Review by pokemaniac1342

"A bit too short, a bit lagged in certain aspects."

Hmm, what should I say. i got this game free along with a Halo PC bundle. After installing it, I played until i got stuck, than came to Gamefaqs to check up on some guides. As I progressed through the game, I quickly found some pros
and cons.

Gameplay: 8/10
The gameplay is not bad, with a story _QUITE_ similar to the book/the film. You get to play 3 different characters (Frodo/Aragorn/Gandalf)and each of them get special abilities. Alls fine, but its irritating with Frodo because most of the time he has to resort to sneaking and distracting enemies with rocks...and how come he and aragorn gets unlimited rocks/arrows? I thought he could have a limit and pick up ammo on the journey. Gandalf has a limit to his magic, but his ordinary fighting abilities are none-to-bright. leading to some frustrationg situations. The fighing is interesting for a start, but gets...monotonous. I mean all you do is walk around the enemy clicking your mouse to death. Plus, the game is quite short. Take away the tedious parts (mines, and the old forest etc)and you can finish the whole game like 2-3 hours at most unless you really stink at action games.

Graphics: 7/10
The background is good, the textures are good, most of the stuff looks good. The details are ok, although its funny how collectable items shine. The BAD part that takes a full 3 points off are the dialogues and cutscenes. Unrealistic, their lips bareky move, you don't see them do anything when they say they are doing something (like, for example someone says ''Heres a mushroom'' and you receive a mushroom but you don't see the person do anything except talk. Its like the mushroom teleported into your pocket)

Audio: 9/10
Can't say anything bad about it, it adds a nice effect but doesn't distract you. The sounds change with the surroundings (like it changes to a more eerie sound in the Barrow-Downs)

Replay Value: 4/10
Well, there are no different difficulty levels, so everytime you play its the same. Sure you can explore the other routes you haven't taken before and try out different ways to combat bosses but thats's about it. Not much replay value to this game.

Actually, you could probably finish the game within 2-3 days so if you just want a taste of it just rent. However if you really want to get into it by all means buy, its quite cheap (free in my case hehe)and provides some fun when you get bored of other games.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/01/04

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