Review by CJ2049

"Nice racing game just a couple of glitches"

Introduction-When I heard about Midnight Club 2 I thought it was just another racing game.BUT its more then that!There are tons of great cars and nitro in your hands that you can use to get back in the game after a fatal wipeout.Just let the nitro flow throught the engine and you'll be on your way..again.With bikes and cars to choose from you can pick the best car for your driving style.

-Gameplay- 8/10
This game gets very addicting after you unlock more cars and cities.For the controls though you might want to pick up a steering wheel or controller because the keyboard controls are a bit touchy.If controls are in the wrong spot for you, just change them to something more comfortable.

-Storyline- 8/10
The story is basically find racers and race them for a few races to unlock their cars.Also after some races you unlock things that can help you win more races.But I can't go into to much detail there.

-Graphics and Audio- 9/10
The graphics are very good ... if you have a good graphics card!For this game you should have atleast a 32 bit graphics card.But for the best graphics you should have a 128 bit graphics card.The music in the game is actually quite good.It has some rap and some techno which get your blood really pumping.Also you can put your own music in the game just like in mostly all the games that Rockstar Games makes.

-Replayability- 7/10
After you finish the game 100% you can still play in the arcade mode but online is alot more funner.But online can kinda get annoying because of disconnects.Also you make a name that has no meaning.What I mean about this is that you can't save records about how many games you won online.But other than that the replayability is pretty good.You learn new secrets and roads by people telling you online and then you pass down the generation by telling someone else.Also you can search all the cities for glitches and showoff to your friends.

-To Buy or Not To Buy?That is the question!-
Well if you like driving down real roads and pushing the nitro button alot then you'll love this game.It will get your blood pumping and you won't want to quit this great game made by Rockstar.

-Overall- 8/10
This is one of the many games that Rockstar Games made that was made to be one of the best racing games out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/24/03

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