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"By far the best CM game ever"

Championship Manager is back and this time it is better than ever. Read my review to find out why

Well as always the graphics aren't the main part of Championship Manager but this time the whole layout of the game has changed. It looks a lot more modern now. All the edges have been rounded off and the colour scheme has changed. I know this doesn't sound like much but it has made a difference.

The sound on this game is ok. It is nothing special but the game is still great as this is not an important part. You only get sound when you are watching a match and you need to be watching it with the speed at slow or very slow. You hear the fans singing and you can hear the ball been kicked. If the ball hits the bar or the post you hear a rattling noise like the ball has just bounced off the cross bar. This is the only sound you will find in the game. You may sometimes become annoyed with the crowd chants etc so to stop this you can change the game speed to medium or anything above that or you can turn it off in options.

The game is very easy to play. All you need is your keyboard and mouse. If you have a control pad you do not need it. There are some new features added to CM4 that haven't been in previous versions of the game. You now have the ability to offer a player to another club. Don't you just hate it on other Championship Manager games when you have a transfer listed player, a club is interested in him but they never make a bid? Now they don't need to you can offer a player to a club interested in him and for a reasonable price they will accept. Another added feature is reserve leagues. Yes, you always have a reserve team but you've never had a reserve league. If you follow the reserve league when your playing the game you see how good your reserves are and if you have any good players that you think deserve a run in the first team. Just like the reserve league another new feature is an Under 19's league. This is my favourite new feature because if you have a good youth setup you attract the attention of a lot of great young players and that only means success for your club in the future. It can also be a bad thing, if your youth team players are not that good when they are old enough to play in the first team and your best team are knocking on a bit or have joined a different club you could lose matches and then lose your job. When it comes to match day you usually just get text boxes that tells you what is happening, you can still get this in CM4 but there is a new option called 2D Pitch this is basically a birds eye view of the pitch and you watch the match. It is good but I don't always use it because I like to imagine a 25 yard volley go flying into the top corner instead of seeing it get miss kicked, fly across the ground and take two deflections on the way in.

The game is very reliable. It never ends so you wont get bored. If you decide you want a new challenge because you have got bored of your current club then find a club without a manager and apply for the job. When you do this try and have a manager reputation of World Class as you will attract bigger clubs. If you are known as a world class manager then you may be ready for International management. There is all this and more to do, so for these reasons the game is very reliable.

Buy or Rent?
If you are a fan of Championship Manager then CM4 is one to add to your collection, you will definitely like it, but if you are new to football manager games I would say rent.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/06/03, Updated 04/06/03

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