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"Two Steps Foreward, One Step Back."

Championship Manager, a franchise that needs no introduction, this is the game that single handly brought the football manger game out of the gutter and put it on a pedastal. No other game has been able to touch it,its depth and realism has been revolutionary not only to this genre but to the whole gaming industrie.

But the question here today is CM4 everything its cracked up to be, and as most hyped games,its unfortunately not....

Graphics: 2/10 (match engine)

None, your embarrassing your €350 3d card here, all there is a 2d match engine which a sega mega drive could run, a colour enhanced version of spreadsheet, with a picture of a footballer in the background. Then again it was never about graphics, so fans wont be put off.

Sound: 1/10

Nothing to report here, there are some sounds in the match but nothing you couldn't do yourself, just listen to music instead. Again something fans wont be put off by.

Gameplay: 9/10

Ahh the beautiful game, never has any other game recreated it so well. The game is rife with new features, more players/staff to choose from. Better scouting and transfer system. Better training, more leagues, more accurate player analyis....and the big one the new 2d pitch, which has to be said while not graphically good, it lets you see exactly what you are doing right or wrong.

Replay: 10/10

The game never ends,it goes on forever thats replay value,if you get bored you can change team and try again. If thats enough, the game gives you the option to play the game with fake players.

Bugs: ?/10

As all games that try to make big leap in the gaming world the game has numerous bugs. The good news is that they are mostly minor bugs,and there is a patch out(i have yet to get it). However there is one large bug, slowdown, i mean the difference between CM01/02 and CM4 is huge. It takes a few seconds loading time to click between screens. Staring a new game with the recommened leagues running, it takes about 40 minutes to start,and it takes about 5-10 mins between each ''continue game'' button click. (This game was reviewed on P41.8Ghz,512MB of DDRam on WinXP.)


The game is a near classic,but in the same way CM3 was. It needs a good spit and polish,the good news is that sigames is asking for feedback,which will hopefully see patch's or least the sequel be the game it should of been.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/05/03, Updated 04/05/03

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