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"A great game gets that much better"

Computer gamers were swept away by Battlefield 1942 last year. A game that puts the player in the middle of World War 2 battles, letting them control all sorts of vehicles, planes, and boats. There were many different maps from the war that were created with great detail and accuracy. Players could chose from different occupations if you will, each one with different weapons and specialties. This expansion is no exception, players will be swept away again.

This expansion adds an assortment of new things. It includes new battles from the war, new weapons, and new vehicles. These new additions make it like a whole new game, but some gamers wonder if it has enough additions. Some people think that this should have been a patch, but it has way too much for EA to just give away for free, even though they practiclly are with a twenty dollar price tag.

The new maps are excellent. They are huge and greatly detailed. The creators obviously took players recomendations or their own and formed perfect maps that deliver what the players want and more. The terrain is good for everything, sniping, on foot combat, weapons war, or if you want to do an aerial attack or naval attack. The land is luscious and the water is beautiful. The environment of the maps are excellent and the back ground are astonishing.

The new weapons are greatly produced and work well. The new countries have the new weapons and are excellent. They actually make you feel like you are on the other team instead of having the same exact weapons as each other. There still is not very much variety from country to country.

The new vehicles are fabolous. They are great fun to drive and are designed magnificently. When you are in control of them you feel like you own the battlefield. The new vehicles with second hand guns mounted on them actually have protection from the gunner so you are not as good as dead as soon as you get in. The new bombers are awesome, the pilot can easily control the war with a little skill. Some problems are that the planes are overpowered and you may feel a little restrained in the tanks.

I may not be a war expert but I do know this is an excellent war game and adds spice with awesome maps and the ability to control vehicles and stationary guns.

Graphics: 9
The graphics are good, but not perfect.

Gameplay: 9
Same as the last, nothing new, just new weapons, guns, maps, and vehicles.

Sound: 8
It would be cool to have some in game music. I experience a few weapon sound problems but the voice effects are great.

Replay: 10
This game will keep you coming back for more and you will always have fun. The new maps add a lot more fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/09/03, Updated 02/09/03

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