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"Great game, has some flaws"

Introduction -well it's a racing game. You race for other cars. There's 3 cities, L.A, Paris and Tokyo. To win races you just have to go through the checkpoints the game gives u.
Gameplay - The game generally is pretty fun to play. Though the single player can get repetitive since all you do in the single player game is go through checkpoints across town. But generally the game is pretty challenging. If you dont find it challeging enough, there's a cheat to make it more challenging for you. If you want it more challenging try it with manual shift. There's alot of cars to win, i think more than 15 or 20. The cities itself is big, since you can drive anywhere on the roads, hit the civilians etc. There's also many hidden shorcuts that you can find if you just take your time. The multiplayer is great!!!! It's one of the funnest racing multiplayer games i knows. There's modes such as capture the flag, detonator(sp?) and many more.
Control - this is where the rating goes down. The controls are horrible. When trying to change lanes, just taping the turn button wil make the car make a huge turn. I just wish tehre would be a keyboard sensitivity key for it. But you can get used to's what i did.
Graphics/Sound- The graphics on this game is great, but nothing spectacular. The cars are nicely detailed if you put it in a high resolution. With all the graphics up to full, the game is great. The scenery is nice and detailed with alot of colours. When you use the nos button, the game gives you a good feel of you speeding up and your surroundings are blurry. I think rockstar did a good job of imitating it. The sound is good. Alot of variation of the engine noises on the car. for example, there's a american muscle car, it gives a low vroom. Then you have a race car which gives you a high pitched engine noise. The music is good, you can change the songs played with a touch of a button.
Play Time/Replayability -it takes fairly amount of time to complete it if your new at driving. To make it harder, there's a cheat on the internet for it. This game has a high replay value thanks to its multiplayer. If your just in it for the single player, it's average since the goal of all the levels are going through checkpoints.
Final Recommendation -this game is awesome. It has great gameplay, multiplayer, graphics. The only downside of it its the controls and maybe a little repetition of the single player.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/07/03, Updated 07/07/03

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