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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 11/25/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Might and Magic I FAQ/Walkthrough
    (including Items/Monsters/Spells listing for Apple)
    Valid for Apple and NES and, more likely than not, the PC
    Version 1.0.1
    Copyright 2000-2005 Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net.
    Please do not redistribute for profit without my consent.  This took time to 
    write and would have taken more without a lot of experience parsing Apple 
    disk data.  However, if you contact me with a *SPECIFIC* query to post this 
    FAQ on your site I will probably be in an agreeable mood. Or I may not 
    respond. Which is sort of a passive no but nothing personal.
    This document does reveal the special abilities(not including use in puzzles) 
    of every item in the game, so there is a potential for spoiling aside from 
    walkthroughs.  As MM1 doesn't tell you these things specifically(well, 
    there's a lot it doesn't tell you, which adds to the challenge in some ways,) 
    perhaps people who still enjoy poking around in this game(or who wondered 
    about certain things in the game) will enjoy this chart.
    I also have a script document with more detailed information.
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        1-2. WHERE TO GET IT
      2. CONTROLS
        2-1. APPLE
          2-1-2. COMBAT BASICS
        2-2. NES
          2-2-1. MENUS AND SUCH
            2-2-1-1. SIMPLE
            2-2-1-2. CAST
            2-2-1-3. USE
            2-2-1-4. CAMP
            2-2-1-5. VENDOR MENUS
      3. ITEMS(APPLE)
        3-1. LAUNDRY LIST
        3-1a. NES ADDENDUM
        3-2. WHAT'S GOOD, WHAT'S NOT
          3-4-1. APPLE
          3-4-2. NES
        4-1. LAUNDRY LIST
        4-1a. NES ADDENDUM
        4-2. WHO TO WATCH FOR
          4-2-1. APPLE
          4-2-2. NES
        5-1. THE BIG LIST
        6-1. APPLE
        6-2. NES
        7-1. GETTING STARTED
          7-1-1. CHARACTER CREATION
            7-1-1-1. APPLE
            7-1-1-2. NES
            7-1-1-3. WHAT ATTRIBUTES MEAN
          7-1-2. WHERE (NOT) TO GO, EARLY ON
          7-1-3. WHAT TO (TRY TO) BUY
          7-2-1. QUEST RELATED
          7-2-2. FIGHT RELATED
          7-3-1. WITH ITEMS ON THE SIDE
          7-3-2. JUST PLAIN EXPERIENCE
          7-4-1. BENEATH ERLIQUIN
        8-1. VITAL TO THE GAME
        8-2. SIDE STUFF
          8-2-1. OG
          8-2-2. THE "WORTHY" QUEST
            8-2-2-1. RAISING ATTRIBUTES
            8-2-2-2. RECHARGING
          8-2-5. WHITE WOLF/LORD WOLF
          8-2-6. PRISONERS
          8-2-7. MISCELLANEOUS FUN
        9-1. APPLE
        9-2. NES
      10. MISCELLANY
        10-1. APPLE VS NES VS PC
        10-2. BUGS
        10-3. WEIRD CHEATS
        10-4. BYTE EDITING
      11. VERSIONS
      12. CREDITS
      Might and Magic I started off a pretty big franchise, didn't it? This game 
    is the humble beginning of it all. It promised so much but got jumbled on the 
    way to being an Apple game. There was too much to do and not enough 
    instruction. MM2 tamed things down a bit. But what really made MM1 annoying 
    was--the monsters were IMPOSSIBLE. Well, any one fight was ok, but eventually 
    you'd get zapped with a random bad one. Or you'd be home free...and a door 
    would blow up in your party's face.
      It took me several cracks to figure out how to whip the Apple version. The 
    basic idea is to find a fight you can win easily that gets lots of experience 
    and hit the game over the head until you get to the level you want to. Oh, 
    and to find which quests are the important ones. Surprisingly, it's some of 
    the easier quests.
      New World had a walkthrough in their reissue of MMI with II-V(see below) 
    but I wasn't really satisfied with it. Hopefully this will give you a quick 
    way(or ways) to build your characters up and get on with things.
      Many of the parts of the walkthrough apply to any system. Those won't be 
    specially noted. But instead of having two vastly similar sections, I may 
    have (A2) or (NES) or (PC) or a combination thereof to talk about platform-
    specific cases.
        1-2. WHERE TO GET IT
      I'm not going to tell you how to get a ROM of the NES version, but the 
    Apple version is at:
      The best emulator to use is Tom Charlesworth's AppleWin. With save states, 
    you can in effect save your game when you are not in town, which is handy! It 
    also doesn't have any disk-loading time like the old apple and has lots of 
    hotkeys and accelerators.
      The PC version is in some Might and Magic collections on eBay, and comes 
    with its superior sequels(II-V.) It's maybe $10 and well worth it.
      If you do emulate with the NES, the same principles apply as to the Apple. 
    In fact the character data structures are the same--except for the name--so 
    you can edit easily, or use save states as checkpoints, or even experiment. I 
      On the NES you can flee from fights. On other systems it's nearly 
    impossible to. What's more, the fight you fled from VANISHES unless it's a 
    big critical one.
      On the NES combat damage is more controlled, and fewer enemies have weapons 
    that can outright kill one player. It also shows how many HP your opponents 
    have. Monsters aren't likely to blow you up out of the box, either. Oh, and 
    fighters get attacks every 4 levels rather than every 8. It makes a big 
      Combat is set up differently. Enemies have 3 in their front line.
      The NES labels spells by name and not by number, which is very useful when 
    you can't remember which of 4-1 and 4-2 cures disease or poison, but you've 
    only got 5 spell points left and looking at a manual just ruins the 
    adventuring spirit.
      Thieves are much more likely to open traps on the NES, almost to the point 
    of where you feel locks are pointless.
      The NES's text is more laconic due to space limitations on text boxes. But 
    you also have more mini-pictures.
      The NES lets you start with one player and trade off others at inns. You 
    can even change classes. Oh and Sorcerers are known as Wizards. The Bard's 
    Tale advancement guild might be upset at such ambiguities.
      2. CONTROLS
      Controls for the Apple are a bit counterintuitive, and what got fixed with 
    the NES version was set back by the awkward limitations of the NES 
    controller. It was made for action games, not RPGs. Below I'll try to go 
    through the things you need to know to get through the game without too much 
    hassle, and weird things the game might throw at you that you don't need to 
    worry about.
        2-1. APPLE
      Did I mention there's no real reason NOT to go at near-fastest speed? Keep 
    the combat delay at 5 so you can read what's happened to your charges. Also, 
    take a second or two to memorize the order your party characters appear in 
    the list(i.e. hold down ctrl-f-b-e-a-c-d or whatever.) You'll be getting 
    killed a lot early, and that's just part of the learning curve, and the game.
      The arrows work very well. Remember you can backtrack into open space, and 
    you also want to get several "macros" down in your head. For instance, to 
    have your sorcerer cast jump, remember C624[enter]. T24A trades item A to 
    player 2, etc.
          2-1-2. COMBAT BASICS
      Ctrl-A is wonderful against outmatched monsters. However, if your archer 
    gets a powerful missile weapon you'll want to use him to shoot opponents 
    down. Be sure to use "Q" a lot to check party status. You can also figure who 
    goes when through experience or by noting their speed--the tiebreak being 
    position in your party.
      The NES may have rapid-fire for some of its emulators, but unfortunately 
    you can't hold a button down.
        2-2. NES
          2-2-1. MENUS AND SUCH
      There's a lot of flashing on and off during the course of the game and 
    you'll want to keep that to a minimum. It's also a good idea to know which 
    menus to click, where, to do what you want. One oddity is that you can 
    generally scroll down from the bottom of a menu to the top but not vice 
    [Start] shows party attributes, current HP, magic points, magic levels, gems, 
    food units, class and any condition.
    FA=fainted(down to 0 HP in combat)
    You can have more than one of these unfavorable conditions, except for the 
    last two.
    [Select] has a nice auto-map which, for outside areas, is light on details 
    and doesn't even show nearby towns. But indoors, it auto-maps places you've 
    been as long as you've had a light source in the process.
    [B] bashes and moves you forward, and the directional pad does what you'd 
    expect, although you can't move backwards through a door.
    [A] brings up the character options menu, and generally [A] selects an option 
    and [B] goes back. The menu consists of many items we'll need to look at 
    OPEN   USE
    ROW    VIEW
            2-2-1-1. SIMPLE
    Easy ones first:
    SEARCH is useful after a fight, to see if there is any treasure. It doesn't 
    always pick up extra planned loot beyond a combat(i.e. wyverns hiding the 
    wyvern eye in C3) but the options are relatively simple: open, detect(Cleric 
    casts level 1 spell) untrap(robber) or cancel.
    OPEN allows you to scroll up and downamong party members to see who opens the 
    door. Hint: always the robber.
    ROW exchanges party position.
    VIEW allows you to view a party member's statistics.
    PROT shows the spells protecting your party. These can be the ones bought 
    with donations from the temple or from some of your own spells. For elements 
    you get a percentage.
    SPEED toggles game speed(fast, medium, slow) with the up/down arrows. There's 
    enough activity to slow things down that I keep it in FAST.
    CANCEL gets rid of the menu.
            2-2-1-2. CAST
    Now for the complex ones: CAST brings up a menu as follows
    LEV1 LEV5
    LEV2 LEV6
    LEV3 LEV7
    Depending on your spellcaster level
    (level+1)/2 up to 7 for cleric/sorcerer
    (level-5)/2 up to 4 for archer/paladin
    0 for fighter/robber
    You can only use certain spells. The game will forbid you from using too- 
    advanced spells, but if you can cast spells, you'll get one more menu. It'll 
    be a brief description of each spell, i.e. the cleric level-1 below.
    AIM    CURE3
    Highlight the one you want, and the NES will make sure you can cast it.
            2-2-1-3. USE
    USE asks for:
      1. a player
      2. equipment or backpack(up/down toggle)
      3. which item?
    If an item isn't usable for magic purposes, the game doesn't quite say that, 
    and in addition if you use an item the last time the game flashes "Useless!" 
    meaning it's useless now, but your last use was OK.
            2-2-1-4. CAMP
    CAMP contains much more than resting. The default on resting is no but even 
    if you're in a dangerous area you'll still need(and be able) to go through 
    CAMP to exchange things around.
    Before resting make sure everyone has food. If you click "no" on resting you 
    get the following menu:
    Each character has slots for up to 6 items in his backpack. He can trade or 
    drop them at will. He also has 6 slots to equip although you'll probably 
    never use them all. If you choose to equip, you have a choice of items in 
    your backpack. Once you've picked EQUIP, just pick one and then pick a spot 
    in your equipped inventory(it doesn't matter.) Equipping will fail if you're 
    the wrong class(Sorcerer wearing plate) or if you already have one of that 
    sort of item(long sword and broad sword.) You'll need to REMOVE first.
    Removing is just the reverse of equipping with the only danger being that 
    your item might be cursed. I generally try to sell an item to the store and 
    decline their offer, just to check. On the Apple version you can just sell 
    cursed items back. Removing will also fail if your backpack is full.
    TRADE applies to your backpack items as well. You have to make sure the 
    recipient's backpack isn't full.
    DROP is useful for useless items you can't sell.
    SHARE lets you know who has what gold--gold is always pooled if one person 
    can't afford something. You can also share gems in ratios, which is handy. 
    You need to re-share gems occasionally, as usually the person opening the 
    treasure(your robber) gets them all. But only spellcasters can use them.
            2-2-1-5. VENDOR MENUS
    The armory is probably the trickiest place where you need to use menus. But 
    the menus feature the same up/down, A to go forward and B to go back. You 
    need to affirm each choice with [A].
      You'll need to enter a word to solve certain puzzles, and you'll also need 
    to enter, well, your character's name to get things going. Anything up to six 
    letters. Character input on the NES is defined by three rows
      Use the up/down arrows to move between rows, the left/right to move 
    along(you can scroll off the side) and A to enter a letter, B to take it 
      3. ITEMS
        3-1. LAUNDRY LIST
    The list of the 256 items, including "useless item" after a magic item has 
    been used the last time, is below. Sorry about the ALL CAPS. I derived the 
    list directly from disk. But I suspect the current version is more than 
    functional enough.
    "Used by" contains class abbreviations, R for robber, S for sorceror, C for 
    cleric, A for archer, P for paladin, and K for knight. E/G denotes which 
    alignment can use it.  "EG" means that neutrals can use it, too. If the field 
    is blank, that means only neutrals can use it.
      SPECIAL determines if the item has special features, increases protection 
    or attributes.
      EQUIP means it can be equipped
      NONE means it can't be, and anything else means it is equippable and either 
    provides protection against something or adds to an attribute.
      AMT says how much those attributes are increased by.  For instance, COLD/50 
    increases cold resistance by 50 per cent.
      MAGIC indicates if the item can cast magic spells--if so, the number of 
    charges is indicated.
      COST means the cost in gold. To you. You can sell the item for half that.
      DMG gives the item's maximum base damage.  This is only relevant for 
    weapons.  A club, for instance, would do 1-3 damage, for a character of 
    average might.
      AC/DMG tells of the armor class bonus to the character if the item is 
    armor, or extra damage added to DMG.  For instance, a spear +1 would do 1-6 
    damage PLUS 1. Padded +1 would give +1 for padded, +1, or +2 total.
    General observations:  a lot of these items have arbitrary evil/good 
    alignments, and the cursed "Bracers AC 8" and "Large Shield +2" and "Chain 
    Mail +3" are nasty tricks, although some of the other cursed items are funny.  
    In Might and Magic II, the magic pluses were not part of the item, which made 
    the item list more flexible and allowed for more items(Chain Mail +1 and 
    Chain Mail have the same item number in the sequel, with an additional byte 
    to specify magic charge.)  Also, the extra attributes added by magic items 
    are arbitrary.  And some items which are useless for combat and spell purpose 
    are critical to solve the game.
    Note that many columns do not apply for many items.
    CLUB          |RSCAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |1    |3  |0     |
    DAGGER        |RS APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |5    |4  |0     |
    HAND AXE      |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |10   |5  |0     |
    SPEAR         |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |15   |6  |0     |
    SHORT SWORD   |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |20   |6  |0     |
    MACE          |R CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |25   |6  |0     |
    FLAIL         |R CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |40   |7  |0     |
    SCIMITAR      |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |40   |7  |0     |
    BROAD SWORD   |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |50   |7  |0     |
    BATTLE AXE    |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |60   |0  |0     |
    LONG SWORD    |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |60   |8  |0     |
    CLUB +1       |RSCAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |30   |3  |1     |
    CLUB +2       |RSCAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |100  |3  |2     |
    DAGGER +1     |RS APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |50   |4  |1     |
    HAND AXE +1   |R  APKE |LUCK   |1  |N 0  |75   |5  |1     |
    SPEAR +1      |   APK G|LUCK   |1  |N 0  |100  |6  |1     |
    SHORT SWORD +1|R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |100  |6  |1     |
    MACE +1       |R CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |125  |6  |1     |
    FLAIL +1      |R CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |200  |7  |1     |
    SCIMITAR +1   |R  APK G|LUCK   |2  |N 0  |250  |7  |1     |
    BROAD SWORD +1|R  APKE |LUCK   |2  |N 0  |300  |7  |1     |
    BATTLE AXE +1 |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |300  |8  |1     |
    LONG SWORD +1 |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |300  |8  |1     |
    FLAMING CLUB  |RSCAPKEG|FIRE   |20 |Y 30 |500  |3  |3     |
    CLUB OF NOISE |RSCAPKEG|CURSE  |0  |N 0  |100  |3  |0     |
    DAGGER +2     |RS APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |Y 25 |200  |4  |2     |
    HAND AXE +2   |R  APK G|LUCK   |2  |N 0  |225  |5  |2     |
    SPEAR +2      |   APKE |LUCK   |2  |N 0  |250  |6  |2     |
    SHORT SWORD +2|R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |Y 15 |300  |6  |2     |
    MACE +2       |R CAPKEG|PERS   |1  |Y 10 |325  |6  |2     |
    FLAIL +2      |R CAPKEG|PERS   |1  |Y 15 |350  |7  |2     |
    SCIMITAR +2   |R  APKE |MIGHT  |1  |N 0  |400  |7  |2     |
    BROAD SWORD +2|R  APK G|MIGHT  |1  |N 0  |400  |7  |2     |
    BATTLE AXE +2 |R  APKEG|FIRE   |20 |Y 10 |500  |8  |2     |
    LONG SWORD +2 |R  APKEG|ELEM   |20 |Y 10 |550  |8  |2     |
    ROYAL DAGGER  |RS APK  |EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |2500 |4  |0     |
    DAGGER OF MIND| S    EG|INT    |3  |Y 20 |750  |4  |3     |
    DIAMOND DAGGER| S    EG|MIGHT  |4  |N 0  |800  |160|4     |
    ELECTRIC SPEAR|   APKEG|ELEC   |40 |Y 16 |1200 |6  |3     |
    HOLY MACE     |  C    G|PERS   |3  |Y 5  |2000 |6  |4     |
    UN-HOLY MACE  |  C   E |PERS   |3  |Y 5  |2000 |6  |4     |
    DARK FLAIL    |  CAPKE |CURSE  |0  |Y 10 |600  |3  |0     |
    FLAIL OF FEAR |  C   EG|FEAR   |40 |Y 8  |1600 |7  |3     |
    LUCKY SCIMITAR|R  APKEG|LUCK   |5  |N 0  |2200 |7  |4     |
    MACE OF UNDEAD|  CAPK G|CURSE  |0  |Y 5  |500  |6  |0     |
    COLD AXE      |    PKEG|COLD   |40 |Y 10 |2500 |8  |3     |
    ELECTRIC SWORD|   APKEG|ELEC   |40 |Y 10 |2200 |8  |3     |
    FLAMING SWORD |   APKEG|FIRE   |50 |Y 10 |2200 |8  |3     |
    SWORD OF MIGHT|     KEG|MIGHT  |6  |Y 30 |8000 |8  |5     |
    SWORD OF SPEED|   APKEG|SPEED  |6  |Y 20 |7000 |8  |5     |
    SHARP SWORD   |    PKE |MAGIC  |21 |Y 5  |6500 |10 |4     |
    ACCURATE SWORD|   APK G|ACCY   |6  |Y 10 |6500 |8  |6     |
    SWORD OF MAGIC|R  APKEG|MAGIC  |30 |Y 15 |10000|8  |5     |
    IMMORTAL SWORD|R  APK G|LUCK   |5  |Y 25 |7000 |8  |4     |
    AXE PROTECTOR |   APKEG|MAGIC  |25 |Y 15 |8013 |8  |5     |
    AXE DESTROYER |    PKE |MIGHT  |4  |Y 6  |8000 |8  |5     |
    X!XX!X'S SWORD|R  APK  |LUCK   |15 |Y 10 |6000 |8  |4     |
    ADAMANTINE AXE|   APKEG|LUCK   |8  |Y 5  |12000|8  |5     |
    ULTIMATE SWORD|R  APKEG|MIGHT  |10 |Y 20 |15000|20 |6     |
    ELEMENT SWORD |R  APKEG|MAGIC  |25 |Y 10 |12000|8  |5     |
    SLING         |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |10   |4  |0     |
    CROSSBOW      |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |50   |6  |0     |
    SHORT BOW     |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |75   |8  |0     |
    LONG BOW      |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |100  |10 |0     |
    GREAT BOW     |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |250  |12 |0     |
    SLING +1      |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |50   |4  |1     |
    CROSSBOW +1   |R  APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |250  |6  |1     |
    SHORT BOW +1  |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |375  |8  |1     |
    LONG BOW +1   |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |500  |10 |1     |
    GREAT BOW +1  |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |1250 |12 |1     |
    MAGIC SLING   |R  APKEG|MAGIC  |10 |Y 10 |800  |4  |3     |
    CROSSBOW +2   |R  A  EG|ACCY   |2  |N 0  |1003 |6  |2     |
    SHORT BOW +2  |   APKE |HOLY   |10 |N 0  |1000 |8  |2     |
    LONG BOW +2   |   APK G|HOLY   |10 |N 0  |1200 |10 |2     |
    GREAT BOW +2  |   APKEG|FEAR   |30 |N 0  |2000 |12 |2     |
    CROSSBOW LUCK |R  A  EG|LUCK   |3  |Y 20 |2000 |6  |3     |
    CROSSBOW SPEED|R  APKEG|SPEED  |4  |Y 10 |2000 |6  |3     |
    LIGHTNING BOW |   APK G|ELEC   |20 |Y 10 |3000 |10 |3     |
    FLAMING BOW   |   APKE |FIRE   |20 |Y 10 |3000 |10 |3     |
    GIANT'S BOW   |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |2000 |20 |3     |
    THE MAGIC BOW |   APK G|MAGIC  |20 |Y 5  |6000 |16 |4     |
    BOW OF POWER  |   APKE |FEAR   |40 |Y 15 |6000 |16 |4     |
    ROBBER'S X-BOW|R     EG|SPEED  |4  |Y 10 |8000 |10 |5     |
    ARCHER'S BOW  |   A  EG|ACCY   |5  |Y 10 |12000|20 |5     |
    STAFF         | SCAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |30   |8  |0     |
    GLAIVE        |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |80   |10 |0     |
    BARDICHE      |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |80   |10 |0     |
    HALBERD       |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |100  |12 |0     |
    GREAT HAMMER  |  CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |150  |12 |0     |
    GREAT AXE     |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |150  |12 |0     |
    FLAMBERGE     |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |250  |14 |0     |
    STAFF +1      | SCAPKEG|INT    |1  |N 0  |200  |8  |1     |
    GLAIVE +1     |   APKE |SPEED  |1  |N 0  |350  |10 |1     |
    BARDICHE +1   |   APK G|SPEED  |1  |N 0  |350  |10 |1     |
    HALBERD +1    |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |500  |12 |1     |
    GREAT HAMMER+1|  CAPKEG|PERS   |1  |N 0  |550  |12 |1     |
    GREAT AXE +1  |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |500  |12 |1     |
    FLAMBERGE +1  |   APKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |600  |14 |1     |
    STAFF +2      | SCAPKEG|LUCK   |2  |Y 10 |600  |8  |2     |
    GLAIVE +2     |   APKE |SPEED  |2  |N 0  |900  |10 |2     |
    BARDICHE +2   |   APK G|SPEED  |2  |N 0  |900  |10 |2     |
    HALBERD +2    |   APKEG|SPEED  |3  |Y 20 |1200 |12 |2     |
    GREAT HAMMER+2|  CAPKEG|PERS   |2  |Y 20 |1200 |12 |2     |
    GREAT AXE +2  |   APKEG|MIGHT  |2  |Y 10 |1200 |12 |2     |
    FLAMBERGE +2  |   APKEG|MIGHT  |2  |Y 10 |2000 |14 |2     |
    STAFF OF LIGHT| SCAPKEG|HOLY   |40 |Y 20 |1500 |8  |3     |
    COLD GLAIVE   |   APKE |COLD   |40 |Y 20 |2500 |10 |3     |
    CURING STAFF  | SC    G|POISN  |30 |Y 12 |2500 |8  |3     |
    MINOTAUR'S AXE|   APKEG|CURSE  |0  |N 0  |2000 |3  |0     |
    THUNDER HAMMER|  C   EG|ELEC   |40 |Y 15 |3500 |12 |4     |
    GREAT AXE +3  |   APKEG|MIGHT  |4  |Y 10 |3500 |12 |3     |
    FLAMBERGE +3  |   APKEG|MIGHT  |4  |Y 10 |5000 |14 |3     |
    SORCERER STAFF| S    EG|INT    |4  |Y 10 |8000 |8  |5     |
    STAFF OF MAGIC| SCAPKEG|MAGIC  |25 |Y 10 |5000 |8  |4     |
    DEMON'S GLAIVE|   A K  |ELEM   |50 |Y 40 |10000|10 |5     |
    DEVIL'S GLAIVE|   A K  |COLD   |50 |Y 40 |10000|10 |5     |
    THE FLAMBERGE |   APKEG|MIGHT  |10 |Y 10 |15000|30 |6     |
    HOLY FLAMBERGE|    P  G|MAGIC  |50 |Y 15 |20000|20 |6     |
    EVIL FLAMBERGE|    P E |MAGIC  |50 |Y 15 |20000|20 |6     |
    PADDED ARMOR  |RSCAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |10   |0  |1     |
    LEATHER ARMOR |R CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |20   |0  |2     |
    SCALE ARMOR   |R CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |50   |0  |3     |
    RING MAIL     |R CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |100  |0  |4     |
    CHAIN MAIL    |  CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |200  |0  |5     |
    SPLINT MAIL   |    PKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |400  |0  |6     |
    PLATE MAIL    |    PKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |1000 |0  |7     |
    PADDED +1     |RSCAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |25   |0  |2     |
    LEATHER +1    |R CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |60   |0  |3     |
    SCALE +1      |R CAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |120  |0  |4     |
    RING MAIL +1  |R CAPKEG|FIRE   |5  |N 0  |250  |0  |5     |
    CHAIN MAIL +1 |  CAPKEG|FIRE   |5  |N 0  |500  |0  |6     |
    SPLINT MAIL +1|    PKEG|FIRE   |10 |N 0  |1000 |0  |7     |
    PLATE MAIL +1 |    PKEG|FIRE   |10 |N 0  |2500 |0  |8     |
    LEATHER +2    |R CAPKEG|ELEC   |10 |N 0  |150  |0  |4     |
    SCALE +2      |R CAPKEG|COLD   |10 |N 0  |300  |0  |5     |
    RING MAIL +2  |R CAPKEG|FIRE   |15 |N 0  |750  |0  |6     |
    CHAIN MAIL +2 |  CAPKEG|FIRE   |15 |N 0  |1500 |0  |7     |
    SPLINT MAIL +2|    PKEG|FIRE   |20 |N 0  |2500 |0  |8     |
    PLATE MAIL +2 |    PKEG|FIRE   |20 |N 0  |7500 |0  |9     |
    BRACERS AC 4  |RS A  EG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |1000 |0  |4     |
    RING MAIL +3  |R CAPKEG|SPEED  |2  |N 0  |2000 |0  |7     |
    CHAIN MAIL +3 |  CAPKEG|LUCK   |4  |N 0  |4500 |0  |8     |
    SPLINT MAIL +3|    PKEG|MIGHT  |2  |N 0  |7500 |0  |9     |
    PLATE MAIL +3 |    PKEG|FIRE   |50 |N 0  |15000|0  |10    |
    BRACERS AC 6  |RS A  EG|FEAR   |20 |Y 20 |2500 |0  |6     |
    CHAIN MAIL +3 |  CAPKEG|CURSE  |0  |N 0  |4500 |0  |0     |
    BRACERS AC 8  |RSCAPKEG|CURSE  |0  |N 0  |7500 |0  |0     |
    BLUE RING MAIL|R CAPKEG|ELEC   |60 |Y 30 |10000|0  |9     |
    RED CHAIN MAIL|  CAPKEG|FIRE   |60 |Y 30 |15000|0  |10    |
    X!XX!X'S PLATE|    PK  |LUCK   |10 |Y 10 |18000|0  |11    |
    HOLY PLATE    |    P  G|MAGIC  |40 |Y 30 |25000|0  |12    |
    UN-HOLY PLATE |    P E |MAGIC  |40 |Y 30 |25000|0  |12    |
    ULTIMATE PLATE| S A KEG|MAGIC  |40 |Y 30 |30000|0  |13    |
    BRACERS AC 8  |RS A  EG|FEAR   |60 |Y 40 |7500 |0  |8     |
    SMALL SHIELD  |R C PKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |10   |0  |1     |
    LARGE SHIELD  |R C PKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |50   |0  |2     |
    SILVER SHIELD |R C PKEG|HOLY   |20 |N 0  |100  |0  |2     |
    SMALL SHIELD+1|R C PKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |100  |0  |2     |
    LARGE SHIELD+1|R C PKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |200  |0  |3     |
    LARGE SHIELD+1|R C PKEG|CURSE  |0  |N 0  |200  |0  |0     |
    SMALL SHIELD+2|R C PKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |400  |0  |3     |
    LARGE SHIELD+2|R C PKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |800  |0  |4     |
    LARGE SHIELD+2|R C PKEG|CURSE  |0  |N 0  |800  |0  |0     |
    FIRE SHIELD   |R C PKEG|FIRE   |20 |N 0  |2500 |0  |5     |
    COLD SHIELD   |R C PKEG|COLD   |20 |N 0  |2500 |0  |5     |
    ELEC SHIELD   |R C PKEG|ELEC   |20 |N 0  |2500 |0  |5     |
    ACID SHIELD   |R C PKEG|ELEM   |20 |N 0  |2500 |0  |5     |
    MAGIC SHIELD  |R C PKEG|MAGIC  |20 |Y 20 |5000 |0  |6     |
    DRAGON SHIELD |R C PKEG|MAGIC  |10 |Y 20 |8000 |0  |7     |
    ROPE & HOOKS  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |10   |0  |0     |
    TORCH         |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 1  |2    |0  |0     |
    LANTERN       |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 10 |20   |0  |0     |
    10 FOOT POLE  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |10   |0  |0     |
    GARLIC        |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |5    |0  |0     |
    WOLFSBANE     |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |10   |0  |0     |
    BELLADONNA    |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |25   |0  |0     |
    MAGIC HERBS   |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 3  |50   |0  |0     |
    DRIED BEEF    |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 3  |40   |0  |0     |
    ROBBER'S TOOLS|R     EG|THIEF  |20 |N 0  |150  |0  |0     |
    BAG OF SILVER |RSCAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |300  |0  |0     |
    AMBER GEM     |RSCAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |N 0  |500  |0  |0     |
    SMELLING SALT |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 3  |50   |0  |0     |
    BAG OF SAND   |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 5  |100  |0  |0     |
    MIGHT POTION  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 3  |200  |0  |0     |
    SPEED POTION  |RSCAPKEG|EQUIP  |0  |Y 3  |200  |0  |0     |
    SUNDIAL       |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 50 |500  |0  |0     |
    CURING POTION |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 4  |350  |0  |0     |
    MAGIC POTION  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 2  |500  |0  |0     |
    DEFENSE RING  |RSCAPKEG|AC+    |1  |Y 30 |500  |0  |0     |
    BAG OF GARBAGE|RSCAPKEG|CURSE  |0  |N 0  |100  |0  |0     |
    SCROLL OF FIRE|RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 1  |300  |0  |0     |
    FLYING CARPET | S    EG|AC+    |2  |Y 10 |500  |0  |0     |
    JADE AMULET   |        |?????  |5  |N 0  |600  |0  |0     |
    ANTIDOTE BREW |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 2  |500  |0  |0     |
    SKILL POTION  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 5  |600  |0  |0     |
    BOOTS OF SPEED|RSCAPKEG|SPEED  |5  |Y 10 |800  |0  |0     |
    LUCKY CHARM   |RSCAPKEG|LUCK   |5  |Y 20 |800  |0  |0     |
    WAND OF FIRE  | S A  EG|FIRE   |15 |Y 10 |1000 |0  |0     |
    UNDEAD AMULET |RSCAPKEG|FEAR   |50 |Y 20 |800  |0  |0     |
    SILENT CHIME  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 20 |400  |0  |0     |
    BELT OF POWER |R   PKEG|MIGHT  |5  |N 0  |600  |0  |0     |
    MODEL BOAT    |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 15 |400  |0  |0     |
    DEFENSE CLOAK |RSCAPKEG|AC+    |2  |N 0  |700  |0  |0     |
    KNOWLEDGE BOOK| SCAP EG|INT    |2  |Y 4  |1000 |0  |0     |
    RUBY IDOL     |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |3000 |0  |0     |
    SORCERER ROBE | S    EG|INT    |5  |Y 20 |2500 |0  |0     |
    POWER GAUNTLET|R CAPKEG|MIGHT  |5  |N 0  |3000 |0  |0     |
    CLERIC'S BEADS|  C   EG|PERS   |5  |Y 50 |3000 |0  |0     |
    HORN OF DEATH |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 10 |2500 |0  |0     |
    POTION OF LIFE|RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 2  |1500 |0  |0     |
    SHINY PENDANT |RSCAPKEG|HOLY   |30 |Y 10 |2000 |0  |0     |
    LIGHTNING WAND|R CA  EG|ELEC   |20 |Y 10 |1500 |0  |0     |
    PRECISION RING|RSCAPKEG|ACCY   |5  |N 0  |3000 |0  |0     |
    RETURN SCROLL |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 1  |2000 |0  |0     |
    TELEPORT HELM |RSCAPKEG|MAGIC  |10 |Y 20 |5000 |0  |0     |
    YOUTH POTION  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 2  |4000 |0  |0     |
    BELLS OF TIME |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 50 |1000 |0  |0     |
    MAGIC OIL     |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 1  |1000 |0  |0     |
    MAGIC VEST    |RSCAPKEG|MAGIC  |20 |Y 10 |6000 |0  |0     |
    DESTROYER WAND| S A  EG|MAGIC  |10 |Y 10 |7000 |0  |0     |
    ELEMENT SCARAB|RSCAPKEG|PERS   |5  |Y 20 |6000 |0  |0     |
    SUN SCROLL    |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 1  |3000 |0  |0     |
    STAR RUBY     |RSCAPKEG|LUCK   |10 |Y 30 |6000 |0  |0     |
    STAR SAPPHIRE |RSCAPKEG|MAGIC  |30 |Y 10 |6000 |0  |0     |
    WEALTH CHEST  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 5  |6000 |0  |0     |
    GEM SACK      |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 10 |10000|0  |0     |
    DIAMOND COLLAR|RSCAPKEG|?????  |80 |Y 10 |10000|0  |0     |
    FIRE OPAL     |RSCAPKEG|?????  |80 |Y 10 |10000|0  |0     |
    UNOBTAINIUM   |        |?????  |5  |N 0  |50000|0  |0     |
    VELLUM SCROLL |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |10   |0  |0     |
    RUBY WHISTLE  |RSCAPKEG|LUCK   |2  |Y 200|500  |0  |0     |
    KINGS PASS    |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |0    |0  |0     |
    MERCHANTS PASS|RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |0    |0  |0     |
    CRYSTAL KEY   |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 10 |1000 |0  |0     |
    CORAL KEY     |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 10 |300  |0  |0     |
    BRONZE KEY    |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 20 |500  |0  |0     |
    SILVER KEY    |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 30 |600  |0  |0     |
    GOLD KEY      |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 15 |800  |0  |0     |
    DIAMOND KEY   |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 20 |2000 |0  |0     |
    CACTUS NECTAR |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 10 |400  |0  |0     |
    MAP OF DESERT |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 20 |400  |0  |0     |
    LASER BLASTER |RSCAPKEG|ACCY   |5  |Y 10 |2000 |0  |0     |
    DRAGONS TOOTH |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 10 |1500 |0  |0     |
    WYVERN EYE    |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 20 |1000 |0  |0     |
    MEDUSA HEAD   |RSCAPKEG|CURSE  |0  |N 0  |0    |0  |0     |
    RING OF OKRIM |RSCAPKEG|LUCK   |10 |Y 20 |3000 |0  |0     |
    B QUEEN IDOL  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |0    |0  |0     |
    W QUEEN IDOL  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |0    |0  |0     |
    PIRATES MAP A |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |1000 |0  |0     |
    PIRATES MAP B |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |2000 |0  |0     |
    THUNDRANIUM   |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 250|10000|0  |0     |
    KEY CARD      |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |0    |0  |0     |
    EYE OF GOROS  |RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |Y 20 |10000|0  |0     |
    (USELESS ITEM)|RSCAPKEG|NONE   |0  |N 0  |0    |0  |0     |
        3-1a. The NES is a bit fairer about cursed items. You can try to sell 
    something and the shop owner will either give you a price or say the item is 
    cursed. On the other hand you can't outright sell these items.
        3-2. WHAT'S GOOD, WHAT'S NOT
      Magic herbs are great for non-clerics, robbers especially, because they 
    allow you to heal fellow party members. This is valuable against enemies with 
    lots of hit points.
      Skill potions are often worth the investment because you can often beat up 
    enemies that give a LOT of gold once you've used the potions. Doing this 
    consistently can win big-experience fights and pile up the gold, too. Oh, and 
    you can sell them back for half-price after 4 uses, just as for one. Let's do 
    a cost comparison:
    600 / 5 uses = $120 per use
    (600-300) / 4 uses = $75 per use
      Dagger, Hand Axe, Short Sword, Sling, Crossbow, Staff
      Small shield, Padded, Leather, Scale, Ring, Chain
      Torch, Rope&Hooks, Garlic, Magic Herbs, Might Potion, Scroll of Fire
    Portsmouth: Spear, Mace, Scimitar, Short Bow, Glaive, Bardiche
      Small Shield, Large Shield, Padded, Leather, Scale, Ring
      Torch, Rope&Hooks, 10 foot pole, Smelling Salt, Curing Potion, Antidote 
      Broad Sword, Battle Axe, Crossbow, Long Bow, Halberd, Great Axe
      Large Shield, Padded, Ring, Chain, Splint, Plate
      Lantern, Garlic, Wolfsbane, Dried Beef, Bag of Sand, Antidote Brew
      Long Sword +1, Crossbow +1, Long Bow +1, Staff +1, Great Hammer+1, 
    Flamberge +1
      Large Shield+1, Padded +1, Ring Mail +1, Chain Mail +1, Splint Mail +1, 
    Plate Mail +1
      Robber's Tools, Skill Potion, Potion of Life, Return Scroll, Magic Oil, Sun 
      Flail, Long Sword, Long Bow, Great Bow, Great Hammer, Flamberge
      Large Shield, Scale, Ring, Chain, Splint, Plate
      Rope&Hooks, Lantern, Belladonna, Might Potion, Speed Potion, Scroll of Fire
      The important thing to remember here is that, if you use hand-me-downs, you 
    can save a nice chunk of cash. If you really want to risk things, wait to buy 
    that last +1 Large Shield instead of buying that last Large Shield, if you 
    can, and don't buy the Small Shields at all. Something may turn up in your 
    opponents' stash anyway. And whatever you do, don't buy regular plate mail. 
    Once you're rich enough for plate, you're probably rich enough for plate +1.
      An example of hand-me-downs might be buying padded armor and ring mail for 
    your front two. Then when you get enough money for a suit of chain, pass the 
    ring to fighter #2 and padded to your archer. Similar logic works for 
      The main thing to remember here is that you'll want to go to Dusk a lot 
    early on. If you don't have the fly spell, you can give a gem to the 
    leprechaun behind the secret door. Dusk does have an escape route, via the 
    basement. North, west to one trap, north to another, east and south, and 
    touch the portal. Speaking of Dusk, a great time to buy new stuff is after 
    Telgoran gives you that 500 gold for giving him his message.
      Also, be practical about what you buy. Getting a +1 Plate Mail with, say, 
    the money from the towns quest, when you could've gotten a few +1 Large 
    Shields, +1 Ring Mail, and +1 Chain Mails with change left over doesn't make 
    sense. You can hand the chain mails down later, of course.
          3-4-1. APPLE
    Knight: Plate +1, Long Sword, Large Shield +1
    Paladin: Plate +1, Long Sword, Large Shield +1
    Archer: Chain +1, Long Bow +1, Flamberge +1
    Cleric: Chain +1, Flail, Large Shield +1
    Robber: Ring +1, Long Sword +1, Crossbow +1, Robber's Tools
      (get rid of the tools if you find better attribute enhancers later)
    Sorcerer: Padded +1, Staff +1
    Knight, robber and sorcerer can all have magic herbs unequipped. It's useful 
    to have a few skill potions floating around in case of a tough fight, but 
    watch if your later characters start picking up items. Your backpacks will 
    soon be full. No warning for that, just no items found from a silver box or 
    Obviously this will change as you find items, but this is a very good start. 
    Other spots in inventory should be reserved for defense rings and cloaks and 
    items that raise attributes.
          3-4-2. NES
      Here I'm assuming you're using the default given in Sorpigal.
    Fighter 1 should eventually get the Plate+1 from Dusk
      (Large Shield +1, Long Sword +1) or Flamberge
      (Monsters seem to hit you anyway. Why sweat the defense?)
    Fighter 2 should get the Plate+1 from Dusk
      Flamberge +1
    Cleric should get the Chain+1 from Dusk
      Great Hammer+1 (there are no magic 1-handed weapons to buy anyway)
    Robber should get Ring+1 from Dusk
      Crossbow+1 Long Sword+1 Large Shield +1 Robber's Tools
    Wizards 1 and 2 can both get the Padded+1 from Dusk
      Staff+1(hand me down from Cleric)
    Both wizards and your robber can have magic herbs to bolster your front line.
      4. MONSTERS
    The information table below is for the Apple, withe NES corrections 
      AC=monster's armor class
      DMG=maximum damage monster can do
      ATT=# of attacks
      SPD = monster's speed
      EXP=experience split among party members for each monster killed
      ICO=the icon number of the monster(what you see on the screen)
      There is more information, but this is the major stuff, made clear by the 
    Identify Monster spell(sorcerer 2-3.)
    FLESH EATER    |2  |6  |1  |7  |20     |2  |
    BATTLE RAT     |3  |3  |1  |12 |20     |2  |
    SLITHER BEAST  |4  |8  |1  |10 |50     |13 |
    GNOME          |5  |6  |1  |12 |50     |3  |
    GOBLIN         |4  |6  |1  |10 |20     |3  |
    GREMLIN        |3  |3  |2  |4  |50     |3  |
    GUARDSMAN      |2  |6  |1  |14 |30     |20 |
    KOBOLD         |4  |4  |1  |6  |20     |2  |
    MUTANT LARVA   |0  |3  |1  |2  |20     |7  |
    ORC            |4  |6  |1  |11 |30     |5  |
    POLTERGEIST    |0  |2  |2  |16 |60     |22 |
    RABID JACKAL   |3  |2  |1  |15 |20     |11 |
    SKELETON       |3  |6  |1  |9  |20     |23 |
    SNAKE          |2  |3  |1  |17 |50     |13 |
    SPRITE         |10 |2  |1  |20 |100    |3  |
    VAMPIRE BAT    |2  |3  |1  |14 |50     |9  |
    MINOR DEMON    |5  |8  |2  |16 |200    |4  |
    DEMON DOG      |3  |10 |2  |14 |100    |11 |
    DUNG BEETLE    |6  |8  |1  |8  |50     |0  |
    FIRE ANT       |5  |6  |1  |7  |50     |0  |
    GHOUL          |4  |5  |3  |13 |200    |21 |
    GNOLL          |5  |8  |1  |10 |50     |5  |
    HAG            |1  |4  |2  |8  |50     |4  |
    LOCUST PLAGUE  |5  |1  |10 |17 |200    |1  |
    ORC LEADER     |5  |8  |1  |14 |60     |5  |
    RABID LEPER    |0  |3  |1  |11 |50     |2  |
    ROTTING CORPSE |2  |4  |2  |3  |60     |21 |
    SAVAGE SHREW   |3  |5  |3  |13 |150    |0  |
    STRANGLING VINE|3  |3  |4  |6  |100    |17 |
    THIEF          |3  |8  |1  |16 |50     |18 |
    TROGLODYTE     |5  |4  |3  |11 |60     |13 |
    ZOMBIE         |2  |8  |1  |2  |50     |21 |
    ACIDIC BLOB    |1  |8  |2  |8  |300    |7  |
    CENTAUR        |4  |4  |4  |12 |200    |14 |
    CLERIC         |5  |8  |1  |12 |300    |19 |
    MINOR DEVIL    |4  |4  |2  |15 |250    |4  |
    FIRE BEETLE    |7  |15 |1  |6  |150    |0  |
    GARGOYLE       |5  |4  |4  |12 |300    |4  |
    GARGANTU ANT   |8  |12 |1  |9  |100    |0  |
    DINOLIZARD     |5  |10 |1  |11 |120    |13 |
    GIANT SPIDER   |5  |8  |1  |18 |150    |0  |
    HARPY          |3  |5  |3  |15 |200    |9  |
    HIPPOGRIFF     |5  |8  |3  |14 |200    |14 |
    KILLER BEES    |10 |2  |10 |16 |300    |1  |
    PEGASUS        |4  |8  |3  |20 |250    |14 |
    SHADOW BEAST   |3  |5  |1  |18 |150    |22 |
    WILD BOAR      |3  |12 |1  |14 |120    |12 |
    WOLVERINE      |5  |5  |3  |12 |250    |12 |
    BARBARIAN      |8  |12 |2  |15 |400    |18 |
    CARYATID GUARD |5  |10 |1  |15 |400    |20 |
    COCKATRICE     |4  |8  |1  |8  |500    |10 |
    CYCLOPS        |6  |15 |2  |10 |400    |8  |
    DRUID          |4  |8  |2  |14 |400    |19 |
    RHINO BEETLE   |7  |20 |1  |7  |500    |0  |
    GIANT CENTIPEDE|5  |4  |8  |9  |500    |0  |
    MAGICIAN       |5  |8  |1  |15 |600    |19 |
    MILITIAMAN     |9  |10 |2  |9  |300    |20 |
    ORC CHIEFTAIN  |10 |12 |2  |15 |500    |20 |
    OGRE           |7  |10 |2  |12 |350    |5  |
    SATYR          |5  |8  |2  |10 |300    |6  |
    SWARMING WASPS |4  |2  |10 |17 |400    |1  |
    UNICORN        |8  |10 |3  |22 |500    |14 |
    WEREWOLF       |7  |8  |2  |14 |400    |11 |
    WIGHT          |6  |10 |1  |12 |500    |22 |
    BARBARIAN CHIEF|10 |12 |3  |18 |800    |18 |
    BASILISK       |5  |15 |1  |14 |1000   |16 |
    CELESTIAL STAG |14 |10 |3  |19 |700    |14 |
    DUST DEMON     |9  |12 |3  |15 |600    |4  |
    GIANT SCORPION |7  |8  |3  |13 |600    |0  |
    5 HEADED HYDRA |7  |8  |5  |12 |1500   |16 |
    WARRIOR CAT    |6  |6  |4  |17 |600    |12 |
    MINOTAUR       |7  |35 |1  |15 |1500   |14 |
    OGRE CHIEF     |9  |15 |2  |15 |750    |5  |
    PANTHRO MIST   |7  |8  |4  |18 |600    |12 |
    PHANTOM        |7  |8  |2  |10 |600    |23 |
    SWORDSMAN      |6  |10 |2  |18 |600    |20 |
    TROLL          |6  |9  |3  |12 |600    |6  |
    WOOD GOLEM     |5  |15 |2  |5  |800    |8  |
    WRAITH         |6  |6  |2  |9  |800    |22 |
    YETI           |4  |10 |2  |13 |600    |8  |
    DEADLY SPORES  |2  |1  |1  |10 |600    |17 |
    ENCHANTRESS    |6  |6  |2  |15 |1000   |19 |
    FIRE LIZARD    |7  |10 |3  |12 |800    |13 |
    GIANT SLOTH    |5  |8  |4  |14 |750    |11 |
    GRIFFIN        |7  |8  |3  |14 |700    |10 |
    PYRO HYDRA     |7  |8  |5  |12 |2000   |16 |
    MAN EATING MARE|6  |8  |3  |14 |600    |14 |
    MANTICORE      |6  |6  |4  |12 |600    |10 |
    MEDUSA         |5  |4  |1  |9  |1000   |4  |
    RAKSHASHA      |14 |5  |3  |14 |3000   |4  |
    STONE GOLEM    |7  |40 |1  |6  |1500   |8  |
    CAVE TROLL     |7  |11 |3  |10 |900    |6  |
    HILL TROLL     |8  |12 |3  |11 |1100   |6  |
    WARLOCK        |8  |8  |1  |16 |800    |19 |
    WEREBEAR       |8  |8  |4  |14 |800    |11 |
    WICKED WITCH   |4  |6  |2  |14 |1000   |4  |
    ASSASSIN       |6  |8  |1  |19 |2000   |18 |
    BANSHEE        |10 |10 |1  |12 |3000   |22 |
    CAVE GIANT     |10 |16 |3  |12 |2000   |8  |
    CHIMERA        |8  |5  |6  |14 |5000   |10 |
    AIR ELEMENTAL  |7  |15 |1  |20 |4000   |22 |
    EXECUTIONER    |8  |12 |2  |14 |4000   |20 |
    GORGON         |8  |12 |1  |12 |6000   |14 |
    LESSER DEMON   |10 |8  |4  |16 |2500   |4  |
    LESSER DEVIL   |8  |6  |5  |16 |2500   |4  |
    MUMMY          |7  |20 |2  |7  |2000   |21 |
    NECROMANCER    |7  |8  |2  |17 |2000   |19 |
    SPECTER        |8  |12 |1  |12 |3000   |22 |
    WHITE WOLF     |10 |12 |3  |14 |2500   |11 |
    WYVERN         |7  |18 |2  |12 |2000   |16 |
    GREEN DRAGON   |8  |8  |3  |12 |6000   |15 |
    BLUE DRAGON    |8  |10 |3  |13 |6000   |15 |
    EVIL EYE       |10 |10 |2  |10 |5000   |7  |
    EARTH ELEMENTAL|8  |20 |1  |18 |4000   |22 |
    GHOST          |10 |10 |1  |10 |4000   |22 |
    FROST GIANT    |10 |24 |1  |12 |5000   |8  |
    STONE GIANT    |10 |10 |4  |12 |4000   |8  |
    8 HEADED HYDRA |10 |8  |8  |13 |7500   |16 |
    LAVA BEAST     |5  |12 |2  |9  |4000   |7  |
    MANTIS WARRIOR |8  |12 |4  |16 |4000   |1  |
    NAGA           |8  |8  |1  |15 |4000   |13 |
    DINOBEETLE     |10 |50 |1  |8  |6000   |0  |
    SPHINX         |11 |10 |3  |18 |5000   |12 |
    VAMPIRE        |9  |12 |2  |14 |5000   |21 |
    WARRIOR        |12 |12 |2  |14 |4000   |20 |
    WIZARD         |8  |6  |2  |18 |7000   |19 |
    WHITE DRAGON   |8  |12 |3  |15 |10000  |15 |
    GRAY DRAGON    |8  |15 |3  |16 |10000  |15 |
    ARCH DRUID     |10 |8  |2  |18 |15000  |19 |
    CHAOTIC KNIGHT |14 |15 |3  |18 |7000   |20 |
    GREATER DEMON  |15 |8  |7  |19 |10000  |4  |
    GREATER DEVIL  |12 |15 |4  |19 |10000  |4  |
    FIRE ELEMENTAL |9  |30 |1  |20 |8000   |22 |
    GUARDIAN SPIRIT|8  |6  |6  |16 |6000   |23 |
    STORM GIANT    |9  |30 |2  |14 |10000  |8  |
    12 HEADED HYDRA|10 |10 |12 |16 |12000  |16 |
    INVISIBLE THING|14 |10 |3  |25 |6000   |23 |
    MAGE           |10 |6  |3  |20 |8000   |19 |
    MASTER THIEF   |12 |8  |2  |20 |5000   |18 |
    STEEL GOLEM    |15 |25 |2  |10 |7500   |8  |
    WEREPHASE MUMMY|20 |20 |2  |35 |8000   |21 |
    BLACK DRAGON   |12 |18 |3  |16 |15000  |15 |
    RED DRAGON     |12 |20 |3  |15 |15000  |15 |
    XX!XX!XX!XX!XX |20 |1  |1  |18 |15000  |22 |
    BLACK KNIGHT   |16 |50 |3  |20 |10000  |20 |
    DEMON LORD     |20 |50 |2  |30 |60000  |4  |
    ARCH DEVIL     |16 |100|1  |30 |60000  |4  |
    GOLD DRAGON    |10 |20 |5  |16 |50000  |15 |
    SILVER DRAGON  |8  |16 |4  |16 |20000  |15 |
    DIAMOND GOLEM  |15 |60 |3  |12 |15000  |8  |
    16 HEADED HYDRA|15 |12 |16 |12 |20000  |16 |
    HIGH CLERIC    |14 |16 |3  |18 |10000  |19 |
    KIRIN          |15 |40 |4  |22 |14000  |10 |
    LICH           |10 |10 |2  |20 |20000  |23 |
    ARCH MAGE      |12 |8  |2  |25 |25000  |19 |
    MASTER ARCHER  |10 |16 |8  |18 |25000  |18 |
    PHOENIX        |13 |8  |3  |24 |15000  |10 |
    ROC            |10 |50 |3  |14 |15000  |10 |
    SAND WORM      |7  |200|1  |8  |15000  |16 |
    TITAN          |13 |60 |2  |30 |20000  |8  |
    ALGAE BEAST    |0  |6  |1  |1  |50     |24 |
    WATER RAT      |1  |6  |1  |6  |100    |24 |
    LAMPREY        |2  |8  |1  |15 |200    |24 |
    GIANT LEECH    |2  |8  |1  |3  |250    |24 |
    CROCODILE      |5  |10 |2  |12 |300    |24 |
    GIANT CRAB     |9  |10 |2  |12 |300    |24 |
    BARRACUDA      |5  |20 |1  |16 |350    |24 |
    GIANT SQUID    |5  |6  |8  |14 |400    |24 |
    ELECTRIC EEL   |5  |8  |1  |15 |500    |24 |
    SEA HAG        |8  |6  |3  |12 |500    |24 |
    HIPPOCAMPUS    |12 |10 |4  |18 |600    |24 |
    SHARK          |6  |30 |2  |24 |700    |24 |
    SIREN          |8  |8  |2  |13 |700    |24 |
    WATER ELEMENTAL|12 |50 |1  |30 |1200   |24 |
    SEA SERPENT    |10 |100|1  |20 |3000   |24 |
    SEA DRAGON     |15 |50 |4  |32 |20000  |24 |
    SCORPION       |12 |60 |2  |20 |12000  |0  |
    DARK RIDER     |15 |50 |4  |30 |12000  |20 |
    WINGED BEAST   |12 |120|1  |30 |12000  |15 |
    GREAT SEA BEAST|12 |100|1  |30 |12000  |24 |
    DEMON KING     |30 |50 |5  |35 |50000  |24 |
    SUCCUBUS QUEEN |20 |30 |3  |20 |10000  |24 |
    TYRANNOSAURUS  |10 |200|1  |12 |5000   |16 |
    ALIEN          |15 |20 |2  |15 |1000   |22 |
    NATIVES        |6  |10 |2  |10 |200    |21 |
    VOLCANO GOD    |30 |40 |6  |32 |60000  |7  |
    PAUL PEAD      |10 |30 |1  |19 |2000   |18 |
    PIRATE         |8  |20 |1  |17 |500    |23 |
    PIRATE CAPTAIN |10 |20 |3  |18 |1000   |23 |
    GRAY MINOTAUR  |13 |30 |4  |20 |15000  |14 |
    LORD ARCHER    |15 |80 |3  |21 |20000  |18 |
    BRONTASAURUS   |8  |150|1  |6  |5000   |16 |
    STEGOSAURUS    |15 |200|1  |6  |5000   |16 |
    KILLER CADAVER |8  |12 |3  |15 |1500   |21 |
    OKRIM          |11 |6  |4  |18 |20000  |19 |
    A note about what dragons breathe:
    Deadly spores don't seem to disappear after exploding on the NES as they do 
    on the Apple.
        5-1. THE BIG LIST
    There are two spell classes in the game, Cleric and Sorcerer.  Each one has 
    seven spell levels, attainable at experience level 2x-1(i.e. spell level 5 is 
    achieved at level 9).  Also, Paladins and Archers may attain Cleric and 
    Sorcerer spells, respectively, up to level 4.  They gain spell knowledge at 
    experience level 2x+5 although fountains can get them up to level 7, too.  
    All spells are automatically learned on achieving the new level.
    The spell cost equals the spell level, except in cases noted where the cost 
    is equal to the spellcaster's level.
    I have tried to indicate how useful spells are.  For damage spells, the 
    effectiveness depends on the type of monster.  For incstance A fire spell 
    will be less effective on a Red Dragon(fire breathing) than a White 
    Dragon(frost breathing.)
    Note:  monsters can cast these spells on you, too.
    The following list of spells is cut and pasted, with generous 
    permission, from project64.c64.org.
    Clerical Spells
    Level 1
    1. NAME: Awaken
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: All sleeping party members
       DESCRIPTION: Awakens all sleeping members of the party,
          instantaneously cancelling the sleep condition.  May be critical if
          party is attacked during rest.
    2. NAME: Bless
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Increases the accuracy with which all characters fight,
          for the duration of combat.
    3. NAME: Blind
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Blinds the affected monster for the duration of combat or
          until it overcomes the spell.  Forced to rely on other senses, the
          monster's chances of landing a blow are diminished.
    4. NAME: First Aid
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Heals minor battle wounds, restoring 8 Hit Points to that
    5. NAME: Light
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Gives the party 1 light factor, which is sufficient to
          light up 1 dark area.  Multiple light spells can be cast to
          accumulate multiple light factors.
    6. NAME: Power Cure
       COST: 1 SP per experience level of caster + 1 Gem
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Restores character's health and 1-10 Hit Points per
          experience level of caster.
    7. NAME: Protection From Fear
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Increases all characters' resistance to fear and spells
          of intimidation.  Amount of the increase depends on experience
          level of the caster.  Spell lasts 1 day.
    8. NAME: Turn Undead
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: All undead monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Destroys some or all undead monsters, depending on
          caster's experience level and monster's power level.
    Level 2
    1. NAME: Cure Wounds
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Cures more serious wounds, restoring 15 Hit Points to 
    2. NAME: Heroism
       COST: 2 SP+ 1 Gem
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 character of same alignment as caster
       DESCRIPTION: Bestows 6 additional Hit Points and temporarily elevates
          character 2 levels of experience.  Spell lasts for the duration of
    3. NAME: Pain
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster, not undead
       DESCRIPTION: Cripples monster with pain, inflicting 2-12 damage
          points, unless the monster is immune to pain.
    4. NAME: Protection From Cold
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Increases all character's resistance to cold or freezing
          spells.  Amount of the increase depends on the caster's experience
          level.  Spell lasts 1 day.
    5. NAME: Protection From Fire
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Increases all character's resistance to fire or heat
          spells.  Amount of the increase depends on the caster's experience
          level.  Spell lasts 1 day.
    6. NAME: Protection From Poison
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Increases all characters' resistance to poison and
          poisonous spells.  Amount of the increase depends on the caster's
          experience level.  Spell lasts 1 day.
    7. NAME: Silence
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Prevents the monster from casting spells for the
          duration of combat, or until it overcomes the spell.
    8. NAME: Suggestion
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Coerces monster into refraining from attack, unless it 
          attacked.  Lasts for the duration of combat, or until the monster
          overcomes the spell.
     Level 3
    1. NAME: Create Food
       COST: 3 SP+l Gem
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Spell caster
       DESCRIPTION: Adds 6 food units to caster's food supply.  Caster may
          then distribute food among other party members, if he/she desires.
    2. NAME: Cure Blindness
       COST: 3 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Restores sight to that character, instantaneously
          removing the blinded condition.
    3. NAME: Cure Paralysis
       COST: 3 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Restores movement to that character, instantaneously
          removing the paralyzed condition.
    4. NAME: Lasting Light
       COST: 3 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Bestows 20 light factors on the party, for use in
          dispelling darkness.
    5. NAME: Produce Flame
       COST: 3 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Attacks monster with a jet of flame that inflicts 3-18
          damage points, providing monster is not immune to fire.
    6. NAME: Produce Frost
       COST: 3 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Inflicts severe frostbite on monster, doing 3-18 points
          of damage, unless monster is immune to cold.
    7. NAME: Remove Quest
       COST: 3 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Releases party from its commitment to a quest.
    8. NAME: Walk On Water
       COST: 3 SP+l Gem
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Creates a floating sand dune upon which the party may
          walk on.  Lasts 1 day.
     Level 4
    1. NAME: Cure Disease
       COST: 4 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Restores full health to sick character, instantaneously
          removing the diseased condition.
    2. NAME: Neutralize Poison
       COST: 4 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Flushes poison out of character's system, 
          removing the poisoned condition.
    3. NAME: Protection From Acid
       COST: 4 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Increases all characters' resistance to acid attacks.
          Amount of the increase depends on the caster's experience level.
          Spell lasts 1 day.
    4. NAME: Protection From Electricity
       COST: 4 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Increases all characters' resistance to electrical
          attacks.  Amount of the increase depends on the caster's 
          level.  Spell lasts 1 day.
    5. NAME: Restore Alignment
       COST: 4 SP+ 2 Gems
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Restores a character's original alignment, after actions
          and responses have caused it to shift.
    6. NAME: Summon Lightning
       COST: 4 SP
       TYPE: Combat, Outdoors
       OBJECT: Up to 3 monsters not in hand-to-hand combat
       DESCRIPTION: Zaps monsters with lightning bolts, inflicting 4-32
          damage points on each monster not immune to lightning.
    7. NAME: Super Heroism
       COST: 4 SP+ 2 Gem
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Temporarily bestows 10 additional Hit Points and 3
          additional experience levels on character.  Lasts for the duration
          of combat.
    8. NAME: Surface
       COST: 4 SP+ 2 Gems
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Instantly transports all party members from an
          underground location to ground surface.
    Level 5
    1. NAME: Deadly Swarm
       COST: 5 SP
       TYPE: Combat, Outdoor
       OBJECT: All monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Sends a swarm of killer insects against the monsters,
          inflicting 2-20 damage points against each monster.
    2. NAME: Dispell Magic
       COST: 5 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: All characters and monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Cancels all magic spells currently active both for
          characters and monsters.
    3. NAME: Paralyze
       COST: 5 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: All monsters in hand-to-hand combat
       DESCRIPTION: Attempts to immobilize all monsters and prevent them 
          fighting.  May be partially or completely ineffective on some or
          all monsters.
    4. NAME: Remove Condition
       COST: 5 SP+ 3 Gems
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Releases character from all undesirable conditions 
          dead, stoned or eradicated.
    5. NAME: Restore Energy
       COST: 5 SP+ 3 Gems
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Replaces 1-5 experience levels that have been lost or
          drained from character, up to his/her former level.
    Level 6
    1. NAME: Moon Ray
       COST: 6 SP+ 4 Gems
       TYPE: Combat, Outdoors
       OBJECT: All characters and monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Bathes all combatants in a beneficent ray that bestows
          3-30 Hit Points on each character and removes 3-30 Hit Points from
          each monster.
    2. NAME: Raise Dead
       COST: 6 SP+ 4 Gems
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Brings the character back to life, removing the dead
          condition.  Spell carries a moderate chance of failure and a 
          chance of eradicating the character.
    3. NAME: Rejuvenate
       COST: 6 SP+ 4 Gems
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: A fountain of youth that trims 1-10 years off a
          character's age, restoring his/her abilities to the younger level.
          Spell carries some risk of producing the opposite effect.
    4. NAME: Stone to Flesh
       COST: 6 SP+ 4 Gems
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Re-animates a character who has been turned to stone,
          removing the stoned condition.
    5. NAME: Town Portal
       COST: 6 SP+ 4 Gems
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Opens a temporary portal to any town and moves the party
          through the portal to that town.
    Level 7
    1. NAME: Divine Intervention
       COST: 7 SP+ 10 Gems
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Intercedes with supernatural forces to restore all
          characters' Hit Points and remove all undesirable conditions,
          except eradicated.
    2. NAME: Holy Word
       COST: 7 SP+ 5 Gems
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: All undead monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Utters a single word of devastating power, that totally
          destroys all undead monsters.
    3. NAME: Protection From Elements
       COST: 7 SP+ 5 Gems
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Increases all characters' resistance to fear, cold, 
          poison, acid and electricity.  Amount of the increase depends on
          the caster's experience level.  Spell lasts 1 day.
    4. NAME: Resurrection
       COST: 7 SP+ 5 Gems
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Removes the eradicated condition from the character,
          adding 10 years to his/her age and subtracting 1 endurance point
          from his/her vital statistics.  There is a chance that the spell
          will fail.
    5. NAME: Sun Ray
       COST: 7 SP+ 5 Gems
       TYPE: Combat, Outdoors
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Sears the monster with a focused ray of deadly light,
          inflicting 50-100 damage points.
    Sorcerer Spells
    Level 1
    1. NAME: Awaken
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: All sleeping party members
       DESCRIPTION: Awakens all sleeping members of the party,
          instantaneously cancelling the sleep condition.  May be critical 
          party is attacked during rest.
    2. NAME: Detect Magic
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Spell caster
       DESCRIPTION: Reveals any magical items in caster's back pack, and
          notes the number of magical charges remaining in any item which
          must be charged for use.  Also detects any magic surrounding or
          inside a chest, sack, box, etc.
    3. NAME: Energy Blast
       COST: 1 SP per experience level of caster +1 Gem
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Zaps the monster with a blast of pure energy, inflicting
          1-4 damage points per experience level of caster.
    4. NAME: Flame Arrow
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Sends a burning shaft into the monster, inflicting 1-6
          points of fire damage, unless monster is immune to fire.
    5. NAME: Leather Skin
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Toughens all characters' skin, so that attacks from
           monsters bounce off rather than hitting.
    6. NAME: Light
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Gives the party 1 light factor, sufficient to light a
          single darkened square.  Multiple light spells can be cast, to
          accumulate light factors.
    7. NAME: Location
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Gives precise information on party's location.  May be
          critical when party is lost or magically transported.  In general,
          this spell is the key to successful mapping.
    8. NAME: Sleep
       COST: 1 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: Up to 5 monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Casts monsters into a deep sleep, preventing them from
          attacking.  Effective until monster is damaged or overcomes the
    Level 2
    1. NAME: Electric Arrow
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Electrocutes a monster, inflicting 2-12 damage points,
          unless monster is immune to electrical attack.
    2. NAME: Hypnotize
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Uses the power of suggestion to prevent a monster from
          attacking.  Effective until monster is attacked or overcomes the
    3. NAME: Identify Monster
       COST: 2 SP+1 Gem
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Informs caster of the nature of any one monster during
    4. NAME: Jump
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Gives all characters super strength, enabling them to
          jump 2 squares forward, providing there are no magical 
          (force fields, etc.) in the way.
    5. NAME: Levitate
        COST: 2 SP
        TYPE: Non-combat
        OBJECT: Entire party
        DESCRIPTION: Raises all characters above ground level, protecting
           them from various dangers for 1 day.
    6. NAME: Power
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Boosts that character's Might by 1-4 points for the
          duration of combat.  Increases the potency of character's attacks
          on monsters.
    7. NAME: Quickness
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 character
       DESCRIPTION: Boosts character's Speed by 1-4 points for the duration
          of combat, moving him/her further forward in order of combat.
    8. NAME: Scare
       COST: 2 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Strikes fear into the  monster's heart, decreasing its
          probability of hitting a character during combat.
    Level 3
    1. NAME: Fire Ball
       COST: 1 SP per experience level of caster + 1 Gem
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1-5 monsters not in hand-to-hand combat
       DESCRIPTION: Rolls a deadly ball of fire into the monsters' midst,
          inflicting 1-6 damage points per level of experience on each
    2. NAME: Fly
       COST: 3 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat, Outdoors
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Grants magical flight to all characters, allowing the
          party as a whole to move to any other outdoor area.  The party 
          land in the safest square in that area.
    3. NAME: Invisibility
       COST: 3 SP+ 1 Gem
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Drops a cloak of invisibility over all characters,
          greatly decreasing the monsters' chances of hitting them.
    4. NAME: Lightning Bolt
       COST: 1 SP per experience level of caster + 1 Gem
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1-3 monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Blasts the monsters with a gigantic lightning bolt that
          inflicts 1-6 damage points per level of experience on each 
    5. NAME: Make Room
       COST: 3 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Expands a narrow corridor or area during combat,
          allowing the first 5 characters in the party to engage in hand-to-
          hand combat.
    6. NAME: Slow
       COST: 3 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: All monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Places an invisible  force field around all monsters'
          feet, slowing them down to 1/2 their original speed and putting
          them farther back in order of combat.
    7. NAME: Weaken
       COST: 3 SP+ 1 Gem
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: All monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Drains power from all monsters, reducing each monster's
          Hit Points by 2 and Armor Class by 1.
    8. NAME: Web
       COST: 3 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1-5 monsters not in hand-to-hand combat
       DESCRIPTION: Wraps 1-5 monsters in a supernatural web, preventing
          them from fighting for the duration of combat or until they 
    Level 4
    1. NAME: Acid Arrow
       COST: 4 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Attacks with corrosive acid that inflicts 3-30 damage
          points, unless the monster is immune to acid.
    2. NAME: Cold Beam
       COST: 4 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Attacks with a beam of intense cold that penetrates to
          the monster's heart and inflicts 4-40 damage points, unless the
          monster is immune to cold.
    3. NAME: Feeble Mind
       COST: 4 SP+ 2 Gems
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Erases the monsters brain, removing all its abilities 
          the duration of combat or until the monster overcomes the spell.
    4. NAME: Freeze
       COST: 4 SP
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Immobilizes the monster, preventing it from attacking
          for the duration of combat.  Monster's chance of overcoming this
          spell is very small.
    5. NAME: Guard Dog
       COST: 4 SP
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Places a supernatural guard over party, preventing
          surprise attacks for 1 day.
    6. NAME: Psychic Protection
       COST: 4 SP+ 2 Gems
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Grants all characters immunity from mind influencing
          spells for 1 day.
    7. NAME: Shield
       COST: 4 SP+ 2 Gems
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Creates an invisible shield which surrounds the party 
          protects all characters from most missile weapons for the duration
          of combat.
     8. NAME: Time Distortion
        COST: 4 SP+ 2 Gems
        TYPE: Combat
        OBJECT: Entire party
        DESCRIPTION: Creates a warp in time that enables the party to 
           safely from most battles.
    Level 5
    1. NAME: Acid Rain
       COST: 5 SP
       TYPE: Combat, Outdoor
       OBJECT: All monsters not in hand-to-hand combat
       DESCRIPTION: Unleashes a torrent of acid rain that inflicts 5-50
          damage points on each monster, unless immune to acid.
    2. NAME: Dispell Magic
       COST: 5 SP
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: All characters and monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Cancels all magic spells currently active, both for
          characters and monsters.
    3. NAME: Finger of Death
       COST: 5 SP+ 3 Gems
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster not undead
       DESCRIPTION: Channels the ancient power of all dead sorcerers through
          the caster, resulting in death to the monster at whom the caster
          points a finger.
    4. NAME: Shelter
       COST: 5 SP+ 3 Gems
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Provides' 1 day's rest free of the danger of encounter.
     5. NAME: Teleport
        COST: 5 SP+ 3 Gems
        TYPE: Non-combat
        OBJECT: Entire party
        DESCRIPTION: Instantly moves the party from its present position, up
           to 9 squares in any direction.
    Level 6
    1. NAME: Dancing Sword
       COST: 6 SP+ 4 Gems
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: All monsters
       DESCRIPTION: A magical sword that moves with lightning speed,
          inflicting 1-30 damage points on each monster. The sword cannot be
          avoided, nor can the damage from it be minimized.
    2. NAME: Disintegration
       COST: 6 SP+ 4 Gems
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: 1 monster
       DESCRIPTION: Reduces the monster to a pile of dust, utterly 
    3. NAME: Etherealize
       COST: 6 SP+ 4 Gems
       TYPE: Non-Combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Alters all characters' molecular structure long enough 
          allow them to move 1 square forward through any special barrier
          (force field. etc.).
    4. NAME: Protection From Magic
       COST: 6 SP+ 4 Gems
       TYPE: Anytime
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Increases all characters' resistance to magic.  Amount
          of the increase depends on experience level of caster.  Spell 
          1 day.
    5. NAME: Recharge Item
       COST: 6 SP+ 4 Gems
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Spell caster
       DESCRIPTION: Restores 1-4 charges to any item in caster's back pack
          that still has 1 magical charge remaining.  Some risk that the
          spell will fail and destroy the item.
    Level 7
    1. NAME: Astral Spell
       COST: 7 SP+ 5 Gems
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Transports all characters' to the astral plane.  This
          highly dangerous and unpredictable area is otherwise impossible to
    2. NAME: Duplication
       COST: 7 SP+ 100 Gems
       TYPE: Non-combat
       OBJECT: Spell caster
       DESCRIPTION: Allows the caster to exactly duplicate any 1 item in
          his/her back pack, provided that there is room in the caster's 
          for the new item.  Small chance that the spell will fail and
          destroy the original item.
    3. NAME: Meteor Shower
       COST: 7 SP+ 5 Gems
       TYPE: Combat, Outdoors
       OBJECT: All monsters
       DESCRIPTION: Buries all monsters under a hail of meteors, inflicting
          1-120 damage points on each monster.
    4. NAME: Power Shield
       COST: 7 SP+ 5 Gems
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: Entire party
       DESCRIPTION: Reduces the damage inflicted on all characters by any
          attack, by 1/2.  Lasts for the duration of combat.
    5. NAME: Prismatic Light
       COST: 7 SP+ 5 Gems
       TYPE: Combat
       OBJECT: All monsters
       DESCRIPTION: A powerful, but erratic spell that has completely
          unpredictable effects on all monsters.
    Many of these spells are overshadowed by the protection you get from the 
    clerics. Others are weak offensive spells for the most part. But Moon Ray 6-1 
    is the best and the later regenerative ones are good. As are the low level 
    heal spells.
    1-1 may occasionally be useful.
    1-2 is something you might as well cast at the start of combat if there's 
    nobody to heal.
    1-3 I never used.
    1-4 is invaluable for healing during combat and after combat on unconscious 
    party members. If an enemy does 20 damage per hit it's as good as 2-1.
    1-5 will be necessary early unless you can memorize maps.
    1-6 isn't as useful as you'd hope, unless you're fighting a lot of monsters 
    that do little damage. It drains energy too quickly.
    1-7 2-4,5,6 4-3,4 are protection from element spells but the clerics do it 
    1-8 turn undead is essential and gets better as you improve levels.
    2-1 is a good heal spell to give an extra buffer on the front line, against 
    moderate opponents
    2-2 is nice, although skill potions work better. It doubles as a healing 
    spell too. Remember that it's most effective when your characters are level 
    8x+6 or 8x+7. You can't build up multiple heroisms.
    2-3 a pretty weak offensive spell.
    2-7 and 2-8 just don't work.
    3-2 and 3-3 cure blindness/paralysis always get lost in the shuffle but the 
    2nd can be useful.
    3-4 is useful in super-dark areas but it's better just to get protection.
    3-5 and 3-6 are ok if there's nothing else to cast and your cleric isn't in 
    hand-to-hand combat. They do some damage.
    3-7 is useful when you get the wrong quest.
    3-8 saves having to cast a teleport. Walking on water is interesting but 
    encounters are hard.
    4-1=cure disease
    4-2=cure poison. Even more valuable than 4-1.
    4-5 is another spell you should just pay clerics for.
    4-8 is invaluable if you're stuck in a dungeon.
    5-1 is nasty against you and decent enough offensively but don't expect 
    5-2 is useful versus sprites, but if you're at level 9 you're not fighting 
    them any more.
    5-3 see 5-1
    5-4 is nice if you have a character with two conditions.
    5-5 can be useful in prolonged combat where a character got drained, but 
    resting works OK too.
    6-1 is the best offensive spell in the game! It gives defensive benefits too.
    6-2 will probably be useful once when you forgot to bring your party back for 
    healing, but it fails a lot too.
    6-3 rejuvenation spell is useful just after saving a game. If it fails kill 
    yourself. Keep your party's ages around 25.
    6-4 is no longer useful when you get that good. At level 11 you can generally 
    resist being turned to stone.
    6-5 is even handier than 4-8. Later on you'll be stuck in a tough dungeon by 
    a treacherous outside area.
    7-1 is a great heal spell, if exhausting
    7-2 is not that useful because turn undead 1-8 works so well.But if you can't 
    afford an enemy's magic spell, cast this.
    7-3 is not as good as donating.
    7-4 just pay at the temple for this too.
    7-5 is great against magic resistant opponents, or if you need to chip away 
    damage against a breathing monster.
    1-1 won't be useful much to wake your party.
    1-2 is pretty useless with an item list.
    1-3 never works as well as it could--monsters always seem to resist
    1-4 is invaluable when getting to level 2
    1-5 is good enough especially against magic resistant monsters.
    1-6 might as well get cast. Don't agonize over who loses the spell point 
    although the cleric is preferable--fewer cost-by-level spells.
    Note that you should have your paladin/archer cast the more drudgeworthy 
    1-7 is the perfect spell for your archer to cast, although it's worthwhile 
    not to get lost.
    1-8 is useless except early on.
    2-1 is a nice improvement on 1-4.
    2-2 never worked on me against anyone worthwhile.
    2-3 is useless with the monster chart, and you should track how many hit 
    points an important monster has left.
    2-4 is perfect for jumping across squares with encounters fixed.
    2-5 is vital for maneuvering in dungeons althoughI usually pay for services 
    at the temple.
    2-6 only adds 1 damage point(see the list of attributes vs. bonus) and gets 
    useless at the upper ranges and when you get a good weapon.
    2-7 can be useful if you have nothing else. It adds a bit of armor class, but 
    again, it's less useful with an improved party.
    2-8 is one of those spells that never work.
    3-1 is great if you're up against a lot of monsters, period. But watch it. If 
    you cast it on yourself, you take a lot of damage.
    3-2 is critical for moving around once you're powered up. Know your sectors 
    and how to get around.
    3-3 is useful against gobs of melee monsters.
    3-4 is a good all-purpose spell and while it doesn't work well against the 
    upper level of bad guys, it gets consistently better.
    3-5 isn't really that useful because you should have a couple of characters 
    with missile weapons, and your front guys should have mondo armor class.
    3-6 doesn't work often enough but it's a good idea.
    3-7 see 3-6. Just doesn't do enough damage unless you cast it repeatedly.
    3-8 never quite works either although you can try it against melee opponents, 
    leaving you to strike at the back-benchers who can't do anything.
    4-1 and 4-2 never do as much damage as promised.
    4-3 and 4-4 also promise advantages they don't deliver, but these are more 
    4-5 prevents surprise attacks, but you can't usually flee anyway so why 
    4-6 protects you well in the Dusk dungeon but you should get the temple to 
    bless you for that.
    4-7 is only marginally useful as you're probably more worried about spells 
    from backbenchers and not missiles.
    4-8 is great if you fought in one combat too many. Coupled with cleric 4-8 
    it's a great way out in a pinch.
    5-1 works decently until you get to level 6 with dancing sword 6-1.
    5-2 see cleric 5-2(i.e. useless)
    5-3 isn't effective on others, or you once you get good
    5-4 is critical if you got a great item, but it can't be used in dangerous 
    5-5 is invaluable in areas that allow it. Plot things out and hit the right 
    square or get around combats in twisty zones. Note you can teleport off the 
    ege of an area, but you wrap around. A whole area usually allows teleports or 
    it doesn't.
    6-1 always does good damage. Great against breathing monsters. It does, on 
    average, more damage than a lightning bolt and costs fewer spell points too.
    6-2 never works for me.
    6-3 works often where teleport doesn't. It even lets you go between outside 
    areas. Often you can etherealize to a dangerous place and fly out.
    6-4 isn't bad but temples do it better.
    6-5 is rarely if ever worth the hassle. Stuff like skill potions, just sell 
    back. They'll recharge. Items with charges usually don't have any good 
    7-1 Astral Plane is more convenient than the diamond key. Places you at (7,0) 
    7-2 Duplication will be great for an item or two. Save before duplicating and 
    kill your party if you fail!
    7-3 Meteor shower is a nice spell but too bad it doesn't work indoors where 
    you really need it. Good if you break up the dragon convention though.
    7-4 Power Shield is quite good especially for hand to hand combat and the 
    clerics in the temples don't cast it on you in return for donations. The 
    wheel of luck fights, and fights with natives before using the Coral key, are 
    particularly good places to use this. In the multi-level castle dungeons 
    you'll want to use this, too.
    7-5 this spell often does something but never quite enough.
    The early spells are much more effective on the NES because you get to cast 
    so many more--everyone starts with 10 SP. Lightning Bolt and Fireball are 
    more effective, because it's easier to rest, and you don't have to face so 
    many monsters at once. Moon Ray still works well and so does healing. While 
    you have some monsters who do impossible damage, though, the 1-point heals 
    still work wonders, but the thing is--enemies in the first three slots make 
    it that much easier to defend against their attacks. Backbencher enemies 
    can't cast spells, either, but sometimes you'll just want to cast a wide-
    angle spell to see how many enemies you have. You also have less disastrous 
    breathing to defend against, so overall you can afford to be much more 
      General principles such as preparedness(be in the right order, have the 
    right equipment, be rested for tough fights,) are taken for granted here. 
    Details on how not to lose fights you should win are here.
    --Beware that certain combinations of monsters are deadly. Monsters that 
    dispell, combined with monsters that breathe, can take you out. Always, 
    always go for the "dispell" monsters first. These include Caryatid Guards, 
    Centaurs and Lesser Devils. Run against them if you have the choice.
    --Certain monsters, like Wraiths and Phantoms, seem undead but they're not.
    --Have your archer shoot if he has a particularly powerful item like a 
    Giant's Bow. He automatically fights but his shooting weapon can be even 
    --When in doubt, burn through skill potions before combat. But make sure that 
    your sorcerers don't get too-high levels, or they can't cast anything level-
    based. Fighters of course get more attacks that way and it's not a sin to 
    calculate who to give spell potions based on what their final level would be.
    --Use being unconscious and not dead to your advantage.
    --On that note, when fighting monsters that do a lot of damage, don't cast a 
    big cure spell. First aid/Cure-1 should work just fine.
    --Losing one player in combat isn't the end of the world. Even if he gets 
    --If a player gets knocked unconscious, often you can revive him during 
    combat and he'll still get a turn.
    --Watch out if your alignment slips. Clerics won't be able to cast Turn 
        6-1. APPLE
    --If you're up against a breathing monster, it's good enough to cut it down 
    to size. Also, if you know there's a breathing monster, try to get the 
    clerics to bless you. You'll probably reap more than your investment in 
    --Only have your Paladin heal if an opponent is breathing and you've had two 
    people knocked unconscious. Otherwise Moon Ray works well.
    --see the trick about all-30 attributes from the C2 fountain. You can tack 
    skill potions on to get an even level 40.
        6-2. NES
    --Common sense says that you shouldn't use your best fighter to take out an 
    enemy with just one hit point. Use "fight" instead of "auto" unless the 
    battle  is really easy.
    --Use simple arithmetic, and the computer showing you your enemies' hit 
    points, to your advantage. There's not much variance in the damage your 
    smaller weapons and your non-fighters do. Try to calculate it out. But 
    remember to be better safe than sorry. If you have a weapon that averages 8-
    9, and you're fighting two monsters with 7 and 9 hit points, respectively, 
    then aim for the one with 7. Give yourself about a 15% cushion to kill 
    something. Assume you'll hit 80% of the time if you have multiple hits.
    --For monsters with 40+ hit points you may want to leave one to the tender 
    mercies of your non-fighters and have them beat up on it while you take out 
    other things.
    --You can leave monsters with 2-4 hit points if you're coming by with a spell 
    to blow them away at the end, anyway. Maybe even 10 or so--it depends on 
    their magic resistance. Mages generally have the lowest speed, and they can 
    do a lot of mop-up work.
    --Fireball is a particularly useful spell since it can reach the back ranks. 
    If it doesn't, you've killed at least two enemies. If it does, you can see 
    what you're up against.
    --Mages with magic herbs can keep themselves from getting exposed very 
    quickly. But they're actually decent fighters if you give them magic 
      One of the most important rules to remember no matter which system you are 
    playing on is: save your progress frequently! As you get better, or you find 
    certain fights, you won't need to as much. And you'll also have segments 
    where you build up experience quickly. But there are a lot of unexpected 
    fights and traps out there that can peg you back. I've found that it's too 
    easy to start feeling invincible after winning several fights.
      The possibility of a random spike is less on the NES than on the Apple or 
    the PC, but it's still a task to re-do what you've done. Make a goal and 
    return to the Sorpigal inn immediately once you've accomplished it(Fly 3,2, 
    C2. You'll be using that a lot.) Also, if you find a great item(necessary to 
    game completion or not,) or if you've made enough for that next level or to 
    buy a new item, save the game.
      The only drawback of saving a game is that, if you donated to a temple and 
    get killed, the protection won't show up when you return. But if you built 
    your stats up, it should work OK.
      At any time before you get to level 10, you should be able to have a goal 
    of a new item to buy or quest to solve or level to achieve. Then things can 
    start to drag if you just poke randomly around.
      Also remember that dead characters don't get experience. Resurrect them 
    before solving a quest that gives experience to everyone--that's not shared 
    from a pool as in combat. It's a flat bonus to everyone.
      There aren't too many big important mistakes you could make, other than to 
    resurrect a character and have him lose endurance(especially if he's 
    eradicated)--unless you've gotten something for it--and, early on, when you 
    don't have a lot of cash, save the game with a dead player. Later there'll be 
    ways to scrounge up gold, but unless you've found a great item, you're better 
    off resetting and re-trying.
      One table before starting. It's necessary for everyone to get to level 13 
    in order to win the game. That means different things on different systems.
      It's slower to win fights on the NES, so it makes sense that you wouldn't 
    need as much experience. But there are ways to pile up experience that are 
    the same across platforms.
    Note that experience needed per level stabilizes on level 9 for the NES at 
    100096 and 75008(these are both divisible by 256, hence the roundoff, if you 
    cared) for Sorcerer and Cleric respectively. It stabilizes at level 10 for 
    the Apple at 200000 and 150000.
    Paladins and Archers have the same experience requirements as Sorcerers, and 
    Robbers and Knights have the same experience requirements as Clerics, 3/4 as 
    much as the more powerful other classes.
       |    Apple/PC     |       NES       |
       | Cleric |Sorcerer| Cleric |Sorcerer|
    2  |    1500|    2000|    1500|    2000|
    3  |    3000|    4000|    3000|    4000|
    4  |    6000|    8000|    6000|    8000|
    5  |   12000|   16000|   12000|   16000|
    6  |   24000|   32000|   24000|   32000|
    7  |   48000|   64000|   48000|   64000|
    8  |   96000|  128000|   96000|  128000|
    9  |  192000|  256000|  171008|  228096|
    10 |  342000|  456000|  246016|  328192|
    11 |  492000|  656000|  321024|  428288|
    12 |  642000|  856000|  396032|  528384|
    13 |  792000| 1056000|  471040|  628480|
    Once everyone in your party is level 13, the NES version says "HEROES" and 
    not "FIGHTERS" in the default screen.
        7-1. GETTING STARTED
          7-1-1. CHARACTER CREATION
            7-1-1-1. APPLE
      Create one of each character class type. Try for 13+ speed and endurance, 
    to get hit point and AC bonus off the bat. Don't feel a need to create your 
    characters in any order. Alignment shouldn't matter and neither should sex--
    well, not too much. You can just be lazy and make everyone a human, too, 
    although a knight half-orc is OK, and you may wish to see the note at the 
    end. I'd advise a female cleric to get through the sticky bits in Portsmouth. 
    My group, which worked OK, was(in order)
    The knight and paladin are at the front line, deflecting attacks with armor 
    class. The archer potentially has a great missile weapon, the robber can do 
    damage, and the cleric has decent armor class.
    Here is how race changes attributes. Alignment and sex don't affect anything.
    Human no changes
    Elf intellect+ endurance- might- accuracy+
    Dwarf intellect- endurance+ speed- luck+
    Gnome speed- accuracy- luck++
    Half-Orc intellect- luck- personality- might+ endurance+
      Note that, combining information with 7-1-1-3 below, you can manipulate 
    races to your slight advantage. Let's say you had a paladin with 16 speed. 
    Intellect doesn't matter, so you can discredit that, but 15 vs 16 speed is no 
    change in armor class. In general, you can decrease an attribute without 
    losing anything concrete if it is even. This may open up the character 
    classes to use. Similarly, an attribute isn't worth adding to unless it's 
      I like having at least 13 speed for everyone(immediate AC boost and you can 
    strike first in combat) and preferably 13 endurance too. Rolling for this 
    goes pretty fast.
            7-1-1-2. NES
      You don't get much choice here, and I've found that you can just go through 
    the game with your original Sorpigal party. However, if you get a break and 
    defeat some sprites early, it's worth checking out other towns.
    Rigel(wizard 1)
    Lilac(wizard 2)
    Your robber's missile capability may come in handy, and your cleric should be 
    a decent fighter, too.
    But what about the folks at the other towns? Here they are.
    Name   class etc      HP Ra In Mi Sp Lu Pe En Ac Exp. Town
    Tikra  F-good-knight  ?? ?? 12-18-12-12-12-12-14 2500 Port spear
    Cherob F-evil-robber  ?? ?? 13-11-12-14-11-13-14 2200 Port sling +1
    Hammer M-evil-paladin ?? ?? 12-15-12-12-14-16-14 3500 Dusk Defense Ring
    Bulzai M-evil-archer   9 ?? 17-11-12-12-12-11-16 1800 Alga sling
    Zora   F-E-wizard      5 ?? 19-11-12-12-12-11-15 1500 Alga dagger
    Thorak M-E-Cleric      4 ?? 12-12-11-14-18-12-13 1600 Alga mace
    Azalea F-good-archer   9 ?? 17-11-12-12-12-11-16 1400 Erli sling
    Kirie  F-neut-cleric   2 ?? 11-12-11-13-18-13-14 ???? Erli Mace
            7-1-1-3. WHAT ATTRIBUTES MEAN
      Attribute values can adjust your chance of hitting an opponent, how soon 
    you move, the damage you do, the hit points you get with each level gain, or 
    the spell points you get. Probably the attribute you most want to push for 
    raising is intelligence, because it raises your spell points the next time 
    you rest, and sorcerers have so many by-level spells to cast. There are a 
    couple of ways to do this. But of course it's useful to know how much 
    improving an attribute really helps.
      Note that these may decrease as a result of age or of being hit in combat. 
    If any one reaches zero, you die.
     1- 4  = -3
     5- 6  = -2
     7- 8  = -1
     9-12  = average(0 either way)
    13-14 = +1
    15-16 = +2
    17-18 = +3
    19-20 = +4
    21-23 = +5
    24-26 = +6
    27-29 = +7
    30-39 = +8 (30-34 and 35-39 are +8/+9 on NES)
    40+   = +9 (+10 on NES)
    So using this reasoning, a cleric with 19 or 20 endurance would get 5-12 hit 
    points per level, (1-8)+4. You always get at least one hit point per level, 
    but that's no excuse for starting with low endurance.
    "Average" spell points are 3. So a sorcerer with 24 intelligence will get 
    3+6=9 points per level. And let's say a sorcerer is level 6 and has 18 
    intelligence. That gives him 6*(3+3) spell points, maximum. But if he finds a 
    knowledge book and gains a level, that puts him at 20 intelligence and level 
    7. The next time he rests, he'll jump to 7*(4+3)=49.
    If you have been boosted to 30 intelligence before you rest, you'll get 
    credit for that 30 even if it is a temporary boost.
    The only attribute potentially worth cranking way up is speed, because it can 
    help you move first even against very fast monsters. The Winged Beast in the 
    swamp is an example.
    (NES) spellcasters always start with 10 Magic Points, which is nice, but the 
    HP people start with is random. Apple/PC always gives the max for level 1.
    (NES) speed does not affect armor class. It affects how well you can avoid 
    blows, but I think armor class serves to lessen the damage.
          7-1-2. WHERE (NOT) TO GO, EARLY ON
      On the Apple, you may be able to sneak outside and pump your characters up. 
    See 7-2-2 for more details on that. The trouble is that you can't really pick 
    and choose your fights, and you'll wind up with a lot of too-tough ones, or 
    you won't get any treasure from them. Many give you 25 experience and no 
    gold, leaving you to think "Woohoo, only 79 more to gain a level." Behind 
    doors is a good place to look, but then you might trip a trap. You may have 
    to rest after every fight, but fortunately food's cheap in Sorpigal. You can 
    even use gems to get out of Sorpigal that early on(3N1W of the town gates) as 
    the towns themselves are relatively safe, and overland is free of combat.
      On the NES you're restricted from going outdoors until everyone is level 2, 
    and that is sensible. In fact I'd focus on just buying up stuff, keeping my 
    party as healed as possible(don't pay the temples. Buy food and rest) and 
    hitting various favorite hangouts where monsters will always be. They're 
    generally E/S of the training area and behind doors. When you get brave(or if 
    you get chain mail and good weapons) you may wish to try the Jail, which has 
    four forced combats--one beyond the door, one beyond the secret NE wall, and 
    one in each dead end in the area beyond. This isn't viable on the Apple, 
    which established the Jail as an anti-magic zone. The secret door is in the 
    SW. A door at the end of the hall leads to another encounter. If things dry 
    up, enter the inn and leave again, and they'll recharge. (You should be 
    saving your game anyway.)
      When faced with a choice between a new level and a new item, buy the new 
    item. It'll make getting experience easier, but getting a new level won't 
    make getting gold any easier. There are quests for getting lots of gold 
      Don't explore the lower dungeon until you've got some items. It'll start 
    you on your quest, but there are tougher monsters around. Just keep beating 
    up simple enemies, healing, etc.
          7-1-3. WHAT TO (TRY TO) BUY
      Buy padded armor with the first money you make--it'll get passed down to 
    your sorcerer. Then, a crossbow for your archer and/or robber should be the 
    very first thing. You should try to make a rough armor class/cost estimate. 
    Fifty gold pieces per AC point are pretty good, but don't buy items you know 
    you'll be selling again quickly. Remember a lot of common items turn up in 
    treasure, too.
    Note: there's actually a way to get free gold. It's more effective on the 
    Apple than the NES, because you can't sell the cursed items on the NES, and 
    level 1 players can't leave the premises. But if you get sick of combat, exit 
    Sorpigal, go 6S 6W S W 2S 2W 2N E 7N and you'll find some weird treasure you 
    can sell for 30-80 gold(bag of garbage, rope and hooks, smelling salts.) Oh, 
    and 2 gold for everyone, as well. It really does add up!
          7-2-1. QUEST RELATED
      Well, you can't complete a quest early on without getting through fights, 
    but fortunately many of the fights are relatively painless. The first quest, 
    where you take a scroll from below Sorpigal to Erliquin and then to Dusk, can 
    be repeated. That's 500+1000=1500 experience per person, and 500 gold too. 
    It's a bit slow, though, and you have a bunch of combats to work through. But 
    it is relatively safe, and it is repeatable too, and if you work it enough 
    you'll be able to buy that +1 Plate.
      The other easy early quest is for Lord Hacker in Blackridge South, the 
    castle just north of Erliquin. To see him, you'll need the Merchants Pass at 
    (5,7)--go west at Y=6 and then up one from the main path(2S E N from 
    Sorpigal.) For his first three quests, you just need to bring some pretty 
    cheap items from the supply stores: garlic, wolfsbane and belladonna. You can 
    get the first two in Algary and the third in Erliquin, and there's a portal 
    back to Sorpigal from Algary behind the training center, although walking 
    between the towns also works. There are road signs.
      You get 6000 points for the items, which cost a grand total of 40 GP. 
    Unfortunately you can't reshuffle your party and do it twice, as the game 
    flags who's completed which quest.
          7-2-2. FIGHT RELATED
      On the NES you can pick and choose fights because fleeing almost always 
    works. But you don't need to, to start. Only Poltergeists necessarily need to 
    be avoided--they have a few attacks--and Sprites aren't as nasty on the NES 
    as they are on the Apple(curses.) The only disadvantage is that the fights 
    you pick and choose aren't quite as lucrative on the NES than the Apple. But 
    you can go to, say, the Sorpigal dungeon arena(NW area) and just continually 
    pick fights there until you're out of food, and you should be safe.
      Eventually there are 1000+ experience fights that can help you reach the 
    magic point totals a bit quicker, but until then(level 6 or 7) you should 
    just take what you can get.
      On the Apple, however, you have a whopper of a trick that can even work on 
    the lower levels. Here's what to do:
    1. Exit Sorpigal
    2. Go to the row of trees on the NW. This is done by going S W 3N E N 7W 4S W 
    to the fountain and drinking. Now bump into the woods ahead. It'll say "too 
    dense" and ask if you want to drink again. Without this you would only get 
    one drink. Each drink randomly gives you 30 in one of your seven statistics, 
    or your level. Bump into the woods 20 times and you should have everyone 
    leveled up. You can even check your party before bumping in, but if you make 
    a move the fountain vanishes.
    Another fountain is W 2S E from there. And there's a fight between the two, 
    which even low rated characters can win. But eventually you'll be able to mix 
    the statistical improvements with spells and potions to get really powerful.
    Note that this bonus only lasts one fight, so a random encounter may blow 
    things up. But you can fly out and back in easily enough.
    Experience improvements go hand-in-hand with attribute improvements, so you 
    may want to refer to section 8-2-2-1 for ways to improve attributes. Speed 
    especially is useful as it allows you to get the first strike in.
          7-3-1. WITH ITEMS ON THE SIDE
      Some monsters and monster groups are very good for giving up valuable 
    items. For the NES you may have to have your fighters use a few skill potions 
    before tackling them, and your back-benchers may need Magic Herbs to cure the 
    massive damage these monsters do. But it will be worth it. You generally get 
    your money back with a heap of extra experience.
    (For the Apple of course you can use the bump-into-the-fountain trick and fly 
    where you need to go. But beware of the random monsters tacked on to the 
    These monster groups include:
    --The Wyverns in C3, west of the road sign and north into the mountains. You 
    can probably walk there. If you really want to test your skill, go 4N after 
    the first wyvern fight, then 2W to fight an 8 headed hydra. You'll get a 
    Wyvern Eye. It's good to sell.
    --The red dragon fight at A2. You'll want to fly to A2 and follow the 
    (One bonus of these previous two fights is, if you've solved the basilisk 
    cave, you can go to Lord Hacker with the Medusa's Head, Wyvern Eye and 
    Dragon's Tooth for 18K experience. If you haven't solved the cave but can win 
    these, the cave will be easy pickings as long as you bring skill potions for 
    each fight. Do so for your mages as well so that your lightning bolts take 
    out the basilisks/medusas.)
    Other much tougher fights include:
    --The red dragon fight 1N1W of the A2 red dragon--fly to A2 and go WSW and 
    follow the path.
    --The dragons by the City of Gold structure in E4. Fly to Algary and go along 
    the south shore. Then go east in E4. Their colors are random, so you don't 
    know what you'll get, but it should be interesting.
    --The dragon convention is a fun challenge.
    --With your party hopped up, you can enter the Portal of Power at C4 (15,15) 
    to go to the basement of the City of Gold, try a fight, have a cleric cast 
    surface, and come back for more later. This is the best way to get special 
    items and fight weird monsters.
    --The City of Gold, 1st level, is not bad to get to from Algary. Just follow 
    the shoreline to the south and head to the center of the mountain structure 
    but not to the dead ends. You have the stairs down to the 4th level from 
    behind the Silver Dragon fight, too. It's fun to go exploring there.
          7-3-2. JUST PLAIN EXPERIENCE
    These fights are good and you'll be convinced your party's very strong, but 
    they can be time consuming. There's an easy way out, though--well, 
    The big lazy man's fight, and I mean the BIG one, may be in the swamp in E4. 
    A very unlikely place. But if you know the right way to go, things can work 
    well. Its location is at (3,6). You can fly to E4 after visiting the fountain 
    and go 12W 9S.  Don't open the coffin, but open the crypt. Lich + Mummies.
    (NES): Beforehand, use a skill potion 4 times. Lich will cast an ineffective 
    spell and your cleric will wipe out ALL the undead. You can sell the unused 
    potion later. By the way, you can also exit E4 to the north and come back to 
    recharge. It's quicker than flying around, but there is the matter of having 
    enough skill potions. Speed potions don't seem to be as necessary as in the 
    Apple, once you've gotten the bonus under Dusk.
    (Apple): you get the first shot in. Cast Holy Word, and at level 30 you'll 
    wipe everything out. Liches cast disintegrate here, so you need to get speed 
    potion as well, from Erliquin, if you don't want to use the C2 fountain 
    route. Note that you need to equip your speed potion and can't unequip it. 
    But the insurance of not getting killed is worth it. Note that speed potions 
    give you +5 speed and Liches have 20. Speed potions have three charges each. 
    Do the math to see how many charges you need and how long you'll last.
    Note that this nets approximately 7000 experience per fight. On the Apple, 
    that means you need to do this "only" 150 times--at the very most--to get 
    everyone to level 13(~1000000). On the NES that's under 100(600000.)
    But it gets better. Once you get your fighter/cleric/robber to level 13, you 
    don't have to bring your robber! You only need your 
    Paladin/Archer/Sorcerer(Apple) or Cleric/Sorcerers(NES)--with maybe a fighter 
    for backup. That means the experience will average 10000 or 15000. It's not 
    the most scenic way to bump up your experience, but it's pretty sure-footed. 
    Just save every 3-4 fights.
    It's a cheat that takes less time to execute than learning hex editing! Hey-
      Well, there's always building your party up temporarily and fighting 
    dragons, but what if you're REALLY lazy? Fear not.
          7-4-1. BENEATH ERLIQUIN
      This one's almost too easy. All those chests of gold you couldn't touch 
    were tempting but once you know the password YICU2ME3 in the dungeon (4E 2N 
    of entry) you can ransack the rooms behind the doors. 26 treasures at 150 for 
    the party each.
    For this you need to do several things:
      A. preferably, get your characters to 30+ for a fight. Rest and use the 30+ 
    cheat some more(less necessary on the NES)
      B. Walk north as if going to Erliquin but don't turn when the path goes 
      C. Go west through the forest and win the fight
      D. At the other end go N and 4E, drink, E, drink, 2E.
      E. Fly to E-1.
      F. Save at the Dusk inn.
      G. Go to (15,14) in Dusk
      H. Etherealize east and back west--or, if you're short on spell points, 
    cast surface. The point is that you get behind the defense of undead monsters 
    and get to the Undead Amulet treasure with the 200 gems. This will get you 
    lots of gold and gems. The amulet can be sold for 400. The only drawback is 
    that your thief may not open the trap and your party may be killed off. 
    That's why you save.
      Much like the above, getting the spells, except all you need to do now is
      A. from (15,0) cast etherealize south--this also gets you +2 accuracy if 
    you don't have it
      B. cast etherealize east/west/etc. Pray at the Shrine of Okzar to get some 
    pretty slick items. Might not be any black boxes but it'll work well enough.
        8-1. VITAL TO THE GAME
    Nothing about improving your characters here.
      A. Sorpigal (1,2) dungeon under, get scroll--from entrance go west, north, 
      B. Erliquin (3,4) behind inn, say "N" when asked to sign in, go forward to 
    see Agar.  +500 Exp.
      C. Dusk (8,0) in maze,  SWSSESSSS from the entry to the big maze(i.e. when 
    the screen goes dark) gets you to Telgoran.  +1000 Exp, +500 gold.
      D. See Zam in Portsmith (12,2)--here the jump or teleport spells will be 
    useful.  If your characters are male be sure to rest or cast C2-1 after 
    passing through intersections.  From the entry (1,15) you can go SSSSS jump 
    SSSSSE rest EE jump EE jump ESSSENN.
    (NES) On the NES version you probably can't teleport as your party isn't 
    strong enough, and only jump spells seem to work. The drains take 3/4 of your 
    hit points and if you've got 1, your males aren't unconscious. They're 
    killed. On the Apple they just take 1/2 your hit points and then you remain 
      E. See Zom in Algary (1,1) west from the inn, south through the docks(X=3,) 
    to Y=0. Note there's a fight at (2,0) you can jump over. However, 3W N E gets 
    you to Zom.
      F. Go to C-1 (15,15) to find treasure including a ruby whistle. It won't be 
    there unless you've gotten the twins' clues. +2000 gold.
    (Apple) you'll need to make a whole new party to get the whistle if you mess 
    things up here--and that includes having a full backpack
      A. Go to B1(4,4) and answer "love" to get the bronze key.
      B. Do it again to get the diamond key--fly out of the area and return.  
    From Erliquin you can go WSWWWSSSWWWSSW[secret door in 
    mountain]SSWSSSSESSWWNE. You can also approach from flying to B2. 
    (NES) the order may be reversed here, and you may get the coral key instead 
    of the bronze key. In which case part IV is not necessary.
      A. Go to the Minotaur's stronghold in B3. From (15,8) go SSSSSWWWWSEEE and 
    blow the whistle twice as previously instructed(the game will prompt you to 
    blow the whistle 0-9 times, 1-6 on the NES.) NOTE: there will be some 
    encounters along the way. The forest is an anti-magic zone, so adjust 
    accordingly. If you're unsure, get clerics to bless your party before you 
      B. In the Minotaur's Lair, go west(you faced easy as you descended) to an 
    intersection, north(should be a fight here,) and west. Descend at (1,12). Go 
    west and south through the door. There's a fight here.
    (NES) You'll face 10-12 Deadly Spores here. Deadly Spores may explode. So you 
    may want to rest beforehand to get your magicians in top shape. They'll need 
    to cast fireball consistently on the back ranks. Cheating each one up with a 
    skill potion beforehand might be wise, too.
      C. Go to the grate facing east at (1,5). Follow the short spiral and don't 
    desecrate the doggie. Search for the gold key and 10000 EXP.
    (NES) Maybe not necessary if you saw the princess twice
      A.  Go to the one-eyed gypsy at C2 (9,11) and learn each player's sign(aura 
    on NES)
    (Note: if you don't go at all, every answer you give will be wrong. So I'd 
    check if I were you. I made the mistake of forgetting this and making a save 
    state during questioning. Really.)
      B.  Fly to A4 and you will be at (14,14). Cast C3-8(NES: Float) and go 9W, 
    6S. WSEE(encounter in the mountain path)SWW will get you to a place where you 
    are asked your signs/auras. You only have to get one right to be teleported 
    to (4,2) where you can search and find the coral key. But anyone who's wrong 
    is eradicated.
      C. Just fly back if you have a Sorcerer left.
    V.   KEY CARD
      A. Fly to C4 where SESE gets you to (7,13). Cast Walk on Water if you need 
    to. You can also teleport right in, but go 1S before casting 9S, to avoid the 
    vicious fight with natives at (7,4). Behind the natives you'll have a 
    mountain with a secret passage and a coral slab behind that. If you have the 
    Coral Key, it will in the slab, and you can enter the Volcano God's(Giant's 
    on NES) dungeon. Cast S2-5(NES: FLOAT) to get by traps in this dungeon.
      B. The virgin at (5,0) will tell you where to set the stabilization dials 
    if you kiss her(release her, and the Volcano God fights you.  He's tough.)
      C. (6,3) at stabilization dial 1, type B.
      D. (8,3) at stabilization dial 2, type J.
      E. You have many teleport squares to visit now. (7,8) north of the dials is 
    most convenient.
      F. Ask the Volcano God for a riddle(a clue first is OK too--it tells you 
    about the Og quest. Then you can go out and come back in.)  "Who was brave 
    but failed?"  GALA (remember the statues in Sorpigal!)
      G.  Search to get the key card. NOTE: in some cases you may get a blank 
    item for the key card on the Apple. If this happens, trade it to player #6 
    and then have #6 trade items to himself. That'll establish spot A as the spot 
    with the blankly-named item.
    VI.  Rescue King Alamar
      A.  Fly to A1. Enter Doom at (7,14) by the secret passage. The "quick way" 
    is to fly to A1 and go north, etherealize, and follow the passage to the 
    north. It avoids automatic encounters on some squares, too.
    (NES: you'll probably have to take the long way. Start at (15,7) and follow 
    the passage SW. 3W S W 3S W 3S. Then 10W. An encounter at (0,0). Run if you 
    must. But then from (0,0) 10N 3E 3N E 3S 5E and, well, it's a long winding 
    path from here on out.)
      B.  Teleports are at (8,5) (6,6) and (7,10).  Jump over them.
    |             |
    + +-+-+-+-+-+ +
    | |    t    | |
    + + +-+-+-+ + + The moves are:
    | | |     | | | 6E 7N 6W 6S 3E(jump to the corner)
    + + + +-+ + + + 5N W jump-W W 4S jump-E E 3M 2W 2S E
    | | | |N| | | | Unlock door, visit Alamar
    + + + +-+ + + +
    | | |  .| | | |
    + + +-+-+ + + +
    | |  t    | | |
    + +-+-+-+-+ + +
    |        t  | |
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +
    |^ .          |
      C. The gold door is at (7,7) and will repel you if you don't have the gold 
    key.  At (7,8) you "see" Alamar and get the Eye of Goros to confront the 
    false Alamar.
    VII. Destroy false Alamar
      A. Go to C1(5,7) and search to get Merchants Pass if you haven't already. 
    It's not strictly necessary but is MUCH easier than going to Ranalou's and 
    teleporting to Castle Alamar and etherealizing.
      B. Go to A2(0,15) and say yes to Percella to get Kings Pass. Etherealize is 
    viable, from A1 (1,0)--see your long trip to Doom, but turn away before the 
    encounter at (0,0).
    (NES) If you don't have Etherealize, cast FLY to A2. W S W(secret door) and 
    follow the passage. When you fight the Red Dragons, have a mage cast "run" 
    and it will put you back where you started. Retrace and at the end of the 
    passage, N through a secret door. N 3E 4N W 3S W 5N E N W and at (0,15) 
    Percella asks you if you won't help that menace.
      C. Go to E3(9,2) to find "password for today" from Heratio Harper.
      D. Go to E3(12,6) and give the password to the lion.  NEE and you enter the 
    castle.  From there go east, unlocking doors, until you enter the throne 
    room. The false Alamar will automatically be revealed, but he will dump you 
    in the Soul Maze.
    VIII.Soul Maze
      A. You don't even have to walk around here. The answer is in the orange 
    walls in the maze: "My name is SHELTEM"
    IX.  Astral Plane
      A. Cast S7-1 to get there or go to the diamond door--E3(1,4) is an odd 
    square, with ice surrounding it.  The door is one-way. Both the spell and the 
    key send you to (7,0) on the astral plane. You'll have to do this several 
    times before part B, so you'll find a way to get there comfortably, just 
    before the game's over.
      B. Visit the astral transporters(open the gates on the NES) in order.  
    Their coordinates are (4,6) (4,10) (7,14) (10,10) (10,6) and the Key Card to 
    the Inner Sanctum is at (7,10).  Don't be shy about etherealizing, although 
    magic isn't available in the top half. Mapping will also do the trick though 
    automapping(NES) is turned off.
        1. 6N 2W N 4W S E S 2E (unlock) N for gate/transporter 1
        2. 6N 2W N 4W N 5E N 5W N 2E N 2W N 3E S (unlock) S for #2
        3a. etherealize S, unlock, S for #3--or 
        3b. N E S 7E 15N W S W N W S W N 4W (unlock) S
        4. N 2E N 4E 4N 2W N W N 2E S E 2N 2W 2N E S E 2N 3W S (unlock) S for #4
        5. N E 8N E 6S 3E 2N W S W N (unlock) N for #5
        6a. etherealize S, 2W S E 4S E 2N E 2S (key card) 3S W
    ...well, not quite, for the NES. On the NES you need to S, rest(you see the 
    way through the barrier in a dream) and move on from there. Geez.
    If everyone's level 13, then you should get a 500K bonus(for #1 player only 
    on NES.)
    X.   Finale
      A. Go to B1(4,15) for a message. Congratulations, you've won!
        8-2. SIDE STUFF
      There are many side dungeons that fall outside the scope of a 
    straightforward walkthrough. My scripts file should take care of many of 
    them. I've listed below the ways to win the quests and what happens, as well 
    as how to take care of things expediently.
          8-2-1. OG
    Og's quest is one of the most inexplicable and incomprehensible I've 
    ever seen.  However, I got a sense of accomplishment when I finally 
    figured out why you were able to solve it, so here it is.  You need to 
    find the white and black idols.  When you do, and you visit Og, he says 
    "Queen to Queen's Level 4."  Your reply should be "Queen to King's Level 
      A.  The Black Idol is at (0,15) in the Wizard's Lair level 1 B1 (13,5)--the 
    best bet is to teleport there. Although the Okrim's Ring quest for Lord 
    Hacker describes the walkthrough.
      B.  The White Idol is at (0,15) in the City of Gold level 4 E4 (10,5)
      C.  C3 (8,0) says the first part is female--the only female chess 
    piece is the QUEEN.
      D.  Volcano God's dungeon (0,5) says the second part is the most 
    valuable--the KING, the object of the game.
      E.  Dragadune level 2 E1 (12,12) at 20 feet below (9,13) says that the 
    last part is the first--1.
      F.  You must respond in kind.  Slip the words "to" and "level" in to 
    solve the quest.
          8-2-2. THE "WORTHY" QUEST
    At various locations in the game, there are landmarks that increase one of 
    each of your attributes. The "to those who are worthy" is a red herring the 
    first time, but the neat thing is, if you complete a side quest and return, 
    your stats will improve again.
    Getting worthy is a bit of a nuisance as 1)it's way down in Dragadune's 4th 
    level and 2)the tones come out randomly. See section 8-2-2-2 for how to 
    recharge but read below for how to find everything.
    This is not to be confused with the "worthy" quest of the giant in E1. That 
    requires you to release/taunt all the prisoners in the six castles. See 8-2-6 
    for that. "Worthy" isn't worthwhile, though.
            8-2-2-1. RAISING ATTRIBUTES
    Some locations are easier to find than others. I'll list attributes in the 
    order I looked for them. You get +2 on the Apple and +4 on the NES. Note that 
    you can use teleports to get to all of these as well, but walking through 
    allows you to get to them much earlier.
    SPEED: this is in the Dusk underground. You'll have one encounter to go 
    through, but you'll also need to cast levitation. The stairs to the dungeon 
    are in the SE of Dusk. After entering, go north and then west. When over a 
    pit go north and then go west a square after tripping the next pit. Go 
    through the door to the south. Run or defeat your opponents. In the room 
    behind, there's a speed bonus.
    AGILITY: this is also in Dusk underground, but you'll need clerics to bless 
    you so you can avoid Psychic Blast as well as the pits, and it requires a 
    good deal more maneuvering. You see, stalactites may drop from the ceiling 
    and hit you. On the NES you can keep running from encounters to exhaust your 
    opponents, but the Apple's a different story.
    Going by the traps, north and west from the start to the first pit, then 
    north to the second. 2N 4W jump W 2N 2E 3N and now jump four times, E N for 
    the flame of Accuracy, and retrace, or cast surface if you've got that. On 
    the NES you can go S 2W and flee.
    ENDURANCE: This is a tricky one logistically and you may need luck avoiding 
    encounters, but if you can do it early, great. Be sure you're at least level 
    3 so you can cast jump. Fly to B1 and go south. At the fork, go west. Follow 
    te passage. Soon there'll be a dead end ahead but a fork before that. Jump 
    over the fork to avoid the encounter and get the endurance.
    INTELLIGENCE: there are two places for this. One is directly north of Algary 
    and also directly north of where you fly to in D3. The dungeon is made up of 
    a 4x4 of rooms. Seven have polyhedra with numbers set, and you need to adjust 
    the other nine. It's a magic square problem (all diagonals and rows add up to 
    the same) but it actually has two solutions and the second doesn't work.
    The polyhedra are at (2 6 10 14, 2 6 10 14) and should be arranged as 
    16  3  2 13
     5 10 11  8
     9  6  7 12
     4 15 14  1
    The following is mathematically valid but the game doesn't accept it:
    16  1  4 13
     7 10 11  6
     9  8  5 12
     2 15 14  3
    The doors to each polyhedron are locked and it's a bit of a nuisance, but 
    it's cool how an intelligence test for you, the player, gives your party an 
    intelligence bonus!
    For intelligence and personality above-ground, you need to jump through hoops 
    to get the map of the desert. You could stumble around and randomly hope to 
    land on the oases where they're located, but teleportation is out. Lord 
    Kilburn isn't easy to find.There are a lot of monsters guarding his hideout, 
    and if you flee you're kicked quite far away from him. Even jumping is out of 
    the question as the monsters are around tight bends. But he is at C3 (6,14) 
    and the best way to get there is to walk from Sorpigal south. Go west at 
    Y=11(4S after "leaving area/please wait." Turn north at the encounter, N W 
    2N(enc) 2W S W S(enc) E S(enc) S(enc) E 3N. He'll give the map to you for 
    PERSONALITY: this is in D2 but it's actually safer to approach from the 
    desert. Fly to F1, go 9E and head south. Circle around to the south of the 
    mountain range in D2 and at the center you'll see the Pool of Wisdom.
    INTELLIGENCE: Fly to E2 for more tiptoeing around the desert. 5N 2W S 6W and 
    cast locate to make sure X=3 before going north. This is important as 
    teleports are all around. Be friendly to the aliens for a clue, and go behind 
    them to get your intelligence boost from the strange device.
    LUCK: Castle Dragadune holds the clover. Outside Dusk, go 3E S 2W S 3E 5N W 
    2S to get to Dragadune. 8S and, when the bones crunch, go 5W. Another secret 
    door. 3S 2E 4S W 3N 3W 3S 2E 2N W S.
    MIGHT: This pool beneath Portsmouth is the toughest. First, males will get 
    drained at the intersection guarding the stairs down unless you can teleport. 
    Then you need the bronze key(see necessary quests.) Then it requires some 
    serious dancing around. Let's see what to do.
    2N (bronze door) unlock it N N 4W 2N 2W 2N 5E unlock-E E 2N E 5N(more doors) 
    and encounter at (8,15) before 8W 3S and the pool of might.
            8-2-2-2. RECHARGING
    You should be able to get to Dragadune from Dusk. 3E S 2W 2S 3E 6N W 2S.
    Level 1 of Dragadune: W through the secret wall, 7S 6W N 3E 2N E S
    Level 2 of Dragadune: S E 2N 4W 2S W S 6E 8S 9E 15N 8W
    Level 3 of Dragadune: 7W 15S 15E 15N 7W
    Level 4 of Dragadune: Here you need to find the Clerics first. They are at 
    (12,0) W 11S 5E 4S from the entry and will give you a quest to find the three 
    tones. Here's where it gets nasty; the tones come in at random. There are 
    three locations to strike a gong at: (8,0) (15,8) and (0,8). You need to hear 
    the mellow tone, the loud tone and the sharp tone. Each time you strike the 
    gong you are teleported, and there's a 1/4 chance you won't hear any tone at 
    all. The nasty thing about teleports is that they can drop you into some 
    fixed combat squares, so be prepared to cast an escape spell.
    There are a lot of teleport squares but your best bet is Etherealize since 
    the teleport spell doesn't work. There are barriers guarding every room with 
    a gong, so you'll want to etherealize
    ] South at 8,2
    ] West at 2,8
    ] East at 13,8
    Then go back to the clerics. They'll deem you of advancement.
    Note the top 3 rows or so have secret doors at Y=14 leading to the center 
    corridor where you descended.
    If you double-dip, be sure to un-equip items that artificially raise your 
    statistics beforehand. The computer seems not to give help if an attribute is 
    Experience gained=1,2,4,6,8,10k(dead people get this too)
    Basically finding items. The first three you can buy, the last you must quest 
    for. Many of these are good experience builders on their own so why not pick 
    a cheap free bonus up? However, quest 7 is very taxing so you may just wish 
    to go with the pleasanter 1-6 and give up.
    If you come back after completing quest 7 you are thrown into the 
    Pit(Dragadune level 4) and you lose all possessions.
    1. Bring Garlic (Sorpigal or Algary, 10)
    2. Bring Wolfsbane (Algary, 25)
    3. Bring Belladonna (Erliquin, 50)
    4. Bring Medusa's Head (B2 8-4, beyond the Caryatid guards at C2 0,2 and W S 
    2W S 3W 3N W N, then cast levitate, 4N 4E 6N and use skill potions before 
    fights 1E, then 2E 5S W, then W, S, and finally 2E and S is the big fight 
    where you get the Medusa's head. You want to pack these guys off quickly 
    since they can breathe you to stone. Use whatever spells you need as well.)
    5. Bring Wyvern's Eye (again, skill potions for each fight, bring 2 for each 
    person and use 3 at a time.) From Sorpigal 2S E 22S 4W S 3W N (run) return 
    E/S/W/S/E and N 2E (1st fight) N 2E 4N (2nd) and 2W (3rd, with a hydra thrown 
    6. Bring Dragon's Tooth (B2 11,4) W 2S W 2S 2W
    7. Bring Okrim's Ring (B1 13,5 is behind Erliquin where you need the password 
    to get through the dungeon. The dungeon stairs are at (15,7) and then you 
    need to go 4E and 2N and type YICU2ME3 after which 2S 3W S W teleports you to 
    the other side. W 2S E and up.
    N W N E N E and enter. You can teleport/etherealize to (12,12) and you'll 
    probably have to be high enough level to do so in order to beat Okrim. But if 
    you want to play straight-up, 7E(combat) E 2S 10W 6N descend.
    On level 2 you're kicked to (15,6) and now you need to tread carefully to 
    avoid teleports unless you want to do it yourself. The quick way is to 
    teleport 8N to get to the stairs back up. But...
    N 4W S encounter 5W S E S (jump West) 2N encounter W N W S W N W 3S E N E 2S 
    3W (jump N) 4n (jump N just past intersection) 4N 7E (jump E) 6E S go up
    Now you're back in the upper half of level 1. At (14, 15). OK, think of 
    Okrim's as 1 being the right half and 2 the left. 3S to fight with 
    Dinobeetles(Magic Sword if you have it) S 4E 2N 8E fight Okrim. Everyone 
    casts dancing sword here but maybe you can hack the wizards to pieces with 
    skill potion-enhanced fighters before they do too much damage. If you win 
    Okrim offers you his ring in exchange for a life. One character is eradicated 
    + loses 1 endurance+gains 10 years once you resurrect.
    Note that after winning against Okrim you can go 3S and loop around to get an 
    Idol. Could've just teleported and saved the trouble though.
    Here you have a lot of places to find. Most are rather fun. The instructions 
    on how to get somewhere shouldn't be hard. For most of this you can just 
    teleport around but I'll give the run-through anyway. You can complete the 
    quests before you're asked to, too.
    Experience gained=1,2,4,6,8,10k
    1. Find the Ancient Ruins: see the Lord Hacker quest #7 for how to enter. Fly 
    to leave.
    2. Blythe's Peak is at b3 9,6 and from Portsmouth go N 7E 4N 2W N W S W S E S 
    E N E.
    3. The desert traders are easy to find once you have the map. Fly to d1 and N 
    8E 6N 2E 2S. Make sure you don't have anything important in player 1's first 
    slot and that you keep the cactus in slot 1 when you return to Lord 
    4. Okzar's shrine under Dusk is easy to get to if your party is protected by 
    the clerics there. Be sure everyone's alignment is correct as well, as you'll 
    get a nice item bonus. The dungeon stairs are 1W of the SE corner. 4N 8W 5N 
    3W (watch the stalactite shower--heal after) 2N W 4N, encounter, 2W and pray.
    5. The Fabulous Fabled Fountain of Dragadune is, from the entrance, 5S 5E 3N 
    2E 2N W.
    6. The Riddle of the Ruby is in the warriors' stronghold B2(9,9)--see 
    Ironfist's quest 1. Again you don't have to explore much--just go 10N 1W. 
    There'll be a few gargoyles before that, but big deal. Answer "Crystal." The 
    Crystal Key opens a door in the City of Gold.
    7. The Minotaur's is covered in the major quests, so I will take it up from 
    being at the second level. You can teleport, but to play fair, at (1,5) 
    instead of going east, go south. Follow the passage and step past the door. 
    The ground will shift beneath your feet. If you're using an emulator you may 
    want to slow things down. Turn left to stop it, then go forward or backward. 
    When you see a wall 1 space in front of you, turn right. Now you can start 
    walking. If you make a mistake it's back to the rotation at the beginning.
    2N E 2N W N W 2N E N E N and you can fight the minotaur.
    Bring as many dancing swords as you want. You might need them. The Grey 
    Minotaur is a real nuisance but the other Minotaurs tend to advance after he 
    does, kicking him to the back. Cast town portal to leave as if you surface, 
    you'll need combats to get out of the forest.
    White Wolf is north then east of Portsmouth, off to the side. You can 
    complete these quests as many times as you like, but they're tricky, 
    especially #3, so this is the least likely of the quest series. These aren't 
    terribly critical, but some of them tie in to stuff you'll do anyway, so if 
    you're in the area you might as well pick up the experience. For finding Lord 
    Kilburn, your leader needs to have the Map of the Desert readied. You can 
    complete the quests before you're asked to, too. That saves time.
    Experience gained=1,2,4,6,8,10k
    1. Find the stronghold in the Raven's Wood. (from B2 15,2 you can go W N 2W 
    2N 2W N 2E N W N W N W. Then fly back out.)
    2. Find Lord Kilburn C3 6,14--he's hidden away. Go south from Sorpigal 2S E S 
    and at Y=12 go west, N at the encounter, W 2N 2W S W S E 2S E 3N. On the 
    Nintendo you can run away from the fights guarding him. But it is trickier on 
    the Apple--gotta slug through.
    3. Find the Secret of Portsmouth--this one is tricky as Portsmouth drains 
    males, but if you have a female cleric you may be able to get away with 
    fleeing quickly. You could do worse than load up on speed potions and have 
    your cleric cast escape. You can't use the fountain trick unless you have 
    teleport abilities because ther's an encounter before and you'll get drained 
    just walking around. The queen is at (11,8). Find her by going 3E jump 2E 5S 
    2E 4N(heal up beforehand,) or teleport from the inn: 8E 4S.
    4. Find the Pirates' Secret Cove A2 (2,4)--nothing's there but you can fly to 
    A2, W 2S W 2S W S 10W N W N E search. You can also 12W 3N 2E.
    5. Find shipwreck of Jolly Raven, which is in a hidden cove at C4 (8,13). 
    You'll need walk on water or teleport. You can follow the shoreline from 
    Algary west and when you are next to a mountain, S W N. Just search.
    6. Defeat Pirate Ghost Ship Anarchist B4 (7,10) but it moves around. Walk on 
    Water and skill potions and maybe the C2 fountains. Get Power Shield too (M7-
    4) as this is a big melee fight. You can't cast Turn Undead 
    7. Defeating the stronghold is actually not as bad as it sounds though you 
    may wish to give up your gold at Dragadune before this--Lord Archer takes all 
    your gold. You've been there for quest #1. Now go 4N E(secret door) 4S and 
    down. There's another secret door S 8W 4N 3E (encounter, tough) 10E jump-E 
    and push the button to stop the conveyor. W 3S and surrender your gold. Trust 
    me when I say Lord Archer and the Master Archers are very tough to beat.
          8-2-6. PRISONERS
    To recharge you must visit prisoners in all six castles. I generally just 
    release them, but whatever you do, visit the giant with the scales in E1 to 
    grade your performance with respect to your alignment. The experience is 
    chicken feed compared to the work you need to do.
    Now visit the giant. From Dusk, 2E 2N W S 2W S 2W 2N 3E and have everyone 
    step on.
    CASTLE WOLF: N&E of Portsmouth, follow the spiral to the castle and then, 2E 
    of the door to the spiral, go S through a secret door and circle around. A 
    demon is there.
    BLACKRIDGE SOUTH: 3E 5S 8E 2S E N E to see a mysterious cloaked figure.
    BLACKRIDGE NORTH: 3S 5E 9S 2E 2S W N W to see a man in shackles.
    DRAGADUNE: 8S 6E 3S 2W 4S E 3N 3E 3S 2W 2N E S. Mutant.
    DOOM: this is tricky because of all the forced encounters. 3N 4W 12N 3W 2S 2E 
    N W, a small child.
    ALAMAR: The maid is in the SE tower. Circle around clockwise to get there and 
    jump over potential encounters--one in every square in he spiral.
    DRAGADUNE BASEMENT: The Clerics of the South want you to hear three tones, 
    which come randomly from the three gongs at (0,8) (15,8) and (9,0)--it's a 
    real mess.
          8-2-7. WHEEL OF LUCK
      There are four monsters to fight to get to the Wheel of Luck. Skill Potions 
    are an option for these fights, which do not appear again until you re-spin 
    the Wheel.
    1. Dark Rider + Warriors A1 (12,5): fly there, 3W S W 3S W 3S W 3N 4W S
    2. Great Sea Shark + Sharks A3 (7,9) is just off the Wheel of Luck's island 
    but you can also fly to A3 and 3W 5S cast walk/water S 5W
    3. Scorpion + Giant Scorpions D1 (10,5) is N 5E 4S 5E after flying to D1. 
    Once you flush the Scorpion this is rather easy. Amusing that the regular 
    scorpion's so much stronger than the giant ones.
    4. Winged Beast + Celestial stags D4 (9,9) 2E 2N of Algary. Turn down the 
    offer to fly to safety. The Beast will take one player down and probably 
    paralyze them if the monsters have the advantage. But the fountain and skill 
    potions should do the trick to win this.
    To get to the wheeel of luck, fly to A3 and 3W cast walk/water 12S 5W S 5W N 
    4E N 3W 2N.
    The more beasts you fight, the better the Wheel does for you.
    If you win one fight, you get 4000 experience or 1000 gold or 30 gems, or 
    nothing. The stakes double for each subsequent fight won i.e.
          8-2-8. MISCELLANEOUS FUN
      Climbing all the trees in Guire's Grove is fun, off in D3. There are trees 
    on both sides of the mountain. Your best bet is to get the item once you win, 
    as there are other ways to get gold and gems.
      You can get a Bronze Key in the C2 wizard's lair although it's a bit 
    tougher than just answering a riddle.
      More implausible stuff is detailed in my scripts, i.e. where to actually 
    find all the silver/gold messages this walkthrough glosses over(1 silver per 
    castle, 2 gold in Dragadune/Okrim's/Minotaur's/Raven's and one in City of 
    Gold) and how to decipher them(interleaves in Doom.)
    This is a quick and dirty walkthrough to plow through MM1. You'll miss a lot. 
    But it's kind of fun. See section 3-4 for what items to get for your party 
    and 7-1 for how to create a party. Separating by platform would mean a lot of 
    duplication here so I'll just note where you don't have to do things.
    **** APPLE QUICKSTART ****
    Start your party by going out of doors to find the cash outside Sorpigal(6S 
    6W S W 2S 2W 2N E 7N) as in section 7-2 and do this several times, buying 
    basic decent armor and weapons, crossbows for archer and robber and maybe 
    even chain&ring if you're patient enough(it's much easier than fighting, 
    trust me.) Then use the fountains to boost attributes and fight the monsters 
    in the forest square next to them. This is detailed in section 7-2-2. S W 3N 
    E N 7W 4S W from Sorpigal. Do this until you feel competent fighting.
    **** APPLE QUICKSTART ****
    **** NES QUICKSTART ****
    You should just be able to fight a couple of monsters and rest up. The jail's 
    a good place for testing yourself. You can't do any of the Apple quickstart 
    stuff above until you get to level 2, and then the fountains don't work and 
    the treasure might not be worth it. On the bright side, your characters start 
    out with experience.
    **** NES QUICKSTART ****
    Now go to C1. Head 2S E 14N 6W N from Sorpigal. Search the merchant wagon for 
    the merchants pass. Return to Sorpigal, make sure you have 100 gold, and find 
    the leprechaun hidden in the wall(4N W from the exit) and go to Algary(3). 
    Buy Garlic and Wolfsbane from the store there. You can walk back home or take 
    the portal (4W 4S e 4S E from the inn.) It will land you in the Sorpigal 
    jail, though.
    Find the leprechaun and go to Erliquin(5) and buy Belladonna at the shop. 
    Exit Erliquin and head to Blackridge South. Accept the first three quests for 
    an easy 6000 experience. You can train in Erliquin and even visit the dungeon 
    below, using the password YICU2ME3 to pick up gold in the big rooms. Don't 
    try to unlock anything else, although you can keep going up/down/u to rake in 
    the gold.
    This'll make you easily strong enough to walk back to Sorpigal although you 
    may not get in a fight anyway. Solve the town quests now, going to the 
    Sorpigal dungeon 4N 4E 5S 3E 2S W D. Then 5W 2N 2W and you can jump west 
    twice to avoid 2 of the 3 remaining fights. 2W, accept the quest, 2E and jump 
    2x and walk back out.
    Take the leprechaun to Erliquin and go to the inn. Don't sign in but bust 
    through the wall behind. Yay, experience. Go to Sorpigal now. You can just 
    walk along the north passage and head east at the ice block and follow that 
    path. When you return, go to Dusk(4) and see Telgoran for even more 
    experience and gold to blow at the magic weapon shop in Dusk. Get blessed at 
    the temple, go down to Dusk's dungeon, and teleport back to Sorpigal 4N 3W 3N 
    4E 7S,
    Take the portal to Algary and 11W 13S jump-W W N E to get one astral brother. 
    Go back to Sorpigal and use the Leprechaun to Portsmith(2) and save the game 
    because male characters get drained. 2W 2S jump 5S 3E jump 2E jump E 3S E 2N 
    W and retrace. You must see these brothers to open up the treasure in C1--2S 
    E 20N E 2N 3E gets you the Ruby Whistle. And more gold to go to Dusk with.
    Now build up your party. You should be close to 16000 experience, when your 
    characters can fly to different zones. There aren't any good fights you can 
    walk to although you can build up characters at the fountain, take the portal 
    in Sorpigal to Algary, go to the swamp and decline the Winged Beast's 
    invitation(2E 2N) and fight Paul Pead a few times.
    Once you fly everything is easier. You can fly to A2 after drinking at the C2 
    fountains--follow the path to fight the dragon. Or see section 7-3-2 on the 
    undead fight as well. You can also fight the Wyverns in C3. For Wyverns 
    you'll need skill potion since they're buffered by an encounter beforehand, 
    so no fights with all 30 attributes.
    Once your characters are level 7 or so you can move on pretty safely. This 
    allows you to cast the surface spell and also the escape combat spell. See 
    about building up your stats(8-2-2) and now you're ready to go for the Gold 
    Key in the Minotaur's Lair.
    To get there cut across the water 1N 7E 3S E N 3E. (You can also get out 
    quickly that way too.) In the lair, 4W 4N 3W D. W 5S heal/skill potion and S 
    to beat the Deadly Spores. S E 3E 2S W N E and don't desecrate the doggie. 
    Search. You can cast surface now though you may want to rest first. There's 
    one more combat before leaving the wood.
    Now you can either build your characters up before or after. I recommend a 
    few fights where you get items, because one item can improve your party more 
    than a level could(i.e. +3 Plate Mail or an Archers' Bow.) Items are much 
    more important on the Apple than the NES however. I recommend at least level 
    11 for your sorcerer although you may want to gore the ox and get to level 13 
    right now.
    See the princess twice(8-1 Pt II) and then I'll refer you to parts III-VI for 
    what to do next.
    The next part is tricky because you need to either pass 8 Red Dragons or use 
    If you choose to use Etherealize, just beat up the Undead monsters in E4 a 
    few times to get to level 11 as you need.
    You can head 4W S W 44S W 3S 9W and cast etherealize S and go W. Or you can 
    get blessed at the temple, drink from fountains, fly to A2, W S 2W 2S load up 
    on skill potions, and bash the red dragons' heads in. Then S 4W N 3W 2N 3W 2N 
    2E 4N W 3S W 5N E N W to get the pass. Fly back to C2 and save up.
    Now fly to E3 and at (9,2) get Heratio Harper's password. 4E 3N and give it 
    to the lion and N 2E to Alamar's. Just bust east and you'll expose the false 
    Alamar and go to the Soul Maze. Then type "Sheltem" right away.
    Maybe you still have some character buildup to do. Make sure everyone's level 
    13. You can use a small shortcut if fighting the undeads at E4(3,6).
    **APPLE: get rid of the knight, robber and cleric once they're at level 13. 
    Your 3 remaining can win the fight easily. Your paladin can cast turn undead. 
    Double the experience for those that need it.
    **NES: get rid of your two fighters and robber for the mummy/lich fight once 
    they've reached level 13, and everyone's experience will double. Your 
    sorcerers can fly you around a bunch.
    The Astral Plane is the last hurdle and you can just cast 7-1 or use the 
    Diamond Key at E3 (1,4) for that. Read section IX of 8-1. Remember: rest when 
    you hit the barrier in the NES version!
      10. MISCELLANY
        10-1. APPLE VS NES VS PC
    The NES had some language discrepancies, as it refers to VARN as "BARN," 
    replaces minotaur dung with squishy slime, and refers to the Volcano God as 
    the Volcano Giant. You can also blow your ruby whistle 1-6 times instead of 
    0-9 on the Apple.
    Healing's much cheaper in the NES version, from 10-25 vs 25-100. And 
    different ailments are the same as just regular healing on the NES!
    NES mentions an aura and not a sign(i.e. yellow vs. yellow limra.)
    NES mentions the second part of Og's Riddle outright(King's Level 1.)
    NES also mentiones "JON VAN CANEGHEN" as the original author, but it's van 
    CanegheM. Oops.
    Lara is "voluptuous" on the Apple but "beautiful" on the NES. This messes up 
    Trivia Island.
    Another NES typo: "+2 personality" at the clerics' oasis actually gives 
    everyone +4 personality.
        10-2. BUGS
    --If you get in combat and teleport/jump/flee you can still search for 
    --The game never tells you if backpacks are full, but you can drop items and 
    --Steal from Erliquin with a level 7+ cleric in your party. Cast "surface" 
    and re-enter. The guards will forget you stole! (The Apple doesn't allow the 
    Surface spell.) The only problem with this cheat is that by the time you're 
    good enough to use it, it's not worth it any more!
        10-3. WEIRD CHEATS
    If you've got the Map of the Desert, you can buy cheap items and trade them 
    for cacti to make a profit in D1. But you probably won't need to. And you 
    might trade away something you really need, anyway.
    If worst comes to worst on the Apple and you run out of food, you can just 
    create a new party and have them trade their food off. You won't get paid for 
    it, but you will just not have to pay for new food. You can even go 
    scavenging--see C2(2,10).
    But it shouldn't. Even if you have one gold piece left, you can execute this 
    following cheat on the Apple.
    1. create a character G
    2. back up your B-disk. Call the original B1 and the backup B2.
    3. Pool all your gold to one character. Have him(A), along with G, leave 
    Sorpigal on B1, but remove the rest of your party.
    4. When in Sorpigal, switch B1 and B2. Pool your gold to G and Enter the inn 
    to save to B2.
    5. Remove A and exit to Sorpigal. Remove B2 and insert B1.
    6. Go to the inn to save to B1.
    Now all characters are preserved except G. G has the gold A pooled to him. 
    But so does A, still, according to B1! Pool A and G's gold to A and repeat 
    steps 3-6 until you've got all the gold you want.
    Visit Dragadune if you'd like but remember to have some gold left over to 
    gain levels. This works on emulators and in fact is much easier because you 
    don't have a lot to fiddle with physically.
    "Disk swapping, it's not as sleazy as wife swapping!"
        10-4. BYTE EDITING
    On the Apple, using AppleWin save states
      c070 = character 1
      c0f0 = character 2
      c170 = character 3
      c1f0 = character 4
      c270 = character 5
      c2f0 = character 6
    Then add that to the offset below. Note that
      Actual = first byte
      Temporary = second byte(i.e. if you found the 30-attribute fountain)
    11/12=alignment 1-2-3=good/neutral/evil
    13=race human/elf/dwarf/gnome/half-orc(1-5)
    2b-2c=current sp
    2d-2e=max sp
    2f-30=spell level
    33-34=cur hp
    35-36=cur max hp(lower if poisoned)
    37-38=max hp
    3c=armor class from items
    3d=armor class
    3f=??--high byte of food, unused?
    40-45=equipped items
    46-4b=items in backpack
    4c-51=charges of equipped items
    52-57=charges of backpack items
    58-59=magic resistance
    5a-5b=fire resistance
    5c-5d=cold resistance
    5e-5f=electricity resistance
    60-61=acid resistance
    62-63=fear resistance
    64-65=poison resistance
    66-67=sleep resistance
    Beyond this may be flags for specific quests that I don't really want to 
    tinker with or speculate on.
    End of FAQ proper
      11. VERSIONS
    1.0.1 11/25/2005 added some new stuff including a gold cheat and byte editing
    1.0.0 11/14/2005(whew, long time no FAQ) adding NES version and completing 
    other details
    0.6.1 10/14/2000 added rudimentary FAQ info including brief quick 
    0.6.0 released 10/10/2000 completed item info and also has more detailed 
    monster info.  Spell info is also included.  This should pave the way 
    for a full-blown FAQ.
    0.4.0 released 6/14/2000 has complete item info. minus some 
    miscellaneous ones.
     Monster names have been extracted, but I haven't decoded the bytes yet.
      12. CREDITS
    New World Computing(now 3DO) for making the "original" Might & Magic 
    mirror.apple.asimov.net--for the original!
    project64.c64.org for the FULL Might and Magic I manual, from which I 
    extracted the spells.  This was a big help and I am grateful to them!
    Whoever sold me the M&M collection on eBay
    Jennifer King, e-mail unknown, whose walkthrough that I saw on Gamefaqs.com 
    made this much easier.
    CJayC for having GameFAQs and offering an NES bounty
    For all the people I've gotten to know since this guide came out. There are 
    too many to list off the top of my head. Sashanan for being a fellow M&M 
    enthusiast, Stephen Lee for enjoying M&M -and- byte editing/analysis, AdamL 
    for his support when this guide wasn't touched up(but still apparently 
    worked,) bloomer, Retro, falsehead, Snow Dragon, Masters and *who knows* who 
    Brian Sulpher and Lisanne for putting up with me going on the side bounty 
    project(this game) to put off FAQs I co-authored with them.
    Finally, for nostalgia's sake, Aric Jacover and Josh Clayton, fellow 
    sufferers who thought this game would be awesome and who got stuck, too. I 
    still remember Josh's frantic phone call after I showed him the gold 
    duplication trick. "My characters are dying when I rest!" But only his 
    knight, cleric and robber...
    After 5 minutes we remembered they'd gained a year with each level. So half 
    his party was about 120 years old. OOPS! Happily by then his cleric could 
    cast a FEW rejuvenation spells.
    PS Aric, if you ever read this, which I doubt, Deathlord was a MUCH better 
    game. The one you made fun of? The one you didn't say I had to have? :)

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