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"Very good game play and graphics, Enclave is a good buy."

Enclave is a fantasy 3rd person RPG where you take on the role of either a savior of light or a fiend of darkness. When you finish the game on the light side, you play as a dark minion. The missions are different for both sides, with only a few being somewhat parallel. You get to experience the adventure from both the light and dark campaign.

Very good and well drawn. The textures blend nicely together and water effects are well done. Arrows leave a "trailer" so you can see where you are being shot from and where you are shooting. Even though you have a crosshair trailers help. The overall mood of the game complements the graphics, whether your tromping around a forest or in some volcanic wasteland complete with lava flows. Unfortunately there isn't much blood and gore which you would figure would be in a game with where you hack people and monsters with axes and swords.

Good for both. The weapon sounds could use a little improvement though as many of the swing weapons sound the same. Your characters makes the same repetitive sounds when he/she attacks, a little variety would have helped. The music is good and keeps the mood going.

Very good. There is a good variety of weapons that you can use, everything from daggers to swords and axes, bows and crossbows, and staves. You earn money as you complete quests and use it to buy improved weapons and armor. There are also a variety of armor too, light, medium, and heavy. You also get different shields depending on your character. As you progress through the game, you unlock additional characters that you can play. Some characters are better than others for certain levels it's up to you who to use. Some characters are stronger, others faster, and others better magical abilities.

The controls for the most part are good. You can customize your key bindings to suit your needs. Switching weapons with the mouse wheel is good, but sometimes a little too sensitive and you find yourself fumbling for the right weapon in the midst of battle. The camera angle is well done and you won't find yourself fighting the camera to get a good view of the battle unlike other games. When your up against a wall looking from behind it switches to a first person view which is good. The jumping needs a little work as it looks more like you skip than jump.

Saves after each level.
Checkpoints during the levels.

Long game.
Variety of characters, weapons, and armor.
Very good graphics.

More weapon sound variety.
Some more gore would be nice.
Jumping needs work.

Nothing notable.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/24/04

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