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"The only expansion to ever weaken a game."

Road to Rome seems so much like an unfinished expansion that was shipped early due to budget cuts.
It lacks a few things that I enjoyed the most in the original BF1942, including a campaign.
Its hard to explain, but I just found it more fun in BF1942 to play through the one player campaign before playing the instant action. I felt like ''Wow, this is the time line of events, this is how it happened'' Where it is with RTR ''Wow, 6 new levels in instant action... When the hell did they happen any ways.. What it the story behind them?''

Any ways, I guess since there seems to be a standard to follow, I should cover the different areas of the game.

Game play 8/10
Well, the game
play works just like good old BF1942. If you liked it, then you'll still like it. If you didn't... I don't care.

Sound 1/10
DEAR GOD. THEY RUINED MY GAME! Them freaks at Dice must have thought the guns were to harmful to the ears... The made all of the guns sound weak... Then again, that problem came with 1.3, but since you can't play RTR without 1.3 I shall blame it on RTR. Also, no in game music. That wasn't a problem before because there was always the should of guns roaring, but now the guns can't roar, its more of a meow.

Graphics 7/10
They did pretty good on the new armies and weapons. Their uniforms are somewhat fresh and different from those which I am use to seeing, but they are not used enough. The guns look somewhat awkward, but okay. Also I found the stationary guns/mounted guns looked pretty ugly (i.e. the bullet chain didn't move) but short of that, it was okay.

Levels 4/10
The new levels were weak, to say the least. they didn't really feature the vast open battle fields I enjoy (The African theater is a good example of such) They mainly are pathway battles. Even though you do get a large area to battle on, yo are usually stuck to a path, never worrying about your base, but instead holding the outpost closes to theirs.

Vehicles 3/10
I still like the old ones better. They should have made an improved jeep... an a stunt level for said jeep. That is all. The new planes are so rarely used in the levels that its hard to give them a good score. Yes, they kick ass, but at the same time they are hard to find, where is the other ones could just be replaced by older vehicles if ever needed.

Bottom Line
Its okay, but doesn't hold up to the standard placed by BF1942

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/09/03, Updated 02/09/03

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