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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DSimpson

    Version: 1.61 | Updated: 01/22/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                            Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
                                   January 22, 2005
                                     Version 1.61
                               Written by:  Dan Simpson
                                    Email:  dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com
                         Use this subject:  Ultima 4 v 1.61
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     Ultima IV is such a great game that it has been recognized as one of the
     best and most groundbreaking games of all time.  Of course that doesn't help
     you if you didn't manage to buy it when it first came out, and you missed it
     again when the Ultima Collection came out.  Well, fear not!  Origin has
     provided the game free of charge!
     Ultima 4 is currently being sold in the Ultima Collection pack, but you can
     also download a copy of it completely free! (and completely legal!):
     So download it and play the legendary game!  Unless you already have it, in
     which case you should skip down to the FAQ itself.  I have gotten an email
     from someone who claimed that the download no longer works, it does, it just
     puts you through a Tripod screen first.
     This Document is Copyright 1999-2005 by Dan Simpson
     Ultima 4 is Copyright by Origin Systems
     I am not affiliated with Origin, Electronic Arts or anyone who had anything
     to do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so
     long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting
     it.  You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.
    What's New in 1.61:
        Changed my email address and updated the format.
      For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
      of the FAQ.
    Table of Contents:
      i.    Introduction
      ii.   Keyboard Commands
      iii.  Creating a new Character
      iv.   Items
      v.    Virtues
      vi.   General Strategies
      vii.  Shrines, Runes, and Mantras
      viii. Magic Spheres
      1.    Part One, The Avatar
         a. Lord British's Castle
         b. Britain
         c. Paws
         d. Trinsic
         e. Minoc
         f. Skara Brae
         g. Jhelom
         h. Vesper
         i. Yew
         j. Empath Abbey
         k. Moonglow
         l. Lycaeum
         m. Serpent's Hold and Surrounding Areas
         n. Magincia
         o. Cove
         p. Other Things to Do
      2.    Part Two, Dungeon Hopping
      A.    Moongates
      B.    Monsters
      C.    Upgrades
      D.    Tricks & Bugs
    Final Words...
    | i. Introduction                                                             |
    Ultima 4 is unlike every other RPG ever made.  A bold statement.  Instead of
    questing to remove some all-powerful evil, you are questing toward self-
    improvement to become an Avatar.  Sure there are battles along the way, but the
    true test of your courage is whether you can follow the Virtues, and eventually
    brave the foul Stygian Abyss and view the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.
    In the game you have to follow the Virtues.  What does this mean, exactly?  No
    stealing, attacking innocent people (and creatures), talking with pride, etc.
    Plus you have to _increase_ your amount of Virtue by doing good deeds.  Giving
    money to beggars (no matter how much you give, they'll never stop begging),
    meditating at the 8 Shrines of Virtue.
    | ii. Keyboard Commands                                                       |
    Standard Commands:
    A - Attack                    N - New Order
    B - Board                     O - Open Door
    C - Cast                      P - Peer at Gem
    D - Descend                   Q - Quit and Save
    E - Enter                     R - Ready Weapon
    F - Fire                      S - Search
    G - Get Chest                 T - Talk
    H - Hole up and Camp          U - Use
    I - Ignite Torch              V - Volume
    J - Jimmy Lock                W - Wear Armor
    K - Klimb                     X - Exit
    L - Locate Position           Y - Yell
    M - Mix Reagants              Z - Stats
    A - Awaken        - GR, GN      | N - Negate      - MR, GR, SA
    B - Blink         - SS, BM      | O - Open        - SA, BM
    C - Cure          - GR, GN      | P - Protection  - SA, GN, GR
    D - Dispel        - BP, SA, GR  | Q - Quickness   - SA, GN, BM
    E - Energy Field  - SA, SS, BP  | R - Resurrect   - SA, GN, GR, SS, BM, MR
    F - Fireball      - BP, SA      | S - Sleep       - SS, GN
    G - Gate Travel   - SA, BP, MR  | T - Tremor      - SA, BM, MR
    H - Heal          - GN, SS      | U - Undead      - SA, GR
    I - Iceball       - BP, MR      | V - View        - NS, MR
    J - Jinx          - BP, NS, MR  | W - Wind Change - SA, BM
    K - Kill          - NS, BP      | X - Exit        - BM, SS, SA
    L - Light         - SA          | Y - Up          - BM, SS
    M - Magic Missile - SA, BP      | Z - Down        - BM, SS
    Reagants -- GR: Garlic
                GN: Ginseng
                SS: Spider Silk
                BM: Blood Moss
                NS: Nightshade
                SA: Sulfurous Ash
                BP: Black Pearl
                MR: Mandrake Root
    Note: using "Q" won't actually quit the game.  In Win95 use ALT-ESC to minimize
          the window, then right click, and close (after saving it with "Q" of
    | iii. Creating a New Character                                               |
    At the very beginning of the game you will be asked 7 questions by a gypsy
    woman.  Depending on your final answer will be the type of character you are in
    the game, and where you start the game.
        Virtue:         Class:      Town:
        -------         ------      -----
        Compassion    - Bard      - Britain
        Honesty       - Mage      - Moonglow
        Honor         - Paladin   - Trinsic
        Humility      - Shepherd  - New Magincia
        Justice       - Druid     - Yew
        Sacrifice     - Tinker    - Minoc
        Spirituality  - Ranger    - Skara Brae
        Valor         - Fighter   - Jhelom
    Don't just take class into consideration while choosing your virtue, also
    consider where you start and how hard it will be to get around.
    Levels:         exp:
    -------         ----
       1            0-100
       2          101-200
       3          201-400
       4          401-800
       5          801-1600
       6         1601-3200
       7         3201-6400
       8         6401+
    | iv. Items                                                                   |
    Reagants: (BD - Buccaneer's Den, P - Paws, SB - Skara Brae, MG - Moonglow)
      Black Pearl         BD - 1   P - 7    SB - 8   MG - 9
      Blood Moss          SB - 4   P - 6    MG - 6   BD - 9
      Garlic              P - 2    MG - 6   BD - 9   SB - 9
      Ginseng             P - 4    MG - 5   SB - 6   BD - 7
      Spider Silk         MG - 3   SB - 6   P - 9    BD - 9
      Sulfurous Ash       MG - 2   SB - 2   P - 3    BD - 6
      *Nightshade         search during 2 new moons search at JF CO
      *Mandrake Root      search during 2 new moons search at DC LC (or DG LG)
      * - indicates that these reagants MUST be found
    Weapons: (as sorted from BEST to WORST)
          Name:         Where:                     Who Can Equip:     Cost:
          -----         ------                     --------------     -----
      O - Magic Wand  - Buccaneer's Den          - MBD               - 5000 gold
      N - Magic Bow   - Buccaneer's Den          - BDTPR             - 2000
      M - Magic Sword - Minoc                    - FTPR              - 2500
      L - Magic Axe   - Minoc                    - TP                - 1500
      K - Halberd     - Minoc, Jhelom            - FTP               -  350
      J - Flaming Oil - Vesper, Buccaneer's Den  - MBFDPTRS          -    5 (1 use)
      I - Crossbows   - Jhelom, Buccaneer's Den  - BFDPTR            -  600
      H - Bow         - Trinsic, Vesper          - BFDPTR            -  250
      G - Sword       - Britain, Trinsic, Jhelom - BFPTR             -  300
      F - Axe         - Trinsic, Jhelom          - BFPTR             -  225
      E - Mace        - Minoc, Trinsic           - BFDPTRS           -  100
      D - Sling       - Britain, Vesper          - MBFDPTRS          -   25
      C - Dagger      - Britain, Vesper          - MBFDPTRS          -    2
      B - Staff       - Britain                  - MBFDPTRS          -   20
    Armor: (as sorted from BEST to WORST)
          Name:         Where:                          Who Can Equip:    Cost:
          -----         ------                          --------------    -----
      G - Magic Plate - Jhelom                           - P            - 7000 gold
      F - Magic Chain - Trinsic, Jhelom                  - FP           - 4000
      E - Plate Mail  - Jhelom                           - FTP          - 2000
      D - Chain Mail  - Britain, Trinsic, Jhelom, B. Den - FTP          -  600
      C - Leather     - Britain, Paws, Buccaneer's Den   - BFDPTRS      -  200
      B - Cloth       - Britain, Paws, Trinsic, B. Den   - MBFDPTRS     -   50
      (M - Mage, B - Bard, F - Fighter, D - Druid, P - Paladin, T - Tinker,
       R - Ranger, S - Shepherd)
          Mystic Robe  -- 4500 gold
          Mystic Sword -- 3500
    Items: (all of these are in Vesper or Buccaneer's Den)
      A - Torches     - 50 gold (5 torches in a bunch)
      B - Magic Gems  - 60 (5)
      C - Magic Keys  - 60 (6)
      D - Sextants    - 900 (technically not on the menu, but you can still buy it)
    Note: the best place to get Rations is Moonglow (not Britain as I had said
    | v. Virtues                                                                  |
    Here is a list of things that increases and decreases your Virtues.
      +2 ... giving to beggar
      +2 ... fleeing from Non-evil enemy
      +1 ... letting Non-evil creatures flee
      -5 ... attacking non-evil creatures
      +2 ... being honest to herbs (reagants) woman
      +2 ... fleeing from non-evil creature
      +1 ... letting non-evil creatures flee
      -1 ... stealing a chest
      -3 ... attacking non-evil creatures
      -10... cheating herbs (reagants) woman
      Tip from Michael Roberts:
        I was just working on my justice and compassion (the hardest virtues for me
        because, at least for justice, you have to find non-evil creatures!  And
        there just aren't many.) and I thought of something and just finished
        testing it successfully.  There is one non-evil creature that is regularly
        at one spot that you can fight and let escape.  Nate the Snake in Magincia
        will come after you over and over again, just enter, fight, let him run,
        and leave.  Then return.  If you have only one character in the party you
        don't have to worry too much about poision.  And frankly, he's a jerk 
        trying to "destroy the living" or what not, so he probably deserves the bad 
        treatment.  I just managed to get justice in about 15-30 minutes of doing 
        that and I just wanted to share the joy.
      +5 ... solving quests (finding items)
      +3 ... giving to a beggar
      +2 ... being honest to herbs (reagants) woman
      -1 ... stealing a chest
      -3 ... attacking non-evil creatures
      -10... cheating herbs (reagants) woman
      +0/1 (random)... killing an enemy (evil)
      -2 ... fleeing from enemy
      +5 ... giving blood at the healer
      +1 ... getting killed
      -2 ... fleeing from enemy
      -5 ... not giving blood at the healer
      +2 ... being honest to herbs (reagants) woman (it is also rumored that if you
             overpay that you will get even more points)
      -1 ... stealing a chest
      -10... cheating herbs (reagants) woman
      +(3 * cycle) ... meditating at a shrine
      +3 ... talking the Hawkwind the Seer
      -3 ... using wrong mantra at a shrine
      +10... Talking unproud (humble)
      -5 ... Talking proud
      Note: Check General Strategies below for a list of people that you can talk
            "Unproud" to.
    All Virtues:
      +10... Throwing the skull of Mondain into the Abyss
      -5 ... Using the skull of Mondain
      Note: Non-evil creatures are: spiders, insects, rats, bats, snakes and
    | vi. General Strategies                                                      |
    The Fine Art of Talking to people:
      Use "T" to talk to someone.
      The Britannians have a great deal of information for you, all you need to do
      is learn how to ask them for it.  So here's a little guide to help explain 
      how to learn what you need to know from NPC's.
    Common Words to Say:
      "Name" - they'll tell you their name
      "Job"  - they'll tell you their job, quest, etc.
      "Health" - they will tell you their health, if someone isn't well find out
                 why and try to help them! (beggars...)
      "join" - asks the person to join your party
      "Bye" - Ends the conversation
    Increasing Humility:  (from Stephanus Rudiyanto Natari)
      Humility is one of the hardest virtues to increase, because you need to talk
      to certain people.  But once you have found one, you can talk to her/him,
      answer with unproud manner, and then talk to her/him again.  Repeat this at
      much as you can, and your humility virtue will increase.
      The hard thing, is to find those people.  Here is a list of them:
      (The format is:   His/her name, his/her type, the town/castle he/she resides)
           Talfourd, Druid, Yew
           Flamis, Fire, Yew
           Guards, Guard, Yew
           Julio, Bard, Britain
           Mentar, Shepherd, Britain
           Silver John, Villager, Den
           Gate Guard, Guard, Empath Abbey
           Diane, Villager, Empath Abbey
           Sir Hrothgar, Fighter, Jhelom
           X, Fighter, Jhelom
           Estro, Druid, Lycaeum
           Katrina, Shepherd, Magincia
           Faultless, Ghost, Magincia
           Heywood, Ghost, Magincia
           Slim, Skeleton, Magincia
           Virtuebane, Devil, Magincia
           Patric, Shepherd, Moonglow
           White, Fighter, Skara Brae
           Nameless Prisoner, Beggar, Britannia
           Shawn, Shepherd, Britannia
           Guards, Guard, Britannia
    | vii. Shrines, Runes, and Mantras                                            |
    Compassion: (FM IA)
      Rune: In Britain's Inn at the End of the Hall (search)
      Mantra: MU
      Stone: Yellow, in Despise
    Honor: (MP FB)
      Rune: In Trinsic SW corner by a Mage (search)
      Mantra: SUMM
      Stone: Purple, in Shame
    Spirituality: (enter the Minoc moongate at 2 full moons, BD KG)
      Rune: Lord British's treasure room
      Mantra: OM
      Stone: White, on Serpent's Spine (balloon)
    Justice: (AL EJ)
      Rune: In cell in Yew
      Mantra: BEH
      Stone: Green, in Wrong
    Valor: (OF CE)
      Rune: In the secret passage around the city (SE tower)
      Mantra: RA
      Stone: Red, in Destard
    Sacrifice: (CN MN)
      Rune: In the forge in Minoc
      Mantra: CAH
      Stone: Orange, in Covetous
    Humility: (NI OH) -- Need the Silver Horn first
      Rune: In the mountains in Paws (SE)
      Mantra: LUM
      Stone: Black, double New Moon Moongate (Moonglow)
    Honesty: (EC OJ)
      Rune: In Moonglow around Mariah's treasures (don't take those either)
      Mantra: AHM
      Stone: Blue, Deceit
    | viii. Magic Spheres                                                         |
    In the dungeons you will find little magic spheres which will raise your stats,
    but at the price of hitpoints.
    Where:            Levels:           Stats:          Damage:
    ------            -------           ------          -------
    Covetous          3, 6              STR, DEX           400
    Deceit            3, 5, 6           IQ                 200
    Despise           4, 8              DEX                200
    Destard           3, 6              STR                200
    Hythloth*         5, 3, 1           STR, DEX, IQ       800
    Shame             1, 4, 8           STR, IQ            400
    Wrong             2, 6, 7           DEX, IQ            400
    * the spheres in Hythloth do not appear until you have gone to the eighth 
      level, and are on the way out.
    |                                Walkthrough:                                 |
    | 1. Part One, The Avatar                                                     |
    This game isn't all that complicated, so the walkthrough isn't all that long or
    complicated either.
    You need to become an Avatar first off.  This is best done alone (no party
    members slowing you down, you'll need them later, but not now).  What we want
    to do is to gather up the 8 runes, and learn the 8 mantras.  Plus, of course,
    get all the other quest items.
    The following can be done in any order you want.  All you have to do to become
    an avatar is to go to each place and do good deeds (see the v. virtues section
    above).  Talk to the Seer to find out when you have mastered a certain virtue
    (called Partial Avatarhood), then go to that shrine and meditate for 3 cycles.
    Master all 8 to become the Avatar.  Don't forget to go to the shrines!  They
    aren't listed in the walkthrough, but you must get to all 8 eventually!
    a. Lord British's Castle (GL FG)
      - Make sure to talk to Lord British and accept the Quest of the Avatar 
        (otherwise this will be a very short game!)
      - On the first floor, go into the room with all the guards, and in the NE
        corner of the room on the east wall is a secret wall, go in and search for
        the Rune of Spirituality (don't take the treasure).
      - Give blood here to improve your virtues.
      - Also any time you find yourself back at the castle, talk to Hawkwind, the
        Seer who will not only tell you how close you are to Partial Avatarhoods,
        but will also increase your spirtuality.
    b. Britain (GK FC)
      - Iolo, a bard, will join you here.
      - At the end of the hallway in the Inn is the Rune of Compassion.
      - Talk to cricket about the MANTRA to get the Mantra for Compassion: MU.
      - Give money to the beggar Sprite to increase your Compassion.
      - Shapero tells you that the Shrine of Compassion is East 2 Bridges.
      - Sebastian (injured man) tells you that Mondain's Skull is still around.
    c. Paws (JB GC)
      - In the south part of town are some mountains, in a nook find the Rune of
      - Find the Magic Shop (secret wall in Armory East) and buy reagants, pay the
        right amount to increase virtue.  (you are given to option to pay whatever
        you want, and the blind person accepts anything, just be honest!)
    d. Trinsic (LI GK)
      - Dupre, a paladin, will join you here.
      - Talk to Terrin in the SE corner of town to learn that the Rune of Honor is
        in the SW corner of town. (It is found by Virgil the Wizard)
      - Kline knows the mantra: SUMM (in the tavern)
    e. Minoc (BE JP)
      - Julia, a tinker, will join you here. (in the poorhouse)
      - Also in the poorhouse are a lot of beggars... Give to them to increase your
      - Talk to Mischief of the Rune to learn it is in the forge, go in and get it.
      - Singsong the bard mentions the mantra: CAH
      - Alkerion tells of the Stone of Sacrifice
    f. Skara Brae (IA BG)
      - Shamino, a ranger, will join you here.
      - Mitre knows of the White Stone and tells you to ask about it in the Pub in
      - Barren (kid) knows the mantra: OM
      - Talk to the Ankh to learn that the Rune is in Lord B.'s castle, and to get
        to the Shrine of Spirituality you must enter a moongate at 2 full moons.
        (this only works at the Minoc moongate!)
      - If you feel up to the challenge, stay at the haunted inn to get some info
        on the White Stone.
    g. Jhelom (NC CE)
      - Geoffrey, a fighter, will join you here.  (in the Inn)
      - Aesop knows the mantra: RA
      - You want to get into the walls to get the Rune.  To get in, go to the inn
        and unlock the door (with a Key) to Lord Robert's room, search it for the
        passage.  The Rune is found in the SE Tower.
    h. Vesper (DL MJ)
      - If you don't have a sextant, buy one here at the Guild (option D, even
        though you can't see it, it's there) for 900 gold
    i. Yew (CL DK)
      - Jaana, a druid, will join you here.
      - The Rune of Justice is in a cell with a criminal.  To get into the cell, go
        up to the Ruler of the Castle, and talk to him.  Tell him that you aren't
        perfect, and serve your penance.
      - You will also learn that the Green Stone of Justice is in Dungeon Wrong
      - Some chanting druids (by a fire and with Jaana) are chanting: BEH
    j. Empath Abbey (DC BM)
      - Lord Robert will tell you a word: AMO
    k. Moonglow (IH OI)
      - Mariah, a mage, will join you here.
      - The rune is in the room with Mariah, by her gold.
      - Cromwell the Paladin knows the mantra: AHM
    l. Lycaeum (GL NK)
      - Search the library (in the 't' section, for truth) for the Book of Truth.
      - Frasier tells you that part of the WORD is VER
    m. Serpent's Hold and surrounding Area (PB JC)
      - Talk to Sentri to get the Word: COR
    n. Magincia (KJ LL)
      - Katrina, a shepherd, will join you here.  Goodie.
      - Since pride destroyed Magincia, and Humility is the opposite of pride, and
        pride's mantra is 'mul' then humility's mantra is: LUM
      - You need to pick up the Silver Horn to drive the demons around the shrine
        away, it is at KN CN
    o. Cove (FK II)
      - To get to Cove you either need to find and capture a Pirate Ship on Locke
        Lake, or go through the Whirlpool.
      - Search near the Ankh to find the Candle of Love.
    p. Other things to do:
      Get the Bell of Courage at: NA LA
      Get the Skull of Mondain at: PF MF (double new moons only)
      Get a Magic Wheel (to improve your ship) at: NH GA
      A Telescope is at: AC BG
      After Becoming a full Avatar you can get these:
        Also be sure to get the Mystic Armor at Empath Abbey (in the grotto): AE BG
        And the Mystic Weapon at Serpent's Hold (on the mat): AP AI
        Trick: If you need money, you can sell these, then go back and get them
    When you become a partial avatar in each virtue you will be given a letter,
    all the letters add up to INFINITY.
    | 2. Part Two, Dungeon Hopping                                                |
    This won't walk you through the dungeons, but merely give you clues that you
    will need to get all 8 stones, the 3 part key, and conquer the Sygian Abyss.
    For this part you should have all 8 people in your party (you are considered
    one of the 8), be well equipped, have lots of reagants, and a good supply of
    Dungeon Locations: (from Stephanus Rudiyanto Natari)
      Deceit:    EJ PA
      Despise:   ED FL
      Destard:   KI EI
      Wrong:     BE HO
      Covetous:  BL JM
      Shame:     GG DK
      Hythloth:  PA OP
      Hard to find dungeons:
      - Shame (Although you know the entrance location)
        To enter this dungeon, sail down the river from HF CA
      - Hythloth (Easy Entrance)
        'Jimmy Lock' a locked door behind Castle Britannia, and climb down the 
      White:  On top of serpent's spine, can only be reached via balloon (which can
              be found outside Hythloth)
      Black:  Search the Moonglow Moongate during a double new moon
      Blue:   Seventh Level of Deceit
      Yellow: Fifth Level of Despise
      Red:    Seventh Level of Destard
      Green:  Eighth Level of Wrong
      Orange: Seventh Level of Covetous
      Purple: Second Level of Shame
    Once you have the stones you must use them in the 3 rooms of principles to get
    the 3 part key.  These rooms are located at the bottom of dungeons.  Once in
    each room you need to use the stone on the altar, the following is a list of
    which stones go in which rooms:
      Truth:      Blue   Green   Purple   White
      Courage:    Red    Orange  Purple   White
      Love:       Yellow Orange  Green    White
    Stygian Abyss:
    You should now have all 8 stones, the 3 part key, the Skull of Mondain, and the
    3 artifacts of Principle (Bell of Courage, Candle of Love, Book of Truth).  
    Also be sure to bring as many reagants as you can buy.  You'll have to figure 
    out where to go on your own, but at the end of each level in the Abyss there is 
    a question to get to the next level:
      1.  Honesty, Blue
      2.  Compassion, Yellow
      3.  Valor, Red
      4.  Justice, Green
      5.  Sacrifice, Orange
      6.  Honor, Purple
      7.  Spirituality, White
      8.  Humility, Black
    You will now be at the final destination in your quest.  You will now be asked
    a series of questions, the answers are:
      VERAMOCOR (the 3 part word)
    Wow, what a great Avatar you are!  You won Ultima IV!
    |                                 Appendices:                                 |
    | A. Moongates                                                                |
    There are 8 locations of moongates, one for each town of virtue in the game.
    Based on the phase of the first moon, is when a moongate will open, and the 2nd
    moon's phase tells you where it will take you.  For example, when the first 
    moon first turns to the New Moon, a moongate will open at Moonglow and its
    destination will be Moonglow, when the 2nd moon changes phase it will take you
    to Britain, another 2nd moon phase change and it will take you to Jhelom.  Then
    the moongate will close.
       Phase                Location      Destinations
       -----                --------      ------------
    1. New Moon             Moonglow      Moonglow      Britain     Jhelom
    2. Crescent Waxing      Britain       Yew           Minoc       Trinsic
    3. First Quarter        Jhelom        Skara Brae    Magincia    Moonglow
    4. Gibbous Waxing       Yew           Britain       Jhelom      Yew
    5. Full Moon            Minoc         Spirituality  Trinsic     Skara Brae
    6. Gibbous Waning       Trinsic       Magincia      Moonglow    Britain
    7. Last Quarter         Skara Brae    Jhelom        Yew         Minoc
    8. Crescent Waning      Magincia      Trinsic       Skara Brae  Magincia
    | B. Monsters                                                                 |
    Below is a list of Monsters and the experience that you get by killing them.
    All the information in this section is from Stephanus Rudiyanto Natari.
        Balron      16
        Bat          4 exp
        Cyclops      9
        Daemon       8
        Dragon      15
        Ettin        8
        Gazer       16
        Ghost        6
        Gremlin      4
        Headless     5
        Hydra       14
        Insects      4
        Lava Lizard  7
        Lich        13
        Mimic       13
        Nixie        5
        Orc          6
        Phantom      4
        Phyton       4
        Rat          4
        Reaper      16
        Rogue        6
        Seahorse     7
        Serpent      9
        Skeleton     4
        Slime        4
        Spider       5
        Squid        9
        Troll        7
        Wisp         5
        Wizard      12
        Zorn        16
      Non-Monster Creatures that normally you don't want to attack:
        Bard         9
        Beggar      13
        Bull        11
        Child       10
        Druid       10
        Fighter      7
        Guard       13
        Horse        9
        Jester       9
        Mage         8
        Merchant     9
        Paladin      4
        Ranger       3
        Shepherd     9
        Tinker       9
        Villager    13
    | C. Upgrades                                                                 |
    Note: These are all non-Origin upgrades, so use at your own risk!
    Graphics Update:
      There is a slight improvement to Ultima 4 that you can download, a completely
      new graphics tileset!  Wow!
      It's not that great of an improvement, but any improvement is a good one, so
      it is a recommended download.  It also includes some other things with it.
    Sound Update:
      Another upgrade is one to add music to U4:
      Unzip it into your Ultima 4 directory and run "setup.bat", and then from then
      on to play Ultima 4 with sound you have to use the u4.bat
    Both of these upgrades include Mo'Slo and the sound updates u4.bat includes a
    moslo line in it already (at 25% speed).
    D.  Tricks & Bugs
    The following is from Gordon Cameron:
    1) There is a great glitch on the Commodore 64 version -- it may apply to any
       version that originally plays the game off 4 floppies and requires swapping.
       What you do is, you put the Underworld disk in the drive while you are on 
       the surface.  When you walk far enough, the game loads in the next 
       region -- but instead of getting Britannia, you get a weird mixture of 
       dungeon floors, walls, creatures (some that just sit there like statues, 
       etc.)  Note -- you can perform this trick with "virtual" disk swapping on 
       emulators like PC64 and CCS64.
       The great thing about this glitch is that it actually can be useful.  Many 
       of the treasure chests in this weird place (if you can get to them) are
       "infinite" -- i.e., you can keep opening them over and over again.  Then, to
       get back home, just put the Britannia disk in again, and keep walking (or
       cast Blink) until it loads again.  You're back in Britannia with all your
       ill-gotten gold.
       This trick can also result in some weird side-effects -- for instance, you
       can end up with monsters stuck in water, or with a boat on land (and you can
       still fire that boat's cannons).  Such artifacts remain indefinitely after
       you have returned from the glitch-world (which I call the "twilight zone.")
       You can also substitute the Towne Disk for the Britannia disk on the surface,
       but I don't think the results are as interesting or useful.
    2) You can reach Cove without getting a ship sunk by a whirlpool.  Simply Blink
       East from the hilly passage leading south toward the Shrine of Compassion.  
       I am not sure which exact square you need to be on, but you can just peer at 
       a gem to make sure you are far enough north so that you wouldn't be blinking
       onto water (in which case the blink will simply not move you at all).
    3) I have been able to get the White Stone by Blinking West from coordinates
       Lat. FA Long. EM.  But I don't think this works all the time.
    Hope these tidbits help.  If you didn't know about the "twilight zone" glitch,
    you really ought to check it out, even if it means running Ultima 4 on a C64
    emulator.  It's a blast.
                                    Final Words...
    Special Thanks:
      Stephanus Rudiyanto Natari for lots of good information
      Jason Tobias for some more good information (level/exp)
      Michael Roberts for the Justice thing
      Joseph Yaw-Chou Sui for informing me of a changed URL
      Gordon Cameron for the Tricks & Bugs thing
      Anyone who emailed me with nice things to say
      Richard Garriott for making the Game
      And CJayC for posting this on his site
    ASCII Art created using SigZag by James Dill:   (freeware!)
    This FAQ was writen entirely using the GWD Text Editor:  (shareware)
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