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Reviewed: 08/25/02 | Updated: 08/25/02

Crazy but not Crazy enough

Crazy Taxi first released for the Arcades and it was very popular. Then came out for Dreamcast. After dreamcast ''failed'' and removed from the market, Sega (the developer and publisher of Crazy Taxi, also the creator of Dreamcast in case you dont know ^_^) started making multi-platform games and porting Dreamcast games. Sega released Crazy Taxi for Playstation 2 and Gamecube. Now Crazy Taxi finally makes it to the PC (In Europe at least, not out in the US yet). Thats briefly the history of Crazy Taxi. Lets go with the review.

~Graphics 7.5/10~
Fairly old graphics. When Dreamcast was released then this was a graphical masterpiece. Now its nothing more than an old game since its a straight port of the Dreamcast version. PC can do much more than that right now. Dont expect it to be with ugly graphics. The graphics and visuals are very sharp and cool and the framerate is just right. You will enjoy the graphics and the crazy speed! If you played the arcade version or the dreamcast/ps2/gamecube and even the xbox (Xbox has Crazy Taxi 3 (!) but the graphics are still the same) version then you know how the graphics are.

~Sound 8/10~
Very enjoyable sound especially on stereo. While driving like Crazy in the city you hear the Offspring singing for you. The car engine and the city sounds are very well done and your fares that you are supposed to deliver shout, scream, talk etc.

~Gameplay 8/10~
The gameplay is almost perfect. If you played any other versions before then you know what iam talking about. So why the old score? Well, the keyboard is not really made for driving games. PLus you are going to have some hard time performing some special moves like the Crazy Drift. If you have a PC controller then cool but its still not very stable... You need to configure it very carefully. If you have a PS2/Dreamcast/GCN or an xbox then get Crazy Taxi for these consoles (Crazy taxi 3 for xbox).

~Lifespan 5/10~
There are lots of mini games and getting the Crazy taxi license is tough. If you are into ''progress building'' games then this is not for you really. It doesnt have any progress at all. There are 2 cities and you can play the arcade mode or play for 3/5/10 minutes.

The game is fun but dont get it if you own it on other consoles because its the same. Dont get it even if you own other consoles. Get it on consoles. Crazy taxi is meant for consoles. Iam not saying that its not fun on PC, its still fun but on consoles its better! Anyway Crazy taxi is the game that you just play to take a break from other games, its simple, pure fun!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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