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"Good deal for $20!"

Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome, is a good deal at $20. Mind you, it doesn't add much, but what it does add is worth the money. It is a expansion pack for Battlefield 1942.

The gameplay for BF1942:RTR is very much the same as normal BF1942. The expansion adds 6 maps, 2 new armies, two new weapons and some new vehicles. The expansion is set in the campaigns in Rome. Lets talk about the maps first. All of them are fairly good, the best being Monte Cassino and the worst being Operation Baytown (The worst map is a very good one though, just not as good as the rest.) Monte Cassino is the Free French mounting an assault on a Italian controlled church on a hill. The new armies are the Free French and Italians. The new weapons are the Breda Model 30, and the Sten Gun SMG. They are both good weapons and add to the character of the French and Italians. The new vehicles are light tanks, medium bombers, stationary AT guns and a few other nice vehicles. The stationary AT guns are fun to use, and make killing tanks in your base easier. The medium bombers drop 4 bombs at once and the light tanks have a hull mounted gun and a enclosed turret. They are all useful. The engineer class now has a bayonet attached to his rifle, making him more useful at close ranges.

Well, there really is not much of a story, you are just replaying battles that took place in the Rome campaign in world war II. You decide a server and play, without linking the battles together. You can play in single player mode, with the maps linked together, but failure in one mission does not affect the next map.

Not much has changed here since normal BF 1942, pretty much still looks and sounds the same. The new maps look pretty good, and so do the vehicles. You might experience sound problems, but other than that the sound is great. The new vehicles are detailed. The only video problem I have is that the engineer's bayonet looks like a gray spike under the rifle, rather than a combat knife. Not that big of a deal, though.

Very good replayability, except with only 6 maps to play on, it will wear out in the long term. The replay value is still good, with those 6 maps being very interesting. Take the replay value of this, and add it to the replay value of normal BF1942, then you have a combination that will keep you entertained for many months.

Buy or Rent:
Buy. It is well worth the $20.

In conclusions, BF 1942: RTR is a great deal at $20. It will keep you entertained for month playing around with new maps and vehicles. A lot of the servers that run BF1942 also run RTR, so having this is mandatory on about 50-75% of the servers out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/22/03, Updated 04/22/03

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