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"This game is completly random."

This game could have been it and I really thought it was going to be. But sadly this game falls short of my expectations. The game has huge potential which is not fulfilled.

This games has many new additions which are good, mostly. The 2D match engine is a great addition as you can now actually see your players doing their job. For a first attempt its a very good effort but a lot off tweaking will be needed to make it perfect.

When you first play the game the numerous transfer options is great until you try to use them. Most players are impossible to buy unless they have a min fee release clause or you pay over the top prices for them, which is exceptionally annoying. Selling players is far far worse. If you put a player on the transfer list , in my experience you are actually less likely to sell him! I've had players listed for 2 to 3 seasons at 1/4 their value with no interest whatsoever.

Probably the worst thing about the game is the sheer randomness. It feels like the game is coming up with a few figures and throwing them together to make a result. One game you will win 3-0 against a harder opposition and you think that you've found the tactic you have been looking for. But the next game you will loss 5-0 to bottom of the table.

Playing at Home has a massive advantage on this game, much much to big. I've actually gone 2 seasons with out an away victory while only losing once at home. When you are a lower league team this is particularly hard to overcome.

My first season on this game I scored 68 goals in the league (most of them at home) and 53 of them were by strikers. This seems to happen all the time you will be lucky to have a season where a midfielder scores more than 4 goals. I know strikers score most of the goals but this is stupid.

What I also don't understand is why little known players suddenly are wanted by all the top teams in Europe. Muzzy Izzet is always targeted by big clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid. What is going on here! No disrespect to Muzzy Izzet, who is a good player, but he would have no chance of getting anywhere near the first teams of these well established clubs.

Numerous bugs which cause the game to crash can be forgiven as sigames have done their up most to eliminate them through enhancement packs. If you do get this game you MUST download enhancement pack 5 to make this game actually playable.

This game has masses of potential but it is not really worthy of your money due to poor execution. Stick to Championship Manager 01/02. At least until 03/04 comes out which will hopefully be CM4 without the problems and I have a feeling it will be.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/01/03

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