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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SWCarter

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                         Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood
                                By Steven W. Carter
                                    Last Updated
                                    May 3, 2003
    * ================= *
    * Table of Contents *
    * ================= *
    01.00.00  Introduction
    02.00.00  Characters
      .01.00  Primary Characters
         .01  Robin Hood
         .02  Stuteley
         .03  Maid Marian
         .04  Will Scarlet
         .05  Little John
         .06  Friar Tuck
      .02.00  Secondary Characters
         .01  Mustachioed Merry
         .02  Aggressive Merry
         .03  Strong Merry
    03.00.00  Gameplay Tips
    04.00.00  Sherwood Forest
      .01.00  Map
      .02.00  Notes
    05.00.00  Ambush Missions
    06.00.00  Defensive Missions
    07.00.00  Campaign Walkthrough
      .01.00  Notes
      .02.00  Mission 1: Finding Godwin
      .03.00  Mission 2: Rescuing Stuteley
      .04.00  Sherwood Forest
      .05.00  First Ambush Mission
      .06.00  Mission 3: Scarlet Night
      .07.00  Mission 4: Confessions of an Outlaw
      .08.00  Mission 5: The Prince and the Outlaw
      .09.00  Mission 6: Pillaging
      .10.00  Mission 7: The Evening Visitor
      .11.00  Mission 8: The Godfather in Prison
      .12.00  Mission 9: The Lock-up and the Friar
      .13.00  Mission 10: The Silver Arrow
      .14.00  Mission 11: The Black Castle
      .15.00  Mission 12: A Wedding and a Funeral
      .16.00  Mission 13: The Escape
      .17.00  Mission 14: The Letter
      .18.00  Mission 15: The March on York
      .19.00  Mission 16: Last Challenge
    08.00.00  Thanks To
    09.00.00  Revision History
    10.00.00  Permissions and Updates
    * 01.00.00 INTRODUCTION                                                      *
    Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood was developed by Spellbound Studios and 
    published by Strategy First.  It involves stealth and infiltration, and is 
    similar in style to the Commandos games and Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive.  
    (Not coincidentally, Spellbound also developed Desperados.)
    This document is mostly a walkthrough for the campaign included with the game, 
    but I’m including some other information here and there as well.  Hopefully, it 
    will answer all of the questions you have while playing the game.  If not, a 
    good source of information is Strategy First’s Robin Hood forum:
    I usually answer my mail, but most of what I know I include in the guide, and 
    so I’m not a good source for addition information.  This is especially true if 
    it’s been six months or more since I last updated the guide.
    I’m writing this guide using the retail release of the game.  So far as I know, 
    that is the only version there is.  I’m also using the “medium” difficulty 
    setting.  If you use one of the other two settings, you’ll probably notice 
    differences between what I say in the walkthrough and what you see in the game.
    * 02.00.00 CHARACTERS                                                        *
    | 02.01.00 Primary Characters                                                |
    * =================== *
    * 02.01.01 Robin Hood *
    * =================== *
    Robin is a good all-around character.  He can jump and climb, so he can get 
    anywhere on the map, and he can search bodies and knock out enemies.  On the 
    downside, in strategic missions Robin uses a sword, so if he gets into a fight 
    he can only kill his opponent.  (In ambush missions, he gets to use a staff.)
    Robin requires two punches to knock out officers, most knights, and most black 
    soldiers.  All other soldiers only require one punch.  (Possibly this is linked 
    to his combat skill, but I’m not sure.)
    Robin is required for every mission except for the one where you have to rescue 
    him.  But there’s a trick to allow him to train his combat skill.  After the 
    mission where you rescue Maid Marian from the wedding (A Wedding and a 
    Funeral), have Robin train during the consequent ambush mission.  When you 
    return from the ambush mission you’ll learn Robin has been captured, but then 
    during the mission where you rescue him the game will consider him to still be 
    training in Sherwood Forest, and so you can get his combat skill from 2/5 to 
    * ================= *
    * 02.01.02 Stuteley *
    * ================= *
    Stuteley is a good utility character.  He can tie up unconscious enemies, and 
    he can unlock doors.  He’s useful until Friar Tuck joins you.
    * ==================== *
    * 02.01.03 Maid Marian *
    * ==================== *
    Maid Marian is a little better than the aggressive merry.  She heals just like 
    the aggressive merry, but her spy ability is great for scouting.
    * ===================== *
    * 02.01.04 Will Scarlet *
    * ===================== *
    Scarlet looks like a good character because his “catapult” (aka slingshot) can 
    knock out enemies from a distance.  But the slingshot doesn’t have much range, 
    and it is difficult to target, and so Scarlet isn’t as useful as he could be.  
    However, the slingshot can knock out an officer with a single shot, and Scarlet 
    does come equipped with a flail, which usually knocks out enemies rather than 
    killing them, and so he’s useful enough to have around in missions where you 
    don’t have Little John.
    Scarlet’s slingshot will only daze knights for a moment, not knock them out.
    Don’t use Scarlet against archers.  With 5/5 combat training he’ll kill them 
    with one hit.
    * ==================== *
    * 02.01.05 Little John *
    * ==================== *
    Little John is easily the best character in the game.  His staff not only 
    knocks people out, but it has a long range, so he can take on and knock out 
    several enemies at once.  Plus, a single one of his punches can knock out any 
    enemy, and he can carry enemies around.
    Little John is susceptible to archers.  It takes him so long to stop and pull 
    an arrow out of his chest that archers have time to fire again, and so a single 
    archer can defeat him.
    * =================== *
    * 02.01.06 Friar Tuck *
    * =================== *
    Friar Tuck and Stuteley are about the same character, since they both tie up 
    enemies and unlock doors.  But Friar Tuck has more useful skills, and his 
    weapon is blunt so he’ll knock out enemies rather than kill thrm.  Once you get 
    Friar Tuck, you should use him instead of Stuteley.
    | 02.02.00 Secondary Characters                                              |
    * ========================== *
    * 02.02.01 Mustachioed Merry *
    * ========================== *
    The mustachioed merry has limited use.  He ties people up, and that’s about it.  
    The only time to use him is if you want to leave Stuteley and Friar Tuck in 
    Sherwood Forest to train.
    * ========================= *
    * 02.02.02 Aggressive Merry *
    * ========================= *
    The aggressive merry is the most useful of the secondary characters, simply 
    because he heals.  If you’re playing anything other than the easiest difficulty 
    setting, then you’ll probably need all the heals you can get, and you should 
    bring the aggressive merry along, even if you have Maid Marian with you.
    * ===================== *
    * 02.02.03 Strong Merry *
    * ===================== *
    The strong merry is useful early in the game.  He can knock enemies out with 
    his hammer, and he can carry bodies around.  However, once you get Little John 
    (who does the same things and more) you should probably leave your strong merry 
    characters in Sherwood Forest.
    * 03.00.00 GAMEPLAY TIPS                                                    *
    Characters only gain experience by training in Sherwood Forest (and not by 
    participating in missions, as the manual indicates).  That means you should 
    leave some primary characters at home from time to time so they can improve 
    their skills.
    If you can’t sneak behind enemies, the best way to knock them out is to fight 
    them with a character and then have somebody else (like Robin) sneak behind 
    them and punch them.
    To see your objectives during a mission, press the <escape> key.
    When you have multiple missions to choose from, the number in the hourglass 
    represents how many days you have before the mission disappears.  Most ambush 
    missions have a “0!” in the hourglass, meaning you must take them now or skip 
    them, while most strategic missions have “...” in the hourglass, meaning there 
    is no time limit for them.
    If you tie up an enemy and place it inside a building, I don’t think other 
    enemies can free him.  (Or at least I’ve never seen it happen.)
    It’s a good idea to re-map the hotkeys, especially those for character skills.  
    It’s much easier if the three keys are next to each other (q-w-e is a good 
    Enemy archers and crossbowmen almost never miss.  That means they’re the 
    enemies you have to worry about most and target first.
    I don’t think there’s much of a difference between an 80% and a 100% lives 
    spared rate.  So if killing an enemy makes things easier, go ahead and do it.
    Your mission score is determined by a few things.  Unconscious enemies (tied up 
    or not) are worth more than dead enemies, but dead enemies are worth more than 
    living, unconstrained enemies.  You also get points for the gold you find, and 
    for completing objectives.  The time you take doesn’t factor into the score at 
    Cavalrymen are best to be avoided.  You’ll see at most two on a mission map, 
    and you can always work around them if you’re patient.  If you do want to 
    attack them, realize they can only be damaged by blunt weapons, they can’t be 
    tied up, and when they’re knocked out, it’s only for a few seconds.  (One 
    contributor noted a clever way to kill them.  In ambush missions, there are 
    sometimes piles of logs.  If you can lure the cavalryman next to the logs, then 
    a strong merry or Little John can push the logs onto him, killing him.)
    * 04.00.00 SHERWOOD FOREST                                                   *
    | 04.01.00 Map                                                               |
                          _________    /      \
                         /         \__|  Nets  |___
                      __|           _____     ___  \_______
      _______________/  ___     ___/     |   |   \         \
     /             ____/   |   |         |   |    \         |
    |    Purses   |        |   |         |   |     \    ___/
     \___     ___/         |   |         |   |     |   |
         |   |          ___|   |_________|   |_____|   |________________________
         |   |     ____/   |___|___      |   |     |   |             \  \ 
         |   |    /        |       |     |   |     |   |    Wasps     \  \ Exit
    _____|   |___/         | Herbs |     |   |     |   |               \/ _
         |   |             |_______|               |   |                 / \
         |   |                                     |   | Status          \  \
         |   |                                     |   |                  |  |
        _|___|__         ____________              |   |                  |  |
       |        |       |            |                        Combat      |  |
       | Arrows |       | Feast Hall |                                   /  /
       |________|       |____________|                          Archery /  /
                                                              _________/  /
                            __                                        /  /
                           /  \                               Stones /  /
                           \__/                              _______/  /
                           Meat                                    /  /
                                                                  /  /
         Beer                           Apples                   /  /
    | 04.02.00 Notes                                                             |
    In Sherwood Forest, you can have characters train their skills, produce 
    equipment, and heal – except, since you can use herbs in Sherwood Forest, there 
    isn’t much reason to use the feast hall to heal.
    To assign a character to a task, simply move them to the “right” area.  You’ll 
    know if you’ve positioned them correctly if a symbol for the task appears over 
    their head.  (In general, just move them close to the blue parchment for the 
    Nothing happens in Sherwood Forest during ambush missions.
    You’ll never be attacked in Sherwood Forest, so it doesn’t matter where you put 
    characters who aren’t assigned to tasks.  (Eventually you might end up with 
    more characters than you can use.)
    You won’t be able to make some equipment (like beer) until you have a character 
    who can use it.
    * 05.00.00 AMBUSH MISSIONS                                                   *
    Ambush missions take place in the three forest locations surrounding Sherwood 
    Forest.  They’re somewhat random and somewhat the same, but they all play about 
    the same.  So I’m not going to try and write walkthroughs for them, but instead 
    write some general notes here.
    The only reason to go on ambush missions is to gain more gold.  Eventually 
    you’ll learn that you need a certain amount of gold for something, but since 
    the interface lets you know how far along you are in the game, it’s easy to 
    tell if you’re on the right pace.  So if you need more gold, go on ambush 
    missions; otherwise skip them.  They get boring after a while.
    There are two types of ambush missions:
    1. Tax Collectors: For these missions you’ll have to knock out the tax 
    collector and then search his body for gold.  Usually there’s somebody next to 
    the collector who you don’t want to fight (like a cavalryman), so your best bet 
    is to sneak around and get him from behind.  (Note: If the mission description 
    mentions a tradesman or merchant, it’s going to end up being a tax collector 
    2. Convoys: For these missions you’ll have to pick up some gold on the ground.  
    The gold is typically surrounded, but you can usually bypass most of the 
    Ambush missions end when you’ve acquired enough gold.  You don’t have to 
    retreat your group to a signpost or anything.  That means, for example, you can 
    end the mission while fighting.  You don’t have to disable enemies first, and 
    so one character can distract enemies while another picks up gold, and then you 
    can quickly exit the area once you’ve acquired enough.
    Nothing happens in Sherwood Forest during ambush missions, and I don’t think 
    what you do in ambush missions affects whether merry men join or leave your 
    cause.  So you can play ambush missions pretty much however you want.
    * 06.00.00 DEFENSIVE MISSIONS                                                *
    Three times in the campaign, after you’ve captured an area, you’ll have to 
    defend it.  However, these defensive missions aren’t really missions.  All you 
    have to do is purchase blazons to thwart the attack.
    There are three ways to purchase blazons:
    1. Buy them using the money you’ve earned.  (The price varies.)
    2. Send out secondary merry men to scout the enemy.  Every three men sent earns 
    a blazon.  (Some of the men might return later, and some might not.)
    3. Go on an ambush-style mission to prevent enemy troops from reaching the 
    battle.  You can only go on one mission, and it will be worth one or two 
    From my experience, the missions are more trouble than they’re worth, 
    especially in the first castle defense, and also in comparison to the other 
    purchase options.  Plus, I usually find I have way too many merry men, so many 
    that it’s difficult to find the ones I’ve trained, and so I always use merry 
    men to purchase blazons.  But the option is yours; use whatever method you 
    * 07.00.00 CAMPAIGN WALKTHROUGH                                              *
    | 07.01.00 Notes                                                             |
    A few notes about the campaign:
    I’m only including walkthroughs for the strategic missions.  See section 
    05.00.00 for information about ambush missions and section 06.00.00 for 
    information about defensive missions.
    I’m assuming you want to do everything in missions, not just meet the main 
    objective and then leave.
    I’m not going to give a detailed blow-by-blow walkthrough.  There are some 
    general strategies you can use to defeat enemies that work throughout the 
    campaign, and then there are places where you have to think up something 
    different.  I’m going to concentrate on the latter situations.
    In the walkthrough, north refers to the top of the screen, east to the right 
    side, etc.
    | 07.02.00 Mission 1: Finding Godwin                                         |
    This is an introductory mission, so it isn’t too complicated.  Robin is safe 
    where he starts, so go ahead and read the two blue parchments near him, and 
    then climb the wall and read the red parchment.  (If you click on the red 
    parchment, Robin will climb the wall automatically.)
    It seems the officer and the bowmen will stay in the courtyard until one of the 
    bowmen hits a target.  So help them out; have Robin grab the two arrows next to 
    the parchment, and then have him shoot one of the targets.
         “Oh, what a lovely arrow!” – Officer
    The officer and the bowmen will then leave, clearing the way to the beggar.  Go 
    ahead and read the next two blue parchments near where you are, and then jump 
    down to the shed roof and climb down the ladder to get back where you started.
    In the courtyard, pick up the red parchment (gaining you £500) and then talk to 
    the beggar five times (costing you £250).  The beggar will add a blue parchment 
    and four more red parchments to the map.  The parchments are all useful, and 
    they’re not too far out of your way, so try to pick them all up.
    Note: Also in the courtyard are a trio of spearmen and three arrows.  When you 
    read the blue parchment next to the spearmen, you’ll receive a coin purse.  If 
    you want the arrows, the best way is to throw the purse so it lands right next 
    to the arrows (so the spearmen all see it and fight over it), and then punch 
    whichever one remains standing.  Don’t forget to search the spearmen to get 
    your money back.
    Continuing the mission, head back to where you started, and climb back up to 
    the shed roof.  The red parchment there will reveal a money purse.  Just click 
    on the purse; none of the guards will be able to see Robin climb to it.  Then 
    wait for the guard above Robin to move to the left of the tower, and order 
    Robin to move through the doorway to the north.  (You can punch the guard if 
    you want, but there’s no need.)
    Robin will find himself in a storeroom.  The guard there will generally be 
    facing towards the back wall, meaning you don’t have to punch him if you don’t 
    want to.  Instead, send Robin through the doorway so he enters the tower 
    landing above.  Wait for the guard there to face north, and then have Robin 
    punch him.  The red parchment nearby will net Robin four arrows.
    Note: The guard on the highest platform will only be able to see you when he’s 
    hunched down over the doorway.  So wait for the right moment to enter and exit 
    the platform.
    Now send Robin back to the storeroom and then west across a walkway into the 
    kitchen.  Talk to Edward, one of Godwin’s servants, and learn that Godwin has 
    disappeared.  Edward will also tell Robin that he’s in danger (surprise!) but 
    that his son in the nearby village will help him.
    You only have to talk to Edward’s son to complete the mission, but continue 
    collecting parchments instead.  The next one is to the south.  Wait for the 
    guard there to look the opposite way, and then pick up the parchment.  You’ll 
    learn that Haldric the Knight was bribed by the Sheriff of Nottingham.  So send 
    Robin into the doorway leading to the garden, and then have him punch the 
    knight just as soon as the knight starts to walk away from the door.  While the 
    knight is unconscious, Robin can search him for £300.
    Then head for the last red parchment, located on the walkway next to the 
    garden.  From it you’ll learn that Master Worman has received some money from 
    the sheriff as well.  So continue across the walkway, knock out and search the 
    crossbowman guarding the staircase (for £10), and then knock out or avoid 
    Worman.  (Worman is a civilian, so if he sees you he’ll alert the guards.)  In 
    the room with Worman, you’ll find £1000 and two coin purses.
    Now it’s time to escape, so head back the way you came (via the kitchen and 
    storeroom) to end up where you started the mission.  Don’t waste any time, so 
    if any of the guards you punched wake up, you’ll be out of the castle (and 
    therefore safe) before they start searching for you.
    The last remaining parchment created by the beggar lies to the west (past an 
    archer conveniently looking the wrong way).  It’s a blue parchment, and it’ll 
    tell you how to open the drawbridge.  So just click on the drawbridge 
    mechanism.  The guard above the drawbridge will hear a noise, but you should be 
    able to leave the area with time to spare before he comes down to investigate.
    Once outside the castle, just make your way along the western side of the map 
    to get to the village where Edward’s son is waiting for you.  If you don’t care 
    about the coin purse or the five arrows along the way, you can pretty much just 
    sprint to Edward’s son (taking minor damage along the way) to complete the 
    mission quickly.  Otherwise, creep along and punch the guards you come across, 
    and use a coin purse on the spearmen next to the bridge.
    Once you talk to Edward’s son, you’ll find out that Stuteley is about to be 
    hanged, and you’ll be able to end the mission.
    My best score: 1500
    | 07.03.00 Mission 2: Rescuing Stuteley                                      |
    Get used to rescuing people.  You’re going to do it a lot in this game.
    Anyway, Robin is safe where he starts out, so send him north to pick up the 
    coin purse, and then have him donate money to the beggar seven times.  Since 
    Robin is limited about what he can do to enemies, you shouldn’t bother messing 
    around outside the castle yet.  First rescue Stuteley and his men, as that will 
    allow you to tie up enemies (via Stuteley) and carry them out of sight (via the 
    strong merry).
    Since the two gate guards aren’t paying much attention, simply walk Robin 
    inside the castle.  Just be sure you don’t walk too close to the sleeping 
    guard, since that will wake him up.  Then stay on the eastern side of the 
    street, to avoid the gaze of a soldier positioned next to the ramp leading to 
    the inner keep.
    What you’ll find are six soldiers near where Stuteley and his men are awaiting 
    execution – one patrolling to the north and south, and five holding their 
    position.  The best way to handle these soldiers is to wait for the patrolling 
    soldier to head north, and then move Robin north as well so he can throw a 
    purse just north of where Stuteley is standing.  The purse will land in view of 
    the five stationary guards, and they should fight themselves for it, leaving 
    four unconscious.  Now you should be able to knock out the patrolling guard 
    when he is heading north, and then sneak up behind the remaining guard and 
    knock him out as well.
    Once Stuteley and his men are free (by clicking on each one), use Stuteley to 
    tie up the fallen guards, and use the strong merry to carry them into one of 
    the buildings.  (Right click when the strong merry is inside the building to 
    make him drop the body.)  Don’t forget to search the soldiers with Robin so you 
    can get your purse money back.
    Now all you have to do is bring your men to one of the road signs outside of 
    the castle.  However, before you do that it’s useful to gather some of the 
    equipment lying around the castle, so your men will be able to do more.  (The 
    herbs are the most important; you can safely skip anything else if getting to 
    it seems too dangerous.)
    So head north to the church area.  You’ll find another soldier patrolling to 
    the north and south, a stationary soldier facing north, and a group of five 
    soldiers patrolling along the face of the church.  The easiest way to deal with 
    these soldiers is to put Stuteley in the alley leading to the church area, so 
    the patrolling soldier sees him.  Then when the soldier attacks Stuteley, use 
    Robin to knock him out.  You can now disable and hide the stationary soldier 
    when the patrolling soldiers are looking the other way, and then disable the 
    patrol by using your strong merry to fight / distract them while Robin punches 
    them.  (If Robin gets involved in the fight, just keep clicking away from it 
    until he’s not considered involved any more.)  Search the officer leading the 
    patrol for £30.
    Inside the church you’ll find £100 on the floor, and, if you knock out the 
    knight, you can rob him for an extra £120.  Just be sure to knock out the woman 
    next to the knight as well, or else she might run out of the church and alert 
    the guards.  Then send your aggressive merry to grab the three herbs behind the 
    church, and have Robin pick up the coin purse next to the church.
    North of the church in the courtyard (through the locked tower) you can pick up 
    a four-leaf clover, provided you donated money to the beggar outside the 
    castle.  The soldier in the courtyard will usually run away into the nearby 
    house, so you don’t even have to fight him.  The red parchment on the roof of 
    the building west of the church will net you £500.
    To get those items plus the other equipment lying around, just use one of the 
    methods described earlier.  That is, either have Robin sneak up on a soldier 
    and punch him, use a character to distract a soldier so Robin can punch him, or 
    simply attack enemies with your strong merry, since his mace will knock enemies 
    out rather than kill them.  Then when you’ve collected everything you want, 
    send your characters to one of the road signs to complete the mission.
    My best score: 4890
    | 07.04.00 Sherwood Forest                                                   |
    For more information about Sherwood Forest, please see section 04.00.00.
    There isn’t anything you can do here yet, so just click on the map in the upper 
    right-hand corner of the screen, and select the available ambush mission.  Then 
    send all your men across the river to the northeastern part of the map.
    | 07.05.00 First Ambush Mission                                              |
    For more information about ambush missions, please see section 05.00.00.
    This mission is straightforward because the enemies are conveniently placed 
    next to traps.  However, you don’t want to use all the traps.  The one north of 
    Robin, for example, will cause archers to appear, and the archers will kill 
    enemies.  Those deaths will count against you.
    So send Robin slightly west, and have him shoot the trap target in that 
    direction.  The trap will cause the two soldiers next to the bridge to be 
    captured into a net.
    For the rest of the soldiers near the wagon, you can lure some into leaf-
    covered holes, and you can fight the rest.  (Don’t use the trap next to them, 
    because the merry men it will cause to appear will probably kill some of them.)  
    Robin has a staff in this mission, so it’s safe to use him in combat.  Between 
    him and the strong merry, and a few selective uses of Robin’s fists, you should 
    be able to knock out the soldiers while taking little damage to your men.  Then 
    just click on the red parchment next to the wagon to cause some gold to appear, 
    and pick up the gold (worth £2000) to complete the mission.  Don’t forget to 
    search the officer for an extra £35.
    My best score: 550
    | 07.06.00 Mission 3: Scarlet Night                                          |
    Location: Leicester
    Primary Objective: Rescue Will Scarlet
    Recommended characters: Robin Hood (required), Stuteley, aggressive merry, 
    strong merry
    The patrol will notice if the bridge guards aren’t at their post, so don’t 
    bother disabling and hiding them.  Instead, send your group east into the field 
    (a safe point), and then have them follow behind the patrol as it heads east 
    along the path.  Break off from the patrol when it turns north, and hide your 
    group behind the windmill (another safe point).
    Note: Behind the windmill you’ll find a boy who will ask you to help Wielfried 
    the beggar, and the beggar will show up on your map.
    Northwest of the windmill you’ll find a red parchment that will suggest Robin 
    should scale the castle wall to get inside.  That’s a good idea, but don’t do 
    it just yet.  You need to disable a few of the soldiers outside the castle 
    So send your group northeast from the windmill (through the field) until they 
    reach a house with an officer and a female citizen outside.  The female citizen 
    isn’t on your side, so you need to disable both of them.  If you haven’t tried 
    out quick actions yet, this is a good time.  Have your strong merry attack the 
    officer while Robin punches the citizen.  Then have Robin punch the officer 
    twice to knock him out, and hide both bodies inside the house.
    Now it’s time to rescue Wielfried.  The patrol in that part of the map will 
    give you enough time to disable and hide a guard each time they make a pass, 
    and, unlike at the front gate, they won’t notice if guards are missing.  So 
    take down a guard at a time, and hide their bodies in nearby buildings.  When 
    you get to the trio of guards next to Wielfried, either use a money purse so 
    they fight each other, or send the strong merry to attack them while Robin 
    punches them.
    Once the area is clear, donate money to Wielfried three times to make three red 
    parchments appear on the map.  Then clear the rest of the guards from the area 
    so that the only alert guards outside the castle are the two bridge guards and 
    the ten guards in the two patrols.
    Note: North of the castle you’ll find a woman.  She’ll ask you to look for her 
    husband in Derby.  (This will be an ongoing side quest.)  You can also pick up 
    a four-leaf clover.
    Once Robin scales the castle walls, you’ll have two ways to open up the castle 
    so the rest of your group can get inside.  The easiest way by far is to lower 
    the drawbridge at the main gate.  But that means you’ll have to disable the two 
    bridge guards, and, possibly, defeat the two patrols outside the castle.  If 
    fighting the patrols doesn’t bother you any, then that’s the method you should 
    The more complicated method is to lower the two drawbridges leading to and from 
    the tower on the eastern side of the castle (located in the moat).  For that 
    you’ll have to use Robin to do quite a bit of sneaking around and punching.  
    Since any mistake means Robin will have to fight on his own (and thus kill 
    people) this method requires a fair amount of saving and loading.  So 
    definitely save your game before trying it, and then go back to the save and 
    try the main drawbridge if you can’t get it to work.
    Regardless, once your group is inside the castle the first thing you should do 
    is fight the patrol inside.  Use the strong merry to attack and distract while 
    Robin punches.  Otherwise, you’ll have to sneak around the patrol, which is 
    Then there are two places you need to go:
    1. In the northern tower you’ll find £2000 (the red parchment on the western 
    side of the castle will reveal the location).  You’ll have to do a lot of 
    fighting to get to it, but the Robin / strong merry combo should do the trick.  
    For the final battle, the soldiers won’t leave the room with the gold, so you 
    won’t be able to draw them out one at a time.  So send the strong merry into 
    the room with them, but then have him move to the southern edge of the room 
    away from the staircase.  That way Robin will be able to punch soldiers to help 
    out.  (If you leave the strong merry by the staircase, Robin will keep getting 
    involved in the fight.)
    2. In the western tower you’ll find Will Scarlet (the red parchment where the 
    officer was outside the castle will reveal the location).  Freeing Scarlet is 
    much easier than stealing the gold, and the only reason Robin can’t do it on 
    his own is because the door leading to Scarlet is locked.  So use Stuteley to 
    unlock the door, and disable whichever guards get in your way.
    Once Scarlet is free, you’ll learn of a secret way into and out of the castle.  
    So use it to leave, but allow Scarlet to pick up a few rocks before you end the 
    My best score: 4350
    | 07.07.00 Mission 4: Confessions of an Outlaw                               |
    Location: Nottingham
    Primary Objective: Find Maid Marian
    Recommended characters: Robin Hood (required), Stuteley, aggressive merry, 
    strong merry (a fifth character isn’t necessary, so leave Scarlet in Sherwood 
    Forest to train in combat)
    Head north and talk to the woman.  She won’t tell you anything about Maid 
    Marian, but she will tell you how her son defied the Sheriff of Nottingham, and 
    how his body is now being “displayed as an example.”  This triggers a side 
    quest, which you can see by pressing the <escape> key.
    Then search through the southern part of the map, disabling most guards but 
    leaving the patrols intact.  You’ll find the woman’s son on the western side, 
    in front of the prison.  Click on the stockade to release the body, and then 
    use the strong merry to carry it to the woman.  For your efforts, you’ll 
    receive a clover.
    Note: Inside the prison you’ll find a knight carrying £35 and coins worth £500.
    Now head to the castle.  Out front you’ll find a beggar, and when you pay him 
    you’ll trigger a red parchment to appear in front of a house inside the castle 
    walls.  You can pretty much just walk to the parchment and discover the house 
    belongs to Maid Marian.  However, the house is locked, and Stuteley won’t be 
    able to unlock it.  So what to do?  That’s right; talk to more beggars.
    You’ll find the next beggar to the north.  There will be several soldiers 
    nearby, and since one is an officer and others are archers, it’s probably best 
    not to wade in and fight them.  So knock out and hide the crossbowman closest 
    to you, and then draw the officer to you by throwing an apple at him.  (He’ll 
    chase a child around, but chances are he’ll at some point head south towards 
    you.  If not, try again.)  With the officer out of range of the other soldiers, 
    use Robin and the strong merry to knock him out.  Then the remaining soldiers 
    should be pretty easy to disable (use apples again if you need to).  Just watch 
    out for the patrol that moves between the church and the town square.
    Once the area is clear, talk to the beggar to reveal another red parchment.  
    This one will appear right in the path of a patrol, so wait until the patrol is 
    moving in the wrong direction, and then read the parchment.  You’ll find out 
    Marian is inside the inner keep.  That doesn’t appear very promising, so keep 
    looking for beggars.
    You’ll find the third beggar in front of the church.  There are two ways to get 
    to the church, and both require combat, so pick the one you like best.  You 
    might also want to knock out the knight (carrying £35) and the officer 
    (carrying £25).
    The third beggar will claim not to know Maid Marion, but he will tell you that 
    the Sheriff of Nottingham’s brother-in-law lives in the town, and that you can 
    probably find treasure in his house.  If you decide to loot the house, you’ll 
    find £2500 inside.  The third beggar will also tell you where to find the 
    fourth beggar.
    The fourth beggar will finally tell you how to meet up with Maid Marian.  
    Apparently she confesses every night, so all you have to do is take the place 
    of her confessor, Friar Tuck.  Tuck is a civilian in this mission, so he’s 
    pretty easy to knock out.  So tie him up, drop him in the vestry, and then put 
    Robin in the confessional.  A cut scene will ensue, and after that you’ll be 
    able to complete the mission.
    Note: If you decide to infiltrate the castle, you’ll be able to gain another 
    £790 and open the drawbridge, but you won’t be able to get to the party guests.
    My best score: 7480
    | 07.08.00 Mission 5: The Prince and the Outlaw                              |
    Location: Derby
    Primary Objective: Meet up with Prince John
    Recommended characters: Robin Hood (required), Stuteley, aggressive merry, 
    strong merry (Maid Marian will join you in Derby)
    The easiest way to deal with the soldiers in front of the castle is to use a 
    purse.  So have Robin throw a purse in front of the swordsmen and archers, and 
    then, while they’re fighting each other, have him loop around and punch the two 
    halberdiers from the right.  (The halberdiers won’t go after the purse.)  Then 
    knock out whichever archer or swordsman is still standing, and tie everybody 
    up.  To be safe, you should carry all the unconscious enemies to the southern 
    edge of the map.  Don’t forget to take back your purse money.
    With the area clear, talk to the beggar six times to reveal five red 
    parchments.  (When the beggar asks, “Anything else?” that means you need to pay 
    him more for his information, not that he’s out of information or taking your 
    money for nothing.)  Also be sure to knock out the archer and citizen on the 
    eastern side of the castle, so you can get some herbs for Marian.
    Now you need to get into the castle.  You won’t be able to open the drawbridge 
    in this mission, so you’ll have to sneak your group up the broken tower and 
    along the ramparts.  You’ll have to disable guards along the way, of course, 
    and it’s your choice about whether to sneak up on them and punch them or simply 
    fight them with the strong merry.  Fighting is easiest, and it will have the 
    added benefit of alerting the patrol down below and drawing them to you so you 
    can get them out of the way as well.
    Note: In the southern part of a castle, a woman will tell you that her son is 
    ill.  If you use a healing herb on the son (right next to the woman), you’ll 
    receive a clover.
    Once the southern part of the castle is clear of enemies, you’ll have two 
    choices about how to get to Prince John.  You can either head straight north 
    through the gate and fight everyone who gets in your way, or you can try 
    sneaking around the ramparts.  The direct method is easiest, provided you can 
    avoid the four knights, but the roundabout method will allow you to collect 
    more gold.
    So, if you want to take the long way, head for the northeastern part of the 
    castle.  There are a few guards on the ramparts that you can disable easily, 
    but eventually you’ll find yourself against a patrol of archers, a group of 
    crossbowmen, and a knight.  If you try to fight the patrol of archers inside 
    the courtyard, the crossbowmen will join in, so instead place your strong merry 
    at the gate to the area.  Then when the archers notice him, move him farther 
    away, so the archers have to go through the gate to attack him (thus negating 
    their range).  If you want, have Robin stay in the area to punch a few archers 
    and help out against the officer.  Then it should be straightforward to disable 
    the knight and the crossbowmen.  The pouch next to the knight is worth £1000.
    For the northern area, regardless of how you get there, you should take out the 
    patrol of swordsmen first.  Even if you want to avoid them, they’ll notice you 
    when you try to disable the soldiers on the western ramparts, and so it’s 
    better to get them out of the way first.  So, just like in the northeastern 
    area, use your strong merry at the gate to attract them to you, and then use 
    the strong merry and Robin to knock them out.
    Note: The knights in the northern part of the castle aren’t carrying any gold, 
    so there’s no reason to attack them.  They won’t see you if you hug the western 
    Once the patrol is out of the way, knock out the soldiers on the western 
    ramparts, and then head through the doorway up into the castle.  You’ll find a 
    prisoner being harassed by a knight and some swordsmen.  This is the man the 
    woman from Leicester wanted you to save.  So send in your strong merry to deal 
    with them, and then once there’s a little breathing space (have the strong 
    merry try to press the attack forward towards the prisoner to create a gap 
    between him and the door) bring in Robin to help out.  The prisoner will ask 
    you to talk to his wife if you ever return to Leicester.
    At the top of the castle you’ll find a bunch of swordsmen plus assorted other 
    soldiers.  There might be an elegant way to deal with the soldiers, but chances 
    are it’ll come down to a major fight.  So have the strong merry and Robin do 
    their regular thing, and use a third character (like Stuteley) to distract the 
    crossbowman until Robin can get around to punching him.
    Note: You can knock out the soldier patrolling behind the swordsmen without 
    alerting them.
    At the highest point in the castle you’ll find a soldier plus two knights.  
    Robin requires two punches to knock out knights, so use the strong merry to 
    distract them and Robin to punch them.  If you can defeat the knights, you’ll 
    receive £500 and a clover.  If you can’t, that’s ok.  The knights are optional.
    Finally, send Robin and Maid Marian through the doorway leading to Prince John.  
    They’ll discover Prince John is a traitor and wants to be king in Richard’s 
    place.  Further, John will mention that Richard is being held captive and only 
    a ransom of £100,000 will set him free.  That’s now your overall goal for the 
    campaign, to raise enough gold to free Richard.
    Lastly, John will indicate the royal scepter is somewhere in the area.  You’ll 
    find it in the northeastern part of the castle, in the building that was 
    previously locked.  It’s optional to grab the scepter.  As far as I know, 
    picking it up will only affect your score, and won’t change what happens in the 
    Note: Even though it seems like Maid Marion has joined you now, she hasn’t.  So 
    you won’t find her in Sherwood Forest.
    My best score: 7620
    | 07.09.00 Mission 6: Pillaging                                              |
    Location: Forest
    Primary Objective: Free Little John
    Recommended Characters: Robin Hood (required), Stuteley, aggressive merry, 
    strong merry (Little John will join you during the mission)
    Note: This looks like an ambush mission, but it isn’t.  However, Robin does get 
    to use a staff.
    Another note: All the enemies that start off dead in the mission count against 
    you.  So if you had maintained a perfect lives spared rate up to this point, 
    kiss it goodbye.  (But don’t worry too much.  A later mission will really do a 
    number on the rate.)
    You’ll find a couple civilians just north of your starting position.  Talk to 
    them to receive a side quest, to clear the western road so the elderly of the 
    village can escape.  To clear the road all you have to do is defeat the five 
    soldiers to the south.  Since they’re mostly facing away from you, and since 
    Robin gets to use his staff in this mission, knocking them out should be pretty 
    easy.  Then talk to the couple again to complete the quest.  You won’t get an 
    explicit reward, but you’ll probably receive extra points for your mission 
    You can find a second side quest just south of the western road.  In the trees 
    you’ll discover a woman who will ask you to find her son Peter.  Peter is near 
    the center of the map, north of the intersection.  When you talk to Peter and 
    then talk to the woman again, you’ll complete the quest.  Again, you won’t 
    receive an explicit reward, but you can pick up a clover near where the woman 
    was standing.
    You can receive a third side quest of sorts on the northern edge of the map, 
    where four archers and an officer are preparing to execute a pair of civilians.  
    Once you disable the enemies (and after the civilians return), talking to the 
    pair will reward you with a clover.
    For the rest of the map, just use Robin and the strong merry to knock out 
    enemies.  Most of it should be straightforward; the only thing you have to 
    watch out for is archers running back to warn the cavalryman.  That’s bad since 
    1) you’ll then have to kill the cavalryman, and 2) the cavalryman will probably 
    kill you first.  Similarly, you should use the <alt> key to view the 
    cavalryman’s cone of vision.  Since he’s on a horse, he can see farther than 
    most units, and so for some fights (like at the intersection and at the 
    execution) you need to draw enemies towards you so you can keep the fight far 
    enough away.
    Note: The beggar on the eastern side of the map will give you five clovers, 
    provided you pay him about ten times.
    When you’re ready to free Little John, approach him from the south.  If you’re 
    careful, you can sneak up on the guards around him, or draw them to you, so 
    that you don’t alert the cavalryman.  To deal with the archers and spearmen 
    north of Little John, the best solution is to use a money purse.  Then knock 
    out whichever soldiers remain standing.  The only enemy still standing at this 
    point should be the cavalryman.
    The first time you click on Little John to free him, a knight will appear out 
    of the nearby shack.  Use the strong merry and Robin to knock him out.  (You 
    can trigger the appearance of the knight early if you want by entering the 
    shack.)  The second time you try, you’ll actually free him, but Little John 
    will ask you to help him retrieve his equipment.  This is just an excuse to 
    show you Little John’s leg-up skill (and this is likely the only time you’ll 
    use it).  So move Little John to the shack door, use the leg-up skill, and then 
    have Robin click on him.  Robin will now be able to jump up to the roof of the 
    shack and retrieve the coins worth £100.
    Note: If you just can’t seem to disable the guards without alerting the 
    cavalryman, then try to distract the cavalryman with some character (like the 
    strong merry) while Robin frees Little John and then helps him retrieve his 
    gold.  As long as the cavalryman doesn’t kill the distracting character during 
    this time, you can then just run your group to the nearest signpost and quickly 
    exit the mission.
    | 07.10.00 Mission 7: The Evening Visitor                                    |
    Location: Leicester
    Primary Objective: Warn Ranulph about Prince John
    Recommended Characters: Robin Hood (required), Stuteley, aggressive merry, 
    strong merry (Maid Marian will join you in Leicester; this is a good mission to 
    let Little John train)
    Note: You’re not allowed to kill any enemies in this mission, but hopefully 
    you’ve been practicing such tactics in earlier missions, and so it won’t prove 
    much of a hardship here.
    There’s only one direction to go, so head east and disable any enemies you come 
    across.  If you saved the man in Derby, then you’ll find a red parchment at the 
    dock near where you start.  However, it will only suggest the man and his wife 
    might have gone home, and indicate you should look for them.  You’ll find them 
    at the southern edge of the map, next to the windmill.  When you talk to them, 
    you’ll receive a clover.
    Otherwise, just make your way to the building that gives you access into the 
    castle.  Then send Marian inside first and have her use her spy skill to see 
    what enemies are around.  Luckily, most of the gray shadows in the courtyard 
    will turn out to be civilians, and so clearing the area should be relatively 
    easy.  But be careful when hiding bodies: there are enemy soldiers inside the 
    Once the courtyard is clear, talk to the beggar.  He’ll produce three scrolls.  
    One will show you the location of Ranulph, the second will show you where a few 
    of the sheriff’s men are guarding something, and the third will warn you about 
    the church.
    Head over to the sheriff’s men first.  They’re not guarding the bag with £1000 
    in it.  Their charge is actually in the tower beyond them to the west, where on 
    the top floor you’ll find the Doomsday Book.  Like the scepter earlier, it just 
    seems to increase your score and not do anything else.
    There aren’t any soldiers guarding Ranulph, so just send Robin and Marian to 
    his room.  Once the cut scene ends, all you have to do is leave the castle to 
    complete the mission (there aren’t any signposts).
    Note: To help you later, make sure Maid Marian has as many healing herbs as 
    possible before you leave.
    My best score: 6070
    | 07.11.00 Mission 8: The Godfather in Prison                                |
    Location: Lincoln
    Primary Objective: Free Godwin
    Recommended Characters: Robin Hood (required), Stuteley, Will Scarlet, 
    aggressive merry, strong merry (one more training session for Little John 
    should give him 5/5 combat ability)
    Use Robin Hood and Will Scarlet (who should have a 5/5 combat rating now) to 
    disable the three swordsmen next to the civilian.  Your reward will be a 
    clover.  Then talk to the beggar sitting slightly to the west.  He’ll place 
    three red parchments for you.
    From here go ahead and disable all the guards outside the castle.  A coin purse 
    will work well on the patrol since it isn’t being led by an officer.  
    Everything else should be straightforward.  You don’t have to worry about 
    hiding the bodies.
    To get inside the castle, you’ll have to use the ivy covered wall on the 
    northeastern edge.  Everybody but the strong merry will be able to climb the 
    wall, so you’ll be able to knock out and tie up enemies, but you won’t be able 
    to move them around.  Luckily, most of the guards are stationary, or patrol in 
    a small area, and so not being able to move bodies shouldn’t prove a hardship.
    So make your way through the castle, disabling the guards you can get to, and 
    then open up the drawbridge so the strong merry can join you.  Two halberdiers 
    will be at the top of towers, behind locked doors, and you won’t be able to 
    reach them.  The strong merry’s whistling skill might draw the eastern one to 
    you, but the other one will stay where he is.
    Now head for Godwin in the dungeon (his position should have been revealed by 
    one of the red parchments).  But before you do, you should hide all the bodies 
    in the castle.  That’s because when you pass along the walkway next to the 
    garden (where Haldric the Knight was in the earlier mission) Guy of Guisbourne 
    will spot you and send his guards after you (and then flee, the coward).  The 
    guards will appear out of the two locked towers, and they’ll spread out to 
    defend the castle.  You can save some time by leaving Robin and Scarlet next to 
    the door to the locked tower that lies in the castle, so you don’t need to hide 
    the bodies there.
    Once the new guards have been dealt with, send Robin and Scarlet to knock out 
    the swordsman and the two spearmen near Godwin.  Then unlock Godwin’s cell and 
    talk to him twice.  You’ll find out that you need to disable all of 
    Guisbourne’s men in the castle, but that some of Godwin’s men might be able to 
    help out.
    When you talk to Godwin the second time, two things will happen.  First, four 
    red parchments will appear around the castle.  Clicking on the parchments will 
    release groups of Godwin’s men, and the men will help you hunt down the 
    remaining of Guisbourne’s guards.  Second, two enemy knights will come out of 
    the church in the northeastern courtyard.  So make sure you’ve hidden all the 
    bodies again, and then deal with the knights before doing anything else.
    Note: Each of the knights will be carrying £100.
    When you click on a parchment next to a locked tower, the tower will open up.  
    So use Scarlet or the strong merry to read the parchment next to the tower(s) 
    of the remaining halberdier(s), and then have them rush up to the top of the 
    tower and disable the halberdier before Godwin’s men can get involved.  As soon 
    as the last of Guisbourne’s men has been disabled, you’ll be able to end the 
    My best score: 6260
    | 07.12.00 Mission 9: The Lock-up and the Friar                              |
    Location: Derby
    Primary Objective: Free Friar Tuck
    Recommended Characters: Robin Hood (required), Little John, Stuteley, 
    aggressive merry
    Send Robin and Little John to deal with the officer and the three crossbowmen, 
    and then talk to the nearby civilians to reveal some of the castle interior.  
    You’ll see that Friar Tuck is imprisoned in a little hanging cage in the 
    northeastern part of the castle.
    Once again you won’t be able to use the main gate to get inside the castle, and 
    so once again you’ll have to use the broken tower.  However, this time it’ll be 
    a bad idea to alert the soldiers in the courtyard.  There are a few crossbowmen 
    down there, and they’ll probably kill a character or two by the time you can 
    fight your way to them.
    So stealth is the order of the day.  Use Robin or Little John to knock out 
    soldiers on the ramparts, and then either have them crouch down between attacks 
    or send them into the gatehouse.  Regardless, you can use the gatehouse to hide 
    Once the ramparts are clear (or at least the eastern ramparts), sneak Robin and 
    Little John down the stairs to ground level.  Let the patrol see Little John, 
    and let Little John do the brunt of the fighting.  Keep Robin out of the way 
    for the most part, but bring him in to punch people if necessary (especially 
    the crossbowmen).  If you run Little John right into the middle of the patrol, 
    then one (half circle) sweeping attack will take most of it out.
    Once the southern courtyard is clear, donate money to the beggar and talk to 
    the civilian on the eastern side.  The beggar will provide you with three red 
    parchments (that reveal parts of the castle), and the civilian will ask you for 
    food.  If you used my recommendation and didn’t bring a strong merry with you, 
    then you’ll have to wait for Friar Tuck to do this quest.  Once you have him, 
    just send him to talk to the civilian once he has some meat.  You’ll receive a 
    clover for your reward.
    Then head for the northeastern part of the castle where Friar Tuck is.  You 
    should be able to disable the guards on the southern ramparts easily, and 
    rescue Friar Tuck.  Once he’s free you’ll learn that you also need to eavesdrop 
    on Prince John.
    That means you’ll need to clear out the remainding guards in the northeastern 
    part of the castle.  Some of this you can do with punches from behind 
    (including the officer, courtesy of Little John), but eventually you’ll find 
    yourself against soldiers on the ground and soldiers on the northern ramparts.
    Since most of the soldiers are archers, your best bet is to use a coin purse 
    from Robin.  Then when the fight is over, use Robin and Little John to mop up 
    whatever is left.  To make things easier, shoot the bull’s-eye on the banquet 
    hall.  That will lower a board, connecting the stairs with the ramparts.
    Note: In the banquet hall you’ll find ten pieces of meat, which is enough for 
    the civilian in the first part of the castle, plus Friar Tuck as well.  Above 
    the banquet hall you should use Little John to punch the knight.  Then you can 
    rob the knight (for £75) and pick up the gold (worth £500).
    Then sneak Little John and Friar Tuck into the gatehouse leading to the 
    northern part of the castle.  Little John should be able to knock out the 
    guards there and open up the gate while Friar Tuck ties everybody up.
    Possibly you can defeat the remaining guards on the ramparts and sneak into the 
    next part of the castle, but chances are the soldiers on the ground will notice 
    you, and a huge fight will ensue.  As long as it’s going to happen anyway, it’s 
    better if you initiate the fight.  However, even Little John can’t take on 
    everything in the courtyard, so attack them in stages.
    For example, you can draw out the soldiers and the officer guarding the doorway 
    without alerting any of the other soldiers.  Then Robin can use a coin purse on 
    the lined-up archers and swordsmen while simultaneously Friar Tuck uses a 
    wasp’s nest on the remaining officer.  During the chaos, you can send in Little 
    John, Friar Tuck, and Robin to mop up.  You might have some problems with the 
    knight, but if you can get it to fight Friar Tuck, then Little John can sneak 
    up behind it and knock it out with one punch.
    For the rest of the castle, Little John can knock out everybody on his own.  
    But before entering the meeting room to spy on Prince John, send Little John to 
    the highest tower to knock out the knight there.  Near the knight you’ll find 
    the Coronation Spoon, another fun little treasure to add to your collection in 
    Sherwood Forest.
    Then listen to Prince John, and exit the castle to complete the mission.
    My best score: 8200
    | 07.13.00 Mission 10: The Silver Arrow                                      |
    Location: Nottingham
    Primary Objective: Escape the tournament
    Recommended Characters: Robin Hood (required) (Have your other primary 
    characters train if they need to)
    What a surprise, the tournament was a trap!  Anyway, after you fight the 
    Sheriff of Nottingham, immediately send Robin west and up the stairs to find 
    Maid Marian.  If Robin is badly wounded, have Marian heal him.  If Marian needs 
    herbs, you can find some above her.
    Note: Even though the objectives make it sound like you need to hurry to 
    complete the mission, you don’t.  There isn’t any sort of time limit.
    Now you need to find a way out of the city, and obviously you have problems.  
    You can’t tie anybody up, you can’t move bodies, and you don’t even have a 
    blunt weapon around.  That means for the early part of the mission, you should 
    avoid fights as much as possible.  Anybody you knock out you’ll probably have 
    to fight again later.
    So send Robin south along the ramparts, and have him jump down to the 
    mustachioed merry, who will join your cause.  Immediately have Robin move south 
    along the ramparts and knock out the soldiers there.  Then use the mustachioed 
    merry to tie them up.
    You can now play some cat and mouse games.  Lure some of the searching 
    swordsmen up to the ramparts, and make sure they move all the way to the 
    gatehouse (out of sight of the patrol down below).  Then use the mustachioed 
    merry to distract them while Robin punches them.  During this time you should 
    also move Marian into a doorway somewhere, just in case one of the swordsmen 
    searches where she’s standing.
    Once you’re bored with that (or the swordsmen stop searching), use Robin to pay 
    the beggar.  The beggar will add half a dozen red parchments to the map.  Then 
    run the mustachioed merry east to the intersection past the stockade (next to 
    the cylindrical building).  He’ll attract four guards, and while they’re 
    fighting, punch them with Robin.  Nobody will patrol that intersection, so it’s 
    safe to leave the bodies there.
    Now you can walk south and add the aggressive merry to your group.  The 
    aggressive merry will come equipped with a full slate of healing herbs, so use 
    him to heal Robin and the mustachioed merry if you need to.  Also, the 
    aggressive merry’s pitchfork is now the closest thing you have to a blunt 
    weapon, so start using him when you want to distract enemies.
    At this point you should probably take down the patrol in the southern part of 
    the castle.  Lure them to the scaffold, or all the way to the intersection if 
    you can, and use the aggressive merry and the mustachioed merry to distract the 
    soldiers while Robin punches them.
    Now head north from the intersection to the church (east of the puddle).  You 
    should be able to knock out the three guards there and then lure more guards to 
    the area and knock them out as well.  In particular, you should lure back the 
    guards around the balcony to the northwest so you can get to the strong merry 
    and finally start moving bodies.  Don’t worry about the red soldiers in the 
    church.  They won’t leave their posts unless you do something right in front of 
    Once you have the strong merry, go ahead and hide all the bodies you’ve tied 
    up.  It’s boring, but if you don’t then sure enough at some point a lone archer 
    will wander through and wake everyone up.  Then head over towards the inner 
    keep (where you started) so you can clear a path to Marian.
    The difficulty here is in removing the six swordsmen near the gate.  Luckily, 
    they’ll be facing away from you, and so you can use a coin purse plus a couple 
    punches to disable them.  From there everything else in the inner keep should 
    be straightforward.  The two swordsmen and knight guarding the Silver Arrow 
    won’t move away from the arrow, so even if you have trouble fighting them, you 
    can always retreat, heal, and try again.
    All you have to do now is reach a signpost, and you can probably just run your 
    group to one to finish the mission.  But there are still a couple side quests 
    in the area, and for the highest score you should complete them as well.
    First up is the sheriff’s brother-in-law.  You’ll find several soldiers 
    guarding his house, but you should be able to draw them off a couple at a time.  
    Then just charge in with your strong merry and Robin to finish them off.  When 
    you go into the house, three bags of gold worth £5000 will appear.
    Second is the church.  Inside you’ll find some red halberdiers and knights.  
    They’re separated, so you can fight some halberdiers and a knight, and then go 
    after the rest.  Like with the guards at the Silver Arrow, the guards in the 
    church won’t want to leave, and so you can retreat and heal if you need to.  
    Once the guards are unconscious, grab the Sword of State.
    Lastly, you just need to reach a signpost.  The route to the northern signpost 
    is probably almost clear by this time, but if you head south, you can free some 
    civilians, rob a tax collector (worth £1500), and earn another clover.  But if 
    you exit in that direction, just be sure to avoid the two cavalrymen (revealed 
    by the red parchment near the southern gate).
    My best score: 9920
    | 07.14.00 Mission 11: The Black Castle                                      |
    Location: Derby
    Primary Objective: Capture Derby
    Recommended characters: Robin Hood (required), Little John, Will Scarlet, Friar 
    Tuck, aggressive merry
    Before the mission starts, you’ll have the option of earning blazons, much like 
    for the defense of Lincoln.  However, there isn’t any reason to purchase 
    blazons here.  The more blazons you have at the start of the mission, the less 
    you’ll have to do during the mission.  So if you plan to explore the entire map 
    and disable all the enemies anyway, the extra blazons won’t do you any good.  
    Only buy blazons if you want to get through the mission as quickly as possible.
    Inside the mission what you’ll discover is that it’s no fun to have allies.  
    Ranulph’s men will kill their opponents, and those deaths will count against 
    you.  Not only that, but Ranulph’s men will happily kill unconscious enemies, 
    and even enemies that have been tied up.  So if you want to keep your lives 
    spared rate up, you need to rush Little John into the castle, and have him 
    carry unconscious enemies into houses (where Ranulph’s men will leave them 
    alone) as quickly as possible.  Even so, lots of enemies will get killed in 
    this mission.
    But here’s a trick.  Ranulph’s men will only advance when you’ve captured a 
    blazon.  So if you can knock out and hide as many enemies as possible before 
    capturing the blazons, you’ll be able to keep your lives spared rate much 
    higher than otherwise.  In particular, the blazon for the gate leading to the 
    northeastern courtyard is linked to the archers in the ramparts there.  Once 
    you’ve disabled enough of the archers, you’ll capture the blazons, and 
    Ranulph’s men will storm inside.
    So, you need to try and disable as many of the ground forces in the courtyard 
    as you can before defeating the archers.  That’s tricky since the archers will 
    see things and come to investigate, and it means you’ll probably have to fight 
    a messy battle.  But you should be able to sneak your group in behind the 
    soldiers in the courtyard (and maybe punch and hide a couple) before the battle 
    starts.  Then, if you lead off with a couple punches and a slingshot, the 
    battle shouldn’t be too bad.
    For the northern courtyard, whistling seems to work pretty well.  Just have 
    Little John stand on the eastern ramparts and whistle, and the officer below 
    will send up one soldier at a time.  The rest of the castle should be pretty 
    easy, except for Scathlock at the top of the highest tower.  Robin will have to 
    fight him on his own, but note Scathlock can’t leave the tower, so Robin can 
    drop down to heal any time he wants and defeat Scathlock in stages.
    Note: If Scathlock’s blazon is the last one you capture, don’t immediately exit 
    the campaign when you defeat him.  Search his body first for £100.
    My best score: 5700 (56/89 enemies spared, 2 allied soldiers lost)
    | 07.15.00 Mission 12: A Wedding and a Funeral                               |
    Location: York
    Primary Objective: Rescue Maid Marian from the wedding
    Recommended Characters: Robin Hood (required), Little John, Friar Tuck, 
    aggressive merry
    This mission starts out easily enough.  In the southern half of the map, you 
    won’t find any complicated groups of guards, and, in fact, you won’t find 
    anything that Little John can’t handle all by himself.  So knock out, tie up, 
    and hide guards, and talk to the three beggars.
    The beggars will produce no less than nine red parchments.  Some of the red 
    parchments will simply reveal parts of the map (like the mess of soldiers at 
    the church), but some will give you side quests:
    1. The beggar near the center of the map will produce three red parchments.  If 
    you read all three you’ll learn about a moneylender, and you’ll give the beggar 
    £2000 to cover the money he owes him.  In return you’ll receive a clover, and 
    the moneylender (complete with £2000 in his pocket) will appear on the map.  So 
    it’s a good deal, and it gets even better because in a later mission you’ll 
    meet up with the beggar again and he’ll give you your loan back, plus interest.
    2. Another parchment (from the southeastern beggar) will tell you how Sergeant 
    Buttler and Mary Wonara are having an affair, and you’ll see a cut scene where 
    the two meet up as soon as Mary’s husband leaves the area.  So send Little John 
    over to knock out and then carry off the husband (you can also just scare him 
    away), and then hide until Mary and Sergeant Buttler meet up again.  The pair 
    will be staring at each other, so Little John should have an easy time sneaking 
    up behind the sergeant and punching him (don’t use Robin; he won’t knock the 
    sergeant out).  For your reward, you’ll receive the Ampulla, one of the crown 
    3. The red parchment at the docks doesn’t do anything.  Is this a bug or did I 
    miss something?
    4. A fourth parchment will show you a secret entrance into the citadel.
    The one strategic decision you’ll have to make early in the game is what to do 
    with the civilians loyal to Prince John.  You can knock them out so they don’t 
    bother you, but you can also let them go.  If you take the latter approach, 
    then the civilians will keep running up to enemy soldiers and drawing them back 
    to you.  In that way you can draw out a good chunk of the red soldiers at the 
    church and defeat them a few at a time.  The civilian Mary Wonara in particular 
    is good at this job.
    Note: Regardless, you should eventually knock out the “enemy” civilians.  Some 
    of them are carrying gold!
    Once you’ve done what you can in the southern part of the city, you’ll have to 
    tackle the citadel and the church.  Start with the citadel.  There are three 
    ways to get inside: the secret passage revealed by the red parchment, the 
    rooftops to the south, and the ivy wall to the east.  Reading the red parchment 
    that reveals the secret passage might crash your computer (if zooming in and 
    out causes problems), and only Robin can get into the citadel via the rooftops, 
    so your best bet might be the ivy covered wall on the eastern side.  To use it 
    you’ll have to defeat a knight, but that’s easy enough using Robin to distract 
    it while Little John punches it.
    The interior of the citadel should be straightforward.  Even if you can’t use 
    the secret passage, just send Robin and the aggressive merry up the ivy covered 
    wall, and use the aggressive merry to distract soldiers while Robin punches 
    them.  Then when you walk around the courtyard, the mechanism for lowering the 
    drawbridge should be revealed, and opening that will allow Little John inside.
    To change the flags in the citadel, just click on the base of the flagpole.  
    Once the enemies notice Richard’s flag flying instead of John’s, Prince John 
    and many of the church guests and black guards will leave the area, and the 
    majority of the red guards remaining in the church will head south.  Some will 
    go for the citadel, and others will go to the city’s gates.  At this point you 
    can probably just stand Little John at the entrance to the citadel and have him 
    take on all comers, but for a safer approach, run your group to a building in 
    the center of the city, and then have them head to the church once the red 
    guards have passed.
    Note: Once you click on the flagpole, you don’t have to keep a character there 
    to change the flags.  You can immediately move the character if you need to 
    make a hasty escape.
    There’s only one way to approach the church in this mission, so use Little 
    John’s whistle skill, or just let enemies see your characters, to draw them 
    towards you a couple at a time.  Only Robin will be able to go into the church 
    itself, so have him do that and then immediately retreat.  Guy of Guisbourne 
    has to stay inside, but the two halberdiers with him will chase Robin outside 
    where Little John can punch them.  Then send Robin back inside to deal with 
    Guisbourne.  As with other duels, you can let Robin retreat to regain energy 
    and heal, and so he should be able to defeat Guisbourne, even if combat goes 
    Once Guisbourne goes down, loot the £500 in the church and then leave town.  If 
    guards are at the gates, a money purse from Robin might come in handy.  
    Otherwise, just bludgeon your way through.
    My best score: 10560
    Note: Have Robin train during the ambush mission following this mission.  Then 
    he will still be considered training during the mission where you have to 
    rescue him.
    | 07.16.00 Mission 13: The Escape                                            |
    Location: Nottingham
    Primary Objective: Free Robin from prison
    Recommended Characters: Maid Marian (required), Little John, Friar Tuck, 
    aggressive merry
    You should find the village south of the castle to be easy to clear.  Just wade 
    into combat with Little John, or sneak around and punch people.  It shouldn’t 
    make much of a difference.
    The first place to look for Robin is in the prison southwest of the castle.  
    You won’t find Robin there, of course, but you will find another prisoner – 
    plus a black knight.  So send Friar Tuck in to talk to the prisoner, and then 
    use Little John to punch the knight.  When the knight is out, talk to the 
    prisoner again to learn Robin’s location.
    Then head for the castle.  The front gate won’t look like a problem, guarded as 
    it is by two halberdiers and an officer, but there is a swordsman in the 
    interior of the castle who will come looking for the officer.  If he doesn’t 
    find him, he’ll alert the soldiers guarding the sheriff’s brother-in-law’s 
    house.  That is, lots of soldiers will suddenly come your way.  So after you 
    dispatch the guards around the gate, hang around and wait for the swordsman 
    (and his sidekick, a crossbowman) to arrive, and then draw them outside the 
    castle and knock them out.  Fights around the gate might alert other guards to 
    your presence, so be careful there.
    Making your way inside the castle can be tricky as well.  The swordsman 
    patrolling the ramp leading to the inner keep will raise the alarm (once again 
    alerting the guards in front of the sheriff’s brother-in-law’s house) if he 
    sees anything amiss, including if one of the lancers out front is missing.  You 
    can sneak past the soldiers out front of the inner keep if you want, but at 
    some point in the mission somebody is going to raise the alarm, and so you 
    might as well take care of the problem now.
    So use Little John’s whistle skill to try and draw some soldiers towards you 
    (you can lure away the swordsmen from the brother-in-law’s house) and then just 
    let the swordsman patrolling the ramp see you, or start fighting the soldiers 
    on the ramp.  To defeat the soldiers who consequently race towards you, either 
    use Friar Tuck to distract while Little John punches, or just let Little John 
    twirl away with his staff.  If you’ve whittled away at the soldiers in front of 
    the sheriff’s brother-in-law’s house, then the fight might not be too bad 
    anyway.  Once all the enemies are knocked out, hide them in the nearby houses.
    Once the alarm has been thwarted, defeating the rest of the soldiers in the 
    castle should be straightforward.  Just methodically make your way around, 
    disabling the soldiers you come across.  You can also free a civilian from the 
    stockade (for a clover), break into the sheriff’s brother-in-law’s house (just 
    for the heck of it), and find the man Brittlegow who sold out Robin (for 
    Eventually, make your way into the inner keep via the northern ramparts.  Once 
    you free Robin, you’ll find he doesn’t have any equipment, but you can find 
    some arrows and purses around the castle.  At this point you can leave the 
    mission, but keep exploring the inner keep so you can pick up Richard’s sigil 
    in the sheriff’s chambers.
    My best score: 10,870
    | 07.17.00 Mission 14: The Letter                                            |
    Location: York
    Primary Objective: Meet up with Allan
    Recommended Characters: Robin Hood (required), Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid 
    Marian, aggressive merry
    Head for the citadel, and dispatch the guards out front.  Since there isn’t an 
    officer around, you can use a coin purse here, or you can just wade in with 
    Little John.  However, wait for the knight to wander away before starting, and 
    then use somebody to distract the knight so Little John can punch him.
    Once all the unconscious soldiers are tucked away, head south towards Allan.  
    If you want to, you can take the time to disable all the guards in the southern 
    part of the city, but otherwise just deal with the ones you can’t sneak past.
    On the way, you should visit the three places that had beggars the last time 
    you were in York.  Two will have beggars again, and they’ll combine to produce 
    nine red parchments.  The parchments will be scattered all over the map, so now 
    you have an excuse to explore everywhere if you hadn’t been planning to before.  
    In the third place you’ll find the beggar to whom you lent money before.  He 
    won’t be a beggar now; he’ll be a civilian, but he’ll be easy to recognize 
    because of the “!” over his head.  When you talk to him you’ll earn £2500.
    Note: Be sure to pick up the two red parchments in the church.  One will give 
    you £5000 and the other will give you the royal crown.
    When you talk to Allan, you’ll receive a new objective, to eavesdrop on Prince 
    John again, and you’ll learn that Prince John is in the citadel near where you 
    started out.  So head back that way.
    Inside the citadel you’ll find Prince John plus some black guards.  I think you 
    can use the secret passage this time regardless of whether you were able to use 
    it before.  If not, send Robin inside to open up the gate, and then retreat him 
    outside where Little John can deal with the enemies.
    So defeat the black guards inside the citadel, and send Robin to the red 
    parchment so he can listen to Prince John.  You’ll hear Prince John order 
    Longchamps to go to Leopold and instruct him to do as he wishes with King 
    Richard.  That means you have to defeat Longchamps first.  So once Prince John 
    and the other guards in the inner room depart, send Robin to fight him.  Only 
    Robin can enter the room, but, unlike in the other duels you’ve fought, Robin 
    won’t be able to retreat to heal (but you will be able to use clovers).  So 
    save your game before heading in to fight Longchamps.
    Once Longchamps is dead, order Little John to pick up his body, and then send 
    your group to the nearest signpost to end the mission.
    Note: I’m not sure what happens at this point if you don’t have the £100,000 
    necessary to ransom King Richard.
    My best score: 10,150
    | 07.18.00 Mission 15: The March on York                                     |
    Location: York
    Primary Objective: Capture York
    Recommended Characters: Robin Hood (required), Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid 
    Marian, aggressive merry
    Once again you need to capture a castle, and once again you’ll have allies.  
    However, this mission isn’t as tricky as the siege at Derby.  This time the 
    allied soldiers will stay outside the castle walls until you tell them to enter 
    (by ringing the church bells or by raising Richard’s standard at the citadel).  
    So you can essentially play this as a regular mission, and wait until the very 
    end to call in your allies.
    Making headway into the castle can be difficult.  There are lots of troops 
    around, and the patrols will move randomly (or at least semi-randomly).  Worse, 
    patrols usually consist of crossbowmen, meaning they’ll cause all kinds of 
    havoc if they stumble upon you during a fight, and they’ll notice when some 
    guards are missing.  So be prepared for big messy fights, and to reload often.
    Of course, there’s a trick for this.  Enemies won’t go into houses unless they 
    see you go into them first (or happen to flee into them).  So you can take your 
    entire group straight north and hide them in the first house on the left.  
    Then, whenever a patrol goes by, you can pick off a crossbowmen, or even try to 
    take out the entire patrol.  Once you are free of patrols in an area, move out 
    and defeat the stationary guards.  Then rinse and repeat over the southern half 
    of the map.
    Note: It’s not indicated in the objectives, but when you open the outer eastern 
    gate, allied troops will rush in to take the southern part of the city.  So 
    don’t open the gate until you’re ready.
    The northern part of the city is more difficult than the southern part, because 
    it has the two defensive structures (the church and the citadel), and because 
    the two bridges leading to it are heavily guarded.  Plus, it has all the black 
    Luckily, you can loop around the bridge leading to the church (the west bridge) 
    by using the northwestern walkway and a building.  That allows you to attack 
    the bridge guards from behind.  Robin can throw a purse in front of them (so 
    the lancers move forward and everybody else looks at the purse), and Little 
    John can punch the knights and officer, and then attack everybody else (with, 
    perhaps, a little bit of help from his friends).
    You can loop around the bridge leading to the citadel (the eastern bridge) as 
    well, by using the inner eastern wall.  Then wait for the knight to face the 
    citadel, and send in Little John to punch him.  Little John should be able to 
    do that without alerting any of the soldiers on the bridge.  Then you can 
    handle this bridge just like the last one, with Robin throwing a purse and 
    Little John doing some punching.  If you handle the bridges right, Little John 
    should do a lot of punching before he’s forced to fight.
    To defeat the soldiers in front of the citadel, you could try using a purse or 
    a wasp’s nest, but since there aren’t any knights or crossbowmen there, you 
    might as well just send in Little John to fight them.  Then quickly take down 
    the guards at the northern gate (sneak Robin onto the ramparts to deal with the 
    crossbowmen while Little John attacks from below) and head into the citadel 
    Put all of your characters into the secret passage, and then send Little John 
    through the door without a halberdier in front of it (click right in front of 
    the door) when the patrol is looking the other way.  Little John should then be 
    able to knock out the halberdier door guard.  From there you can use Robin to 
    throw a coin purse, and Little John to punch the soldiers while they’re 
    engrossed with the coins.  If it comes to a battle, fight as close to the 
    secret passage doors as you can, so the knights on the ramparts won’t be 
    To defeat the enemy general, first try to draw down as many soldiers from the 
    ramparts as possible.  Whistling works pretty well here.  Then use Little John 
    to punch one of the officers and fight the remaining officer and general.  That 
    should work, but if you have trouble, use Friar Tuck to distract them while 
    Little John punches them.
    Now you can finally ring the bells in the church and hoist Richard’s standard 
    in the citadel.  With that you should be able to complete the mission.
    My best score: 9920
    Note: After defending York (in the next defensive mission), my progress 
    indicator always jumps from 77% to 95%.  Are there optional missions in the 
    campaign that you play if you don’t gather the crown jewels or don’t have 
    £100,000 yet?
    | 07.19.00 Mission 16: Last Challenge                                        |
    Location: Nottingham
    Primary Objective: Defeat Prince John
    Recommended Characters: Robin Hood (required), Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid 
    Marian, Will Scarlet
    Note: Save your game before you start the mission.  Your characters will start 
    out spread across the map, with two characters north of the castle, two 
    characters south of the castle, and Robin inside.  How the characters are 
    placed is either random or depends on the order you send them to the exit area 
    in Sherwood Forest.  Ideally, you should have Little John and Friar Tuck south 
    of the castle, and Will Scarlet and Maid Marian north of the castle.  (I 
    recommend Will Scarlet instead of the aggressive merry here simply so he can 
    protect Maid Marian should they be discovered.)  You could also try using 
    Stuteley instead of Will Scarlet, just to make sure Little John has somebody 
    who can tie up people with him.
    To start off, leave Robin where he is since he’s safe under his cloak, and try 
    to put Will Scarlet and Maid Marian somewhere safe.  It’s possible guards will 
    discover them at some point (they’ll wander all over the place if the alarm 
    sounds), but even so you should be all right.  Either Will Scarlet will be able 
    to defeat the guards who find them, or else Will Scarlet and Maid Marian will 
    both be knocked out and use clovers, and you can rescue them later.
    That means you should do most of your damage with Little John and Friar Tuck.  
    More so than usual, try to have Friar Tuck distract enemies while Little John 
    punches them, simply because Friar Tuck can heal himself with meat, and Little 
    John can only use clovers until you unite your characters.  Slowly but surely 
    the pair should be able to clear out the area south of the castle, or at least 
    as much as possible while avoiding damaging fights.  Just be careful to sneak 
    around the cavalryman riding in front of the castle.
    Note: In the southern part of the map you’ll receive a side quest to free a man 
    from prison (the one outside the castle).  You might want to wait on this quest 
    until you unite your characters.  It’ll involve fighting several soldiers at 
    once, and it might strain your health too much.
    Getting inside the castle to meet up with Robin can be difficult.  Not only 
    will you have to avoid the cavalryman, but the archers in the ramparts will 
    continually hunch down to see what’s going on beneath them, and if they see you 
    they’ll either race down to investigate (good) or alert an officer (bad).  
    However, they shouldn’t raise the alarm, so try to draw them and the 
    halberdiers at the gate to you by whistling.
    Inside the castle, the soldiers on the ramp to the inner keep will sound the 
    alarm if they see you, and Little John probably won’t have enough health to 
    deal with it.  You can’t simply sneak around the guards on the ramp, so have 
    Friar Tuck throw wasp’s nests at the two guards at the base of the ramp, and 
    then move your characters north into the castle and into one of the buildings 
    in the courtyard.
    From here you can dodge the patrol and take down lone guards nearby, or you can 
    even pick off the patrol one soldier at a time like in the previous mission.  
    You also might want to knock out the civilians loyal to Prince John, or else 
    you’ll have a steady parade of soldiers heading your way.  But your main goal 
    should be to clear a path to Will Scarlet and Maid Marian.
    Note: The beggar in the courtyard will trigger two side quests, one about a 
    fake beggar and one about Applegoad the Old (in the church).
    The western street to the northern gate looks the safest, but the beggar there 
    is the one in the employ of Prince John, and approaching him will cause a bunch 
    of soldiers to rush out of the nearby buildings and attack.  Instead, make a 
    foray into the middle street first, where you’ll find an officer, a 
    crossbowman, and three juggling archers.  To get through the battle, Little 
    John can punch the officer right away and then punch the archers and 
    crossbowmen, provided they don’t try to use melee attacks against him (they 
    usually won’t).  But you’ll have to be careful in this fight.  If you make too 
    much noise, the soldiers hiding in the buildings will attack anyway.
    Once you’ve taken down the officer and the archers, send Friar Tuck into the 
    buildings next to the beggar.  There are two buildings, and three swordsmen 
    will be hiding in each.  By sending Friar Tuck into them one at a time, the 
    swordsman will attack him, and Little John should have an easy time knocking 
    them out.  Once they’re down, don’t talk to the beggar.  You’ll just waste your 
    Note: If you don’t remove the guards hiding in the buildings, they’ll attack 
    when they hear fighting at the northern gate.
    To finally claim the gate, first send Little John to the ramparts to knock out 
    the crossbowmen and archers (remember that Robin can’t knock them out), and 
    then use Friar Tuck to distract the halberdiers and officer while Little John 
    punches them.  Now you can finally unite your characters, and do some necessary 
    healing.  If you’re feeling thorough, feel free to go back and disable all the 
    soldiers you skipped before (like at the ramp leading to the inner keep), or 
    just plunge ahead into the inner keep.
    The inner keep should be pretty easy.  In fact, the only difficult fight 
    involves a black officer and two black knights, but you can bypass it by 
    unlocking the door in the courtyard that leads right to the Sheriff of 
    Nottingham’s chamber.  (If you decide to fight them anyway, use somebody to 
    distract while Little John punches.  The trio will still probably cause 
    problems, especially since there are four swordsmen hiding in a nearby tower 
    who will rush out to help.)
    Once you reach the sheriff, you’ll have to fight him alone with Robin, but once 
    again Robin can retreat to heal while the sheriff is stuck in his room.  Once 
    you defeat the sheriff, you’ll be able to finish the mission.
    Let the celebration begin!
    My best score: 11,830
    And for the entire campaign: 145,010 (97% lives spared)
    * 08.00.00 THANKS TO                                                         *
    Thanks to all of the people who contributed information for this guide, 
       ARM Claude
    Plus all the people at Strategy First’s Robin Hood forum.
    * 09.00.00 REVISION HISTORY                                                  *
    April 29, 2003
    Initial release.  Contains the first seven missions plus other information.
    May 1, 2003
    Added the next five missions.
    May 3, 2003
    Added the final four missions, completing the walkthrough.
    * 10.00.00 PERMISSIONS AND UPDATES                                           *
    This guide may be posted on any web site as long as the text is not changed and 
    as long as I am informed of the posting.  I will always submit new versions to 
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) first, so if you are looking for the most up-to-
    date version of this guide, that is the place to look.
    Copyright © 2003 by Steven W. Carter

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