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"The best game ever? Says my brother....."

So, once again this game was released for you to play on your PC... many changes were made concerning its last version, so... should you buy it or not, if you already have the other PC versions?

Once again, many more things were added concerning its last edition for your PC... Once again you'll be able to find info about almost every player in the planet (including those who play in distant and quite unknown leagues like the K-League). Now you can also see the most important plays in a small 2D Field that appears on the matches (for old players who don't quite like this new thing, it can be turn off in the options), there are many more leagues to play with (even Hong Kong, if anyone ever wants to play with that league... -_-' ), you can pick a even more accurate trainning system (for example, you can now pick ''5 against 5'' trainings, ''free kick'' training, and many others you will be able to find by yourself) and it has now a better and more intuitive interface, making you able to choose from a wide set of options very easily... But not everything is good... The background image seems never to change, plus you should be careful when installing skins because they can ruin completely your game.

This game doesn't quite have a story, but it it had one it would be something like ''The dream of a soccer manager to become the best one in the world''.

The graphics look really nice, except for the small bug that doesn't appear to make the background image change, which turns it to be boring sometimes. As for the sound, there are only the usual sounds that appear during the matches, for example the drums and the cheers from those people that are watching the game.

Play Time/Replayability
This game is just... ENDLESS! You can virtually play forever, since there isn't really a end... If you are wondering about that, when people that are playing now, stop playing, new players are added to the game, who are randomly created, making it harder for you to pick who are the best players when you are playing far in the game.

Final Recommendation
If you are a really big fan of soccer you must surely get this game, since it is the biggest resource about soccer player that you will ever find on your life. As for the other players, get this if you want to spend some funny hours playing...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/15/03, Updated 04/15/03

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