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"Why did they change the original CM style, this game has its ups and downs"

I have been a fan of the CM series since the 00/01 edition, and I have to say that CM 01/02 and 00/01 haven’t had many changes to them. Only some player updates have been made, and few neat features. CM 4 (otherwise known as CM 2002/2003 Edition) however has tweaked the game in many various aspects, some which I rate positively, but others not so positively, and I will explain why.
Before starting, CM, Championship Manager, is a managerial soccer game where you take the position as a coach of a soccer team and you are aiming to achieve success. You can startout as the coach of any team, from the lowest poorplaying teams, to the rich superfamous franchise teams.

First off, I don’t think I can really put a graphics or audio rating. There is practically no sound in this game, apart from the occasional “wooo” and “aaaah” of the stadium’s fans, and the only graphics are the text of the game which contain the various data needed to run this game, or the new 2D mode which I will further describe.

Gameplaywise this game has made the game more “userfriendly” if you want to use this term. The game has become simpler in some aspects like searching for players or inputting your tactics or coping with your players, since your sub-coach can give you advice. However, the training aspect of the game has become more specific and detailed in how you choose it. I preferred the previous versions because the training session weren’t so specific, you just had to put some simple stats and the game could run faster. Also, there are too many popup messages (such as players wanting to be transferred and such), where 80% of these messages don’t really interest me. There should have been an option to modify these parameters. In reality, this game is easier to play if it’s the first time you’re actually facing a CM-type game, but it isn’t if you’ve been playing for some years now at these games. However, there is one feature that has striked and pleased me the most. You can now watch the moments of the game on a nice little 2D mode where you see your players (as little circles) and what is going on the field. You can adjust how often you want to watch in this mode, such as the whole game, summary, only the most important actions or just word commentary (which was of the previous versions). Of course, most of the old gameplay options have been included, such as tactics, player transfer management, buying and selling players, etc, although the game seems to require faster pc’s, since it doesn’t run very fast compared to the older versions of CM.
In my opinion, if they had stuck with the previous CM version style and added this 2D mode, with the natural player and team updates, then that would have been the best Championship Manager.

That is why I don’t give this game a perfect 10 even though it is still a good game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/20/03, Updated 06/20/03

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