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"A worthy purchase if you are looking for pure action"


X2: Wolverine's Revenge offers a wide variety of moves to take out your adversaries with, such as the ''strike'' feature. The strike feature allows you to do some amazing combo attacks on single or multiple opponents. The more you progress the more strikes you earn. You are also given the ability to sneak up on your opponents and do ''stealth'' strikes which are easy to execute and even more fun to watch. You really can go through the game fighting everything in sight or just sneaking through the shadows, which is a good thing depending on your playing preference.


The story starts out with wolverine discovering the ones who gave him his adamantium skeleton have also infected him with a virus. Wolverine has just 48 hours to find a cure if he wants to live to see the dawn of new days to come. The story will keep you very intrigued as you discover more secrets about wolverines past as you progress through the game.


The graphics are nicely done and really give you a very dark feeling to the games overall mood. Wolverine moves gracefully during his ''strike'' move sets and ''stealth'' kills as he takes out soldiers and anything else that stands in his way. The FMV sequences are awe inspiring to watch with a lot of attention placed on detail.


The music in this game rocks. Fast hard pounding music plays during the action points in the game and soft anticipation style music plays while you are sneaking through the shadows. The sounds of wolverine's claws extracting from his fists are a nice touch to the very expansive amount of sound affects found in the game. The big plus would have to be Mark Hamill (Luke skywalker in Star Wars) playing the voice of wolverine and doing an excellent job at that.


The controls are about the only problem with this game. On occasion it is difficult to execute your ''strike'' moves due to the buttons being just a little to unresponsive. The camera angles tend to not be where they need to be while trying to fight multiple foes. However, wolverine can jump, slide, and spin his way out of sticky situations with the push of a button, which is a plus.


For the price of only 20 dollars you can't go wrong by picking up X2: Wolverine's Revenge. As compared to all other games featuring the use of Wolverine this is hands down the best so far. You really do feel like you are wolverine as you make your way through this wonderful game, if you are looking for heart pounding action and a good story line than you should give X2: Wolverine's Revenge a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/16/03

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