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"Could have been better. Much Better."

Well, The expansion for one of the best Multi-player games has been released, and too soon I'd say. The Expansion adds some new vehicles, maps, weapons and two new armies.

Big Deal. DICE needs to work on the current overload of bugs instead of making an expansion. But nevertheless, it was a good expansion...just a few things to point out though.

Graphics 8/10

Still, VERY Good. Although, you still need incredible computer specs to run it, its worth it. My only problem is that the visibility for some maps may be too low. DICE really put the effort in making the maps seem so realistic and have the ''WWII Feel.''

Gameplay 6/10

This needs to be worked on. The same old bugs, TK'ing, Plane camping etc has been brought over to the expansion. I am still surprised they have not issued a TK system. Watch your back if your playing this, your own team might kill you for your vehicle. Another problem is plane camping, there are usually 5-6 people over by the runway camping the planes usually throughout the entire map. I don't even bother getting a plane anymore because even if you managed to grab one (rare) then your probably be knocked off the runway by angry plane campers that want the plane.

The Lag. Oh my god, the lag is horrible. If you do not have broadband, do not bother with this game.

Other then the above mentioned, the gameplay is spectacular. It really gives the feel that your in WWII.

Sound 3/10

Bah. Still no in-game music, and since the 1.3...Myself, and many others are having major sound problems. But that can be fixed in time. Hopefully, they will replace that annoying menu music also. Still, nothing compares to hearing a fighter plane fly over your head at full speed with the twin machine guns going :)

Single Player 2/10

The bots are still very stupid. Your computer will run like a slideshow in single-player. For some odd reason, it it much more choppy than multi-player. Single-player is crap. End of story.

Multi-player 10/10

STILL, the BEST multi-player game out. It is SO much fun and this expansion just added on the amount of fun you can possibly have. I recommend this game to multi-player PC Fans, because it is truly a masterpiece.

Replayability 10/10

See above, you will probably never get tired of this game. There is SO much you can do, its endless.


The Expansion isn't so great but most of the servers are converting over to RTR, and its only $20 so its worth the buy. Don't expect a drastic change in gameplay though, its still has the same bugs and problems. But its well worth a buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/09/03, Updated 02/09/03

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