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    FAQ/Walkthrough by OutRider

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    Syberia II (Xbox) Walkthrough v1.0
    Copyright (C) 2005 by OutRider
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    WARNING: This walkthrough does contain spoilers that will ruin the game for
    anyone who may be playing this game for the first time. Do not read ahead
    unless you fully understand the risks involved.
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    If you've never played the first Syberia game, you can check out the Syberia
    recap to get caught up on events. It's not essential to watch, but it'll help
    you to better understand why things are the way they are.
    During the opening sequence, you'll learn that Kate's boss from New York,
    Edward Marson, has decided to start searching for her to find out what in the
    hell is going on with her. Meanwhile, Kate and Hans are on the train trying to
    make their way to Syberia, which is where Hans wants to go and Kate is going to
    help get him there.
    You'll soon arrive in the small town of Romansburg.
    Before leaving the train, go into the passenger area where Hans has turned it
    into a mini-workshop. Talk to him about everything only to learn that he has a
    one track mind. All he can think of is getting to Syberia, so once you're done,
    leave him alone and try to exit the train. You'll receive a call from Oscar,
    who says that Hans jerry-rigged something similar to Kate's phone for Oscar to
    use in case he needs to contact Kate. After the conversation, you can leave the
    Outside you'll meet Colonel Emeliov, the local law enforcement. As he tries to
    welcome Kate to Romansburg, a message will come over the PA doing exactly that.
    He'll decide to go back into the station, so follow him inside. Talk to him
    about everything and then leave. Go south on the platform to find Oscar working
    on the train. Before talking to him, let's wind up the train. The train winder
    is to the left of Oscar and the players of the first game should be pretty well
    familiarized with how it works. You turn the wheel, pull the lever (which is
    hidden to the left of the machine), and then turn the wheel again.  Now that
    the train has been wound up, talk to Oscar. When you talk to him about the
    train, you'll learn that you can't leave so easily this time because due to the
    excessively cold weather, you'll need to fill the coal car with coal to keep
    Go to the opposite end of the platform and check out the gate you find there.
    It's locked, so you'll need to find the key if you ever want to go down there.
    Go back to the station house and walk over to where Emeliov was standing the
    first time you were there. You'll find a broken candy machine. You can ignore
    that, but what you can't ignore is the small key sitting on the corner of the
    table. Take it with you and then talk to Emeliov about the coal to learn that
    you can fill the car up with coal for free. Cool beans, we might be leaving
    this popsicle sooner than expected.
    If you ask Emeliov about the gate, he'll tell you that it's locked to keep the
    people living down below from coming up above. I don't see why that would be
    necessary in such a small town, but I suppose I'll find out the answer to that
    Check out the candy machines near the counter. Unlock the drawer on the
    right-most machine using the small key you stole and pilfer the change out of
    it. Go into your inventory and grab the coins, only to have a menu pop up
    displaying all the different coins you currently have.
    Use the fifth coin, the one with a deer on it, and insert it into the left
    machine and turn the knob to get some sugar candy. Use the second coin from the
    left on the middle machine to get some fishy-looking candy. Exit the house once
    again and let's get that coal car filled up so we can be our way.
    The machine you need to use to fill the car is just south of the station, so go
    over there and pull the handle. The machine will come to life, but what's this?
    No coal came out of it, what a rip-off! Voice your complaints to the little
    girl below you to learn her name is Malka and Kate will try to get down there.
    While you're still angry that you have to stay in Romansburg for a little while
    longer, go back to Emeliov and give him a piece of your mind by talking to him
    about coal. Ask him about the key and he'll tell you that he lost it. I say
    kick his peg-leg ass for being so irresponsible.
    Leave the house and go talk to Malka some more. Ask her about the key and she
    says she wants a present before she will tell you who has it. Give her the
    sugar candy and lo and behold, Malka ties the gate key you need and almost beat
    the crap out of Emeliov for losing to her balloon and sends it up to Kate. Kate
    will grab the balloon and take the key with her.
    Go open the locked gate you saw earlier with the key and head on down the
    stairs. Back in New York, Edward Marson and his colleagues will have decided to
    hire a detective, Nick Cantin to go find Kate for them.
    Find Malka and talk to her about everything. She'll tell you how her mother
    died and that a guy named Cirkos has been taking care of her. She also talks
    about the Bourgoff brothers, who she says are nothing but a couple of liars and
    Head left to find yourself at the bottom of the coal machine. You'll see a
    generator, which has run out of gas (and therefore the reason why the coal
    machine isn't working) and an empty gas can nearby. Take the gas can with you
    and then continue on down the road.
    You'll see a fence with a door that has a peephole in it. This is the residence
    of the Bourgoff brothers. Be polite and ring the doorbell. Talk to Ivan, the
    guy who shows up to talk to you. You won't get a lot of help from him, so we'll
    just have to find another way in. Follow the fence around until you see a
    poster covering a hole in the fence. Rip it off and climb through the opening.
    You'll see a large crate near the center of the yard with a couple beady eyes
    peeking out. Look at the crate to see a furry white animal being kept inside.
    Let him out and Ivan will have to go chasing him down and returning him to his
    crate. Now that the little prick is gone, swipe their gas can and Kate will
    give them the empty one in return. Go under the structure and talk to Ivan's
    brother, Igor, who is sleeping on the couch. Ivan will eventually return, but
    not before Kate has already made her way out of there. You can listen as Ivan
    berates Igor for letting Kate get away.
    Head over to the coal machine and pour the gasoline into the generator. Hit the
    red button on the right side and watch as this puppy springs to life. Head up
    top and fill up the coal car, but after that's done, Oscar will come running
    and inform you that Hans has gone missing. Go back down below and enter the
    inn, which is across from Malka.
    You'll find Hans here staring at the automaton horses until he becomes
    delirious and subsequently collapses. Kate will bring him to the train and tuck
    him into bed. Go back to the Bourgoffs' house, but if you continue along the
    fence, you'll see that where you snuck in earlier has been since boarded up.
    Continue following the path, but you'll hear Kate says that it's too cold for
    her to keep going any further when you try to cross the bridge.
    Head back into town and talk to Emeliov. Ask him for some help and he'll be
    kind enough to lower the ladder that leads up into the attic. Climb up there
    and there will be some winter clothes for Kate to wear. Kate needs a private
    place to change, but there's no one around, so she could have very well changed
    right then and there (wink wink). Let's just amuse Kate by having her go back
    to the train and going into the bathroom (the door next to the exit).
    Now that Kate has changed, go back and talk to Malka some more. She'll tell you
    that the monks may be able to do something for Hans and then when you're done
    talking, go into the inn and talk to Cirkos, the bartender. Talk to him about
    Malka and the shrouds and he'll say that Malka is in charge of all that stuff,
    so go back and talk to her about everything. She'll give you a token to use so
    you can get a shroud, so go back to the bridge leading to the monastery and get
    one. Take the shroud to Hans and use it on him to let it do its magic.
    Go to the bridge once more and cross it. Follow the path up to the monastery
    and pull the chain near the elevator shaft. You'll see a monk look down at Kate
    and shake his head no, meaning there won't be an elevator coming to let Kate
    get up there. Follow the path off to the east to find a monk doing something at
    a pond.
    Talk to the monk about everything and Kate will find out she can't get up to
    the monastery because she's a girl (and I bet the monks think girls still have
    cooties too) and make note that the conversation stops whenever the monk hears
    a bird calling. Apparently the call belongs to a rare bird known as the “merula
    alba”, or white raven. Time to head back to Emeliov again. Ask him for some
    more help and he'll give Kate three different colored bird calls. Go back to
    the monk and use the silver bird call on him. He'll run off, leaving the other
    monks' habits behind. Swipe one and Kate will automatically change into it. Go
    back and pull the chain again and not realizing that the monk is actually Kate
    in disguise, the monk up above will send the elevator down for Kate.
    Follow the path around and when Kate hears the church bell ring, she'll
    automatically walk to the courtyard. Walk west and enter the chapel and go
    towards the front. The patriarch will come out and realize who the “monk”
    really is. Talk to him about everything and when Kate shows the patriarch the
    shroud, he'll have a couple of monks bring Hans up to the monastery.
    Meanwhile, back in New York, Marson gets an update from Cantin, and you realize
    that he was in Aralbad and that Kate checked out a while ago. He tells them
    that Kate's behavior is different and then we go to the monks carrying Hans.
    In the morning, Kate will talk with the patriarch, and after much persuasion
    he'll allow Kate to see Hans. Go into the hallway and there is a door along the
    wall that you can open. This is Hans' room, so talk to him about everything
    until you see the monk you saw washing habits come over to the door and begin
    eavesdropping. When he does this, stop talking to Hans and go out and talk to
    the monk. Tell him about Hans and then ask him about Brother Alexei. He'll
    continue speaking in Latin, but eventually he should give you a scroll and a
    stained-glass mammoth. Once you receive these you can look at the scroll
    without the mammoth being in the way so you can find out how to get to Alexei.
    Finish your conversation with Hans and then leave his room for now. Out in the
    courtyard, you'll see a bucket on the ground with an object laying next to it.
    Pick the object up to learn that it's really a brush and take it with you. Go
    back to the chapel, and rather than talking with the patriarch, there are some
    paintings along the wall. The one we want to look at is the one on the left,
    near where you encounter the patriarch.
    Use the brush on the book and Kate will brush the paint away, revealing a cross
    with several dots around it. Some are in white, some not. Hmm...I wonder if
    this could be a clue for a later puzzle? I think it'd be a good idea for you to
    jot it down, just in case it comes in handy later.
    Go back to the courtyard and this time, go north into the monastic library.
    Follow the ramp down to the bottom and hidden to your right is a rather long
    candle lighter. Take it and notice the view. You see that cross on the floor
    and how the candles are arranged? Does it remind you of anything? We just saw a
    funny-looking pattern not too long ago in the chapel and I hope you remembered
    to jot it down. Anyway, the white dots you saw represent the candles you need
    to light. The cross is tilted at an angle, so solve the puzzle accordingly. The
    first candle you want to light is at the 12 o'clock position, but slightly off
    to the left of the cross. Work clockwise (going right from 12 o'clock) and then
    light the candles at the 3, 4, 8, and 9 o'clock positions.
    Once you've successfully solved the puzzle, you'll notice an aperture at the
    top of the library open up and allow light to shine in. Head up there and look
    through the aperture to get a nice view of Romansburg. Kate will pull back from
    it and the next thing you want to do is put the stained glass mammoth into the
    aperture. You'll then need to shrink the aperture's hole, and in order to do
    that you need to push the four panels surrounding it in the correct order.
    Starting with the bottom, push the panels in a clockwise fashion and the
    aperture will shrink and an outline of the mammoth will be shown on the wall.
    Go back down the hall and stop to where you can see the outline of the
    mammoth's eye on the wall and push the plinth in and a bookcase will move,
    revealing a hidden room.
    Take the book and the Youkol relic with you. Read the rather long book to learn
    about various aspects of the Youkol culture, but more particularly about the
    scarlet brambles. Leave the library and go back to the elevator. On your way
    there you will see a wheelbarrow. Inspect the wheelbarrow to find a pair of
    shears. Take them with you and now we're going to check out the monastery's
    graveyard. You can find it by going to the courtyard and heading into the area
    to the left of the library.
    You want to head around the tree in front of you. It doesn't matter which way,
    except that the right path will get you to where we want to go quicker. When
    you get to where we want to be, you'll see a grave near Kate's feet with
    something covering it. A close-up view of the grave will reveal that it is
    covered in scarlet brambles. Use the shears to cut away the brambles and then
    take the herbs and brambles (it's one item) with you.
    Go back to the elevator and I'm sure you want to leave Hans behind now, but you
    can't. We're back here because there is a machine nearby that we need to
    utilize. Take the matches and then put the brambles into the bucket. Next you
    want to open up the small cylinder underneath the spigot. Take a wick from the
    left side of the machine and put it into the cylinder and close it. Pull the
    handle to use the bellows that will heat up the bucket. Turn the spigot and
    it'll pour some of the contents into the cylinder. Open the cylinder and take
    what you find inside to realize that you've just made an herbal candle.
    Go back to Hans and in his bedroom, go over to the table and put the Youkol
    relic on it. Put the candle inside the relic and then light it using the
    matches. The effects of the candle will heal Hans and once he's sitting up,
    feel free to talk to him and Kate will tell him she'll try to find a way for
    them to leave the monastery.
    If you go back to the elevator, you'll find the patriarch standing nearby. He
    says the only way you'll be able to leave is when Hans ends up in a box. Screw
    this guy. Go back to the chapel and since the patriarch is guarding the
    elevator, he isn't in the room he always popped out of whenever you entered
    that area.
    Go into the room and take the ornate key you find inside. You can use this key
    to unlock the gate near the chapel entrance. Ring the bell to summon the monks
    to go do whatever it is they do. Go back to the graveyard and take the left
    path this time to arrive in the spot where you may have seen a monk digging a
    grave. Check out the large hole in the wall and then position the casket nearby
    so that it's in front of the hole. Go back to talk to Hans and he'll decide to
    go with Kate. So much for getting out of there quickly, but once they reach the
    casket  the patriarch and a couple of flunkies will show up in attempt to stop
    the pair from leaving. It doesn't do much good as they take off down the hill
    in the casket.
    The end of the ride will leave the pair by the bridge leading up to the
    monastery. They'll automatically go back to train, where Hans will go back to
    working. Talk to him about leaving and he'll say there's one last thing that
    you need to do. He fixed the mechanical heart for the horses in the inn, but
    he's too old and weak to go fixing the horses himself. Kate will agree to go do
    the job for him, so go back to the inn.
    Upon arrival, you'll see Cirkos trying to train a youki to jump through a hoop.
    He is unsuccessful, so he goes back behind the counter while the youki takes
    off. Check out the horses on the stage and get a close-up view of their inner
    workings. Put the heart in the middle and then put the lower left pipe in the
    lower left middle hole (just click on the hole and the pipe will automatically
    move there). Put the upper left pipe in the upper right hole of the upper left
    section and put the upper right pipe in the upper left hole of the upper right
    section. In the remaining section, connect the pipe to the right most hole.
    Push the central post down and if you did things correctly, each horse will
    buck slightly, but that doesn't mean they're fully functional yet. Disconnect
    all the pipes and then push the post again. You'll see the heart rotate, and
    the pointer at the top change. Rotate the heart two more times and the pointer
    will be at the far right. Connect the pipes to their respective holes and push
    the post again and the horses will be working again.
    After Kate is finished, there'll be a rumbling and she'll realize that the
    train is leaving without her. She tries to catch up to it, but she's too late.
    Go and talk to Emeliov and he'll tell you about the gangcar down below. If you
    want to use the gangcar, go out to the platform and pull the lever near the
    stairs to go down below. Hop in the gangcar and let's catch that train! Sadly,
    it's not meant to be as the gangcar comes to a halt on the other side of the
    Go to the inn and talk to Cirkos. He'll let you have the youki, as it's not
    really his to begin with. You can find the youki back at the Bourgoffs' place,
    and this time their front door is open. You'll find the youki sulking near
    where you met Igor when you first arrived. Give him some fish candy that you
    had been carrying around and he'll agree to follow you. Go back up to the
    gangcar with the youki in tow and hop on. This time you'll be able to take off
    after the train, but soon Ivan will spot Kate following him and when the train
    crosses the bridge, it'll collapse, leaving Kate to find another way around.
    No walkthrough I've seen for Syberia 2 refers to the place you're in now as the
    middle of nowhere, but seeing as you're not near any type of civilization, I'd
    say that would be the best thing to call it, wouldn't you agree?
    The path you need to follow is a bit hard to find, but it veers off in a
    northeasterly direction. Follow it and along the way you'll see a frozen Youkol
    altar. Continue on until the youki sees a beaver and decides to go over and
    harass it by barking. While he's occupied with that, continue up the path
    without him by following the one that doesn't take you to the youki. You'll be
    in a clearing and you should be able to see some branches laying on the ground.
    Take the branches with you and go back to the altar. Place the branches under
    it and then light them on fire using the matches. The altar will thaw,
    revealing a fish. Take the fish with you and go back to the youki. Give the
    fish to the youki and Kate will lead him to the clearing. As the youki as
    eating the fish, a tree near the river in the other screen will topple over,
    allowing Kate to cross the river.
    Do so and on the other side continue to follow the path until you see some logs
    sticking out of the ground. There is a fork here, so take the left fork and
    follow it until you see a log cabin, ignoring the collapsed footbridge along
    the way.
    Inside the youki will take a seat. Check out the mantle and take the three
    items you find there. The book will tell you about the orange salmon. Before
    you head outside, go towards the back door and then to your left to find the
    kitchen counter. On the left side is a fish tank, so take it with you and then
    head out the back door to the pier. You'll want to save your game here in case
    you mess up the fishing, but with me as your guide, it'll be practically
    impossible to mess it up. Take the fishing rod and then check out the tackle
    box near Kate's feet to see what kind of lure we have to work with.
    You want to use the third lure in the first row and then cast your rod into the
    rightmost part of the lake. If all goes well, and it should, Kate will catch an
    orange salmon, which is something we'll need to be using in just a moment. If,
    in the off-chance you catch anything but an orange salmon, you'll need to load
    your game and try it again until you have the right fish.
    Go back into the cabin and then leave it again using the front door. As Kate
    goes to usher the youki out, the youki suddenly yelps and jumps back into the
    cabin. Kate will take a peek out the door and she'll realize that there's a
    humongoid grizzly bear standing outside her door, and she'll quickly close the
    door. (Just so you know, you never have to worry about Kate being killed in
    either of the Syberia games, as it just doesn't happen). To get rid of the
    bear, open the nearby window and toss the orange salmon at it and it'll go away.
    Leave the cabin and go back to the footbridge you ignored earlier. Hack away at
    the nearest post using the hatchet and Kate will pull up a rope and plate. Use
    the rope and plate this time and Kate will use it to swing across to the other
    side of the chasm and the youki will set a new long jump record for animals
    everywhere as he follows Kate across.
    As you begin to follow the next path, the youki will run off to chase after a
    bird. Continue on and you'll realize that the Bourgoffs are here and they're
    trying to kill Kate and the youki by flinging boulders down at them. Just as
    Igor prepares to toss another rock, you'll hear the motor of an airplane and
    you can see that it's coming in for a not-so-smooth landing.
    What you'll want to do now is try to climb the cliff only to learn that the
    first hold is too far out of Kate's reach. You can remedy this problem by using
    the hatchet on it. The next part does take a bit of time to accomplish, but
    you'll have to work your way up the cliff. You may have to backtrack here and
    there, but please be patient and you will get up to the top.
    Head over to the wreck by going south and then west from your present location.
    Go past the downed plane to find the pilot hanging in the tree. You can talk to
    him if you want, but he's sleeping (which seems odd) and the headset on his
    head will prevent him from hearing Kate.
    Go back to the wreck and look at the cockpit. The name of the pilot is shown at
    the top of the instrument panel, and it reads "Boris Charov". Hmm, why does
    that name sound so familiar? Oh yeah, I know! He's the guy Kate sent into space
    in the first game!
    Turn the power on by pressing the upper left switch. In order for us to be able
    to get through to Boris's headset, we need to find out its frequency. To do
    that, you'll have to play with the switches on the bottom right and the two at
    the top. I don't remember how to get the first couple numbers, but I believe to
    get the second set you need to flick the right top switch on and turn the other
    off and at the bottom right panel, flick the first switch in the down position
    and flick the other two up. I don't believe the knobs below them come into play
    at all, but once you've figured it out the numbers "28" show up.
    You'll have to play with the switches to get the first set, and those numbers
    are "03". This means that the frequency for the headset is "0328". There isn't
    a way that I'm aware of to get them both to display on the panel, so don't
    worry about it. When you're done, go back out into the clearing and head south.
    Just as you enter the next area, Ivan and Igor will just about run over Kate
    with their snowmobile.
    Follow their track back to the last scene and head on over to the equipment
    shed. Turn on the intercom system by pushing the lone red button at the top and
    set the frequency to "0328" by using the other red buttons to the left of it.
    Each button controls one number, so pushing the first button along the top will
    increase the first box by a number while the first button along the bottom
    decreases it by one.
    Once the frequency is set, push the button on the microphone and Kate will
    speak to Boris over the intercom. He'll get himself out of the tree, so feel
    free to go back to the crash site at your own convenience. You'll find Boris
    working on his flying wing, so talk to him about everything and he'll let you
    know that you can use the ejector seat in manual mode to get to the train.
    However, you will need to find out the coordinates. You can push the button on
    the right side that has a symbol next to it, but when you talk to Boris about
    it he'll say that the radar is working right now.
    To get the coordinates, go back to the equipment shed and turn on the radar.
    Climb up the ladder near the shed to get up to the dish and then turn the crank
    so that the arrow points to the letter B. Go back to the shed and check out the
    radar. You can see that it's picking up a large blip, so that must be the
    train. Check out where it's located to get the coordinates, which is 80 degrees
    by 20 degrees. Go back to the crash site and get a close-up view of the cockpit.
    Looks like Boris put in a new panel, so on the left side, enter 80 in the first
    display and 20 in the second one and push the button. Watch the somewhat
    amusing sequence as Kate is launched into the air by the ejection seat. She'll
    come to a landing near the train and we're one step closer to getting the hell
    out of here.
    Head towards the front of the train, but when the scene changes, you'll see the
    youki checking out an object that's sticking out of the ground. Go over it and
    try to pick it up, and Kate will end up yanking it out of the snow and suddenly
    come to life. She'll realize that it's Oscar and right now he's all froze up.
    Go down to the passenger car and hop in. You'll see the mess the Bourgoffs have
    made out of this car, but as you go into Hans' workshop, take the rolled up
    paper on the floor near his bed to find the blueprints of the train. Search in
    front of the overturned table to find an oil dispenser and take it with you.
    Go back to Oscar and get him lubed up. He'll go back to his engine and he says
    that you can leave as soon as Kate enters the passenger car. Do as he says but
    when he tries to move the train, it won't get very far as the passenger car is
    stuck on the collapsed bridge. Go up to the engine and talk to Oscar to find
    out that since it is stuck on the bridge, the car will have to be decoupled
    from the rest of the train.
    In order for Kate to decouple the train, you will have to go back to the
    passenger car and into the room where the pedestal used to sit. Try to open the
    round panel on the floor, but it's not going to happen. Call Oscar on the
    cellphone and he'll open it for you. Slide the top, bottom, and middle sliders
    in that order and just as the passenger car is about to go over the bridge,
    Kate makes it out to the next car in one piece and the train will be off.
    The next stop for the Clockwork Express (my name for the train) is near a
    massive mammoth monument (try saying that three times fast).
    Head northeast towards the monument and then east to find Igor. Since he's
    here, it must mean that Ivan is somewhere in the vicinity as well. Talk to him
    about everything to learn that Hans has once again gone missing and that he
    isn't going anywhere due to the "evil spirits" that must obviously be lurking
    around the area.
    Go back one screen and head south to find the snowmobile that they rode in on.
    Look in the saddle bag on the back and take the gauze blanket with you. Go over
    to the statue and stuff its mouth with the blanket and you'll stop the noise
    you kept hearing. Go back to Igor and Kate will convince him that the evil
    spirits have gone and he'll decide to take off for home on the snowmobile.
    He left a pair of snowshoes behind, but I don't think he'll miss them too much.
    Put the shoes on and then head up the ramp. As you go into the next area, Ivan
    will come out of nowhere and threaten Kate with a mammoth tusk. Talk to Ivan
    until he can stand no more and then call Oscar on the cellphone. He doesn't
    want to come and help you, but he will honk the train's horn. Sounding the horn
    will distract Ivan momentarily, so go over to the sled in the upper left corner
    and check it out. Take the ivory knife you see hiding under some bones and use
    it to cut the rope at the right of the sled.
    Didn't quite make the impact you thought it would, did it? Ivan comes after
    Kate, but as he does so, the ice underneath them cracks and Kate falls into a
    hole that forms. What will happen to our daring heroine this time? Stay tuned
    to find out!
    Kate awakes from a dream naked (and looking good, I might add) and finds
    herself in a strange hut. She'll get dressed and then you're free to do what
    you want. Leave the hut and talk to the guy standing near the door. You're in
    the Youkol village and he'll tell you that Hans is sick again and is on the
    verge of death.
    He'll tell you that if you want to see him, you'll have to find the spirit
    woman, and in order to do that, just follow the sound of the drums. Check out
    the basket on the other side of the door and take the antlers with you. Head
    east to find the drums that the Youkol man mentioned earlier. Awfully long
    drumsticks, aren't they? Ignore them for now and continue on to the southeast.
    There's a spot just south of the hides that you need to check out because
    there's a leather strap on the ground that you'll need to take. Once you have
    it, it'll automatically combine with the antlers to form a slingshot. Go back
    to where you saw the drums and go up to the drumsticks as they beat away. Kate
    should focus on some icicles hanging over the drumsticks, so use the slingshot
    on them and she'll use it to knock down an icicle and jam them up, allowing
    Kate to pass.
    Head north to find the spirit woman's hut. You'll find Hans here all strung up,
    but he isn't dead yet. To the right side of him are some masks hanging on the
    wall. Take one and the woman will allow Kate to have it. On the other side is a
    Youkol altar. Take the prayer wheel you find sitting there and the woman will
    allow Kate to have that too.
    Talk to the woman about everything to learn that Hans is in a dream state and
    that he doesn't want to come back. Kate is adamant that she try to bring him
    out of it, but in order to do that, she needs some dream fruit that grows from
    a rare plant. We'll just have to see what we can find around here, so when
    you're done talking, leave here.
    From where you picked up the leather strap, go southwest. Check out the machine
    you find there. Take the cork bung from the ground and then take the empty
    flask from the middle of the machine. Put the flask in the holder at the top
    (it may be a bit hard to find, but it's hanging over the river, if that helps
    any) and then turn the crank to lower the flask into the water. Turn it again
    to bring it back up and take the flask to get one full of water.
    Head south and go over to the youki pen and check out the gate. Take the
    fishbone with you and then go east and follow the path as it turns to the
    north. You'll eventually come to a cave lined with torches. Enter the cave
    following the path to the northwest and continue on to you find an ice wall.
    You'll see a lemming scuttling about (it'll eventually run off to the right),
    some tunnels in the wall, as well as some berries growing within.
    Plug up the bottom right hole using the cork bung and then back out of the
    view. Go over to the perch near the tree and hang the prayer wheel from it.
    Give the wheel a spin and a harfang bird will fly over to the perch, scaring
    the lemming back over to the tunnels.
    Go back to the ice wall and the lemming will follow the tunnel to a small hole
    within the tunnels and now he has no way to get across. Take the cork bung out
    of the first hole and plug up the hole near the lemming and it'll jump across,
    but now it's at the bottom of a shaft and it has no way to get up to the top.
    Pour the water from the flask into the hole at the top of the shaft to fill it
    up. The lemming will then swim to the top, pick some berries, and wait for you
    at the next problem spot. Drop the fishbone into the hole above him and the
    lemming will use it as a ladder. He'll tumble down the next half of the tunnel
    and drop the berries he picked.
    Take the berries to learn that they're actually the dream fruit you've been so
    desperately needing.  Make the long trek back to the spirit woman's place and
    talk to her to tell her that you have the dream fruit and watch the sequence as
    Kate goes on a trip and enters the dream world.
    Holy flashback, Batman! If you've played the original Syberia, you'll know
    exactly where you end up, but notice anything different? Everything's in a
    yellowish color. Head down into the cave and take the mammoth doll you find
    laying on the ground at the very back of the cave. Leave here and follow the
    path until you reach the courtyard.
    You'll find a young girl here, so talk to her about everything to learn that
    she is indeed Anna Voralberg, albeit a younger version, the woman who died at
    the beginning of the first game. She'll eventually talk about her father, whom
    she says might be at home right now. Once you're done talking to her, go down
    the stairs and across the bridge to enter the town of Valadilene.
    Follow the road down for a couple of scenes (the original game had a third that
    took you by the notary's house) and enter the door on the right. It may be a
    bit hard to find, but the view will change when you get into the area. Once
    you've found it, head through the door and into the fountain plaza. From the
    fountain, take the right path and head into the house. The players of the first
    game will recognize this house because it was locked when you came here, and
    you ended up having to sneak into the attic by using a ladder.
    Moving on, go into the room to the left to find Hans and Anna's father,
    Rodolphe Voralberg. Talk to him about everything to learn that he'll be leaving
    for the factory shortly and that Hans is in the house as well, but he's being
    punished and is currently locked in the attic.
    When you're done with the father, go out and check out the clock near the
    stairs. Note its current time and then look at the bottom of it and look at the
    time there. Not exactly synchronized is it? Head back and talk to Anna again to
    learn that her father leaves for the factory at exactly 7:15.
    Go back to the house and mess with the clock again. On either side of the
    bottom clock face are two switches. The one on the left advances the clock by
    15 minutes while the other advances it by 30 minutes. First, let's synchronize
    the clock by setting the bottom clock face so that it reads 2:45 (it'll end up
    just before the III, which is Roman for the numeral three). Touch the figures
    next to the bell to raise the counterweights and then set the bottom clock face
    so that it reads 7:15 (in other words, a little past the VII, which is Roman
    for the numeral seven). Set the pendulum in motion to get the clock working and
    then pull on one of the counterweights to move the hands of the clock.
    Touch the bell and if everything went as planned, the clock will begin to
    strike 7:15 (I messed up on this one and couldn't get the clock to strike. If
    this happens, try pulling on the other counterweight. In my case, I had pulled
    the left one earlier and then when I figured out the problem, I ended up
    pulling on the right one to get it to work).
    Once the clock begins to strike, Rodolphe will get up and leave for the
    factory. In doing so, he'll set a key down on the table. Go into the room and
    take the attic key off of the table. Go upstairs and unlock the door and enter
    the attic. You'll find Hans tinkering away here, so give him the mammoth doll
    and you two will get to talking, with Hans switching between his current self
    and his former self as the conversation goes on.
    Make note of how he talks about Oscar and that Kate must find a way to open his
    heart. When you're done talking, Hans will disappear and you should use the
    thing on the table to leave the dream world.
    Leave the hut and go back to the youki pen. From there, go north  and climb up
    the ladder. Follow the path past the stairs to find a couple of Youkol to talk
    to. You won't be able to understand them, but you can try to talk to them about
    everything if you wish. Continue past them to find the train, and in front of
    the train you'll find a hook. If you try to pick up the hook, Kate will say
    it's too heavy for her to move on her own.
    Try to ask the Youkol for help, but they'll apparently refuse to do so. Go back
    to the train and climb into the engine to find Oscar. Talk to him and
    eventually you'll be able to talk to him about wearing the Youkol mask. Do so
    and he'll agree to put it on, but doesn't exactly like the idea either. Go back
    to the Youkols and talk to them about Oscar and then ask them for help to move
    the hook.
    This time they'll go over and hook the train up. Examine the hook and pull the
    lever to take up the slack. Go back down into the tunnel and this time go up
    the stairs you went past earlier. Follow the ledge to the left and then
    southeast. Pull the right lever to bring the train down and then climb back
    down and continue to backtrack. You'll have to go east past the youki pen and
    follow the path there until you find the train. Go up the stairs and then go
    into the engine and talk to Oscar about everything.
    He'll eventually decide to go off on his own to the spirit woman's place and
    Kate will be left to follow him there. At the hut, you will find Oscar laying
    on the bed underneath Hans. Push the dreamcatcher near the door to hear Anna
    say "7:15 exactly". Check out Oscar's chest to notice some buttons arranged in
    a clock pattern. Push the ones at 7 and 3 and more buttons will appear. Push
    the new ones at 12, 3, 6 and 9 and a key will pop out. Take the key and watch
    the sequence.
    Talk to the spirit woman and she'll tell Kate that she'll have to prepare the
    voyage for her and Hans. Go back to the train and climb up into the engine. Get
    a close-up view of the instrument panel, and use the key in the slightly
    discolored spot between the two gauges near the top.
    Pull the lever at the top right and top left and a snake automaton will emerge
    from the top of the train. Flip the far right switch near the wheel in the
    middle and the snake will take some coal and then go back into the train. Flip
    the top right and top left levers again and this time you'll see the snake come
    out of the bottom of the train.
    Flip the switch to the left of the last one you moved and the snake will take
    in some water. Turn the large wheel at the far left and the fire will be
    stoked. Use the switch at the far left and something will come out of the front
    of the train. Turn the wheel above that last switch and the train will spew
    some steam to melt some ice to reveal a massive ark.
    To get to the ark, go back down the stairs and follow the path east. Cross the
    bridge and head north. Once you get to the dock leading to the boat, talk to
    the Youkol standing nearby. He says you'll want to take the youki with you and
    that he'll open the doors when you're ready to leave.
    Go onto the ark and talk to Hans and he'll reiterate that you need a youki
    before you can leave. Go back to the youki pen and let the youki out. He'll
    take off for the ark, and you should follow him back there too and get aboard.
    You'll set sail for the next area.
    As you sail through the water, the boat will eventually run aground on a
    penguin-infested ice shelf. Talk to Hans and Kate will wonder if this is
    Syberia, but alas, it's not. Disembark from the ark and head northeast to find
    some skeletons and then head north. Find the tusk and take it with you to learn
    that it came from a narwhal.
    Go back one screen and then head west. You'll find the ark's anchor stuck in
    the ice, so use the narwhal tusk to free it and then continue on past it. Kate
    will turn around and watch as Ivan Bourgoff has somehow found his way here and
    has decided to commandeer the ark. It won't be going anywhere as it's still
    stuck on the ice shelf.
    Follow the path southwest and then go south until you can't go south no more.
    You can try to go east, but you'll only find a crowd of penguins blocking your
    way. Go northwest instead to find a nest of penguin eggs and put the Russian
    doll in it. Kate will call the penguins over to check out their new egg and
    it'll free up the eastern path as well.
    Go onto the ice where the penguins were originally only to have a crack form
    behind Kate. Use the narwhal tusk on it and Kate will break off the large chunk
    of ice from the rest and use it to float over to the ark. You'll next find
    yourself in the ship's hold.
    Move the barrel out of the way and go through the door. Climb up the ladder
    near Hans to find the anchor room and take the hook you find on the floor.
    Climb back down into the hold and check out where the mast goes through the
    deck. Use the hook on the ivory part and then attach the rope to the hook.
    Pull the lever on the floor and watch as the mast swings around and launches
    Ivan off the boat into the crowd of penguins. The boat will leave without Ivan
    while the penguins get to have their way with him.
    We'll have arrived at the place we've been searching so long to find, but I was
    hoping for something a little more spectacular. Hans will take off on his own
    and Kate should leave the boat as well. Go east and climb up the ladder to the
    guard tower. Check out the guard only to find that he's long dead. Take the
    medallion you find off his body and then climb back down the ladder.
    Follow the path to the other side and walk down the stairs. Run down the pier
    to the end and look at the chest you find there. Take the stone plates with you
    and then follow the pier north (but don't go back up the stairs). Look at the
    grass here to find another stone plate and pick one of the flowers as well.
    Continue down the path to find Hans sitting on a bench. There is a lever on the
    right side of the door that you need to pull, but it may be a bit hard to see.
    The lever will lower another youki cage, similar to the one you saw on the
    Go back to the boat and climb down into the hold. You'll find the youki
    snoozing away here, and you can wake him up by waving the flower in front of
    his nose. The youki will continue to impress me as he wakes up and jumps all
    the way up to the deck of the boat.
    Before following the youki, go through the door and check out the paintings on
    the canvas.  Once you're done looking, go topside and lead the youki back to
    the gate and he'll automatically jump into the cage and open the door before
    collapsing from exhaustion. Hans will go through the gate as Kate shakes her
    head, so when she's done, follow him through the gate.
    Walk up the stairs and go across the walkway. At the end you will find yet
    another strange machine. Look at the ground underneath it and at the top left
    is another stone plate. I could go into a lengthy discussion about how to use
    the medallion to figure out which stone goes where, but I won't. Here's the
    solution: Put the first plate in the southwest part of the circle, the next
    goes in the east, and then place the rest of the stones as they appear in your
    first inventory slot in the northwest, north, and southeast parts of the circle.
    Turn the wheel on the left side and a key should come out of the middle. Take
    the key with you and then go up the stairs to the north. Hans is here looking
    out into the horizon, so talk to him and he'll tell Kate that he wants her to
    summon the mammoths by using the flute. Go down the other set of steps and
    you'll find the flute in question. Look at the panel and use the ivory key at
    the bottom to reveal a set of buttons. Put the key into the second hole on the
    bottom and then turn the wheel to turn the dish.
    Go over to the left side and examine it. You'll have to arrange the valves so
    that the flute will play the right tones. All the valves are currently open,
    and if you turn the handle next to them once, it'll partially close them. A
    second pull will close them all the way.
    Set the top row so that the first hole is open, the second hole is partially
    closed, and the last is left open. The bottom row should have the holes set to
    partially closed, fully closed, and fully open. Pull the horizontal lever and
    watch as the amazing journey that you've been on for so long finally comes to
    an end.

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