Review by zivku

"A great racing game with a crapload of glitches!"

Opening Remarks
Midnight Club II gave me hope for a racing game on the computer that was well worth my time. But when I bought it I was disappointed to see that there were a lot of errors and flaws in this game. I'll admit if you have a very good machine this game should run smoothly, but the game play value is something that will set it back far from other great racing games.

Graphics 4/10
If you have every played Grand Theft Auto III you'll recognize the graphics. There are blocky and not rendered very well and the textures aren't very eye catching. They have good cinematics in the game but while playing you may experience lag and some slowness if you have lower than the recommendations.

Sound 7/10
The sounds of the engines and car roaring down the streets of L.A. are very well made, the sounds suit the game well, but sometimes the voices don't match the faces and you may experience problems with your music. Though those few problems I did enjoy the soundtrack that was packaged on the CD for your listening pleasure during your gameplay.

Gameplay 5/10
The menu is set up in a way that can be very confusing at first with only having arrows and little words to deal with and nothing that drops down, but after you fiddle around with it for awhile you can get the hang of it. When driving your cars it feels exactly the same as driving in the Grand Theft Auto series, handling is just the same and it feels the same. When you go around a track you just drive to the checkpoints in a huge pile of cars basically going nowhere. The gameplay I expected was far off from what happened when I first played and immediately thought of Vice City.

Overall 4/10
When I have talked to people about how this game runs, they all say bad. This game has way too many glitches and can't work with many video cards. If it does work though, Congratulations!!! You can now experience GTA Racing at it's finest in Midnight Club 2!

Closing Comments
If have enjoyed the racing and driving around in the streets from the Grand Theft Auto series and enjoys cars, then this game is a must. But make sure you have enough space and exceed the requirements to ensure perfect gameplay and i suggest you have some type of controller instead of keyboard, I believe you have better control in my opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/28/03, Updated 07/28/03

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