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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JMagtalas

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    BATMAN:  VENGEANCE Walkthrough
    FINAL copy ***
    January 2002
    by johnjohn Magtalas
    04.  THUMBS UP 
    09.  CONTROLS
      b.  FIRST PERSON
      d.  VEHICLES
    13.  CHEATS
    15.  CREDITS
    Holy Guacamole, BatFan! 
    I didn't exactly give this game a respectable score on the Gamespot 
    scale (a 4.3 to be exact - translated as poor) due to its lack of 
    substance.  Still, I'd leave it up to you to decide if the game was 
    worth the hype(?) it got.  Next to Spidey, Bruce Wane's alter ego is a 
    close second on mine roster of favorites.  This is the primary reason I 
    didn't let the good (average) rating affect mine decision to get this 
    Why, you may ask, am I writing a walkthrough for Batman:  Vengeance, 
    then?  Well, might as well act proactively on that seemingly 
    questionable decision I made when I purchased the game.  Here's hoping 
    that in the case of mine blind faith, I'd help others see the light as 
    they peruse through this FAQ.   
    So, don't say I didn't give you the BatSignal!
    * This document Copyright 2001 by johnjohn Magtalas (a.k.a. poetrain) 
    * All characters are copyright, and TM by DC, under license by Warner 
    Bros.  Developed/published by Ubi Soft Entertainment.  All rights 
    * Say "No!" to plagiarism!  It is a writer's most deadly sin.
    * Do give credit where it is due.
    * There are two types of criticisms.  If you don't have anything nice 
    to say, shut your trap.  
    * Need something?  Courtesy will get you a reply.
    * Use this guide in whatever way it may help you EXCEPT for financial 
    04.  THUMBS UP 
    The following sites have been given the go signal to host this FAQ:
    * GameFAQs.com
    * Neoseeker.com
    * a2zcheats.com
    * SPOnG.com
    -011402-  Actually began construction of this FAQ a month after I 
    submitted the final version of mine very first walkthrough.  Some 
    coincidence, huh?  However, had this posted several weeks later because 
    that's the only time I felt it had some meat into it.  Anyways, won't 
    bother you about such trivial stuff anymore.  Thus far, here's what I 
    have accomplished:  seen through the entire game; collected a majority 
    of the points (fell short on the chases); still have to cross that 
    line, though, between knowing where that last cheat is and finally 
    doing it in... 
    'm giving mineself a week more to cover those that I haven't achieved 
    yet and correct whatever booboos I might have made before finally 
    wrapping it up...
    -012102-  Quickly corrected the minor glitch I noticed (hopefully, 
    nobody else did).  On the game proper, finally crossed that line I was 
    talking about above (after numerous attempts).  However, I just can't 
    seem to keep up with "race" levels.  Well, I said 'm giving mineself a 
    week and a week it is.  Notwithstanding this stumbling block (there 
    goes the missing ten points down the drain...[sigh]) 'm putting the 
    finishing touches and finalizing this FAQ as suggested.  I have two 
    reasons:  one, there's more than one way to skin a bat, um, cat, I mean 
    (thanks to a2zcheats for providing the button sequence to gain the 120 
    points without so much of a sweat [see CHEATS section]).  And two, I've 
    been dying to whet and trigger mine demon skills and finally make the 
    devil cry.  I believe I've stalled mine sense of adventure and the 
    pumping of mine adrenaline long enough.  To put it bluntly, I just lost 
    mine patience trying to figure out the mystery behind those machine 
    marathon levels.
    The game has five episodes (and 19 levels) in all which complete the 
    It all starts when Batman rescues a mysterious woman harassed by the 
    Enter Harley Quinn.  Mr. Freeze.  Poison Ivy.  Suddenly, the Dark 
    Knight finds himself entangled in a web (pun, intended) of "one twisted 
    The breathtaking cinematics are wonderfully rendered.  The fight 
    sequences are well choreographed.  The sound department also deserves a 
    star, especially the voice characterizations.  But, that's about it.
    Maybe it's just me and mine high expectations of the game but, this 
    really falls short (like the Penguin) and flat on its (two-)face.  In 
    reality, it is a "simple" (which should good, for as they say, "In 
    simplicity there is truth -- and beauty.") game.  Thing is, there are 
    tons of them that in effect (to describe) it has turned into (well, to 
    play with words) a simpleton.  Got it?  Haha.
    Let's delve deeper into the cave and dissect to see why it's a 
    The controls, ironically, are hard to control brought about by the 
    camera problems (I mean, why reset?) and the very unfriendly 
    environment (you are supposed to be able to do things consistently on a 
    similar situation, right?).  It's hard to describe/explain.  Besides, I 
    don't want to take up too much space on comparison.  I'm sure you'll 
    get the drift when you play the game.   
    The surroundings are so broad in scope that you'd most likely get lost 
    (why simplify then, mislead?).  A BatCompass (ooops) would have helped...
    Sure, Batman is supposed to have a dark cinematography but, why make 
    the ladders almost invisible (does the "do-gooder [have to be] as blind 
    as [his] namesake?")?  And puhleeze, don't give me the excuse that you 
    can adjust the game's brightness anyway.  Duh...
    Then, there's the (R)iddle(r) of continuity.  In between loading time, 
    the episode titles have the tendency to switch back to the earlier 
    ones.  I did notice that a particular title is related to a specific 
    villain (A Girl to Die For refers to Harley Quinn, for example) but, 
    'just can't see the logic why it has to be shown again and again.  It 
    surely got me confused.
    Another limitation is the incompatibility of check and save points.  
    Scenario:  you've gone a long way.  You decide to give yourself a long 
    break.  Disappointment sets in as soon as you get back to your game.  
    Heck, you relied too much on that auto save...           
    Lastly, minor bugs include:  baddies that defy the law of gravity, the 
    alto voices of the ice maidens (shudder) and the semi-functional 
    invisibility mode (nudge 'em and what follows next is quite vexing).
    Don't get me wrong.  I love a great challenge.  In this instance, 
    though, I found mineself asking why I didn't heed that tingling 
    sensation upon seeing that 7.4 on the meter...
    Then again...
      a.  Batman (a.k.a. Bruce Wayne) - millionaire philanthropist by day; 
    assumes the role of the Dark Knight, protector of Gotham City whenever 
    evil strikes.
      b.  Mary Flynn - mystery woman (a "ghost" per Batgirl) hounded by the 
      c.  Batgirl (a.k.a. Barbara Gordon) - Batman's sidekick for this 
    particular adventure.
      d.  Alfred the butler - lends his voice during Batman's training 
      e.  Thugs - precursors of the game's bosses.  Watch out as they get 
    better as the game progresses. 
      f.  Joker (a.k.a. Jack Napier) - arch-enemy of Batman (who made 
    who?); a recurring nightmare...
      g.  Harley Quinn -  the Joker's loyal henchwench.
      h.  Toby - a kid whose head is worth a princely sum of $5M.
      i.  Ice Maidens - cool version of Freeze's thugs. 
      j.  Mr. Freeze (a.k.a. Dr. Victor Fries) - cool and cruel.
      k.  Dr. Isaac Evers - author of Promethium; a pathetic puppet.
      l.  Mayor Hamilton Hill - a straight character in dire straits. 
      m.  Trench-Coat - a boss version of Ivy's numerous thugs .
      n.  Poison Ivy (a.k.a. Pamela Lillian Isley) -  bad, botanical 
      o.  Ivy's Thugs - Beware!  They're not human...
      p.  Green Monster - a mutant pet of Ivy.
      q.  Commissioner James Gordon - Batgirl's father; Batman's 
      r.  Gotham City SWAT Team - Gotham City's Finest?
    08.  UTILITY BELT...(descriptions taken directly from the game)
      a.  Batarangs - a highly versatile throwing weapon; can be used to 
    attack, disarm enemies or break objects
      b.  Electric Batarangs - loaded with an electric charge to stun 
    enemies and disrupt electronics
      c.  BatLauncher - can fire a wide variety of projectiles at high 
      d.  Electric Stunner - fired from the BatLauncher, these devices are 
    loaded with an electric charge that temporarily stuns enemies
      e.  Nets - fired from the BatLauncher, nets entangle and hold a 
    criminal until the police arrive
      f.  Remote Charges - fired from the BatLauncher, these remotely 
    detonated devices contain a powerful electric charge (can only be used 
    one at a time)
      g.  BatGrapple - can be fired onto select surfaces, bringing all of 
    Gotham City's towering metropolis within reach
      h.  BatScope - a surveilance tool with adjustable magnification
      i.  Flash Bombs - a blinding flash and a cloud of smoke provide good 
    cover and a quick way out of a bad situation
      j.  BatCuffs - will keep criminals detained until the police arrive 
    to clean up
      k.  BatCommunicator - a video link to the BatCave, where Batgirl 
    waits to assist you from the BatComputer
      *Ransom Note - reads:  Mary had a little boy/whose neck was in the 
    noose/For every payment Mary misses/Joker lights a fuse/If you leave 
    through this/you get one more chance/5 million or Toby takes a 
    permanent nap - J (signed)
      *Secret Envelope "A" - unlimited ammo cheat
      *Secret Envelope "B" - unlimited charge bar cheat
      *Storage Area Key 1 - opens storage area door 1 
      *Storage Area Key 2 - opens storage area door 2
      *Laboratory Key - opens laboratory door
      *Promethium Formula Disk - a disk found in Isaac Evers' laboratory 
    (blue + red = violet; blue + yellow = green; yellow + red = orange)
      *Secret Key 1 - opens secret door 1 on Gotham Chemical Plant
      *Secret Envelope "C" - unlimited health cheat 
      *Sub-Basement Key - opens door leading to sub-basement area
      *Secret Envelope "D" - double damage cheat 
      *Secret Key 2 - opens secret door 2 on Gotham Chemical Plant
      *Elevator Shaft Key - opens elevator shaft door
      *Secret Envelope "E" - invisibility cheat
      *Toby's Knife - a child's penknife.  Toby has been scratched into the 
      *Blimp Cockpit Key - opens pilot room of blimp
    ...and GAME INTERFACE SCREEN (from the pages of the BatManual...)
      *Batman's Health Bar - displayed on the top left corner of the 
    screen.  Once Batman's Health level reaches a dangerous level, the bar 
    turns red.
      *Cape Status Bar - when Batman uses his cape to protect himself, the 
    cape status bar appears underneath Batman's own.
      *Batmobile and Batwing - the vehicles' status bar replaces Batman's 
    health bar.
      *Charge Bar - powers up as Batman fights more; resets to zero once he 
    disengages from a fight.  Batman can execute more advanced power moves 
    when this reaches full capacity. 
      *Batgirl's Health Bar - appears at the bottom center of the screen 
    while she is captured.  If all her energy runs out, Batman has lost the 
      *Enemy Bar - displays the thug's remaining health (displayed on the 
    top right corner of the screen).
      *Score - a numeral flashes on the top right corner of the screen to 
    indicate that (a) point/s has/have been accumulated.
      *Device Indicator - located at the lower left corner of the screen; 
    enables you to scroll through all the devices available.
      *Device Quantity - displays the device quantity.
      *Device Selected - displays the device selected.
    09.  CONTROLS (taken mostly from the game manual)
      a.  MOVING SYSTEM 
    SQUARE button - PUNCH 
    CIRCLE button - BLOCK/DUCK
    X button - JUMP/(SPECIAL MOVE:  GLIDE when in MID-AIR)
    R1 button - RESET CAMERA
    L1 button- FLASH BOMBS 
    START button - INVENTORY
      b.  FIRST PERSON
    X button - SHOOT SELECT GADGET; "OK (inside special interfaces)"
    TRIANGLE button - EXIT FIRST PERSON VIEW; BATCUFFS (behind enemies); 
    CANCEL (inside special interfaces)
    L1 button - SCOPE ZOOM-OUT
    DIRECTIONAL buttons - MOVES; CYCLES THROUGH GADGETS (left and right)
    START button - INVENTORY
    SQUARE button - PUNCH 
    CIRCLE button - BLOCK
    X button - KICK
    L1 button - FLASH BOMBS
    START button - INVENTORY
    WHEN NEEDED (the analog mode button must be in the "on" position).
      d.  VEHICLES
    X button - ACCELERATE (Batmobile); ENGINE BOOST (Batwing)
    SQUARE button - FIRE ELECTRICAL (Batwing) SPIKES (Batmobile)
    L2 - FORCED LEFT TURN (Batmobile); ROLL LEFT (Batwing), SPIN LEFT 
    (double tap)
    R2 - FORCED RIGHT TURN (Batmobile); ROLL RIGHT (Batwing), SPIN RIGHT 
    (double tap)
    LEFT ANALOG STICK - to drive/fly appropriate vehicle
      e.  ADVANCED MOVES (amass points to master these fight combos)
    Hold L2 button + SQUARE button = THE HAMMER (0 point)
    Hold L2 button + X button = THE CLEAN SWEEP (20 points)
    Hold L2 button + CIRCLE button = SPIN-OUT (40 points)
    Hold L2 button + X then, CIRCLE button = THE TAKE DOWN (80 points)
    Hold L2 button + SQUARE then, X button = LIGHTS OUT (120 points)
    The OPTIONS screen falls under Batman's Inventory (which includes:  
    EQUIPMENT - cycles through all weapons and gadgets available; ITEMS - 
    shows objects gathered throughout the game; POWER MOVES AND CHEATS - 
    displays which buttons to press to execute a move and the 
    activation/deactivation of bonuses found; ACHIEVEMENT - keeps track of 
    your score).  Through this menu you can customize the game to suit your 
    tastes:  SOUND - sfx, voice and music; INTERFACE - basic (absence of 
    bars/items) or full (displays bars/items); VIBRATION - on or off; 
    INVERT CROSSHAIR - adjusts your aiming; (screen) BRIGHTNESS; and a QUIT 
    EPISODE 01:  A Girl to Die For
    Opening sequence:  FMV of Gotham Chemical.  Brightness mode option 
    appears before you begin the game.  Press triangle or X button to 
    proceed.  Run down the stairs.  Run a little past the boxes, turn left 
    and again, run down the second set of stairs.  Jump on top of the boxes 
    to avoid the steam.  Move forward.  Jump the gaps in-between.  If you 
    do fall, look for the ladder and climb.  Locate the area where the 
    steel fence is and jump down the opening.  Open the door to rescue the 
    mysterious woman.  Run towards the time-bomb and jump down.  Follow the 
    After the FMV that follows, you'll discover that the woman you just 
    salvaged is Mary Flynn.  Take the Joker's ransom note.
    Enter Batgirl.  After some small talk, proceed near the Batmobile area.  
    Let yourself fall before you reach the walkway leading to it and you'll 
    find a door.  Enter training program with Alfred (a recording, 
    actually) as your guide.  Use the BatGrapple to retrieve BatCuffs and 
    Batarangs (glide to do so).  Practice your strafing skills and target-
    practice with the Batarangs.  Next, warm-up your fight moves on the 
    metal post.  Once through, enter the next door and use the stealth move 
    to avoid and turn off the laser.  Exit room to take the final challenge 
    which is the free fall action where you have to snare an object.  
    Couple of FMVs take place afterwards.    
    Glide to the next building.  Proceed to the other side for the grapple 
    icon.  Battle thug.  Climb ladder and secure box of BatCuffs.  Grapple 
    your way to the next structure.  Knockdown next hoodlum.  Glide towards 
    the other end or you may want to check out what's beneath the grilled 
    pipes (health box).  Simply locate the ladder to get out and move on.  
    FMV of Mary being chased ensues.  Grapple to the next edifice.  Fight 
    off goon.  Grapple.  Run the walkway and glide to the next.  Enter door 
    and follow toughie.    Grapple then, subdue another henchman.  Locate 
    the part of the grills with an opening (to your left from starting 
    point) to see another grapple icon.  Prior to moving forward, you may 
    choose to make a little stop.  Move a bit forward (three short stops) 
    until you drop on the REAL ledge.  Go left and on the next turn, there 
    is another grapple area.  Do so and enter the door to discover cheat A.  
    Egress via the other door which will lead you to familiar territory 
    (way to open fence).  Grapple to the other scene (boards).  Gliding to 
    your right, you will encounter a criminal.  In there, you'll also find 
    another health kit and a box of Batarangs.  To continue chasing the 
    kidnapper, go to your left (from your point of origin) and glide from 
    board to board.  Upon reaching the corner of the tower, glide on to the 
    next then, grapple to the one with gargoyle heads.  You may opt to 
    glide to the next gargoyle to avoid wasting your energy on a fight and 
    having to climb to reach the short distance.    Proceed to the other 
    end of the same skyscraper and use the last gargoyle as your 
    "springboard" to the next one (with the pyramid shapes on the roof).  
    Run to the opposite side of the ledge then, slide.  Make sure you glide 
    when you're nearing the gap to make it to the next side.  The villain 
    sidekick will challenge you to a round of fisticuffs.  Pick-up the 
    BatCuffs in the process.  Episode ends with Batman providing Mary a 
    FMV with Batgirl.  Pick-up Flash Bombs.  Take care of the baddie.  
    Ascend ladder and retrieve cheat B (glowing item on top of one of the 
    crates) by creating some leeway then, gliding (tilt slightly to the 
    left - Batman's vantage of ladder) to one crate and eventually jumping 
    on to the box where it is situated.  With a little patience and 
    practice, it's possible.  Retrace your steps and descend other ladder 
    or jump down.  Disarm and immobilize a couple of bad guys.  If you need 
    to recharge, you'll find a first aid kit near the crane area.  Proceed 
    to the second truck (headlights off) and hug its van to secure the 
    Batarangs and weave your way into the next area.  FMV appears.  After 
    wiping out the anti-hero, check out the back of the crate near the 
    strewn gas tanks and you'll find some handy BatCuffs.  Grapple your way 
    to the top of the bridge, cross planks, move up ladders and dispose of 
    crime aids (a pair) you'll meet.  There is also a first aid box 
    somewhere.  Enter door and grapple to an area with two antennas and 
    spotlights.  Here, you'll do combat with the Joker (BTW, he's carrying 
    Toby) swinging on a wrecking ball.    Another strength energizer and 
    Batarangs are available to tide you over.  To finish off the Joker, 
    stay close behind an antennae (first, determine Joker's position).  
    When an opportunity arises where he hits it (instead of an open area or 
    worst case, you), bombard him with Batarangs (don't pause) so he won't 
    get another chance to swing.  For his initial defeat, the Joker gets 
    back at you by dropping Toby.  Mary pleads you to save her child from 
    apparent death.  Here's where you get to use your talent in free 
    falling.  Upon catching Toby, you find out that he's nothing more than 
    a doll - a booby trap set up by Harley - disguised as Mary.  The Joker 
    and Harley have a little squabble over you.  You have another 
    confrontation with the Joker (in spurts), this time hand-to-hand.  His 
    acid trick and other gadgets are small time compared to his hands.  
    Moreover, watch out for his lock and grip move  -- where he keeps on 
    punching you while pinning you down.  Should he succeed in making this 
    annoying step, quickly move your left analog stick from left to right 
    (use your all fingers, not just your thumb) to kick him out of your 
    face.  Utilize your power move to get rid of him much faster.  He'll 
    ask Harley for some assistance but, he'll be snubbed because of their 
    earlier quarrel.  Upon hurdling the third round, the Joker makes 
    another move but, Batman is quick to respond (just stay back and relax, 
    the computer takes care of this round).  It's deja vu afterwards (per 
    the Joker).  The Joker elects to die rather than get caught by pulling 
    of another old trick (shocking handshake).  Batman loses his hold and 
    the Joker falls to his demise.  
    Harley is heartbroken at the turn of events and decides to follow the 
    fate of her beloved "J."  Another hangtime for Batman.  After pulling 
    out Quinn from disaster, she walks away and says that her days as a 
    villain are over.
    EPISODE 02 - In Cold Blood
    FMV of Mr. Freeze who gets upset over the content of a video tape sent 
    to him.  Batman heads to the Gotham Industrial Research via Batwing.  
    Save the flash frozen guard (you'll hear him moan) by boxing (to save 
    on Batarangs) the blocks.  Chip your way to the next area (a little to 
    your left after rescuing the first guard) using a few of your jujitsu 
    moves.  Drop down.  First, cuff the ice maiden then, rescue the sentry 
    to avoid unnecessary encounter.  To your left, on the same side you 
    came in, create space anew.  Go up the ladder and replenish your 
    Batarangs.  Climb a second set of stairs and work your way through the 
    next entrance.  On the center table is a box of Electric Batarangs.  On 
    your way to the door, you see Mr. Freeze on the video surveillance 
    camera and a communication  involving Batman and Batgirl occurs.  Enter 
    door.  Disarm and disable the crime assistant.  Free the sentinel.  
    Straight ahead, you'll find some more BatCuffs.  Proceed to the large 
    (double) door/s (to your left, upon entering).  This will lead you to a 
    room with gigantic test tubes.  Battle another one of the Frozen 
    Madman's henchwomen.  Grapple.  Glide down to the next glass tube and 
    knockout cold another bad babe.  Cross the bridge to the next tube.  
    Ascend the ladder and glide to the cylinder opposite it.  Move up the 
    ladder once more.  Cross to reach the next point and go up again.  
    Restore your health if needed.  Cross the other side and rescue another 
    lookout and secure Storage Area Key 1.  Glide to the opening.  Enter 
    Climb the ladder on your left side.  Walk near the conveyor and hitch a 
    ride.  Drop down near the boxes, which is a higher portion of the room.  
    Replace any loss in your strength and grab some Nets (a substitute for 
    BatCuffs).  Move further ahead.  Ascend the stairs and free the guard.  
    Get Storage Area Key 2.  Attack a duo of dangerous damsels below.  
    Proceed to the area behind the computers and rescue another security 
    person.  Get near the chunk of ice blocking the bridge to reach it and 
    your destination.  Upon entering door, a FMV develops.  Mr. Freeze 
    spots you and has his hired help (total of three) kill you.  Drop down 
    and get a box of BatCuffs.  Incapacitate the trio first to facilitate 
    your crime-fighting job.  After defeating all three small time 
    antagonists, the Iceman cometh.  Lunge at him and he stops you on your 
    tracks by freezing your feet firmly on the floor.  Squirm to free 
    yourself from your semi-frozen form.  Batman then calls on the Batwing. 
    Simulation has never been mine strong point so, I can't give you much 
    in here.  Simply avoid going head-on with the bridges, concrete trees 
    and signages (during the tunnel and freeway chases).  A few bumps on 
    the wings won't do much damage.  There's really not much need to use 
    the booster as Mr. Freeze's chopper is rather slow. Nor are you 
    required to use the spin move at all.  Just avoid the ice blockades he 
    furnishes in-between buildings during the pursuit by firing electrical 
    spikes.  Sometime during the chase, he'll also be releasing some 
    hovering pests which fire at you.  You may use the spikes to rid 
    yourself of these annoyances.  To do damage to the FreezeCopter, gun it 
    down using the electrical pods.  When the crosshair turns red, fire 
    away.  However, you'll have to wait for it to recharge before you can 
    give it another go (don't worry, charging time is quite short).  Watch 
    the FreezeCopter icon (on the lower-right hand corner of the screen) as 
    it undergoes several changes:  the shield turns crimson then, 
    disappears.  From hereon, it will take just a few more blasts before 
    you take Mr. Freeze's fly down.  Dr. Evers is ejected but, the Bat 
    comes to his aid.  Dr. Evers denies he forwarded the Promethium 
    publicity tape to Mr. Freeze.  During Batman's investigation, he also 
    caught the good doctor lying -- by saying that his research was being 
    funded by the Wayne Foundation.
    Batman back in Gotham Industrial to find more about Dr. Isaac Evers.  
    Exit WC.  Head for the huge door.  The door closes behind Batman.  
    Conversation with Batgirl informs you to unlock the hubs to get to Dr. 
    Evers files and unlock the door.  You have a quarter of an hour to 
    solve the puzzle.  Go straight ahead (grey monitor) to activate the 
    maze.  The main objective here is to connect all the blue wires 
    together (they'll light up when you make the correct pattern).  Sorry, 
    I can't give you the exact turns that you have to perform.  It's more 
    of a hit-and-miss affair.  When you're done with the blue wires, enter 
    the next room and do the same with the yellow wires.  When successful, 
    proceed to the next chamber and finish the red ones.  If you don't have 
    the patience for this type of puzzle, you may also just while the time 
    away (you will, however, miss a couple of points).  (When the clock 
    runs out,) (T)here'll be a rocking explosion, afterwards.  Batgirl 
    checks on your situation and informs you that Dr. Evers is "out of the 
    icebox and into the Arctic (in cold storage, carrying a disk)."  To get 
    to Dr. Evers, glide (towards your right) through the "ice coffins" 
    (while avoiding the steam from above) to reach the control box at the 
    other end (left side).  This will turn off the electric current thereby 
    enabling you to wade through the knee-deep water.  Next, turn off the 
    other switch (just beside your starting point) that controls the line 
    of steam.  Enter a couple of doors and get rid of a couple of cool 
    chicks.  Before entering the large door on the far end, you'll find a 
    strength enhancer on a small opening to your right.  Turn left, then 
    enter next door.  Batgirl tells you of her discovery that Dr. Evers 
    lost support from the Federal Funding brought about by the dangers of 
    Promethium.  On the other hand, Dr. Evers got to continue with his 
    project following a successful bank heist by the Joker.  Logically, the 
    Clown Prince of Crime is behind the funding of Dr. Evers Promethium 
    research.  Enter door.  Go straight ahead and produce an entrance.  
    Turn right and create another opening.  Thaw another female thug.  
    Climb ladder to get Batarangs.  Find another girl gangster near the 
    next door.  Again, get rid of that ice barricade to proceed.  Defeat 
    another pair of dangerous dames.  Look for a ladder somewhere ahead 
    (right side).  Trek the other end of the walkway and discover a number 
    of Bat-treasures:  Batarangs (normal and electric types), BatCuffs, 
    Stunners, Remote Charges, Nets, Strength Potion and Flash bombs abound!  
    Go down the opening (left side) and encounter two more sensitive 
    toughies.  After knocking down the last one, secure laboratory key.  
    There's also a box of BatCuffs in this area.  Enter the door (lighter 
    shade) on the right side.  FMV where Mr. Freeze surprises Batman as he 
    picks up the disk left by Dr. Evers.  Run around from end to end.  Pick 
    up Remote Charges along the way.  Your objective is to target the 
    moving glass containers on top with the Remote Charges and time the 
    release so that these fall directly on Mr. Freeze.  You have to switch 
    from first to third person view every so often.  This is really 
    frustrating since you have to press so many buttons in order to sweep 
    the boss.  You need around seven to eleven hits (depending on the 
    amount of damage) before he burns.  Mr. Freeze gets a dose of his own 
    cold medicine when Batman saves (and traps, at the same time) him.
    EPISODE 03 - Plant Food
    Somebody provides Ivy with a vial of green chemical.  When she tests it 
    on one of her plants, it turns into a carnivore.   Batgirl informs 
    Batman that the transmitter given to Harley has been tagged on Mayor 
    Hamilton Hill.  Batgirl follows, is caught and calls for back-up.  In 
    this level, you have to constantly keep track of Batgirl's health bar 
    as well or it's game over.  Here's the fastest and most sensible way to 
    tackle this:  Climb ladder, drop down, get Electric Batarangs in 
    between cars 1 and 2.  Ascend ladder and defeat alien thug.  Enter door 
    3, electrify green goon and Exit.  Pick up Remote Charges in between 
    cars.  Go up car 4.  Nip Poison Ivy's "bud" guy.  Move up car 5 and 
    pluck out weedman.  Climb car 6 and enter car 7.  There are two vile 
    henchmen in here.  Get Electric Batarangs.  Ascend ladder on car 8 and 
    get rid of plantman.  Go up car 9, burn the alien thug and again, move 
    up car 10.  Singe the green goon and grab the Electric Batarangs.  
    Enter car 11.  Scorch the last two botanical bad guys.  Pull lever 
    (which would activate all four electronic switches on the last car) 
    then, hurry outside.  While several more switches can be found inside 
    the other coaches, they're too far off (eventually, they would bog down 
    and you can no longer make use of the rest).  Enter final destination 
    and the Dark Knight rescues the damsel in distress. Trench-Coat hies 
    off as soon as he sees Batman.
    Trench-Coat leaves via a stolen car.  Enter Batmobile.  This level is 
    similar to the chopper chase with Mr. Freeze.  It's a repetitive one 
    (about three rounds).  Important things to remember are:  keep sight of 
    the getaway vehicle; time your turns; lastly, make sure that you 
    constantly hit the car (icon should turn red by the second round).  
    Avoid bumping into traffic (this slows you down considerably) and veer 
    away from the mines.  When you've done enough damage, a FMV takes 
    place.  Batman tells Batgirl to bombard the car with smoke bombs.  Make 
    sure you get this right or you'll have to go through another round of 
    the chase if you don't hit Trench-Coat's getaway car. The technique is 
    to keep on firing away (of course, you have to make sure that you're 
    hitting your target -- just keep moving your analog stick and ensure 
    that the crosshair/target appears).  This should take only a few 
    seconds then, the next FMV appears with the vehicle careening towards a 
    cliff and getting ready for...
    Glide to the crash scene and pick up an apple.  FMV at the BatCave 
    where the duo are stumped (as to Harley's involvement).  Batgirl 
    discovers something in the apple.  Something that Mayor Hill may 
    have..."oh, gross!"
    Batman proceeds to Gotham Chemical Plant to check on the poor mayor.  
    Jump down.  Open the door to your right to discover some Electric 
    Batarangs.  Follow the path.  Careful now as there are two of Poison 
    Ivy's minions.  Knock them down with the Electric Batarangs.  Enter the 
    opening.  Go straight ahead as there are poison-spewing plants on both 
    sides of the entrance.  Turn left to flame another alien thug.  Turn 
    right.  Grapple to the other side.  Again, follow the path.  However, 
    don't just go running ahead as there are vines that will strangle you.  
    First, paralyze Poison Ivy's poisonous plant pet (the one on the 
    ground) with a dose of Batarangs.  Hug the wall and proceed.  If ever 
    you're caught by any of the vicious vines, frantically move your left 
    analog stick left and right.  Upon reaching the fungus room, grapple.  
    Make sure you step away from the yellow slime oozing on the floor (they 
    sap you of your strength).  Quickly glide (left) onto the next couple 
    of mushrooms before they tilt you back to the ground.  On the third 
    toadstool, glide towards the ledge and grab the health box.  Grapple 
    and glide to the other part of the ledge for extra Batarangs (there's 
    another set on the corner below, in case you're interested).  Grapple 
    to reach the top of the blocked steel staircase.  Climb a few more 
    steps and enter door to find Trench-Coat sneaking away.  Hurl a 
    Batarang on that single deadly vine below.  Go down and grab the Remote 
    Charges.  Go up the ladder on the upper left corner.  Enter.  Turn 
    right and slide.  Open steel gate.
    Continue sliding.  Avoid the first gap.  Allow yourself to fall down 
    the second cavity.  Drop.  Get Secret Key 1.  Grapple, jump and carry 
    on.  Glide to stay clear of the final crack.  Before going straight 
    ahead, open the door to your left (right after the opening).  Defeat 
    the lone guard to get Cheat C.  Exit and electrocute a couple of vines.  
    Turn right, follow the path and get some Nets.  Retrace your steps and 
    proceed to the tunnel.  When you reach the room full of chemical vats, 
    electrify the vine in front of you.  If you need some more Batarangs, 
    there's a box directly below the plank and one in-between vats 3 and 4.  
    Glide to the next three ledges to reach the corner.  Climb ladder.  If 
    you still have some Electric Batarangs left, life would be much easier 
    as you can take care of the three thugs at this point.  Cross and glide 
    from point to point (there are three in all).  After the second 
    installment, you may opt to go down straight towards the door or 
    recuperate if need be (there's a health kit on the other end of the 
    broken bridge).  After going to a series of entrances, you'll come 
    across a room similar to the one with the vats.  Only this time, you 
    have to glide towards your left side.  Subdue a solitary crime 
    creature.  Grab first aid kit.  Cross the bridge and come face to face 
    with Mayor Hill (you might want to go down the stairs first if you're 
    down on your health bar as there is a first aid box on the opposite 
    end, hidden between plants).  Mayor Hill relates to you that Poison Ivy 
    put some thing in their (politicians, businessmen) stomachs.  She was 
    blackmailing them for money and power in exchange for plant food that 
    would sate the hunger of what's inside them -- for if not, they become 
    them.  That's the reason why he met with Trench-Coat -- to make a 
    payment.  Enter Trench-Coat.  He removes his disguise.  It's a 
    frustrating battle since he just won't seem to go down even if he's 
    already out of health.  Just keep on punching him near the edge and 
    watch him drop down the vat.  Pick up the sub-basement key he'll leave 
    behind.  Batgirl contacts Batman for a lead.  According to her, Harley 
    admitted putting the trace on Poison Ivy because she was afraid of her 
    after she turned down Ivy's proposal.  She knows too much and shares 
    her knowledge.  She squeals that electricity is the waterloo of Poison 
    Ivy's creation.  Your next mission is to locate and operate the main 
    power breaker located at the sub-basement.
    Enter the door which was previously locked.  Down the stairs and out 
    the doors.  You interrupt Ivy and Mayor Hill's discussion.  You, in 
    turn, are interrupted by Poison Ivy's Green Monster.  To defeat the 
    hideous creature, keep on bombarding the left and right tentacles with 
    Batarangs.  As soon as it releases its grip, keep on firing away at the 
    tubes where it hangs on (make sure your crosshair is red) to release 
    steam.  This will prevent it from hooking up anew.  Don't worry about 
    losing ammunition as Batarangs will be available at your disposal.  
    When you've disabled both sides, focus your attention on the center 
    tentacle.  As soon as it drops in the vat, immediately grapple to the 
    other side.  Take Ivy's threat seriously that you've only made it 
    stronger (it's going to resurface if it takes you too long to proceed 
    to the other side).  However, hear her carry a different tune as soon 
    as you get near the breaker.  Pull the switch to permanently abort 
    Poison Ivy's babies.  Batman gives Mayor Hill the antidote which Poison 
    Ivy drops.  FMV with Batman telling Batgirl of his conversation with 
    Harley re Joker's possible comeback (blimps stolen from Gotham Airstrip 
    by perpetrators in white).
    EPISODE 04 - Fool's Grave
    This level stinks.  Anyways, proceed to your right, avoiding the jester 
    box.  Move a bit forward then, turn left.  Look for the ladder and 
    climb.  Go right and near the boxes you'll find some BatCuffs and Flash 
    Bombs (evade the gunfire in the process).  Slug it out with the two 
    thugs (stay away from their bear hugs).  On the path to your left is a 
    strength energizer.  Near the boxes where you got your gadgets is a 
    wheel that will close the pipes.  Turn it and enter door.  Run down and 
    glide towards the second steel support as the first one serves as a 
    trap.  Follow this path until you reach the end where the mime man is.  
    Knock him down and turn the wheel beside the stack of crates.  Glide 
    down (watch out where you land).  Careful that you don't step on the 
    weak floor boards.  Behind the covered boxes are a set of Batarangs 
    (just ignore the jacks-in-the-boxes).  Enter the opening where the 
    fire-breathing clowns roam (where there is a huge crack on the floor).  
    Enter door and run down the hallway.  Before proceeding ahead, disable 
    the two hoodlums (one each above and below).  Go straight, avoiding the 
    two gaps on the floor.  Subdue the first goon.  Grapple and do the same 
    on the toughie here.  Glide from rail to rail (note:  you'll find some 
    cuffs on the boxes below and a strength enhancer behind it).  Turn the 
    last wheel (near the crate) after defeating the second villain on the 
    top level (another note:  see the grapple icon near the railing, the 
    one you can't seem to access from below?  Glide from there to see a 
    sewer passage with a total of nine boxes all lined up.  Land on one 
    crate and jump until you reach the end.  Cheat D is definitely here.  
    Your best bet in nailing this one to the ground is to watch the 
    movement of the crates.  They bobble up and down so, time your jump 
    when it's in lower position for you to land safe and sound.  Sure, the 
    boxes do break if you don't move fast enough but, believe me, ten 
    seconds is an eternity here.  Going back (from above), glide to the 
    opening.  When you reach the area where there is a grapple icon and a 
    couple of clowns, it's gliding most of the way.  The trick is to stay 
    as close as possible to the wall and away from the gushing liquid.  
    Cross the ledge you would chance upon then, glide once more.  Before 
    entering the opening, turn left to replenish your strength bar.  Switch 
    to first person view and get rid of the clown box.  Go straight ahead 
    and exchange blows with the first henchman.  Once down, disarm the 
    other one before gliding or you'll never make it across.  Enter door on 
    your left.  Ignore the two mechanical-musical menace as they'll 
    malfunction the moment they fall down from the platform.  Defeat the 
    villain sidekick and grab the Remote Charges behind one of the posts.  
    Proceed to the inclined plane and open the door.  You discover that the 
    firebomb toys are being loaded in the sewer pipes which trace to the 
    entire Gotham system.  Fight the baddie inside the room from your 
    position (you'll be giving him a great advantage if you go inside since 
    there are three clown boxes that would hound you).  When you've floored 
    him, pull down the lever inside the room to turn the pipes.  Exit the 
    door where you came from for a much easier grapple.  Pin down the bad 
    guy and proceed to the far end and enter another room with a switch.  
    Exit.  Grapple again, this time to the topmost ledge where there is 
    another mime plus a strength potion.  Floor the guy and enter the 
    switch room (final link that would connect the gas and water lines).  
    Batgirl will inform you to open the main valve.  Go outside and to the 
    far end of the ledge where there is a Little Johnny Pyro toy.  Glide to 
    the opposite area (or grapple should you drop) where there are three 
    sets of flywheels.  Align the green portion of each wheel to the green 
    indicator to open the flow of water and rid Gotham of the firebomb 
    toys.  However, you find out that the water valve at the pressure 
    station has been closed anew.  A crime aid barges in the opposite door 
    and starts shooting.  Unarm him before gliding to make sure you don't 
    fall prey to his bullets.  Punch and kick him soon as you reach his 
    side to push him inside the room and give you space to maneuver.  After 
    putting him to sleep, get the box of Batarangs and move the lever that 
    will drown the nefarious clown gadgets.  You find out the nasty little 
    secret that Dr. Evers (he's behind the plot to burn down the Gotham 
    Industrial Plant to serve as an insurance scam) has been keeping all 
    along.  And the twist (the Joker's men he hired for the job turned 
    their backs on him) that came with it.                  
    As Batman is all set to deliver Dr. Evers behind Stonegate, he finds 
    Commissioner Gordon and half the GCPD unit outside.  In a wink of an 
    eye, a Batarang from nowhere knocks down the Commissioner and the 
    police are after the Dark Knight.  He grapples to a helicopter, heads 
    to the rooftops and calls on Batgirl to deliver the Batmobile.  Just 
    move forward then, grapple.  Use Stunners, Nets to hold them or better 
    yet, simply ignore the SWAT team (they're on the right side of the law, 
    remember?).  Climb the roof of the third room and grab some Nets and a 
    health box.  Grapple.  Inside are two more policemen.  Disregard.  Just 
    find the ladder, ascend and exit the door.  Follow the path until you 
    reach the helipad.  Grab some Flash Bombs and health kit (look at the 
    corners) then, grapple.  Avoid the sentries, move towards the left side 
    and grab some Stunners.  Continue moving forward until you see a 
    grapple icon.  Avoid one sentinel and grab Stunners in the center part 
    of the area.  Move forward (VROOM billboard) until you reach the edge.  
    Glide towards the lowest room (left side) and move your way up.  When 
    you've reached the top, glide to the next building.  Go up ladders.  
    Get Batarang near the antennae.  Drop to your left and find some 
    Stunners and Electric Batarangs.  Glide to the next edifice.  Stay away 
    from the two guards manning the area.  Look for the door with a red 
    light on top (just straight ahead).  Beside it is a control panel.  
    Throw a Batarang to activate the door.  A box of Electric Batarangs 
    await.  Exit the next door.  The police helicopter starts firing stun 
    as you cross the connecting bridge.  Batman gets impatient and calls 
    Batgirl.  Exit and look for the grapple section.  Before doing so, you 
    might want to grab some Nets on top of a box near the drums.  Go 
    straight ahead then, turn right while avoiding the steam.  In front of 
    you is a structure with a flagpole bearing what resembles a shrimp and 
    what seems like a greenhouse on top.  You need to be on that tower.  To 
    get there, jump on the steam box to reach the upper box with the lamp 
    on it.  By the way, in case you're low on health, there is a first aid 
    kit on the next turn, some distance from the water tank.  Glide towards 
    the ledge of the next building.  Hug the wall and use the catwalk to 
    reach the terrace.  Towards the middle (in-between the two trees), 
    jump, look for the fence break and glide.  Drop down the elevator 
    shaft.  When you reach the bottom floor, get off and take the 
    Batarangs.  As soon as the elevator goes up, descend and disable to 
    controls to open the elevator door.  When done, climb the stairs then, 
    glide to get inside.  Pick up Secret Key 2.  Wait for the elevator 
    shaft and ride it on your way up.  Make sure you get off before the 
    platform kisses the ceiling (count four ledges then, jump).  Get the 
    Elevator Shaft Key.  Continue moving forward to find a room where Cheat 
    E can be found.  Leave room.   Proceed inside the tunnel and ascend the 
    ladder.  To your right is a first aid box.  You may choose to exit from 
    either doors.  Locate the ladder (look out for the guard) and go up.  
    Turn right and follow the entire length of the ledge.  When you reach a 
    cul-de-sac, there's a strength energizer and a grapple point.  Move 
    forward and glide from building to building while avoiding the 
    authorities.  When you've reached the second edifice (it has a box of 
    Stunners) from your where you last grappled, proceed to the rightmost 
    side (you'll find a box of Batarangs on one corner).  Glide to the 
    neighboring structure and climb a series of ladders.  When you've 
    reached the last one you'll find another electric door.  Again, destroy 
    the control panel to activate.  Exit other end and go straight.  Enter 
    machine room and exit using the other door.  Batman contacts Batgirl 
    anew and is told that she's closing in.  The chopper catches up with 
    Batman.  Pick up the Remote Charges scattered all over and hit the 
    fly's lights with it.  Hit it thrice and they start firing rockets 
    instead of stun ray.  Hit it two more times and down she goes.  
    Finally, Batgirl arrives.  Back at the BatCave, Batman deduces that 
    Harley is the missing link to the circumstances that are certainly not 
    coincidental (stolen blimp, the gasworks, being framed with Dr. Evers 
    and Promethium in the middle).  He decides to give her a little 
    visit...in disguise (since he's on the most wanted list by the men in 
    Nothing special about his camouflage.  It's merely a bearded version of 
    Bruce Wayne with a scar on the right eye.
    Go to your right all the way to the second to the last trailer 
    (avoiding the searchlight, of course) and discover a clown sculpture 
    covering its eyes with the number one its lower portion.  Return to 
    your starting point and move past the crates.  To your left is a door.  
    Open and see another clown statue, this time covering its ears and a 
    number 6 engraved on it.  Egress.  Right beside the room is a trailer 
    and a whole lot of boxes.  Jump (yes, it's possible but, very close to 
    impossible -- considering that you can easily jump on the boxes inside 
    the factory which are of the same height!) until you get to the roof.  
    Use your scope to see the last clown bust (holding its mouth and a 
    prominent nine on it).  Get the Flash Bombs as a bonus.  Next, go 
    forward and look for the door with the combination lock beside it (to 
    your right).  If you're having difficulty reaching the roof, you can 
    actually view the clown carving by jumping on top of the garbage cans 
    and using your scope from there (you will miss the points, tho).  
    Operate the lock.  Using the clues you gathered (eyes 1, ears 6 and 
    mouth 9), turn the dials appropriately.  This unlocks the door.  Enter 
    Funnibone Warehouse. 
    To reiterate, funny indeed, how you can climb the crates here a lot 
    easier compared to the ones outside (pretty stupid, really).  Anyways, 
    proceed to your right until you reach a dead end.  Climb one of the 
    crates.  Go to the one next to it (leaning on the wall).  Jump to reach 
    the one in front of you.  Proceed to the box slightly on your left.  
    Jump to reach the next one.  Step on the light colored crate.  Jump on 
    the lower box to your left.  Drop and reach for that last crate that 
    will lead you out of this labyrinth.  Drop again then, climb the stairs 
    immediately.  Don't go roaming around anymore on the lower floor or 
    you'll just wake up the jacks-in-the-boxes where they'll follow you all 
    the way to the top level.  Go to your left and climb the crates to 
    secure some BatCuffs.  Battle the two goons (one in black, another in 
    white).  Hidden somewhere on the pile of crates to your right is a 
    strength enhancer.  Continue climbing the crates to your left until you 
    get to a ladder.  Climb.  Enter door and grab another set of BatCuffs. 
    Vanquish another underling roaming along the corridors.  Advance to the 
    far end (with a smiling clown portrait) and turn on the control to open 
    the middle door (which will be indicated by a green bulb).  Bear in 
    mind that every time you turn on a switch, you hustle since these are 
    time-locks (you have about 10 seconds to reach your other point or it 
    closes anew).  Put one more lackey on his knees then get the Flash Bomb 
    and turn on the switch situated on the far right side of the room.  
    Exit.  The door to your right is now activated (beside the smiling 
    clown).  Enter and finish off another worthless foe.  Pull the lever 
    and go outside.  Run near the end of the hallway (close to where you 
    first entered) and turn on the control (now operational).  Go back to 
    the last room you entered and use the other door.  Crush another 
    character in the dressing room.  Open the cabinet and get "Toby's" 
    penknife (FMV flashback) -- a clear indication that the Joker is alive 
    and well to wreak carnage and havoc.    
    EPISODE 05 - Infernal Jest
    The Joker's blimp is over at the gasworks.  "His death has been a part 
    of something bigger" and the Bat intends to find out what the nitty-
    gritty details are all about.  Follow the path.  Grab the Flash Bombs 
    and enter the chicken-wire gate.  Before heading for the smoking door 
    pick up the BatCuffs.  Kaboom!  The Joker has resurrected from the 
    grave.  The "joke":  Joker's not dead and Gotham is.  The "punchline":  
    it's all Batman's fault when he was led into opening the pipes that 
    would burn the whole city of Gotham to the ground!  Even Poison Ivy 
    played her part, albeit unknowingly, as the "wenchtable" became the 
    quietest way to mass produce the Joker toxins.  It's all "flames and 
    giggles (to quote the Joker)" now unless the pipes are reversed...
    Run away from the crooked hunks.  Throw them some Batarangs so they'd 
    put down their flamethrowers ASAP.  Now, all's fair.  Watch out since 
    these guys have higher AI.  Always be on the defensive.  After singing 
    them a lullaby, Batman seeks Batgirl's advice on how to close the 
    pipes.  Enter the flaming door -- carefully.  You wouldn't want to miss 
    the health potion on Batman's right corner.  Drop down.  Avoid the 
    flames.  Snub the three stooges that would charge at you and head 
    straight for the opening (slightly left of center).  Follow the path 
    and enter the coop-wire entrance.  You meet with the Joker.  Sorry, you 
    can't get through this way with another boss, "Fatty (the rocket thug)" 
    blocking your path, literally.  Go back (exit gate) and enter the door 
    to your left side.  There's another thorn blocking the door to the 
    valves.  Run past this bozo, grab the health box and enter.  This is 
    similar to the green to green (activate) puzzle only now, it's red on 
    red (deactivate).  Exit the opposite door.  Climb the ladder.  Be 
    astute and conserve your energy for the battle with Fatty instead of 
    the two meanies blocking your path.  Joker's all red after your stunt 
    and decides to escape.  He lets his assistants keep you company while 
    he makes his getaway.  Run around and regularly grab the Batarangs 
    available to you.  First, disable Fatty's rocket launchers.  Target 
    those which are ready to fire (red light).  Make sure you keep a safe 
    distance since he utilizes flame throwers when you get near him.  Also, 
    avoid his depth charges, those explosives that project instead of going 
    directly at you.  One last thing, he also fires heat seekers whenever 
    you get him.  The best way to avoid this would be to stay behind the 
    concrete posts and strafe to lock your target.  Of course, when they 
    have already been fired, you need to outrun them.  Hit him four times 
    and he's down for the count.  He bumps the towering pedestal where 
    Harley is, knocks her down and then, crushes her with his entire weight 
    (sweet retribution!).  To use an age old aphorism, it's like hitting 
    two birds with one stone!
    Batman manages to catch up with the Joker's blimp.  Avoid the lasers at 
    all costs.  Stay away from the gaping holes as well.  Go to your left 
    and jump on the box.  Glide to the switch in front of you (this weakens 
    the laser position of the switch near the ladder).  Return to the 
    crate.  Move towards the center steel post.  Proceed to the switch 
    slightly behind the crate (this turns off the laser roaming around the 
    other panel).  Go to the third switch well beyond your starting point 
    (to your right) and deactivate.  Proceed to the ladder.  Ah, the much 
    awaited battle with the Joker.  Watch out for his gunfire and do watch 
    your back, at least until after you have decapitated five jacks-in-the-
    boxes.  They go scot-free from their hiding place every time the 
    Joker's bullets hit the crates.  Now, you're ready.  Strafe and look 
    for a suitable position (try one step away from where the Batarangs 
    near the door appear) where your crossfire turns red.  When it does, 
    maintain this position as you keep on throwing Batarangs at Joker (wait 
    for the gunfire to subside before doing so).  As soon as you catch a 
    glimpse of him dropping his weapon, charge!  Do not hesitate or he'll 
    get the opportunity to pick up his tommy gun and start his trigger 
    happy ways again.  The thing to avoid is his grip.  The style is to 
    keep on moving.  When he squirts you with acid, go near him and knock 
    him with a power move.  Three advanced moves on him and he'll be 
    counting stars.  Take the Blimp Cockpit Key.  Jump on the platform near 
    the entrance of the pilot room and go inside.  Proceed to the control 
    area.  Defuse the bomb by mixing the gases to produce Purple (Blue and 
    Red) and Green (Blue and Yellow), the Joker's color motif.  First 
    select then, inject the right colors.  After combining the first two 
    colors, mix tube to begin with the next phase.  Again, select and 
    inject and everything will fall into place.  The Joker, however, wants 
    to have the last laugh so he chooses to commit suicide (again) by 
    jumping off the blimp.  But, not without bringing his machine gun along 
    (as an insurance).  As expected, Batman wants him in Arkham Asylum, 
    instead of being six feet under the ground.
    Tip:  you might want to try inverting your crosshair.  It works well 
    for me.
    Stay clear of the bursting balloons the Joker hurls at you.  They 
    certainly pack a wallop.  Just keep on moving in circles.  Adjust your 
    speed as necessary.  Watch out for his gunfire as well every time you 
    get near.  Snare him and it's game over!  
    The camera dollies to the special cells of the villains in Arkham 
    Asylum:  Mr.  Freeze shoos; Poison Ivy blows a kiss; Harley Quinn 
    watches nonchalantly and the Joker laughing hysterically as the camera 
    focuses on what appears to be a plush Batman doll hanging on a noose.  
    Next, FMV takes place where Commissioner Gordon calls Batman via the 
    BatSignal and apologizes for the earlier blunder.  It was Harley all 
    along that threw the Batarang at him.  And like a thief in the night, 
    the Dark Knight disappears without a trace...
    Cinematic of the classic Batman pose.
    THE END.
    Points gathered flash on the upper right corner of screen for several 
    seconds.  You can view your progress on the ACHIEVEMENT menu (see 
    CUSTOMIZING YOUR GAME section).  More than giving one bragging rights, 
    points earned are your ticket to additional (advanced/power) moves. 
    Here's a breakdown on how to get a perfect score on selected levels (NO 
    POINTS AVAILABLE for LEVELS 1-3; 11 and 17-19):
    5 points - a point for each cuffed thug
    3 points - finding Secret Envelope A
    2 points - knocking down final thug
    10 points - TOTAL 
    5 points - a point for each cuffed thug
    3 points - getting Secret Envelope B
    2 points - rescuing Harley
    10 points - TOTAL
    5 points - a point for each cuffed thug
    3 points - freeing all six flash frozen guards
    2 points - freeing Batman in frozen state
    10 points - TOTAL
    5 points for downing FreezeCopter
    (5 points - in all probability, no bumps; damage to Batwing -- just 
    don't ask me how)
    2 points - solving Isaac Evers' Lab Netwire Puzzle 
    5 points - a point for each cuffed thug
    1 point - gathering all the BatGadgets
    2 points - melting Mr. Freeze
    10 points - TOTAL
    5 points - making use of the last switch (instead of short-circuiting 
    the others)
    5 points - saving Batgirl
    10 points - TOTAL
    5 points - keeping up with the getaway vehicle.
    (5 points - in all probability, no bumps; damage to Batmobile -- just 
    don't ask me how)
    5 points - securing Secret Envelope C
    2 points - getting rid of Trench-Coat
    3 points - permanently defeating the Green Monster
    10 points - TOTAL
    5 points - a point for each cuffed thug
    2 points - solving Gotham Gasworks Puzzle
    3 points - Secret Envelope D
    10 points - TOTAL
    2 points - discovering Secret Envelope E
    3 points - after entering the second electronic door (without hurting 
    any member of the SWAT team -- Nets may be used, tho)
    5 points - for downing police helicopter
    10 points - TOTAL
    6 points - 2 points for each clown figurine found (the correct way)
    4 points - solving Joker's Funnibones Warehouse Puzzle
    10 points - TOTAL
    5 points - a point for each cuffed thug
    5 points - for retrieving Toby's penknife
    10 points - TOTAL
    13.  CHEATS
    Finishing the game was mine primary objective so, I missed out on most 
    of the hidden envelopes that contain cheats the first time out (I only 
    got Cheat E, initially).  Wasn't really too keen on getting them until 
    I read their advantages ('m that type of gamer who gets into the action 
    right away and learns the ropes during play).  Just a note on the 
    cheats:  it's not the letter that counts, it's the sequence (got 
    Envelope E but got the full ammo cheat instead of invisibility)!  
    Here's a quick run-through on their respective descriptions (from the 
    game manual) and locations:
    CHEAT A - refills all gadgets to full (refer to ROOFTOP BATTLE level)
    CHEAT B - allows player to immediately max up the charge bar for power 
    moves (refer to THE BRIDGE level)
    CHEAT C - refills all of Batman's health (refer to PLANT ELECTROCUTION 
    2 level)
    CHEAT D - makes Batman do double damage to his opponents, except the 
    bosses (refer to GASWORKS level)
    CHEAT E - renders Batman invisible to all his opponents, except the 
    bosses (refer to SWAT CHASE level)
    ***SPOILER:  Having a hard time collecting points?  During the title 
    screen (after the PRESS START screen), key in the following button 
    sequence:  L1, L1, R2, R2, L2, R2, L1, R2.  You'll hear an 
    acknowledgment tune confirming the correctness of the code.  Enter game 
    and voila, you'll now be able to perform the "lights out" power move.  
    Now, this would really look good if you obtain all the envelopes in 
    your pocket -- it wouldn't seem like you didn't play by the rules...***
    Hmmm...let me see.  Nope, half-hearted is not the apt term to describe 
    the effort I gave in producing this walkthrough.  I believe it's more 
    of "lacking in inspiration."  The feeling is akin to getting a Pro 
    stance for a debate topic when you know quite well that you're supposed 
    to be on the Con side of the subject.  Well, the game did have its 
    merits and I did as much as I could to highlight them.  Then again, the 
    most important thing is that this FAQ serves its purpose.  Something 
    which I believe I did justice in.  
    If you do have any questions pertaining to the game I'd be more than 
    happy to entertain them.  
    Best regards,
    15.  CREDITS
    I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the following individuals 
    and organizations who helped me fashion this FAQ:
    *Bob Kane and DC Comics, for the enigmatic character that is the 
    *Warner Brothers (Interactive Entertainment), for their cool, 
    contemporary interpretation of the Dark Knight.
    *Ubi Soft Entertainment team, for developing/publishing the game...
    *Gamespot.com, for letting me take a peek at Batman:  Vengeance and 
    giving me some room to express mine thoughts.
    *GameFAQs.com, for providing a venue where dreams are built and where 
    fellow dreamweavers can share rhapsodies.
    *MeltMan, for stressing out one of the things I learned in training 
    (hug the truck) to reach a goal.  Thanks for that wake-upper!
    *PHounshell, for pointing out the locations of Secret Envelopes A and D 
    and an idea on how to reach the crate where Secret Envelope B is.
    *Neoseeker.com, for providing an extra accommodation.
    *Paul Glover/a2zcheats, for the inspiring words, additional room (and 
    the clue to an effortless six score points).
    *Mike Browne/SPOnG.com for the warm invite.
    *those who took/are taking the time out to get a glimpse/browse through 
    this FAQ -- YOU make the difference!
    *others I may have inadvertently forgotten (mine apologies) but have in 
    their own special way contributed in making this FAQ a possibility.
    ****************************NOTHING FOLLOWS****************************

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