Review by AnimalCrosser13

Reviewed: 12/09/04

What happens when you take 6 new, creative maps, several new and intruiging vehicles, and put on a $15 dollar pricetag?

You get Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome of course! My review is going to center around the new things that the expansion brings to the game, and whether or not it's worth your money. My review has 5 different sections, and then averages them together to get the final score.

Graphics: 9/10
Nothing new is added in the graphics department but the graphics are still amazing! With a decent computer and graphics card, you can get phenomenal graphics that move well with very little lag. The human models look as good as they need to, and the landscapes look like the areas would normally. The only fault in the landscape is the lack of natural foliage, even the new maps contain very little more than a few scattered bushes not even big enough to hide behind. The vehicles look great and realistic, with every little detail included. Also the shadows look great, you'll know if a plane is passing overhead or if someone is hiding behind a building.

Gameplay: 9/10
The gameplay of Battlefield 1942 has always differed from your standard, cookie cutter Medal of Honor or Call of Duty WWII game. The gameplay feels fresh and amazing each time you play it, with a new game experience each time. Unlike Halo or James Bond, the game doesn't revolve around "single-player missions" instead you are part of a team, fighting another team. You have to depend on your allies which is usually a good thing. The only fault in this category is the random stupidity of the AI. I was once in a huge crowd of my allies, an enemy soldier ran into the mass and one of my allies dropped a grenade to take him out, resulting in 1 enemy kills and 5 team kills. Not a good thing.

New Vehicles: 7/10
The new vehicles are a lot of fun and really are a huge part of what makes BF:1942 so popular. The vehicles have very simple controls including the planes, making it one of the most user-friendly plane simulators around. One of the most creative of these is the new plane, the French Mosquito. It has a machine gun and great, accurate bombs. Also there are several other vehicles that have less memorable names that I cannot remember the names of. One of these is a new artillery, that is faster but not as powerful. Another is a motorcycle, that is faster but weaker than the jeep. Unfortunately some of them are just rehashes of old vehicles with new names. This really drops the score for this category.

New Battles: 10/10
The new battles are what make this game so much fun. There are 6 battles, The Battle of Anzio, The Battle of Salerno, Monte Cassino, Monte Santa Croce, Operation Bay, and Operation Husky. These levels all have different landscapes, vehicles, and control points. The 6 new levels all take place in Italy, and include the Italians, the Germans, the British, and the all new French as playable armies. From the Battles in the Canals of Anzio, to the impregnable fortress of Monte Cassino, you'll have loads of fun.

Replayability: 10/10
There are no unlockables. There is no mission based mode. Campaign Mode is just playing each level in a set order. Yet this game has the greatest replayability of any game I have ever played. Maybe it's the addictiveness, maybe I just enjoy WWII games to much, but this game is extremely replayable. You'll probably play this game for a very long time.

A great 45/50 or 9/10!

Rent it or buy it?
Buy it, duh, it's only $15! If you look hard enough, you can probably find it for $10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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