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"Adding more war to the battlefield"

The computer gaming world has never seen quite an accomplishment as Battlefield 1942. Just at the time when it got released, it had gotten a lot of attention from not only gaming fans, but from the PC gaming community all over the world. It raised the bar for the multiplayer experience in that players would need to utilize team work and skill in order to become victorious.
However, in addition to this marvel of an achievement, Dice and EA have come up with their second installment to BF - Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome.

-The expansion feature 6 new maps, 3 new weapons, 2 new countries, and, more or less, half a dozen new vehicles all at the players' disposal.-

Graphics - 9.5/10

Stunning to the last pixel. Although this is just an expansion, TRTR has some interesting eye candy included. First off, the new maps, which take place in Western Europe, were very nicely done. Even though some look the same, the developers were attentive to landscaping and the overall look of the land, making them look and feel as realistic as possible. Likewise, an excellent job has been done on the player, weapon, and vehicle models. Their knowledge of WWII really came in handy in depicting the artillery at the time. Visually, the expansion adds more to the original's reliability to look as sleek as what 21st century gaming should look like.

Sound - 9/10

As you would expect in a FPS, the sounds make up a large part of the gaming experience; TRTR doesn't fall short of that expectation. Hearing a great deal of WWII sounds from previous games, I'd say that BF comes to the top of gaming sound quality. With radio communication (Featuring voices in French and Italian), new artillery and map sounds, you'll be able to enjoy online gameplay with effects that range from the whistling of incoming bombs to the squawking of seagulls at Baytown - Amazing to hear, especially for the first time.

Control - 9.5/10

No surprise here - the game still utilizes the same controls as in the original. It still features the freedom of easy movement and weapon control. So even if you were driving a tank, or maneuvering a plane, the expansion takes advantage of BF'42's ease of peripheral use to its best.

Gameplay - 8.5/10

Still, nothing compares to the online gaming experience of this magnificent game. It includes more than what anyone would expect in a FPS - Tanks, planes, and ships. Not to mention up to 64 players can play on massive maps, and still experience little lag. Yes, TRTR features enough quality gameplay that you'll be playing for months on end.

However, there’s still the issue of receiving and giving damage. One of the most particular examples, that come to mind, is when you’re trying to shoot an enemy who’s moving left or right, at a fast pace. Usually, you’d think you can hit him no problem, but sometimes you’ll find that the soldier is unaffected and undamaged even after you wasted a whole clip on him. The bullets physics in the game are really good, but I believe this is an issue that must be solved to attain realism. A second is when you take fall damage. Typically, when you jump off a height of about half a storey, you'll be fine. But, the major problem here is taking a substantial amount of damage when jumping or falling off relatively low heights. This is one aspect that definitely has to be fixed in the future to add more pace and realism.

Overall Appearance/Replay - 9/10

As I've given TRTR a good month of daily play, I never fail to see its amazing features. Sure, you may think it deals only half as much as it should, but seeing the great things offered, you'd think that you'd be ready for war. Never failing to give, this Xpack includes a great deal of replay value. However, this game is demanding, in that it requires a good computer and Internet connection. But, overall, this expansion doesn't fall short of online gaming, and adds great value to the Battlefield experience by adding more war to the battlefield (Especially for it’s low price)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/11/03, Updated 03/11/03

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