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"A game any race fan will fall in love with."

When Midnight Club II first hit consoles I was a little apprehensive to give it a chance when it hit PC. From what I saw in the commercials it looked too “arcade-like.” I myself am a fan of real simulation racing Gran Turismo. The minute I installed the game I couldn’t keep away from it. Midnight Club II offers something for everybody. For all you other hardcore sim racers, enjoy career mode where you can drive cars that are not licensed yet have the same look and feel as it’s counter part. MC2 supports online gaming as well, this means you can take the cars you’ve earned offline and race them in fierce Capture The Flag or Circuit races with gamers from all over the world. The game in my opinion has a great replay value ( offering arcade, career, and online modes ).

Arcade Mode: Race the streets of L.A. , Paris , and Tokyo in arcade mode for a non simulation feel. You can unlock police vehicles by competing and placing 1st in all races in the specific location.

Career Mode: Cruise around and challenge other street racers. In this mode you get more of a simulation feel to the game. After you’ve challenged a fellow racer you will be pitted against them in one or two races. Lose and you’ll be mocked but, defeat them and score the pink slips to their vehicles. Once you’ve earned a newer and faster car you can challenge other racers and try and defeat them to win their vehicles. In the way you will run into Bosses that do not lose all that often. Use the skills you’re taught by the mini-bosses you’ve defeated to stand a chance against the more tougher and skillful Bosses.

Online Mode: This is where the replay value comes into play. Once you’ve completed all of the Arcade Mode Challenges and crushed your opponents in Career Mode you are ready to Log On! Showcase your best vehicle that you gained from your career mode victories. Go head to head with other gamers that want to be the best just as you do. Once you’ve logged on you’re giving a choice to either Host Game ( choosing the settings and limitations that you want ) or simply Join Game ( jump into a race that is already preset with the rules and type ).

Additional Features: A great feature that is tacked into MC2 is the mp3 play list which you can load and enjoy while you race. The music that is originally played in Midnight Club 2 is not the best in my opinion so that little play your own mp3 feature really comes in handy.

Some quick tips before purchasing this game:

Make sure your computer is able to run this game with out problems. In other words, you should have a video card with at least 32mb of video memory anything higher would be ideal.

Try and purchase a gaming controller so that you do not have to deal with the Keyboard controls. It could get quiet frustrating when you are forced to look down for a specific key designed for a specific task in the middle of a race.

Wrapping things up, I have to say the visuals for this game are displayed very nicely, the sound is fairly decent, and the game play is wonderful!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/09/03, Updated 07/09/03

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