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Reviewed: 04/19/03 | Updated: 04/19/03

It's like a drug!

Yes! This game is like a drug, start playing and then it drags you in and then you become addicted to it, Once you start playing it you will forget about trivial things such as food, drink, work, Sleep, and your family. So on with the review.

Graphics: 7/10:

But wait SIgames don't do Graphics in their game, Well your in for a shock! The first thing graphic wise that you'll notice (and most talked about thing) is different from previous Championship Manager games is the 2D match engine, Which is a great idea and better than any 3D one. It basically shows you the match from a top down view so you can see were you team is good and were they need tightened up, Which is a God send as before you had to rely on text and player stats to judge who should come off, now just look at the 2D match and you can see what to do if anything. Plus it looks nice!

Game Play 10/10:

Addictive as ever, for you's who don't know what Championship Manager games are about, here is the just of it, You take control of any football (soccer) Team form one of the 39 leagues built in the game and you have to lead them to glory. it may sound boring sitting there looking at stats, managing finances and scouting for the next big thing so you can get him on the cheap but somehow it's addictive as hell, Minutes torn to hours, Hours to days and days to weeks.
New Features
1. Game play wise in this game is the ability to offer unwanted players to other clubs which are interested, So you can free up space in your team.
2. Reserve League, before you just had the Reserve team with no league for them so you can see how they are coming along and who, if anyone, should get moved up to your senior squad.
3.The Under 19 squad, A great idea because this saves you scouting for young, new talent because some of them are right under your nose, make sure to look after them and train them well, so in the future they can rise up your team ranks and maybe become stars
4. The Media, they are even more ruthless than before, Scout a player at a big club anf they're release stories about it which you can play down or agree with. The biggest improvement with the media is the ability to release press stories about players, Have they been playing Great recently, Then release a story commenting on their good performance then, Played bad then do the opposite.

Sound 9/10:

Not much different from before but the sound is done by ''The Official England Band'' (A bunch of Sheffield Wednesday fans), Sounds only kick in on match day, You get crowd chants, the crowd making noises when either the ref makes a choice or someone misses a shot, Sound effects of the ball hitting the posts and towards the end of an important match if your winning you'll start to hear your fans sing (It has happened to me).

Rent or Buy?

You should buy this if your a fan of the whole Championship manager series as the new features added in make it worth while and better than the last ones. Also if your new to Championship Manager games this would be a good game to get from the series and if you then want any thing harder go back and play 3 and it's add-ons.
Also if you were to rent it you would probaboy be finned because you becoame so addicted to it you forgot to return it on time! But if your really not sure and you van find it or renting then rent it and see if it's worth your money.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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