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"One of the most in-depth and addictive games out there."

Well, the CM series has been going for a while now. It's newest edition into the series is CM4, and with more leagues, more players and what is known as the best soccer (football) management series ever what more do you want.

Gameplay: 9.5/10: Well, the CM series is known for its huge amount of leagues and players, this game is no exception. With 39 national leagues and over 200,000 players is a huge amount of data. There is one problem with this being so big (which I will tell later in this review) but you can play as so many leagues and so many clubs and many nations, it makes this game the most in-depth you can get. It's amazing how in-depth a game can get. Any game you could think of, I can tell you there is no match to this. Some people think this is even too in-depth but I can't see why. You can choose to control the Reserves and Under 19 teams (newly added features), you can choose to go on a holiday, change any of the tactics, training rosters, buy and sell players and many other stuff. Another new feature to the game is the 2D match engine instead of the traditional text. Well, there is a lot of talk out there whether the 2D match engine is good or bad but whatever anyone says, this 2D match engine rules. It now really gets you into the action and it can be great to watch. There is no need for a 3D match engine because this is great. You can easily tell if your shot hit the bar or the side posts, missed shots, own goals, fouls, injuries what ever you name it. It's a great new feature to the game. The one problem being so big is that it's very slow. I not sure if it's how big it is or the way it's run but it's slow. This has turned some people off but if you can realize how in-depth this game it's only a minor problem. This part of the game is great.

Sound: 5/10: I shouldn't really give this a score because there is not much sound in this game. Just when you are playing your match you will get a crowd noise but that's about all. I guess there is no in-game music so there wouldn't be any music that's annoy people.

Graphics: 8.5/10: No a very well known part of the CM series but the graphics are fine. The 2D match engine look fine, everything looks fine. You might get sick of the same photo all the time put that's OK.

How long does it last: 100/10: Well, this is just plain addictive. Like in one review they said in one review, it's like a drug. This is a very long game but also very addictive so it nearly never runs out. If you wanted to beat the game I guess you have to get every trophy you can get and win the national leagues with every club and win the world cup with every nation. That would take a very long time. Onem of the more longer-lasting game out there.

„h More leagues and more players
„h Very in-depth
„h Downright addictive
„h A great 2D match engine

„h Very slow
„h Online play is a little confusing

Overall (9.6/10) 10/10: One of my favourite games and is a great addition to your library.

Rent or Buy:
BUY!, if you don't buy his you will be regretting it. One of the most addictive games I have ever played.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/27/03, Updated 04/27/03

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