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"The ultimate truck driving game!"

Hard Truck:18 Wheels of Steel, It's a truck driving game that lets you strike out on your own hit the open road with your rig. You'll compete against time, traffic, weather...and maybe even the state troopers if you break the speed limit!

There are 3 HUGE maps that let you haul cargo along the West Coast, the Rocky Mountains or the Midwest in any of 6 different trucks. In addition to hauling your cargo, you must mange your business well by winning recurring contracts, hiring drivers to haul loads for you, and managing your own overhead. This game is definitely about business...the business of trucking!

HT18wos is more realistic than HT2 and KotR, though everyone has their preferences. But I think one thing
that will really set HT18wos apart are the real locations in which to drive. You can drive from Oakland into San Francisco across the Bay Bridge, head out to Los Angeles along the coast, and of course, don't forget about Vegas...Viva Los Vegas! The driving areas are rather large and there are 3 of them, so you won't quickly run out of cool things to see. There are, of course, the major interstate highways running between the cities, but there
are also alternate, smaller routes to take to avoid a weigh
station or an accident, or just to see what's out there.

As far is it being a sequel to Hard Truck 2...its a sequel in spirit. The goal HT18wos is focus on the business end of real trucking. The back end is a real business simulation in which you are the manager...but you're also a truck driver and to win the contracts, you must haul the load yourself before you can assign the job to a contractor.

The trucks that are featured in HT18wos are fictional trucks, though they do resemble real trucks! You get three HUGE driving areas, 6 distinct trucks (several are upgrades from each other, but the more expensive ones become more lateral moves), tons of ambient models including lots of AI traffic, and a business model that rivals many ''Sim-'' or ''Tycoon'' games.

Each of the three maps in the game are each its own game, so there is actually three different games in one! There are different levels of difficulty, and there are several different types of trailers available to pull with a multitude of different types of freight!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/11/02, Updated 08/11/02

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