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"Was this game worth a 4 month delay?"

The graphics on the game have greatly improved. The new choice of skin and able to download more enables you to play with your most suited theme. The new 2D matchplay system is not the greatest i've seen, but its simple and easy to understand. Well done to Sigames.

In the matchplay, the sounds are pretty mediocre, but still a decent effort. I didn't think much though when occasionally i was the home team and when i scored the crowd didn't cheer, and when they scored the crowd cheered loudly. A bug that i would like to see sorted. There are also a few chants in the game.

To like this game, you have to like football. I found it quite overrated when i first got it, but found it highly addictive and I play it every day. With plenty more leagues, players and improved training system the game gives you the feel to explore the game more, and perhaps find that 1 player that could change your team. It is an easy game to play, with almost everything on-screen you can click upon. The new player and staff search i think is worse than in CM3 series but that is just a minor lapse. The ability to control reserves and U19s makes your job as the manager more work and less play. A fun feature is that more clubs seem to fall into administration on the game, even Real Madrid and Roma on mine, so a challenge maybe born to save a club before it is too late.

If you have looked at the message boards you will have probably seen loads of topics about bugs and glitches. I'm afraid to say that this game does contain bugs. I common case is simply unable to install. Either your computer is bust in which you can get it fixed, the CD disk is bust in which you can take the CD back and get a new disk, or you have no space left on your computer which you can delete some old stuff. Another one is that you may score 5 goals in a game, but only 3 are counted, or that if 5 are counted only 3 or 4 may be seen on match report replay. For other problems download the enhancement packs from sigames.

Obviously, you must like football and have a decent brain to these things. You may find this game a little overrated at first play but, like me, may become loving the game. My advise is to play it before you buy. Then decide or not whether it is worth £25.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/15/03, Updated 04/15/03

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