• Cheat Menu

    Any time during the game, speak to Iolo. Type SPAM <return>, SPAM <return>, SPAM <return>, HUMBUG <return>. Do not type return, just press it. After you have entered these words, you will get access to a cheaters/debug menu where you can get items, modify party attributes and more.

    Contributed By: kenshiroking.

  • Get Sherry the Mouse

    To get Sherry, follow these instructions.

    1. Go into the kitchen in Lord British' castle in the east wing and get the cheese.

    2. Go into the East Wing room that has the Potions and Crystal Ball and you'l find a mouse roaming about.

    3. Talk to the mouse and say SHERRY

    4. She'll ask if you have any cheese, type Y. And Y again

    5. Say JOIN and she'll join you as a party member. She can go through small areas (Like high fences) that your other members can't.

    Contributed By: _Trojan_Tuvai_.

  • Unlimited Gold Secret

    I believe that this trick requires that you talk to a wisp and learn that the wisps are information brokers who would like you to give them any unsual information that you find.

    If you take the ''Book of Lost Mantras'' from the Lyceum in Moonglow, then take it to the Wisps southeast of Skara Brae (or to any wisps in general) then they'll tell you that there's a being that they're in contact with that wants to trade for the information contained in the book. The being offers either information or gold. The wisps will advise you to take the information, which will be a complicated scientific fact. If you take the gold however, your party will be weighed down up to its maximum carrying capacity with gold nuggets, and the book stays in your inventory. You can trade these nuggets in at the mint in Brittania for thousands of gold crowns. And if that's not enough, this trick can be repeated if you find another wisp, talk to it enough to learn about the wisps' information trade again, and then afterwards exit and re-enter conversation with it.

    This secret is great for equipping your party with the best equipment money can buy. Complete sets of magic armor, dozens of glass swords, hundreds of reagents, and every other sort of luxury and convenience items can all be yours without tiresome and repetitive fighting and scrounging.

    Contributed By: Salvo.

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