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"Good at best"

Battlefield: 1942 is a FPS based around WWII. It also has an online capability, which really gives this game a good level of enjoyment. It is probably the only game where you can take off in an airplane, fly over the enemy base, bomb a target, parachute out, get in a tank and start blowing stuff up within a span of 2 minutes. The newest expansion pack for it adds a good amount of new maps, vehicles, weapons, and overall enjoyment.

New features
·6 new maps from the Italian campaign
·2 new armies
·8 new vehicles
·new weapons for all armies

The main thing that attracted me to this game was the new maps, I was looking for a new level to exert my wrath upon people. I was quite pleased with the new maps; they definitely are quite good and fun. The maps in this expansion do add a new flavor to the game you get these new battles: Monte Cassino, Operation Husky, Battle for Anzio, Operation Baytown, Monte Santa Croce, and Salerno. The battles are pretty good although the only ones that have a good comparison to the original maps are Operation Husky and Monte Cassino. The rest are just kind of…meh.

The new weapons in this game are so-so, nothing to brag about. The Italian and French weapons are quite similar to the ones in the original game so it was kind of a letdown in the sense that there weren’t any completely new weapons.

The enemy AI still sucks like in the original game but once again the multiplayer mode completely makes up for that.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment in this game was the lack of a new campaign mode. You get no background information on the battle before you play and the fun (whatever fun there was) in the campaign has been lost.

I was also somewhat disappointed with the new vehicle add-ons, they are kind of awkward to use and lack the fun of the original game’s vehicles. They are harder to kill with and require an exceptionally good player to put them to any use.

Here are my final scores,

Gameplay- 9
The new maps, weapons, and vehicles are a good addition.

Sound- 7
Sound cuts out every once in a while and it isn’t anything spectacular in the first place.

Graphics- 7
Pretty standard graphics to me.

Replayability- 7
There are a few maps that make this expansion worth it but some of them pale in comparison to the original Battlefield maps.

Final score- 6/10
Overall, a good expansion but it could have been a lot better; the vehicles, weapons, and lack of campaign mode is kind of a letdown. The new maps are fun but some of them can’t compare to even the worst maps from the original game. If you are a big fan of the original Battlefield: 1942 then you should definitely buy this, if not then steer clear of it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/06/03, Updated 10/16/03

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