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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GeorgesIV

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/25/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Author: Charles-Etienne Raynault
    E-mail: c_raynault@hotmail.com
    Completion date: 04-11-2008
    Version: 1.1
    	1914 - The Great War: Allied campaign walkthrough
     About a year ago I found this game completely by accident and I sort of liked
    it. Personally, I like turn based strategies games and this is one the last 
    made that I know of, it is kind of old school with modern graphics. The game 
    was not released in North America so it might be hard to find. Feel free to 
    contact me if you have questions or suggestions for this walkthrough. While 
    playing this game it is easily noticeable that it was loosely translated from
    German and there are a bunch of mistake and leftover text/dialogues. Also 
    there are many name that are different in the manual than in the game.
    *Rounds and turns when used in this walkthrough or in the game mean the same 
     things. Clicking 'end turn' button end it so make sure to do the best on each
    The four types of units are :(units are detailed further)
    1) Foot solider: Your basic units, the one you see/fight/use the most.
    	-Assault troops
    	-Machine gun post
    	-Flamethrower section
    	-Anti-tank troops
    2) Artillery:  They are usually slow moving but with extreme attack range and 
    		will cause a lot of damage. Many have an useful splash effect 
    		that hurt nearby units. They are also harder to destroy due to 
    		their heavy armor. None of them can attack air target.
    		(Watch-out as splash damage it can also hurt your own units.)
    	-Light field mortar
    	-Light artillery
    	-Medium howitzer
    	-Heavy field mortar
    	-Heavy howitzer
    3) Vehicles: Armored vehicles to perform various tasks. 
     	     Tanks and armored vehicles fit in this category
    	-Supply vehicle
    	-Ammunition vehicle
    	-Engineers Vehicle
    	-Mark IV male
    	-Renault FT-17 Mini Tank
    	-Us steam tank
    4) Planes: Move through air with very long range. The 2 types are:
                 1) Fighters: can attack at very long range. 
                           Effective against other air units.
    	     2) Bombardiers: can only target units on the ground.
    			Act as air artillery.
    	-Sopwith Camel
    	-Spad fighter
    	-Handley page
    	-Fokker DVII Aircraft
    	-Fokker DRII 'red baron'
    	-Gotha Bomber
     There is a fifth category that can't be selected at the deploy screen.
     These are mission specific units.
    X) fixed units: Unmovable and cannot be kept at the end of the mission.
    	-Train artillery
    	-Big bertha
    	-Heavy AA gun
    	-Observation balloon
    	Managing your unit pool(reserve)
     This is a very important aspect of the game. Sometime the choice wont be 
    obvious as you have to choose between different types of units. 
    You start managing the reserve after the first mission is completed.
    When you arrive at the 'Reserve' screen(titled unit pool) and you then get to 
    choose which unit you want to keep. The general idea is to keep the most
    experienced ones and leave the others. 
    *Any unit in 'deployed' at the end of the mission will be left behind forever*
    On the other hand units in your reserve will be there forever unless they
    dies or left as 'deployed' and the end of a next mission.
    *Pushing the automatic button will do this for you regardless of types.
     (May not be a good idea for later missions.) 
     Normally you never get to keep all units form previous missions so making a
     good choice is important.*
    *Try to 'give' the killing blow to better units so they get more experience
     and get their promotions faster. Promoted units become invaluable later.*
     After the next mission intro, right before the next start, 
    you get see the 'deployment' screen. It look similar to the reserve but 
    this time you choose which units will be sent to the front. You can also 
    choose to not deploy some and they will be kept in your reserve.
     You can swap any units with another one of the same type. Even if it is not 
    the same unit. example: trade a pioneer for an infantry.
     So you could do a mission with only infantry as foot units or only pioneers.
    If of course you have a reserve to support it. It is important to keep things 
    balanced, so don't focus too much one unit type. 
     *Pushing the automatic button will swap all units with the same name of the 
    type to your reserve or vice-versa.*
    Take a good look before starting the mission and remember that it won't swap
    automatically units of the same type if they are of different nationality.
    (Considered by the game as different.) 
     Make the best use of your previously experienced units. That way they can 
    gain their promotions to become more powerful, as you deploy hem on each 
    mission until the last one. Don't hesitate to use different units than those
    suggested if you feel like to.
    example: Replace a supply vehicle by a tank will make things easier.
     Regardless of the mission, you will always start with some fresh new units.
    Most of them you can't even choose so you will have a mix of new and old 
    units. Some units cannot be swapped.
     Also keep in mind that the starting position of your units are fixed. But
    by choosing which one you swap, you can put them in different locations.
    It is possible 'to play' with positioning a bit and give you an advantage 
    on the beginning of a battle. This requires a bit of save/load but it may help
    you doing better during the battle.
     *If you think you messed up something in the reserve/deploying screen you can
    simply reload the automatic saved game you got from last battle and make the 
    appropriates changes.*
    	My own reserve
    Here is the general idea on how I managed my own reserve during the game:
     -Assault troops and infantry are your bread and butter. 
      I gave them an important place in my reserve. They should be in even 			
      number.(I kept 6 of each through the game)
     -Machine gun posts are important too but they are much less maneuverable
      I would keep 2-4 of them.
     -Pioneers, you may or may not keep depending of your playing style. They
      are just here to remove obstacles in late missions. Just 1 or 2 is enough
      (don't keep British ones). 
     -Supply trucks I would not keep or maybe just 1. (not useful enough)
     -Ambulance is invaluable to keep your infantry alive against 				
      artillery, keep one or two. 
     -Armored vehicle, I prefer the British tanks(Mark IV male) due to their heavy
      armor so you should keep a 4 of them. I did not like the St-Chamond, but they
      are able to damage air units.
     -Airplane,  I would just keep those offered to me. I prefer Sopwiths 
      over Spads but, you never get enough planes to fill your reserve.
     -keep the Handley page bombardier as it act like air artillery.
      (useful to destroy defenseless against air units like howitzers)
    Well placing your units is vital as you are outnumbered in most missions.
    Here how you should do it:
     -Position your units in order to make sure you get the 
      first attack on the enemy force and not the opposite. Even if that mean
      to move back your army. 
     -Rushing through the enemy will cause great casualties to your army and 
      reward you little. 
     -Trenches are your friend, while in trenches you take much less damage 
      and you do more damage to the units above you. 
     -Artillery and most vehicles are unable to  cross trenches. 
     -To avoid splash damage you should try to position your units like this:
    				x x x x x
    				 x x x x
    			or like this:
    				x x x x x
     				x x x x x
     With this position and because Artillery can't target empty square, it 
     won't hit more than 1 unit at a time. 
     (except for the very large artillery)
     -You can also reduce the chance to get targeted by placing yours units 
     right by enemy infantry(it will rarely hit his own troops unless they are 
    crippled) or close by the 'cannon' itself.(Most artillery can't target 
    adjacent squares).
     -When there is no artillery in range you should place your units like this:
    				xxx xxx
      A straight line to allow the maximum of units to attack incoming infantry.
      Forming occasional 'holes' to allow units to move freely between the rows 
      when they get damaged.
     -Remember that assault troops can attack trough most obstacles but infantry 
      need a clear sight to attack although they get a better range.
     -Splash damage done by your own artillery will help you a lot. Remember that
      not all artillery can hit multiples target and the center of the shot will 
      always get most of the damage. 
      Here is what splash will be for different units:
    	o= the square you aimed 	x= area covered by splash
    		for Medium Howitzer, light field mortar:
    		for the Big Bertha/railway artillery :
    		For Light Field Artillery:(no splash) :
    	Unitsí stats
    Maneuver(move range):
     -Mean the amount of squares the unit can move on the map. 
     In 1 turn you can only move then attack or just attacking. As attacking finish
     the turn for this unit. 
     Some units can only move OR act during a turn like medium howitzers.
    Hit points(Life bar):
     -The amount of damage the unit can take before dying or being destroyed.
      On the life bar you can see some icons(crosshair, arrow, etc.). They mean 
     that once you take enough damage the unit will be considered crippled
     (symbols will be red) and some actions will reduced or halted.
     The order and position of those symbols are very important as it determine 
     the durability of the unit and some types can take way more punishment than 
     the others.
     ex: Infantry can take 4 shots from other infantry before it can't attack 
    Here are the possible symptoms of being crippled:
     -Reduced maneuver
     -Unable to move at all
     -Strength reduced
     -Number of attacks reduced
     -Unable to attack
     -Can't use special skills
     Try to cripples enemy units before destroying them. You will reduce the damage
    taken by turning them harmless. It will cause those crippled to retreat.
    When your own units get crippled try to move them in a safe position where
    they can safely wait until the end of the battle.
    On the later missions the Enemy can have Ambulances and Engineering Vehicles 
    and will attempts to restore the life of their own units but so you can if you
    have the right vehicles.
     -The damage output, There are 2 values for strength. Ground is the most 
     important as you will mostly face ground units, but planes can be  a pain 
     later on so air is also important.
     -Higher the armor mean less damage taken each time hit. 
      All foot units have 0 armor so they take full damage every time they are hit.
    Attack(attack range):
     This vary a lot from one units to an other. Very important for artillery that
     have limited maneuver.
    Reconnaissance(sight range): 
     -Useful to spot the enemy, As you can't target the ones you don't see. It is
      normally unimportant unless you get the support from heavy artillery that 
      can cover a huge range, greater than their own sight.
     In this game each unit get his own experience counter. The number increase
     each time you attack, move or use a special skill. You also get an higher 
     amount of experience if the attack destroyed/killed an enemy(8-10 exp.).
     When your units have enough experience they get promoted with a new title
     and get bonus stats. The promotions are:
     -100exp. : regular
     -200exp. : veteran
     -400exp. : elite
     -Make sure you chase the crippled enemies who are retreating with fast movers.
     (like supply vehicle or assault troops) Before the battle end to make the 
     best experience from a battle. In order to succeed this you can leave a 
     single valid enemy alive and go finish the others ones. Alternativly you can
     try the 'automatic save glitch' (explained later). It normally takes 2 
     missions for an unit to get his first promotion. By the end of the game, you
     will have few elite units.
    **glitch: When you get the 'mission accomplished' message let the mission end
     and then you can reload the 'automatic save game' to come back where you 
     finished, but still have 1 turn to kill more crippled. It is useful to get
     maximum experience from an mission while minimizing damage and maybe saving a
     few of your own units.**
    Here is a list of the promotions I obtained:
     -Infantry: 100 exp > regular +1 to maneuver range
     -Infantry 200 exp > veteran +1 maneuver range +1 atk range.
     -Infantry: 400 exp > elite +1 Maneuver +1 atk range + 10 ground atk
     -Assault troops: 100 exp > regular +1 to maneuver range
     -Assault troops: 200 exp > veteran +1 to maneuver range +1 to atk range
     -Assault troops: 400 exp > elite +1 to maneuver +1 to atk range +10 ground atk
     -Pioneers: 100 exp > regular +1 to maneuver
     -Pioneers: 200 exp > veteran +1 to maneuver +1 to atk range
     -Light field artillery: 100 exp > regular +2 Attack range.
     -Light field artillery: 200 exp > veteran +2 attack range +10 ground attack
     -Machine gun post: 100 exp > regular +10 to ground attack
     -Machine gun post:200 exp > veteran +10 to ground attack + 1 atk range
     -Medium howitzer: 100 exp > regular +2 atk range
     -Medium howitzer: 200 exp > veteran +2atk range +20 ground atk
     -Mark IV male: 100 exp > regular +1 maneuver range
     -Mark IV male: 200 exp > veteran +1 maneuver range +1 atk range
     -Ambulance: 100 exp > regular +1 maneuver range
     -Sopwith camel: 100 exp > regular +2 maneuver range
     -Sopwith Camel: 200 exp > veteran +2 maneuver range +2 atk range
     -Spad Fighter Bomber: 100 exp > regular +2 view range
     -Flamethrower section: 100 exp > regular +1 maneuver range
     -Handley page: 100 exp > regular +20 ground attack
     -Handley page: 200 exp > veteran +20 ground attack +1 defense
    **Promotions seem to vary with the units nationnality. At least it seem both
     French and British pioneers get different bonus stats on promotions.
     French pioneers bonuses are used in the list.**
    	Unitsí description:
    Infantry: str:25/25 Armor:0 Maneuver:4 atk range:3
     -Your basic offensive unit, good movement and atk range, need a clear sight to
    Ambulance: str0/0 Armor:8 Maneuver:6 atk range:0
     -Vehicle, can heal wounded or crippled unit completely, once in a round.
    Pioneers: str:22/0 Armor:0 Maneuver:5 atk range:2
     -support units, can build barbed wires barricades(stracheldrath) or remove 
      wrecks and obstacles. Weak strength and minimal range. French pioneers got 
      more movement than British pioneers.
    Light Field Artillery: atk:43/0 Armor:40 Maneuver:4 atk range:5
     -Artillery, With both good range and Movement. They act like beefed-up 
      infantry, Unfortunately it gets no splash damage.
    Supply Vehicle: str:0/0 Armor: 8 Maneuver:6 atk range:0
     -Vehicle, can carry up to 4 foot units to great distance. Will protect units 
      inside, but if the vehicle get destroyed all unit it contain dies. Units 
      carried cannot move or act the turn they leave the vehicle so I am not sure
      it is worth to use it.
    Observation Balloons: str:0/0 Armor: 0 Maneuver:0 atk range:0
     -Air unit, Cannot move or attack. Will only allow to see great distances.
     -Useful for artillery reconnaissance as you can't target units you cannot see.
    Renault FT-17 mini tank str: 45/0 armor:32 maneuver:5 atk range: 3
     -Vehicle, The French Small tank. More movement but less range, 
     -I did not find them much useful.
    St-Chamond: str:57/15 Armor:40 Maneuver:4 atk range:4
     -Vehicle, Similar to the British Mark IV tank but is also able to hit air 
      units with weak power.
    Spad Fighter Bomber: str:22/33 Armor:0  Maneuver:8 atk range: 5
     -French plane, Despite the name it is not a bomber. 
     -Similar to British Sopwith Camel.
    Railway artillery: str:108/0 Armor:24 maneuver:0 atk range:16
     -Artillery , Powerful and similar to the German big Bertha. Only available in
      2 missions. Cannot be kept in reserve so make sure they don't kills to much. 
      Can get experience and by the manual could even gain promotion...
    Great Britain:
    assault troops: str:30/0 Armor:0 Maneuver:5 atk range:2
     -Second basic offensive units. Can attack behind other units or obstacles 
      and have great mobility.
    Infantry: Same as French infantry,  rarely seen.
    Pioneers: str:22/0 Armor:0 Maneuver:4 atk range:2
     -Same as French pioneers but get less maneuver.
    Machine gun post: str:37/30 Armor:0 Maneuver:4 atk range:4
     -Excelent as defensive units as they get limited maneuver.
     -Gain additional damage with promotions.
    Flame-thrower Section: str:45/0 Armor:0 Maneuver:4
     -Act Similar to assault troops but more powerful against heavy armors.
     -Range is limited and doesn't get any bonus.
    Heavy field Mortar: str:75/0 Armor:24 maneuver:5 atk range:10
     -Light Artillery, Can fire 4 shells then need to be reloaded.
    Medium Howitzer: 60/0 Armor:16 Maneuver:4 atk range:8
     -Artillery, Powerful and does have splash damage
      2 shots will cripple 1 infantry. 
      Can only move or attack in the same turn.
    Heavy Mortar: str:75/0 Armor:24 Maneuver:3 atk range:10
     -Artillery, Can only fire 4 shells before needing to be recharged.
      Can only move or attack in the same turn.
    Mark IV male: 63/0 Armor:40 Maneuver:4 atk range:4
     -Vehicle, Your first tank units. Very strong armor with good power.
      Can take a lot of punishment without failing.
    Supply vehicle: same as French
    Engineers Vehicle: str:0/0 Armor:9 Maneuver:5
     -Vehicle, Can repair vehicles and artillery.
    Sopwith camel: str:22/33 Armor:0, Maneuver:8 atk range:5
     -Air unit, Does decent air to air damage.
    Handley page: str:60/0 Armor:8 Maneuver:7 atk range:
     -British bombardier plane, Powerful against land unit, defenseless against
      aviation. It is less powerful than the German Gotha bomber.
     -Americans units have the same stats as British but their colors are
      more yellowish(notice the American accent). I won't describe units that are
      the same, but Americans got a few unique units worth to mention.
    Flame thrower section: Same as British
    Pioneers: Same as British
    infantry: Same as British
    Assault troops: same as French
    Mobile AA gun: str:0/45 Armor:8, Maneuver:5 atk range:6
     -Vehicle, Not available in Allied campaign, acts like mobile heavy AA gun.
    Supply vehicle: same as French
    US steam tank: str:48/0 Armor:32 Maneuver:4 atk range:2
     -Vehicle, The American tank is equipped with flame-throwers so it is only 
     effective at short range. Better than Renault tank. I still prefer
     British Mark IV for their range and armor. Only available in last allied
    Sopwith camel: Same as British
    	Walkthrough: Allied Campaign
    *All the completion info are based on winning the mission with no mortality 
     from you side and excellent score.
     (The comment at the end will be either 'goorious', glorious or excellent job)
     If you lose more units or progress slower, you will of course get smaller
     score, get to keep/leave less units and your reserve won't increase as fast.
      Mission 1 : Surprise! (august 14, 1914)
      Your team: 10x French Infantry, 1x Light Field Artillery
      Enemy team: 8x Infantry, 5x Assault Troops
      Difficulty: easy
    This is the first mission, so you don't get to choose your units.
    Make good use of your artillery and don't hesitate to place it in the front 
    rank as it can take more punishment than infantry. Try to form a straight 
    line but do not advance to far, maybe just 1 square or 2 for the first turn. 
    On the next turn you will make contact with the enemy. First the assault 
    troops, you should concentrate your fire on those. Cripple one and then 
    move to the next. Don't kill it unless you can't do anything else. Also if one 
    or more of your solider get crippled  pull them back to avoid its death. 
    Once all German units but one are crippled try, to run pass it and kill 
    all the retreating enemies to get maximum experience/score.
    it took me 9 turn to complete this one and I was able to do it without losing 
    anyone. For this mission you are allowed to keep 8 infantry + 1 artillery(the 
    only you have so far) so make sure you keep the more experienced first, you can
    use the automatic button for that. Remember that any deployed units on this 
    screen will be left behind. 
     Mission 2: Miracle on the Marne (September 5, 1914)
     Your Starting team: 4x Assault Troops, 4x Infantry, 2x Light Field Artillery
     reinforcements: 1x ambulance, 4x Infantry (arrive at turn 4)
     Enemy team: 10x infantry, 6x assault troops, 1x medium howitzer, 
     2x light field mortar
     Difficulty: easy
    *before this mission start you get to 'choose' your starting units, I suggest 
    you set your experienced units with the automatic button in order to make sure 
    they participate in this battle. On a personal choice I would replace 1
    Assault Troops by one additional Infantry from the previous mission.
    In this mission you see the trenches for the first time(typical to WW1). Make 
    good use of this trench network and place your foot soldiers in it. Your 
    artillery will be left above but they can still shoot the enemy due to their 
    long range. Try to stay inside the trench and cripples those that are coming 
    above it. Move weakened units to the left as the reinforcements will come from 
    there. At turn 4 it will arrive with the ambulance and you can use 
    it to heal your crippled soldiers. At the same time the dangerous light 
    field mortars will arrive to pound you with their splash damage, they can hurt
    several of your units in the same time. It is advisable to destroy them fast 
    with your Assault Troops running in the trench and if possible your own 
    artillery. If you get lucky the Germans will hurt their own units as well due 
    to the splash. In the back the German army have a medium howitzer, it 
    is a quite powerful gun but it can't cross trenches so as long as your are not
    too close to it won't shoot at you. 
    It took me 12 turns to complete this mission, thanks to the ambulance I lost 
    no one. You get to keep everyone from this mission. I got my first unit 
    promotion to 1 Infantry from mission 1 which became regular.
     Mission 3: Paris within reach (September 9, 1914)
     Your team: 8x Infantry, 6x Assault Troops, 2x Supply Vehicle, 
     3x Light field artillery
     Enemy team: 7x Assault Troops, 7x Infantry, 3x Light Field Mortar, 
     1x Heavy Mortar.
     Difficulty: easy
    *Before this mission you can choose your starting units, I suggest you replace
    the second supply vehicle with the ambulance, it will be more useful.
    In order to get the first strike, move your units 3 squares back and form a 
    straight line. Let them come at you when you see the light field mortars, 
    focus on destroying them, your field artillery should help you but remember 
    that 3 shots won't be enough to bring down a mortar. At turn 6 you will see a 
    vehicle pass by the German imperial flag, this is the heavy mortar, a 
    strong piece of artillery it can only shot 3 times but it does a lot of damage
    with splash effect. Destroying the mortar finish the mission. 
    It took me 8 turn to finish the mission, once again no one died.
    you get to keep everyone from this mission. I got a lot of promotions this 
    time, mostly infantry became regular but also 1 light field artillery.
     Mission 4: Bottleneck (march 15, 1915)
     Your team: 6x Infantry, 7x Assault Troops, 2x Machine Gun Posts, 
     1x Medium Howitzer
     Enemy team: 7x Infantry, 9x Assault Troops, 4 Lights Field Mortar, 
     1x Medium Howitzer
     Difficulty: hard
    This mission is much harder than what you have seen so far, first the enemy
    have an heavy artillery support with splash damage(the 4 light mortars are 
    Then the layout is different, there are uncross-able cliffs and a 
    small road in the middle. passing through this narrow road will take time for
    your whole army so I suggest you let the enemy come at you and benefit from 
    the funnel effect to attack enemy wave by little groups. My strategy that 
    worked was to place all my units by the little wooden house(you can use it for
    cover from assault troops as you can shoot through it). I placed my machine
    gun posts, my medium howitzer and some assault troops right behind the house
    while I formed a straight line left of it with my remaining troops. After I 
    just let the enemy come at me. It should not take long, Try to cripples most
    enemies and move up. When regular infantry start appearing you know the 
    artillery is near. When their shells start pounding you, (turn 5 or 6)take 
    those as fast as possible. You should make it without loosing too much units
    (restart if you loose more than 4). If you need a better aim at the mortars 
    you can pull back your units and spread them so they can't get hit together,
    the computer will then move the mortars front and the next turn you can take 
    them more easily. 
    Once the mission is over you get the keep all but 4 foot units.
    Make sure you keep those machine gun posts. I took me 14 turns to 
    complete this mission without losing anyone and it wasn't easy to keep everyone
     Mission 5: Into the trenches (Vimy ridge) (may 12, 1915)
     Your team: 9x Assault Troops, 8x Infantry, 3x Machine Gun Post, 
     2x Medium Howitzer, 4x Light Field Artillery, 2x Pioneers(1 British, 1 French)
     Enemy team: 11x Assault Troops, 10x Infantry, 2x Medium Howitzer, 
     4x Light Field Mortars.
     Difficulty: Moderate
    This time you have a lot of units, so has your enemy. You get a new one for
    this mission: the Pioneers(scout). It has weak attack but can build barbed 
    wires(stacheldraht) or clear debris. I did not found them useful in this 
    mission except for taking damage in place of your regular units.
    The layout 
    consist of 1 large uncross-able circular cliff covered with trees in the center
    with larges spaces to move around it. even with that space you don't get enough
    to use your all your units efficiently in the same time. So I suggest you move 
    it back, behind the cliff and split your army in 2 groups. 1 with experienced 
    units(5) go left to sneak-up behind the enemy. The rest will wait the Germans 
    to come at you. The amount of artillery support your get in this mission is 
    great, you can cripple very well incoming units with 2 howitzers plus a few 
    light Artillery shots. When you see the enemy mortars/howitzers coming, it's 
    time to take them out, the faster you do, the less damage you get. This mission
    was easier than the last one to me.
    I took me 9 turns to complete this mission without loosing anyone and I got
    a few 1st and 2nd promotions for several units. You get to discard 10 
    foot units and 2 artillery.  Personally, I would not keep the Pioneers but,
    I would keep 2 howitzers. Manage your reserve with an even amount of Assault
    Troops and infantry plus 2 Machines Gun
     Mission 6: Breach (September 16, 1916)
     Your team: 9x Assault Troops, 6x Infantry, 5x Mark IV male(tank), 1x Ambulance
     Enemy team: 2x Pioneers, 9x Assault Troops, 3x Medium Howitzer, 12x Infantry
     4x Light Field Mortar.
     Difficulty: easy
    When you get to choose which units you sent to the front, swap 2 assault troops
    for 2 machine guns posts. You also get a new unit for this mission, the very 
    powerful British tanks(Mark IV male), with both good damage and armor. The
    downside is you get no artillery for this one.
    In this mission there are 2 trenches with a very large part between the two 
    sides. Some area are like puddles or ground depression and can't be crossed, 
    you will have to go around it. In the first round I suggest you try to place
    your units nearby in your own trench and try align them as left a possible. 
    You can even place your own tanks inside it but not the machine gun posts...
    On the second turn move forward your tanks and take out 2 howitzers. Use The
    help of some Infantry units if needed. The enemy Infantry will do very little 
    damage against tanks. On the third turn you can either come back to your trench
    and wait the enemy or launch an offensive, I would suggest to attack this time.
    Your 5 tanks allow this and the mission isn't that hard anyway. Cripple most of
    incoming units and destroy those mortars when they show up. 2 of them will be
    easily destroyed this way. Try to clear a path on the left side and send in the
    faster Assault Troops so they can take out the remaining artillery behind the 
    enemy lines. Make good use of your ambulance and remember it can't heal 
    artillery or tanks but it does 'heal' Machine Guns. I would not kill the enemy 
    pioneers until end as they do only minimal damage.
    I was able to complete this mission in 9 rounds without losing anyone.
    You get to leave 1 foot unit and 1 vehicle.
     Mission 7:  U-boat Warfare (October 4, 1916)
     Your team: 7x Assault Troops, 2x Pioneers, 6x Infantry, 2x Supply Vehicle,
     1x Mark IV male, 1x Ambulance, 1x Medium Howitzer, 2x Light Field Artillery,
     3x Sopwith Camel.
     Enemy team: 5x Machine Gun post, 11x Assault Troops, 3x Bunker, 
     3x Anti-tank troops, 13x Infantry, 3x Bunker, 4x Light Field Mortar, 
     3x Fokker DVII, 2x Flame Thrower section, 1x Heavy AA gun
     Difficulty: easy
    Before this mission start I suggest you switch the 2 supply vehicles with
    tanks, they will be more useful. You should keep the pioneers to remove debris
    if you like and I switched 1 light artillery for 1 medium howitzer.
    Machine gun will have little use there as you have to cross large distances 
    and they will stay behind for most of the assault.
    **you get an extra 2 new assault troops when the mission start**
    The mission the objective is different than what you have seen before as 
    you only need to reach the command post with your Assault Troops, but I suggest
    you take out as much enemies as possible to make more experience. 
    The layout is also different The battle take place in a an huge base with lot 
    buildings, sand sacks and other obstacles. Except in the first part enemies 
    won't rush at you and you can progress at your own pace. The Germans have so 
    many new units so use cautions when going near them. Let's say that your 3 
    Sopwith camel should take out the 3 Fokker DVII(plane vs. plane) and try to 
    keep them out of the AA(Anti-Aerial) guns range. The anti tank troops should be
    disposed of as quickly as possible(they are like infantry but much powerful, 
    plus they can damage tanks well). When you start, try to move your units toward
    the center, you should be able to take out 2 machine guns and cripple 1 or two
    assault troops in the first turn. Try to keep your units behind
    the barbed wire line(you can only cross it trough the middle where the opening 
    is). A bunker stand near and it can cripple foots units in a single turn if 
    they are close enough. In the second turn take out the bunker with tanks and 
    artillery. Destroy the remaining machine gun as well and maybe a mortar. Try to 
    move your planes to the left as the enemy planes will arrive from there(there 
    are nearby the U-Boat). Continue on by killing everyone on your path, you can 
    split your team in two groups to quicken your progress. Make good use of the 
    use the pioneers to remove things in the way. The finale is interesting: 2 
    bunkers, 2 machines guns, 2 flame throwers, 2 light mortars... Take out the 
    bunkers first with your tanks and artillery. Kill the rest with your infantry
    or assault troops and don't let the flamethrowers near you. The mission end 
    when 1 of your assault troops go near the German imperial flag.
    It took me 13 turns to complete this mission by killing everyone and let no 
    one die on my own side. You get to keep everyone but 1 foot unit from this 
     Mission 8: Rapid fire December 19, 1916
     Your team: 6x Assault Troops, 2x Pioneers,9x Infantry, 4x Machine Gun post
     2x Ambulance, 2x Medium Howitzer, 2x Light Field Artillery
     enemy team: 11x Infantry, 5x Assault Troops, 2x Light Field Mortar,  
     1x Heavy Mortar, 3x Howitzer, 1x Ammunition Vehicle.
     Difficulty: easy
    In this mission have to defend a fort from the Germans.
    you don't have stay in the fort so I suggest you move all your units but the
    howitzers outside. I did not move these artillery at all during the mission.
    Your army will start scattered around, so quickly move them by the 'door' 
    and then split them in two groups, 1 will  take the left side, the other the 
    right side(right and left from the inside of the fort). You need a stronger
    force to the left as the opposition is more considerable. take the howitzers 
    fast, you may get the chance to destroy some with your own artillery. The heavy
    mortar is not that powerful and you get 2 ambulances to heal your 
    infantry/machines guns. You outnumber the enemy this time, so it is easy to win
    this mission. There is a ammunition vehicle that should be somewhere near the
    heavy mortar, it is optional but you can destroy it.
    It took me 9 turn to kill everything, and of course no one got killed, the 2
    ambulances you have make things very easy. You get to keep everyone but 4 foot 
     Mission 9:  Reconnaissance march 17, 1917
     Your team: 6x Assault Troops, 6x Infantry, 2x Supply Vehicle, 
     2x Renault Mini Tank, 2x Sopwith Camel, 2x Spad Fighter Bomber
     Enemy team: 10x Infantry, 9x Assault Troops, 4x DVII Fokker, 
     2x Light Field Mortar, 1x Heavy AA guns, 2x Medium Howitzer, 2x Bunker,
     3x machine gun post
     Difficulty: Moderate
    Before the mission start I suggest you switch the 2 Supply Vehicles for tanks.
    The trenches will prevent you for using them well anyway.
    The layout consists of a large trench network. In the back there are 2 
    howitzers and 1 AA gun, keep those for the end as they can't reach you. In the
    first turn I suggest you pull back your units a few squares and try to 
    place them in the center forming a straight line. 2 Planes will come for 
    both sides so take them one at time with your own. When the planes and 
    infantry are down, move forward taking the mortars and bunkers with your tanks
    and artillery. After that you can take down the AA gun and the mortars should
    be in the every back on cliffs. By the way, behind the cliff are 4 Feldzaretts 
    I really don't know what Feldzaretts are, maybe some sort of field hospital but
    anyway the experience for destroying them doesn't worth the lost of time.
    It took me 11 turns to finish this mission without losing anyone. You get to 
    keep everyone but 1 vehicle. 
     Mission 10: Flanders in Flames June 6, 1917
     Your team: 5x Assault troops, 4x Infantry, Flame thrower Section x3,
     3x Pioneers, 3x Sopwith Camel, 2x Spad Fighter Bomber,3x Light Field Artillery
     1x Heavy Mortar, 4x Medium Howitzer, 1x Ammunition Vehicle, 3x Mark IV male,
     2x St-Chamond, 1x Railway Artillery
     enemy team: 4x Bunker, 3x Observation balloons, 2x Gotha Bomber, 
     4x DVII Fokker, 5x Machine Gun post, 2x Ammunition Vehicle, 3x Medium Howitzer
     2x Heavy Mortar, 1x Heavy AA guns, 8x Assault Troops, 7x Infantry, 
     4x Anti-Tank Troop, 2x A7V heavy Tank
     Difficulty: hard
    Before the mission start I suggest you take out 1 or 2 pioneers and replace by
    machine gun posts. You could also replace some assault troops with infantry for
    as the aviation is a real threat this time.
    This is a very big large battle. Both side got a small trench network and the 
    space between them is not that great. Plus there are several larges and deep 
    shell holes between them. Try to not go in as the artillery will get 
    bonuses to damage. Make sure you 'hit' the enemy when they go inside them. 
    The Gotha bombers can hit you very hard, crippling foot units in a single blow.
    take them fast. Your railway artillery will cause massive damage at great range.
    I would use it against enemy artillery. During the first turn I suggest you
    place your foot units in the front trench. Move your artillery by the trench 
    and pound the area around the bunker so you can hit many German units. You 
    should also try to take down the enemy tanks(A7V) if they come close enough, 
    they are tougher than your own but, you can immobilize them easily. Use your 
    own tanks on them. Send your planes to the middle, you will be able to hit 
    enemy planes on the second turn. When they come too close, get support from 
    your Infantry and Machine Guns. Few enemy foot units should be able to reach 
    your trench, cripple them with your Assault Troops and Flame throwers. Once 
    things get calm again, send your planes to the front to scout the general 
    area. Focus on destroying the Bunkers and remaining artillery, in the very back
    there will be another Heavy Mortar. It was the only piece of artillery to hit 
    me for the whole mission, but it is hard to avoid. You can take it down with 
    your plane if you destroyed the AA gun. Progress carefully, the enemy still 
    have several foots units and machine guns, try to stay out of their range.
    It took me 12 rounds to complete this mission with no losses. This mission 
    seemed to last forever and many save/load was involved. You get to keep 
    everyone but 2 foot units, 3 vehicles and 2 artillery. I would not keep the 
    ammunition vehicle and the St-Chamond tanks. I did not kept either the heavy 
    mortar as it require a vehicle to operate but I did keep 2 flame throwers.
    You can't keep the railway artillery even if it is used in the next mission.
    **there is a ruined American tank in the bottom of a large shell hole which 
      doesn't make sense since American forces were not in Europe in that time**
     Mission 11: Ace of Aces 21 April, 1918
     Your team: 4x Sopwith Camel, 3x Medium Howitzer, 3x Light Field Artillery, 
     3x Mark IV male, 2x Ammunition Vehicle, 2x Flame-Thrower Section, 
     3x Machine Gun posts, 1x Pioneers(British), 8x Assault Troops, 4x Infantry, 
     2x Observation Balloons, 1x Railway Artillery
     Enemy team: 2x Bunker, 10x Infantry, 4x Fokker DVII(Fighter), 1x Heavy Mortar
     1x Fokker DRI Red Baron, 4x Machine Gun post, 2x Medium Howitzer, 
     4x Light Field Mortar, 1x Ambulance, 2x Gotha Bombers, 
     1x Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
     difficulty: very hard
    Before the battle start I suggest you modify a lot the units you send to
    the front. This time aviation is the real threat, with both 5 fighters, the red
    baron and the 2 bombers, you may lose a lot of units if you are not careful.
    What I did was to switch a lot of assaults troops out of the battle so I could
    start with 8 infantry rather than 4, you will have very little use for assault
    troops anyway. I replaced 1 ammunition vehicle by a tank as I don't use the 
    heavy mortar. The red baron appear in this battle, it is slightly better
    than the other Fokker planes but not that hard to shot down.
    This battle is really big, when it start you can see that your units are 
    split in two groups, 1 by each 'bridge', I suggest you gather all your units
    to form a single group, with infantry/machine gun in the front(by the trench 
    network) and artillery just a bit behind(to take visible enemies on the 
    other side of the river. You can start pounding a bunker right away with your 
    railway artillery, but this time it will have lesser usefulness. On the second
    turn you should place yours planes in a line, in front of your other units
    so you can get the first strike against enemy planes. On the third turn 
    the red baron and most enemy planes should be visible. Try to cripple three
    of them on this turn. You should also leave a tank by the large shell hole 
    depression to make a decoy for the bombardiers, as it can take a lot of 
    punishment from them. On the next turns more planes will get crippled and
    you will have to chase the remaining ones. Make sure to dispose of Bombers
    quickly. Meanwhile, the Germans will send their infantry/machine guns against
    you. Try to take them out before they cross the bridge. After a few turn you 
    should see the 2 howitzers, once they are destroyed the way wills be safe 
    enough for you to cross this bridge. Use your planes for reconnaissance and 
    dispose of the remaining enemies. On the last area, there should be 1 last 
    bunker that you can destroy with artillery, use your planes to finish the 
    defenseless heavy mortar.
    It took me 18 turns to complete this mission, you can do it without losing 
    anyone but it won't be easy. At the end you get to keep everyone but 1 vehicle,
    using my strategy you will also have leave the 2 extras infantry units.
     Mission 12: Field of honor April 29, 1918
     Your team: 6x Assault Troops, 2x Flame Thrower Section(USA), 2x Pioneers(USA)
     6x Infantry(3x USA, 3x French), 1x Mark IV male, 1x Ammunition Vehicle,
     2x Supply Vehicle, 1x Engineers Vehicles, 2x Medium Howitzer, 1x Heavy Mortar
     2x Sopwith Camel(USA), 1x Handley Page
     Enemy team: 9x Infantry, 9x Assault Troops, 2x Anti-Tank Troop, 1x Bunker
     3x Fokker DVII, 2x Light field Mortar, 2x Pioneers, 1x Observation Balloons
     1x Ambulance, 1x Ammunition Vehicle, 1x Engineers Vehicle, 1x Heavy Mortar
     2x Heavy AA guns.
     Difficulty: easy
    First, you will notice the new units from USA, they have the same stats as 
    British but with different voice and paler uniforms. so you should replace 
    them by your more experienced ones. Pioneers are useful in this missions so you
    should keep them to get rid of the numerous barbed wires. Get 4 tanks for this 
    one, so swap those supply and ammunition Vehicles. The engineering vehicle can 
    'repair' your artillery and vehicles so make sure to keep it. The Handley page
    bomber is good against ground target but defenseless against planes.
    The goal of this mission is only to destroy the heavy mortar. 
    But you should kill everyone to get maximum experience. In the first turn 
    simply place your units in the advanced part of the trench network. Next turn I
    suggest you sent the tanks forward to take the enemy foots units.
    (Remember you can repair them) So let them take all the damage, just don't go 
    too far as the Germans have a bunker and a few pieces of artillery behind their
    trenches. You should not have problem taking their planes down. Clear the way
    with pioneers or simply shoot the 'stacheldraht'. Once you arrive by the
    enemy trench stop moving(the 'safe' zone is by 2 squares in front of the 
    bunker...(I didn't saw them move the mortar) Send your planes as reconnaissance
    you will see they have an heavily defended cliff. Try to spot the heavy mortar 
    and wait. Send only your 4 tanks(after repair them completely)and stop when 
    your are close to it. The mortar can't target units too close-by and you can 
    take downs the 2 light field mortars, the 2 AA guns and finally use your plane 
    to get rid of the balloon. After that you should send your infantry to kill the
    remaining enemy foot units. There should be about 6 in the very back of the 
    area. Just destroy the Heavy mortar to finish the mission.
    When the mission is over you get to keep everyone but 1 vehicle. Leave the 
    engineering vehicle. I took me 7 turns to reach the mortar, but 14 to kill 
    everything. This mission was just so much easier than the 2 previous ones and 
    I of course lost no one. I got my first elite promotions there, now infantry 
    start to kick...almost sad the war is nearly over.
    Mission 13: German retreat July 27, 1918
     Your team: 7x assault troops(3xUSA, 4xBritish), 2x Flame-Thrower section(USA)
     2x Pioneers(USA), 5x Infantry(2x British,3xFrench), 2x Mark IV male, 
     1x Supply Vehicle(USA), 1x Engineers Vehicle, 
     3x Sopwith Camel(2xUSA,1xBritish)
     Enemy team: 2x Anti AA guns, 1x Engineers Vehicle, 1x Medium Howitzer, 
     2x Light Field Mortar, 1x Ambulance, 2x  Fokker DVII, 4x Flame-Thrower section
     11x Assault Troops, 10x Infantry, 2x Anti-Tank troop, 2x Pioneers
     Difficulty: very hard
    Before the mission start, I have to warn you about it. It is the hardest you
    will do during the game and you can easily lose several of your units. You get
    no artillery and few vehicles, so I suggest, you do heavy modifications to the
    suggested team. First, I would swap one of the plane with your Handley Page, 
    very useful for it's splash damage. Second, I would remove the Flame-throwers
    and pioneers from the team.(unlike what the objective say, you don't have to 
    place a Pioneers(scout) by the bridge) You will be too busy fighting and the
    howitzer could get you anyway. Also make sure to remove the supply vehicle, 
    I suggest you replace it by a tank or an ambulance.
    In this mission you start surrounded by the enemy. There is a cliff 
    behind your force so you can't retreat. You are heavily overwhelmed so tactic 
    is vital. The general idea is to let the tanks 'take' the damage and 
    repair them as needed. Leaving your foot units behind them to take down the 
    enemies that try to pass beside your tanks. Try to place your units like this:
     o=enemy units, x= your own units
    	x xo  o
    	x  xo
    On the very first round you can take down a 1 light mortar if you place the 
    tank like I suggest. Help yourself with the planes as needed. The enemy got 
    both an Ambulance and an engineer vehicle, so try to destroy this ambulance by 
    the 3rd round so the crippled units can't recover and those crippled will 
    help block their own aim. The German have a few heavy AA guns so you can't move
    your planes to far in the front. Once the crowd of foots units is gone, you can
     progress with your tanks and take the howitzer behind. The mission only ended 
    when I destroyed the 2 planes which were just a minor nuisance.
    It took me 9 rounds to complete this mission and was lucky enough to not lose
    anyone, despite the fact that I had all odds against me.
    *this mission look awfully like the German first mission.*
    Mission 14: On German Soil October 10, 1918 (Alternative END?)
     Your team: 1x Heavy Field Mortar, 2x Light Field Artillery, 1x Ambulance
     1x Ammunition Vehicle, 1x Supply Vehicle, 1x US Steam Tank, 
     6x Flame-thrower section(4xbritish, 2xUSA), 
     15x Infantry(8xFrench, 4xUSA, 3xBritish)
     Enemy team: 
     10x Infantry, 5x Assault Troops, 4x Light Field Mortar, 4x Fokker DVII,
     1x A7V Heavy Tank, 3x Machine Gun Post, 1x Big bertha, 1x Engineers Vehicle,
     1x Ammunition Vehicle, 2x Medium Howitzer,
    Before the mission start I suggest you swap a few units as you like. You won't
    need that much flame-throwers anyway. Bring your best units along, the 
    ambulance help but you only need to focus on destroying the Big Bertha.
    This is the final mission, so save nothing. There is nowhere safe, the Big
    Bertha can hit you with massive damage no matter where your units are.
    You start atop an high cliff and the enemy come from the foot.
    As you go down destroy as much artillery as possible. When you see the 
    German tank, it mean you are close to the bridge that lead to Bertha.
    This Bridge is by an imperial German flag and only 1 unit can cross it. Make 
    sure you send your tank for this. The Canon will be protected by a machine gun
    and 2 vehicles. The engineer one doesn't seem to repair it at all but the 
    ammunition vehicle will keep on restocking it. The Big Bertha should go down 
    fast if you focus on destroying it. Once the big Bertha is destroyed, the 
    mission end and you have completed the game.
    It took me 6 turns to finish this mission. I lost a few units but won't 
    need them unless I found how to unlock the 15th mission.(the manual state 
    there are 15 missions for both sides for a total of 30). Please send me a 
    message if you find how to do that.
    The allied campaign is over.
    *Notice the Credit is not translated.*
    The end.
    This document is Copyright 2007-2008 by Charles-Etienne Raynault
    1914-The Great War is Copyright 2004 by Trinode Entertainment GmbH
    Published by JoWood Production Software AG.

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