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Reviewed: 04/27/03 | Updated: 04/27/03

Evolution- Not Revolution

Brief Synopsis

As you may know, this is the latest in a long line of Championship Manager games which stretches back more than 10 years. In each of these permutations of the game something new has been added, and Championship Manager 4 is no exception, apart from in this one they have taken the biggest step of all, introduced moving graphics!!


As i just made a big point of the new step in terms of Graphics it seems as good a point as any to start this review. To judge the effectiveness of the new 2-D Match Engine you have to play the game with it on for a few months and then revert back to the Text Based lark we have known before. And once you do that, you really come to appreciate the 2-D Match Engine, watching matches any other way seems to pale in comparison, and thus i have to judge this a success. In other areas of Graphics they have polished up most of the interface to give it a nice glossy look and it will, along with the 2-D match engine, dispel those people who have called it nothing more than a ''Glorified Spreadsheet.''


Now this has always been a tricky one to rate in the Championship Manager games, after all addictiveness does not make a game playable, some of my older games are really bad to play, but i still play them again and again. To be honest, this incarnation of the Series is the least playable to start with. Someone who is wanting to ease themselves into the Series would be well advised to start at an earlier incarnation, such as Championship Manager 01/02. But for the seasoned fan this game has so much to unlock and so much more interaction with every aspect of every part of the game that it is the crowning achievement of the Championship Manager Series. Until the next one comes along of course.


One thing you have to admire these Games for is their commitment to Longevity, i think i have heard that you can play one league through to 2100 or something ludicrous like that. So this is one game that you will not tire of because of its lack of length. And with every team in the game playable, 39 leagues to choose from and many more options beside i dont think youll be going outside for a long time. And with it being addictive, this is one game you will not want to put down.

Final Thoughts

Not as in the Jerry Springer Variety thank god. To be honest it did take me quite a while to get into this game, the fact that if you take over your favourite team and then learn that the supporters hate you (Arsenal is my Team) is quite a shock, which is why i am now Managing Hull City, less chance of dismemberment. Also one of the most fun factors about previous games in this series was the transfer dealings but because of the real life problems of football this takes a back seat, but you soon learn to get over that and become immersed in the training regime, which is a masterclass.

I would have given this game 10/10 but as the title says this is evolution not revolution and i think that games should only recieve 10/10 if it revolutionises the genre, the first ever Championship Manager would have been given 10/10 as would Championship Manager 3 but it is still an amazing game and it is more like a drug than a game. Buy it and kiss goodbye to the world.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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