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    FAQ by Rein0001

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 10/24/95 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    				 Version 1.10 - 10/24/95
    Welcome to the MK3 PC FAQ! In here you will find info pertaining mostly
    to the PC version of the game, though there will be some stuff from the
    other versions. Note that this is a Frequently Asked Questions document.
    It does NOT contain moves, there are many other moves FAQs that do
    contain moves (See below).  Please send any additions/comments/questions
    to rein0001@gold.tc.umn.edu. You can always get the latest text version
    Alternatively, you can get the World Wide Web (HTML) version at:
    				     TABLE OF CONTENTS
    P1. MK3 PC technical info.
    P2. MK3 PC features/questions. 
    P3. MK3 PC tips/tricks/cheats.
    P4. Contributors.
    					P1. MK3 PC TECHNICAL
    Q. What are the requirements?
    A. The requirements for MK3 PC version are as follows:  (recommended is
    meant by the author)
    Processor: 486dx33 min, 486dx66 rec
    RAM:  8 MB min, 16 MB rec
    Disk Space: 28 MB disk space
    CDROM: 2x min, 4x rec
    Joystick recommended, 4 button (Gravis Gamepad, Suncom SFX, etc...)
    Sound card HIGHLY recommended: (In alphabetical order) 
    	Gravis Ultrasound	
    	ESS ES688
    	Media Vision Audio Spectrum
    	NMC Wavejammer                
    	Roland RAP-10
    	Sound Blaster family (SB, SBPRO, SB16, VIBRA16, AWE32)
    Q.  How are the graphics done?
    A. The graphics are NOT done in Super VGA (640x480), but done in VGA.
    Even with this though, the graphics are great. All the backgrounds and
    character graphics are done excellently! Every color is there (Sheeva's
    green blood), all the detail is there (the readable letters on the curch
    walls), and all the background animation is there (the papers flying in
    the street.)
    Q. How are the sounds?
    A. Evidently, the sounds were ported straight from the arcade, and in to
    your CDROM drive, as they are all  there, from Liu Kang's Bicycle Kick
    to Night Wolf's Bow & Arrow. Music is played directly from the CD,
    resulting in, well, cd quality 16bit sound.
    Q. Who made this game?
    A. This game is being distributed by GT Interactive. Sculptered Software
    was the company the actually made the conversion, and a very good
    conversion they made.
    Q. What operating system does it run under?
    A. The game was designed to run under DOS, but I found that I ran it
    under Win95 with no problems. It uses DOS4GW and requires very little
    memory configuration. The conventional memory (the area from 0 to 640k)
    requirement is only ~ 520k (or maybe even lower, I haven't tried.)
    Q. Is there a demo I can get to try it out before I buy it?
    A. Yes, there is! The demo features Jax and Sheeva playable, in the
    church and on the rooftop. There is an excellent demo FAQ located at:
    http://rat.org/mk/mk3pcdem.faq.  You can download the demo at:
    - World Wide Web:
    * http://www.globalnews.com/cgi-bin/sidney/mk3/mk3demo.zip
    * http://wuarchive.wustl.edu/pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/game_demos/mk3demo.zip
    * http://rat.org/pub/mk/msdos/mk3demo.zip
    * http://rat.org/pub/mk/msdos/mk3demo-split/
    - FTP:
    * ftp://ftp.pht.com/.3/gamehead/m/mk3demo.zip
    * ftp://rat.org/pub/mk/msdos/mk3demo.zip
    * ftp://rat.org/pub/mk/msdos/mk3demo-split/
    * ftp://brawl.mindlink.net/pub/mk3/pc/
    * ftp://ftp.wustl.edu/pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/mk3/mk3demo.zip
    Q. How do I use all 6 required buttons with MK3 if it only supports 4
    button joysticks?
    A. Get the Suncom SFX joypad. It functions as a keyboard emulator,
    enabling you to program whatever keys you want to the Suncom with great
    speed and accuracy. I highly recommend it!
    Q. What's up with this modem play and network play I hear about - is it
    A. Yes, you bet it's _mostly_ true. You are not able as of the moment to
    play over the modem, but network tournament play is available.  The
    network play is pretty refined, resulting in good end to end times.  The
    gameplay is a bit sluggish, but if you have a nice fast connection, with
    a nice fast computer, you'll barely notice.
    Q. What new with characters?
    A. Well, first thing's first, Smoke is there, but he does requires the
    Kommand Prompt Kode (see below). He is then now choosable as a main 
    player in the character select screen. Not only that, but Shao Kahn and 
    Motaro are playable! This is done by using a code.
    Q. How about the fighting itself?
    A. Well, there are many new VS. Codes yet to be discovered, and it is
    rumored that 90% of the VS Codes will be PC version native! What a
    Q. Hey, I find that I am in the same three stages over and over! What
    A. You are not allowed to do an uppercut on the "Soul Chamber" stage.
    Just wait till you are there again and do NOT uppercut your opponent.
    Q. What are some VS. Codes?
    A. Vs Codes are the the numbers of times you press either the low kick,
    block, or low punch (respectively). Just enter these:
    * 100-100 = No Throws
    * 020-020 = No Blocking
    * 987-123 = No PowerBars.
    * 033-000 = Half energy for Player 1.
    * 000-033 = Half Energy for Player 2.
    * 707-000 = 1/4 energy for Player 1.
    * 000-707 = 1/4 energy for Player 2.
    * 688-422 = Dark Fighting
    * 460-460 = Random Morphing (Really Kool)
    * 985-125 = Dark Fighting,Random Morphing,No blocks,and NoPowerBars.
    * 466-466 = Unlimited Run
    * 642-468 = Galaga
    * 282-282 = No Fear
    * 123-926 = There is No knowledge that is not power.
    * 987-666 = Hold flippers during casino run.
    * 969-141 = Winner fights Motaro.
    * 769-342 - Winner fights Noob Saibot.
    * 033-564 = Winner fights Shao Kahn.
    * 205-205 = Winner fights Smoke.
    * 101-000 = Player 1 heals up after each hit over a one second period.
    * 000-101 = Player 2 heals up after each hit over a one second period.
    Q. How do I be Motaro or Shao Kahn?
    A. It comes in the form of the Kommand Prompt Kode. Please note
    that this is only enabled in two player games. Use the following:
    * "C:\MK3\MK3 1000000"   -  Play as Motaro or Shao Kahn
    Q. Are there any other cheats or tricks?
    A.  Yes, there are. They are in the form of an addition to the
    execution of MK3. Instead of running MK3 by typing "C:\MK3\MK3",
    type the following (without the quotes, and substituting the 
    directory names and drives if need be):
    * "C:\MK3\MK3 0666"   -    Enables Smoke to be playable
    * "C:\MK3\MK3 1995"   -    Makes all players invisible
    * "C:\MK3\MK3 9966"   -    Flips everyone around (backwards)
    * "C:\MK3\MK3 8000"   -    Enables Turbo mode
    * "C:\MK3\MK3 8888"   -    Makes all players very very wide
    * "C:\MK3\MK3 1111"   -    Makes all players very very thin
    * "C:\MK3\MK3 12345"   -  Makes players very tall
    * "C:\MK3\MK3 54321"   -  Makes players very short
    Q. Is there anyway to make all this easier?
    A. Yes! Download the following file: mk3c.com at:  (Netscape users may have to hold "Shift"); it does not contain a virus as it was scanned by McAfee AntiVirus 95.
    * http://happypuppy.com/digitale/mk3c.com
     Place the file in your Mortal Kombat 3 directory, and run it instead of the game by typing MK3C. This will
    bring up a menu that allows you to choose to run MK3 with a cheat, or without. (Cheat Menu version 1.0 by
    Jon Reinberg)
    Q. How about moves and fatalities and such?
    A. There are some very good moves and tricks FAQs available around the
    net. Please do note that they most were made for the arcade and some
    moves may not work on the PC version. The FAQs are available at:
    - World Wide Web:
    * http://rat.org/mk/mk3pcdem.faq
    * http://rat.org/mk/mk3rat20.faq
    * http://www.umich.edu/~ryandhoz/mk3/
    * http://www.public.asu.edu/~ermac/mk/faqs/mk3_cmpn.txt
    * http://www-unix.oit.umass.edu/~kcm/Kombat/faqs/mk320faq.nyman
    - Newsgroups:
    * alt.games.mk
    * alt.games.mk.mk3
    * comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action
    Thank you to everyone who contributed and put out an original MK3 arcade 
    FAQ that I may have borrowed a bit from.  Here are the FAQs I took some 
    info from:
    http://rat.org/mk/mk3pcdem.faq - MK3 PC version demo FAQ
    http://rat.org/mk/mk3rat20.faq - MK3 Arcade FAQ revision 23
    http://www.umn.edu/nlhome/m447/reinb001/mk3pcfaq.txt - MK3 PC version
    rein0001@gold.tc.umn.edu - Writer of this FAQ - yay!
    dreg@fast.net - Writer of another MK3 PC FAQ - yay!
    - The end!

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