That's it...
    (  B:  Legal Stuff	                                                     )
    This FAQ was solely intended for the public use.
    It cannot be reproduced, retransmitted, or re-written in any other form
    except by the notice of the author.
    Any violation of this code will result in strict penalty and high fines
    susceptible by law.  If this legal document is portrayed in any commercial use,
    you are therefore restricting under the code of law- and will be punished.
    In full contrast, this document is to be used and only used by the public
    itself and cannot be sold.  Revisions of this FAQ are only to be done with 
    notice of the author before hand and may be done so as long as the name of the
    author of the document appears in due credit. You may juxtapose this document
    with other documents as well without notice of the author but it must not be
    used for sales and broadcasting or commercial use.
    This FAQ may not be included in a promotional CD, magazine,
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    This FAQ may not be used in a password protected area nor in a high security
    area. This FAQ is solely used and ONLY used for public use only 
    and may not be used in a promotional ad that sponsors any type of monetary use.
    This FAQ is to be used  "just like a book" meaning that it can be read over
    and over again by anybody who wishes to do so.  Just like a book it can
    be moved around from one person to another, but unlike a book the document
    can be viewed by more than one person at once.  This FAQ is in no way
    possible to be plagiarized, doing so not only damages the person you had
    intentionally forged, but it also damages yourself in terms of self-guilt
    or in terms of law, whether the punishment be civil or criminal law.
    ONE (1) AND ONLY ONE (1) COPY.
     (    C:  Table of Contents                                                  )
    This is the full table of contents in this guide.
    A: Introduction
         1.About me
         2.E-mailing Rules
    B: Legal stuff
    C: Table of Contents
    D: Walkthrough History
    E: The Story
    F: Game Basics
         1. Controls
         2. Weapons
         3. Gandalf's Spells
         4. Meters
    G: Items and Weapons
         1. Items
          1a. Healing Items
          1b. Quest Items
         2. Weapons
    H: Enemies
    I: Walkthrough
       1. The Shire
         => Hobbiton
         => Bywater
         => Green Hill Country
       2. The Old Forest
         => Forest Labyrinith
         => Boss: Old Man Willow
       3. Barrow Downs
         => Boss: Barrow Wight
       4. Bree
         => Checking in to the Prancing Pony
         => Searching for Merry
         => Searching for decoy items
       5. Weathertop
         => Boss: Troll
         => "A Knife in the Dark"
       6. Troll Shaws
         => Scouting ahead
       7. Rivendell
       8. Moria
         => Hollin Gate
         => Boss: The Watcher
         => The Labyrinith
         => The 21st Hall
         => The 2nd Hall
         => Boss: Durin's Bane (Balrog)
       9. Lothlorien
      10. Anduin
         => Orc Dam
         => Amon Hen
         => Final Boss: the Nazgul and his fell beast
    J: Xiphiidae
    K: My Other Guides
    L: Credits
    (  D. Walkthrough History                                                   )
    First things first.
    This guide may be found on the following websites:
    28/9/05 Long time since my last update!!!!!
    18/5/04 Updated minor errors.
    11/2/04 Issued version 3. Updated new email address.
    10/2/04 Realised version 2 is not complete. Corrected spelling errors and 
            marginal errors
    9/2/04  Issued version 2.
    8/2/04  Officially completed guide. Submitted it to Gamefaqs.
    7/2/04  Wow! I'm soooooo busy eh? Started guide Version 1.
    6/2/04  Officially completed game. Finished noting down quests.
    3/2/04  Original idea for guide, Began to conduct game research, played game 
            till Old Forest. Taking down notes for all areas.
    (  E.  The Story                                                             )
        Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
         Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
        Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
         One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
        In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.
         One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
         One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
        In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.
    In ancient days, the elves created the magical Rings of Power. 
    They gave these Rings to the rulers of the Elves, Dwarfs, and Men,
    that they might heal the hurts of the world. But the Dark Lord
    Sauron forged the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom to enslave
    the other rings. 
    In a great battle, the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth overthrew Lord Sauron,
    and he lost his Ring. But now the Lord of the Rings has returned to his
    Dark Tower in Mordor. And he needs only one thing to cover all of
    Middle-Earth in a second darkness. He needs the One Ring.
    When Lord Sauron lost the Ring, it was picked up by a Man, but he was 
    corrupted by the ring and died. The Ring was deemed lost, until Gollum 
    found it in the dark underground waters of the Misty Mountains. And
    the most unlikely person took the Ring from him - Bilbo Baggins.
    Now that Baggins has returned to the Shire from his perilous journey to
    the Lonely Mountain, he passed on the Ring to his adopter heir to the
    Bagginses: Frodo, son of Drogo. 
    Now Frodo must embark on a dangerous journey to destroy the One Ring, before
    the Dark Lord can take it back. And it can only be destroyed in one place:
    The fires of Mount Doom in Mordor, where it was created. 
    Before the Dark Lord takes it back.
         One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
         One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    (  F.  Game Basics                                                           )
    1. Controls
    Forward                           Up arrow key
    Backward                          Down arrow key
    Strafe Left                       Left arrow key
    Strafe Right                      Right arrow key
    Jump (Frodo), Kick (Aragorn)      Space Bar
    Sneak                             Left Shift
    Use, Talk                         E
    Standard Melee attack             Left Mouse Button
    Ranged Attack                     Right Mouse Button
    Use Ring (Frodo)                  R
    Block                             Left Control
    Inventory                         I
    First person mode                 F
    Quest Log                         Q
    Map of Middle-Earth               M
    Save (Default)                    F2
    Menu                              Esc Key
    2. Weapons
    Basic Melee attack : Walking Stick, Westernesse Dagger, Sting
    Ranged attack      : Rocks
    Space bar          : Jump
    Basic Melee attack : Long Sword, Anduril, Xiphiidae (more on that later)
    Ranged attack      : Wooden Arrows
    Space bar          : Kick
    Left Click         : Finishing Blow
    Basic Melee attack : Glamdring
    Ranged attack      : Gandalf doesn't use a weapon for ranged combat. Instead,
                         he switches to his arsenal of spells, both offensive and 
    Space bar          : None
    3. Gandalf's Spells
    Spell Name         Description                                         Cost
    -----------        ------------                                        -----
    Offensive Spells
    Fiery Blast        Shoots a ball of fire at a single target            5 Spirit
    Lightning          Goes from ememy to enemy. Stuns the Balrog Boss    15 Spirit
    Staff Strike       Gandalf sends a wave of force outwards in an       30 Spirit
                       expanding ring
    Defensive Spells
    Heal               Gandalf heals all his health                       25 Spirit
    Attract            When you hit a single enemy with this, all         25 Spirit
                       enemies in the area will attack that target
    4. Meters
    Each Character has three meters (except Aragorn, who only has two.). 
    I will explain them now.
    Primary Meter - Coloured Green. This is the Health Bar. Watch it during 
    Secondary Meter - Coloured Blue.
    For Frodo, this is the Purity Meter. With each   
    use of the Ring, Frodo is corrupted by it. When the bar empties
    completely, the game is over. Purity increases when you meet certain people,
    or do good deeds.
    For Gandalf, this is the Spirit Bar. Each spell requires a 
    certain amount of spirit. When the bar is empty, Gandalf can't
    cast spells.
    Stealth Indicator - A round meter below the health bar. When the meter is 
                        white, the character is successfully sneaking. When
                        the meter turns yellow, an enemy nearby is alerted of 
                        the character's presence, but has not seen you yet. When 
                        the indicator is red, prepare to fight, because an 
                        enemy has detected you.
    (   G. Items and Weapons                                                     )
    1. Items
    1a. Healing items
    Mushroom - Found in the Shire and the Old Forest. Heals 10 Health.
    Cram - Found in Bree and all areas afterwards. Heals 30 Health.
    Lembas - Found in Bree and all areas afterwards. Heals all Health.
    Miruvor - Found only by Gandalf in Hollin and Moria. Heals 100 Spirit.
    1b. Quest Items
    (In order of appearance in the Quest Log)
    Bag End Deed
    Bag End Key
    Metal Pin
    One Ring
    Healing Herbs
    Small Logs
    Hay Bolster
    2. Weapons
    Walking Stick. You get it at the beginning of the game. Very Weak.
    Westernesse Dagger. You get it in the fight with the Barrow Wight.
                        You only use it here.
    Sting. Final weapon Frodo gets. Sting glows blue in the presence of 
    Ranged attack: Rocks. Perfect for distracting dangerous enemies.
    Long Sword. A sturdy blade common throughout Middle Earth. Moderate 
    Anduril. Last weapon Aragorn gets. It is found in Rivendell.
    Xiphiidae. It may be a fish, but it's the best weapon in the game. 
               More on it later.
    Ranged attack: Wooden Arrows. Useful for fighting bothersome 
                   targets far away.
    Glamdring. The only one he gets. Glamdring glows when enemies 
               are near.
    Ranged attack: Spells. See Section F Part 3 for descriptions.
    (   H. Enemies                                                               )
    (In order of appearance)
    (Bosses explained in the walkthrough)
    Black Riders - Very difficult. Found in the Shire. Sneak by them or 
                   distract them by throwing rocks.
    Wolves - Fairly Easy. Found in the Shire, Barrow Downs and Bree. 
             By themselves, you should be able to kill them easily.
    Spiders - Hard, especially when they attack in groups. Found in the Old 
    Ghosts - Easy. Found in the Barrow downs. A bluish sorta colour.
             Lead them back to your campsite and fight them within the 
             boundary, cos they can't enter it. Later just avoid them.
    Men - Medium, if you know Aragorn's techniques. Found in Bree.
    Wargs - Medium. Found in Weathertop and Troll Shaws, Amon Hen. 
            Black and look like huge rats. They're rather short,
            so attack on the same level as them or below.
    Orcs - Medium. Found in Weathertop, Troll Shaws, Hollin Gate, Moria, 
           Orc Dam and Amon Hen. Much easier to kill than Men.
    Archers - Easy. Found in Weathertop and all areas after, 
              except Rivendell and Lothlorien. Approach by 
              zig-zagging, or use ranged attack.
    Trolls - HARD!!!!! Found in Weathertop (boss), Troll Shaws, 
             Orc Dam and Amon Hen. Attack and run before they attack.
    Ringwraiths - Hard. Found in A Knife in the Dark. See 
                  walkthrough for more details.
    Cave Trolls - HARD!!!!! Found in Hollin and Moria. Look like normal 
                  Trolls, except they're made of rock.
    Uruk-Hai - Medium. Similar to Orcs, but slightly harder.
    So... If you're ready let's begin!
    (   I. Walkthrough                                                           )
     //         \\
    (( THE SHIRE ))
    Character Order: Frodo Only.
    Difficulty Level: Fairly Easy. You may have trouble with the 
                      Dark Riders and wolves though.
    << QUESTS >>
    1) Find the Bag End Deed
    2) Sell Bag End to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
    3) Get the Key to Bag End.
    4) Find the missing Metal Pin and return it to Ted
    5) Throw a rock at Hal's weathervane
    6) Return to Farmer Hal
    7) Ring the Warning Bell
    8) Get the One Ring from Bag End
    9) Find 4 Healing Herbs in Green Hill Country for Old Noakes
    10) Return the Healing Herbs to Old Noakes in Bywater
    11) Take the Bag End Key to Gaffer Gamgee at Number 3 Bagshot Row
    12) Take the One Ring to Rivendell
    13) Meet Merry, Pippin and Sam at Farmer Maggot's Farm
    14) Avoid being detected by Dark Riders!
     ( Bag End )
    You'll start in one of the inner rooms. Walk out to the main hallway and down 
    the corridor with many passages leading off it. In chest in the bedroom here 
    is the deed. Now head back to the main hallway and walk to the exit. 
    The key is on the table. Pick it up and exit Bag end.
     ( Hobbiton )
    Get as many mushrooms as possible (Items that sparkle can be picked up). 
    When you leave Bag End, you'll see Samwise (Sam) Gamgee. Talk to him and he 
    will tell you to meet Meriadoc (Merry) Brandybuck and Peregrine (Pippin)
    Took at the Green Dragon Inn at Bywater. Explore Hobbiton and head for the 
    bridge to Bywater. 
    Talk to the hobbit near the bridge (Ted Sandyman), and he will ask
    you to look for a Metal Pin. From here, turn around and walk until you see 
    an arch leading to a farm. Talk to the farmer (Hal), 
    and he will ask you to unstick his weathervane. 
    Climb up the ladder, go into first person. Aim the crosshairs at 
    the center of the vane and throw a rock at it. Now talk to farmer Hal. He
    will reward you with a Metal Pin. Give the pin to Ted. Then head across the 
    Bridge to...
     ( Bywater )
    Go through the arch and past the maypole. Take the chance to look at the 
    buildings. The one with the green dragon on a barrel at the front wall 
    is the Green Dragon Inn. 
    Enter and talk to Merry and Pippin. They'll ask you to meet them at Farmer
    Maggot's later at night. Now, exit the inn, and walk past the farmer's market 
    until you get to a hobbit hole with a woman hobbit (Lobelia Sackville-Baggins)
    in front of it. Talk to her and she'll ask you to ring the Warning Bell 
    (the bell in the middle of the square). Ring it and go back to Lobelia.
    Now the game asks you to go back and get the Ring. but do not go yet. Look for
    and arch around you somewhere and head out to Green Hill Country. (If you end 
    up in Hobbiton, WRONG WAY!!!) Talk to the old man on the bench here 
    (Old Noakes). He'll ask you to find four Kingsfoil (the inventory names 
    it as healing herbs). now continue along the path to...
     ( Green Hill Country )
    Go across the first bridge and wade into the small pond to your left. 
    There is a Kingsfoil and a mushroom on the other side. Cross the second 
    bridge (the one with the hobbit on) and go down the hill 
    (If you meet up with rocks, you're going the WRONG WAY!)
    Follow the path through the trees until you see a hollow log to the right. 
    Behind the log is a Kingsfoil and two mushrooms. 
    Now continue up the path into Farmer Maggot's farm.
    There are two fields here, each field has a kingsfoil and two mushrooms. 
    Now enter the field with the hay and hide behind the hay. 
    Throw rocks to distract the dogs. It's no
    big deal if you're caught, just start again. When you get the herbs, 
    return them to Old Noakes and get back to...
     ( Bag End )
    Get the One Ring from the chest in the other bedroom and save before 
    leaving the house.
    It's time for the most dangerous part of the Shire.
     ( The Dark Riders )
    It is recommended to try this part out first.
    Do NOT go out of your way to collect mushrooms!!!!!!!!!
    Remember to save often in this part (F2). When you approach the Gamgees' place, 
    you'll see Gaffer Gamgee talking to a Black Rider. 
    You will then walk up and talk to Gaffer Gamgee. After the cut scene ends, 
    turn to your right immediately and RUN until you get
    to a small hill. You should fall in front of a hobbit hole with a boulder in 
    front of it. Hide behind the boulder (the side facing the hobbit hole) and 
    SAVE. Now go closer to the back of the boulder. Go into first person (F), 
    turn to your right and throw a rock over the small hill. You'll see a 
    darkness approaching you. Wait until it passes and then RUN down the path, 
    ignoring the arches until you come to the bridge to Bywater. 
    Slow down here and SAVE. Now from here, you can go 2 ways:
    1. Jump over the low fence to your right and SNEAK to the river. 
    From there turn around and throw a rock down the way you came as 
    far as possible. Once the Dark Rider has gone, SNEAK to the bridge and 
    across it. It's safe to run at the other side of the bridge.
    2. SNEAK further down the path and up the ramp near Sandyman's Mill. 
    You'll end up in a back porch. Go into first person and throw a rock 
    down the path the way you came. Once the Black Rider has gone, SNEAK down 
    the path, towards the bridge and across it. It's 
    safe to run at the other side of the bridge.
     ( Bywater and the Wolves attack! )
    Enter Bywater and you will see Shirrif Robin being turned into a late night 
    meal. Kill the wolf and talk to Robin. Then go down the road to Green 
    Hill Country. A pack of wolves will come towards you. Run, or use 
    the Ring (NOT reccomended) until you enter Green Hill Country.
     ( Green Hill and the Dark Rider )
    Now go down the path to Farmer maggot's farm until a cut scene comes up. 
    Then SNEAK behind the hollow log and collect the 2 mushrooms. SAVE. 
    Then SNEAK around the log to the side facing the rider (at the same end 
    of the log) and throw a rock straight ahead. 
    IMMEDIATELY SNEAK BEHIND THE LOG AGAIN!!!!! Wait until the Dark Rider passes, 
    then SNEAK to the other side of the log. go around to the side with the 
    dark rider (gulp) and throw a rock down the path as far as possible. 
    DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT let the rocks richochet off anything! When the 
    dark rider goes off, SNEAK down the path and across the bridge into maggot's 
    farm SNEAKing all the way until the quest log updates. Now a cut
    scene will come up and you can get a cup of tea and some rest, and say 
    goodbye to the Shire!
     //              \\
    (( THE OLD FOREST ))
    Character Order: Frodo only.
    Difficulty level: Fairly easy. But the boss can be a challenge.
    << QUESTS >>
    1) Find Merry
    2) Find Pippin
    3) Find Sam
    4) Find 12 lilies for Goldberry
    5) Return the 12 lilies to Tom Bombadil
    6) Find the missing hobbits
     ( The Forest Labyrinith )
    This whole part is really confusing, but just walk around until you hear a 
    shout. Explore around the area nearby until you find them. Also, 
    the trees move around here. When your path is blocked, just move back 
    until the tree is out of sight and when you go back, the tree is gone!
     ( Withywindle Path )
    Very straightforward, just follow the river until a cut scene appears.
     ( Boss Fight: Old Man Willow )
    Old Man Willow has decided to eat Merry and Pippin and it's up to you to 
    save them. DO NOT go outside the barren ring or you'll get hurt. 
    And DO NOT, for any
    reason whatsoever, hit the tree trunk! Merry and Pippin wil die if you do.
    Run around the tree until his wooden fist comes crashing down. 
    Hit the fist and run! Repeat this so called 'hit-and-run' process for 
    about 10 hits or so and Tom Bombadil will come and put the tree to sleep.
    Now you will need to find 12 lilies for Tom. Each lily is guarded by a 
    spider, so run from it. When you get all 12, find Tom 
    (He's prancing around near the river somewhere)
    and he will take you to his house.
     ( The Barrow Downs )
    Now you'll have to go and look for Merry, Pippin and Sam (again). 
    Remember where your campsite is. If you encounter any ghosts, 
    run back to the campsite and fight them in the boundary, for they cannot 
    enter it. Later just avoid them. The barrow you're looking for is the 
    one with a crow sitting on top of a pretty tall, kinda round
    at the top rock. Approach it and a cut scene will come up.
     ( Boss Fight: The Barrow Wight )
    At the start, you will notice a chest and a mushroom on top of a ledge. 
    Get to the chest and you'll recieve a Westernesse Dagger (you'll need 
    it for this fight). Now for the boss.
    The Wight will spit green smoke at you and it hurts! Keep running around 
    it and once you hit it, run back to the ledge where you got the dagger 
    and wait. A good strategy is to jump from the ledge and run a long 
    distance away, and then turn and hit the Wight by charging at it. 
    Then run back up the ledge and repeat. Repeat this for about 5-6 times
    until Tom Bombadil comes and bails you out. Enjoy the cut scene!
     //    \\
    (( BREE ))
    Character Order: Frodo, Aragorn
    Difficulty level: Medium.
    << QUESTS >>
    1) Check in at the Prancing Pony Inn
    2) Search the Village of Bree for Merry
    3) Collect Clothes
    4) Collect Small Logs
    5) Collect Hay Bolster
    6) Collect Melons
    7) Return to the Prancing Pony Inn
     ( Checking in to the Prancing Pony )
    Once the cut scene finishes, go into the back and find a room with a lot of 
    people in. Go to the tall man in the corner (Aragorn). He will ask Frodo 
    (Sorry, it should be  Mr. Underhill) to check in with the landlord. 
    Proceed to the front counter and check in. Then return to Aragorn.
     ( Finding Merry )
    Note: You are now Aragorn.
    Once you gain control, explore the village. Merry is in one of the small 
    rooms near the gate. You'll meet an axe man on your way there. 
    Once you find Merry, a cut scene appears.
     ( Searching for decoy items )
    When you have control again, explore more around that particular area 
    to get the required items. You will encounter several wolves. 
    When you're done, head to the stable near the Pony and kill the men that 
    are trying to make the stable boy squeak. When they're dead, enter the 
    stable and get the hay.
    Return to the Pony and a cut scene will appear.
     //          \\
    (( WEATHERTOP ))
    a.k.a. Amon Sul
    Character Order: Aragorn only.
    Difficulty level: Medium. But the boss can be a pain.
    << QUESTS >>
    1) Reach the summit of Weathertop
    2) Protect Frodo from the Nazgul
    3) Scout ahead to clear a path for the hobbits
     ( Heading up Amon Sul )
    Be careful not to fall off the ledges! When you begin, follow the path up 
    and kill as many Orcs and Wargs as you please. The Orcs drop Cram when 
    defeated, and it's highly useful. When you reach the summit, prepare to 
     ( Boss Fight: The Troll )
    You are all alone.........
    Keep moving and walk up to him and slash him to bits. When he warms up 
    for an attack, run away and hit him from behind. Repeat until the troll 
     ( "A Knife in the Dark" )
    Now Frodo has been stabbed by the Ringwraiths' blade and you have to 
    stand guard over him. They will come one by one, or sometimes two, 
    but not more than that. Hit one a few times with the torch and it 
    will retreat. Do not run away from Frodo to kill them!
    They will not die. Instead, stay around him. When there is no 
    Ringwraith near, collect a Lembas near the fire, cos you'll need 
    it. Keep them away from Frodo and eventually, they will go away.
     ( Troll Shaws )
    Go along the path until you encounter enemies. Let the trolls take 
    care of the Orcs and Wargs, then murder the trolls. The trolls will 
    be slightly easier as your party can help. Clear
    the way of all enemies and you will end up in Rivendell.
     //         \\
    (( RIVENDELL ))
    Character Order: Frodo only.
    Difficulty level: N/A. A rest level for you.
    << QUESTS >>
    No Quests
    This is a break. Watch the cut scenes and talk to every Fellowship member 
    if you wish. Then enter the room and Bilbo will give you Sting and Mithril 
     //     \\
    (( MORIA ))
    Character Order: Gandalf, Aragorn, Gandalf again, Frodo, Gandalf.
    Difficulty level: Hard. The boss is also very difficult.
    << QUESTS >>
    1) Find the Gates of Moria somewhere near the lake
    2) Find safe passage through Moria
    3) Escape the 21st Hall
     ( Searching for the Gate )
    You'll start out as Gandalf without the rest. Learn to use spells as you 
    will need to later. Fight if you want, although, I don't reccomend it.
    Follow the river until you get to a lake. Go around the lake until a 
    cutscene comes up.
     ( Boss Fight: The Watcher )
    Note: You are now Aragorn.
    While Gandalf figures out the words (taking the easy job as usual), 
    you will have to fight. Start by moving as far back as possible, 
    and go into first person. Shoot arrows at each of the tentacles. 
    Each tentacle takes about 4 to 5 hits. Submerge
    4 tentacles to continue.
     ( The Labyrinith )
    Note: You are Gandalf again.
    One thing: The camera has a tendency to go bonkers in areas with low 
               (i.e. you can only see the ceiling)
    Now you are trapped in the mines. Pick up the two bottles of Miruvor 
    near the fire and now the only way out is to slash smash and spell 
    your way through the Mines of Moria. You will use your sword a lot here, 
    so practice! Gimili will also help you out here.
    When you gain control, Head up the stairs, occasionally zig zagging. 
    Get to the end of the stairs and pull the switch (a bucket kinda thing 
    near the door) by pressing E. Just go on in cos there aren't any Orcs 
    here. Pull the switch near the other door here. Enter and go left and you 
    will meet up with more orcs. Juice em' up. Go back to the door and head 
    straight this time. Kill the archer and you will be faced with a choice. 
    The path closest to the door from the previous room leads to a lone bottle 
    of Miruvor. The one furthest away leads to the rest of the mine.
    Proceed down the path to a bridge and dice up the orcs. Cross the bridge 
    and kill everything in sight. Enter the next room and kill all the orcs 
    again. Go straight across the room and the door will open by itself. 
    Mince the orcs and enter the room, turn left, then right and you will 
    have a choice of 3 passages. The path straight ahead is the correct one. 
    Proceed and turn right. Stand on the gray square in the center of the room 
    and you will descend to a lower level. Leave the room and head up the stairs 
    to your right. You can now head down four paths. Take the one on the right 
    and continue. Remember to kill everything in sight. You should now be in a 
    room with a well that has a bucket hanging above it. Head out the only 
    door you haven't been through yet. Beware of the chasm in the middle. 
    Enter the room across the chasm and the fellowship will take a short break.
    Open the door opposite you. There is a door on your left that is to be 
    opened with the switch next to it. Do not open that door yet. Go through 
    the door you just opened. And head through the door on the other side of 
    the room. Pull the switch at the end of the ledge and a bridge will 
    extend. You can still control Gandalf here, so do not touch anything 
    while the bridge is being extended. Leave the ledge, pass through the 
    door and turn to your left. A cut scene will come up and Legolas will 
    say that the fellowship is being followed. The camera will show Gollum, 
    this has nothing to do with the game though. 
    Then cross the bridge in front of you. On the other end, you'll run into 
    some orcs and (gulp) a cave troll. Run around the Troll and let it 
    kill the orcs if you can, or just stand afar and kill them with spells. 
    When the troll dies, go to your left and pull the switch. Another bridge 
    is extended. Retrace your steps and go to the door that you didn't open 
    earlier. Now open it. Cross the bridge and mash the orc. Go right into 
    the closed door. A cut scene appears.
     ( The Three Passages )
    Cross the bridge and kill everything in sight. Enter the hallway and run all 
    the way to a wall. You're in for a rough time so be prepared. Move right, 
    right again, left, left and right and pull the switch in front of the 
    door. The Fellowship will take a break here. Pippin will throw a rock 
    down the well (the usual idiocy of him), and when you have control again, 
    head through the passage on the right. Now climb up the path and dice all 
    the orcs and open the door on the right and barge on into...
     ( The 21st Hall )
    Do not fight the trolls. Concentrate on finding your way out. Push the 4 
    small pillars in the center of the area onto the switches and the trolls will
    be history. A new door opens. The easiest way to find the new door
    is to follow the one stream of blue light from the statue in the center. Go
    down the hall and turn right into Balin's tomb. Enjoy the cut scene.
     ( The 2nd Hall )
    Note: You are now Frodo. Also, do not fight any orcs except the archer at 
          the top where the small pillar is. You'll probably kill yourself.
    Go up to the pit and go around the right of the pit. You will come to a 
    small space between two platforms. Jump over them and Over another set until 
    you get to a fallen pillar leading up. Go up and kill the archer, and push 
    the small broken pillar down. Make a leap of faith after the pillar 
    (if you have full health)
    or retrace your steps. Then push the pillar onto the switch and a new door 
    will open. Now, go back to the start of the room. There is a broken bridge to 
    your left. Pull the switch beside it and cross. Keep going, avoiding the orcs 
    all the way, until you reach a ladder. Climb up and follow the path until you 
    get to another ladder leading down. This is a good save point, as it's pretty 
    easy to fall down by accident. Climb down (or bunge down) and pull the switch. 
    Then head the other way and a bunch of orcs will appear. Wait until they all 
    get over the plank then run around them and flee to the door.
     ( Boss Fight: Durin's Bane (Balrog) )
    Note: You are Gandalf.
    Save before you start. Heal yourself and switch to lightning. Approach the 
    Balrog by dodging left and right when it shoots fire and move forward 
    between blasts. You can't fall off the side so don't worry. Also, Aragorn 
    will give you Miruvor when you are low. Do not get too close to the Balrog or 
    he'll hit you with his sword, and the game ends. Get in range for a spell and 
    stun it with lightning. When he's stunned, walk up to him and slash him 2-3 
    times with Glamdring. Then back up and repeat the whole process until a cut
    scene comes up.
     //          \\
    (( LOTHLORIEN ))
    Character Order: Frodo only.
    Difficulty level: N/A. Another break point.
    << QUESTS >>
    No Quests
    Talk to everyone then proceed to the ladder. You will then be in..
     //      \\
    (( ANDUIN ))
    Character Order: Aragorn, then Frodo then Aragorn.
    Difficulty level: Medium-Hard.
    << QUESTS >>
    1) Clear the River's edge of enemies
    2) Rescue Sam
    3) Defeat the Nazgul and his fell beast
     ( Orc Dam )
    This part is very straightforward, just kill every single enemy in sight.
     ( Amon Hen )
    The final part. You can get the Xiphiidae here. If you want it, skip to the
    correct section first. Frodo will follow you around, so he'll be some help.
    Go straight and kill everything in sight. Keep going until you see two 
    trolls and a pack of wargs. Let the trolls squish the wargs then you squish 
    the trolls. Once they're all dead, go to a pile of rocks. A troll will come 
    crashing through. Squish it and go up the steps, killing all the wargs. 
    Then turn left and kill the archers with your arrows. Then jump down and 
    kill the troll. Keep going until you get to a bridge. A cut scene will 
    appear and you are now Frodo. Hide behind the rocks until 2 Uruks pass, 
    then go up the hill, avoiding Uruk-Hais as you go. When you reach the top, 
    control will switch to Aragorn again. Follow the same path you took with 
    Frodo, but do not fight if you can help it. When you reach the top, 
    a cut scene will appear and the final battle begins.
     ( Boss Fight: Nazgul and his fell beast)
    Note: My game always will not open a save file that is up to the final 
          boss. You should save a file at the beginning of Amon Hen just in 
    You will begin the battle. Avoid the green flames by zig-zagging and go 
    up to the dragon and slash it and slash it and slash it...Sorry, got 
    carried away. Just keep slashing until a cut scene comes up and the 
    dragon goes airborne. While the dragon is flying around, find and collect 
    a Lembas nearby. You'll need it. Climb the stairs in the middle of 
    the arena and stand a little back from the back of the throne so that 
    it shields you from the flames. Then go into first person and shoot 
    the dragon about three times when it comes directly above you. Then 
    Legolas will shoot the Nazgul's fell beast right in the head
    and the game is over as the dragon hits the dirt.
    Congratulations! You have officially beaten the game!
    (  J. Xiphiidae                                                             )
    The Xiphiidae may be a fish, but it's the best weapon in the whole game. 
    You can get it at the start of the Amon Hen level as a bonus. 
    Here's how to get it.
    When you begin, Follow the shore a short distance to a rock wall. then go 
    inwards till you come to a warg. Kill it, then walk up to the cliff face.
    you will see a figure walking away and mumbling. Turn and follow the mountain
    until you get to a rocky road leading up. turn left at the end and you'll
    see that same figure again, mumbling his head off. Then go back to the 
    shoreline and go the other way until you get to a cliff that's half in 
    and half out of the water. Look up towards the bushes and you'll hear 
    a scream. Go back up the shore and kill all the orcs and wargs. Then when 
    you get to the part with two archers, kill the one nearest to you but 
    do not jump down to kill the other. Kill him with your arrows or just 
    ignore him till later. go up the small hill on the part where the
    first archer was earlier, then you should see a fallen log going across. 
    Cross it and a cut scene will come up and you will discover the figure 
    is Gollum and he will talk about presentsssesss for you. He will disappear 
    into the Falls of Rauros and a fish will hit Aragorn's face. 
    When you gain control again, draw your sword. It will be the fish.
    It is pretty powerful, it kills archers in one hit, wargs in two, 
    Uruk-Hais in three and trolls in four, and makes the final boss a bit 
    easier. But to think Anduril is replaced by a fish...
    The very idea amuses me... 
    (  K. My Other Guides                                                       )
    Here are my other guides, in case you're interested, go and have a peek!
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC)
    Crash Team Racing (PSX)
    Pokemon Ruby Version (Gameboy Advance SP) - Coming Soon!
    Pokemon Sapphire Version (Gameboy Advance SP) - Coming Soon!
    Pokemon Emerald Version (Gameboy Advance SP) - As soon as I get it!
    (  L. Credits                                                               )
    Okay, I have to thank my cousins for letting me conduct research on their
    computer (the game can't work on my own pc).
    Then I have to thank BLG, Vivendi Universal Games and Surreal Software-
    your game is excellent!
    And I also need to thank JRR Tolkien - The --greatest-- epic novel (other 
    than Harry Potter) I have ever known.
    Lastly, I have to thank you, for reading this guide, and everyone who has 
    helped me to write this guide one way or another.
    If you have anything to say, email me at: fieryspirited1@hotmail.com
        One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
        One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    Justin Ang

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