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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nikolay

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                        Gabriel Knight : Sins of the fathers
                          Walkthrough by Nikolay Kaleyski
    The only thing I can say for this game is that it' great! One of the
    greatest things is the story. If you plan on playing(and finishing)
    the game, you'll see what I mean. The music is another great thing.
    And also, somehow, I feel that there is an excelent atmosphere.
    Well, I hope you enjoy the game!
    NOTE : Don't read this if you want to solve the game on your own! I
    strongly suggest that. But it's your choice. Anyway...
    Day 1
    "I dreamt of blood upon the shore, of eyes that spoke of sin.
    The lake was smooth and deep and black, as was her scented skin..."
    After the dialog, start your day by reading the newspaper on the
    table. Talk to Grace and get ALL the messages. Get a tome of poetry
    from the left part of the top shelf and a book on snakes from the
    right part. Get a dictionary from the other shelves(near the front
    door) and try to translate the poem. Get the magnifying glass and
    the tweezers from the table. Open the cash register and get the gift
    certificate. Leave the bookshop and go to the police station. Once
    there, talk to the officer at the desk and ask about Mosely and the
    photos. Stop talking, get the photos and leave the station. Now, go
    to the museum. Talk to the woman there and learn about Dr. John, who
    will be back tomorrow. Leave the museum and go to the Dixieland Drug
    Store. Take a look at the sign on the counter. Open the envelope
    with the photographs and show the one of the victim the the owner.
    Remember the phrase he says. Talk to with him about all available
    topics. Leave the store. Go to the New Orleans map and to the house
    of Gabriel's grandmother. Go upstairs. Take the sketchbook and then
    "operate" the old clock. Move the pictures, so that the dragon is at
    the top. Move the clock hands, so that the time is three o'clock.
    Turn the key and get the photograph and letter. Check out the photo
    and read the letter. Go back downstairs and talk. Talk about all
    available topics. Leave. Go to the NW part of Jackson Square and get
    the mime there to follow you. Lead him to the policeman in the SE
    part. After he's gone, get the radio on the bike and listen about
    the crime scene location. Go there(New Orleans map). After the scene
    there, copy the pattern on the ground in your sketchbook. Use the
    magnifying glass on the "matted" grass and get the scale with the
    tweezers. Examine it under the magnifying glass. Get some clay from
    near the river. Leave. Go back to the bookshop and tell Grace to do
    a research on Malia Gedde. The day will end.
    *Dream Sequence - nothing new
    Day 2
    "I wore a mask as I approached, I was what I am not.
    And though the pattern was unclear, it's meaning could be bought."
    Once again, start by reading the newspaper. Leave. Go to the police
    station. Get permission to see Mosely. Before going in, set the
    temperature gauge on the wall to a high level(70-80). Mosely will
    take off his coat. Ask about the patterns and the other six. Go out
    of the office and tell officer Franks to get you the file. Return it
    to the desk and go back in the office. Ask about the photographs and
    about a cop/author photo. Say you'll check your hair. Get the file,
    copy it and go back inside. Ask about some coffee. When Mosely goes
    out to get it, take the badge that's on his coat. Leave the police
    station. Go to the Gedde Estate. Knock on the door. Say you want to
    see Malia Gedde and that you have official business. Show the
    police badge you just got. Once inside, talk to Malia Gedde about
    EVERYTHING, until you are forced to leave. Leave the estate and go
    to the NE part of Jackson Square. There's an artist there. Leave
    the park and go back here again a few times. The artist will lose
    his picture. Go to the SW part of the park. There should be a guy
    selling hot dogs there. Give him the gift certificate and get a
    lucky dog. Give it to the dancer and ask him if he can squeeze
    through the bars. He'll go and get the artist's picture. Return
    it to him. Give him the sketch you made of the pattern and the
    copied file from the police station. He'll start reconstructing
    the pattern. Go to the cemetary. Copy the symbols on the tomb
    wall in the sketchbook. Talk to the man here about everything.
    Go to the Dixieland Drug Store. Notice Madame Cazaunoux. Leave.
    Go to the museum. Talk to Dr. John about Voodoo, and the about
    historical and current voodoo until he has nothing new to say.
    Leave the museum and go to the Moonbeam residence. Show the
    symbols to Magentia Moonbeam and she'll translate them. Talk to
    her about everything. When you ask her about handling Grimwald,
    she'll start dancing. While she's doing it, take the snake skin
    from the cage and examine it under the magnifying glass. Leave
    and return to the bookshop. Talk to Grace and request a research
    on Madame Cazaunoux. The day will end.
    *Dream Sequence - You'll see the ritual dagger.
    Day 3
    "Drawn to Bacchus's abode, I sought there to conspire.
    But it was in the city of the dead that I found my heart's desire."
    Once again, read the newspaper. Talk to Grace and get the messages.
    Ask about Ritter's phone number. Leave. Go to the police station to
    see Mosely. After the dialog, just leave. Go to the university. Now,
    notice the 'fwet kash' - what was said in the writing on the tomb
    wall, and also the 'sekey madoule'. Go to Jackson square and get the
    complete pattern from the artist. Go back to the university. Enter
    the door in the back. Talk with Hartridge and ask him about 'Cabrit
    Sans Cor'. Show him the pattern. Leave. Go back to the bookshop and
    enter the back room. Read the phone book page and use the phone to
    dial 555 1280. Madame Cazaunoux will mention her dog's name. Now
    dial 555 6170(veterinary clinic). Ask about Madame Cazaunoux and
    mention Castro. You'll get an address. Get the hair gel from the
    medicine cabinet and leave the bookshop. Go to the cathedral. Enter
    the rightmost door. Get the black shirt and a priest's collar. Now
    go to the Cazaunoux residence. Put on the priest's collar and shirt
    and use the hair gel. Knock on the door(the dialog choice should be
    obvious). Once inside, ask about 'Cabrit Sans Cor' and say what it
    means(goat with no horns). Ask about human sacrifice and then about
    the Real voodoo queens(a few times). Ask about the voodoo honfour.
    When you are asked to bless the bracelet, use the clay to get a
    mold. Leave. Go to the drug store. Ask about the animal masks. Ask
    about Willy Jr. Leave. Go to the bookshop and wait until Bruno
    appears. Sell the painting for $100. Go back to the drug store and
    buy the mask. You'll also get some master gambling oil. Leave and
    go to the Napolean house. Ask the bartender about everything until
    you have asked him about 'Sam and voodoo'. Show the gambling oil
    to the man in the purple jacket(Sam). Say that Marcus uses it and
    describe it's functions. After the game, give Sam the clay mold.
    Leave. Go to the NW part of Jackson square. When Madame Lorelei
    starts to dance, click the 'take' icon on her(you must be quick).
    After that, get the veil. Examine it with the magnifying glass.
    Use the tweezers to get the scale. Examine it with the magnifying
    glass. Return the veil. Go to Jackson square overlook and look
    through the binoculars. Go back to the NW part of Jackson Square.
    Talk to Madame Lorelei. You must talk to the man at the cemetery
    about 'Other marked tombs'. Go to the rightmost part of the
    cemetery and you'll have a talk with Malia Gedde. Head for the
    bookshop and the day will end.
    Day 4
    "I spoke to one who smelled of death, he gave to me his ears.
    And crosses that were marked were made into a veil of tears..."
    As always, read the newspaper. Go in the back room and call Ritter -
    4909 324 3333. After the talk, go to the police station and go see
    Mosely. Ask about reopening the case. Leave. Go to the Napolean
    house and get your duplicate of the bracelet. Go to Jackson Square
    overlook. Look through the leftmost binoculars. You'll see Crash
    talking to the drummer. Go question him in the cathedral. You'll
    have to show him the bracelet. Ask about the drummer. Then ask about
    the honfour. Examine the dead Crash. Open his shirt and copy the
    tattoo there in your sketchbook. Go to the bookshop and request a
    research on 'Rada Drums' and about the pattern.
    Day 5
    "The road was blocked, the truth was shunned,
    the white flag had been waved.
    Reversal cost me all I had, everything I've braved..."
    The day starts very interesting. You get the results for TWO of
    Grace's researches AND a package from Germany. As always, read the
    newspaper. Now, read the journal you got. Check out the results from
    the researches. Go to the museum. You'll be attacked by a snake. To
    save yourself, try to switch the lights on. Go back to the bookshop
    and Grace will remove the scale from you. Get it from the ashtray
    with the tweezers and examine under the magnifying glass. Leave. Go
    to the university and you'll see that Hartridge's been killed just
    like Crash. Get the notes on his desk. Go to the police station and
    see Mosely. Show him the notes, the scales, the newspaper clipping
    and the pattern and he'll reopen the case. Another day ends.
    *Dream sequence - wheel within a wheel
    Day 6
    "And then the night became as day, I glimpsed nature's reddest claw!
    And the face of fear looked back at me, as I gazed into the maw..."
    There's a nice surprise waiting for you in the bookshop. Anyway,
    read the newspaper and get the envelope. Open it and read the note.
    Go to the SW part of Jackson square. Talk to the vendor and convince
    him to go back to Royal and Conti. Go to the police station. When
    the cops go to get lunch, quickly go to the office door and unlock
    it with the key. Inside, open one of the drawers on the desk and get
    the tracking device. Leave the police station. Go to the museum and
    place the signal device in the sekey madoule. Go to the cemetery and
    write down the new symbols on the wall. Compare them with the
    translated ones. There should be a few unknown, but they can be
    figured out(they are 'y', 'u', 'm'). Go to the NE part of the park.
    Use the book on Rada drums to translate the code. It should be :
    Call conclave, tonight, swamp.
    Go back to the cemetery and take the brick. Use it to leave your
    own message on the tomb wall :
    DJ bring sekey madoule
    Go to the bookshop. Show Grace the snake tattoo you copied from
    Crash. Say it's for a party. Choose the option that mentions her
    being jealous. After that's over with, go to the Bayou St. John.
    Use tracking device to find the conclave. After you arrive, put on
    the animal mask. Enter. The answers to the questions are Damballah
    and Ogoun Badagris.
    Day 7
    "My last ally laid to waste, I ran toward the light.
    I prayed for one to change my path, to give me strenght to fight..."
    First, call Ritter. Talk about everything until he goes to do some
    research in his library. Get a flashlight and go read the paper.
    Leave and go to the Gedde tomb. Push the button and, using the
    flashlight, pull out the center drawer. You'll see Mosely's body.
    After the little 'incident', pull out the same drawer and get the
    wallet. Open it to get a credit card. Get back to the bookshop. Call
    the travel agency - 585 1130 and reserve a trip to Germany. Pay with
    the credit card. Leave the bookshop and go to the airport.
    Once inside the castle, get the dagger on the wall. Go in the room
    to the right and check out the panels. Ask the maid about the panels
    and the initiation ceremony. Go to your room. Get the scissors, pot
    and scroll. Open the window and wash your hands. Cut your hair. Go
    to the ceremony room and place the pot on the altar. Get the salt
    shaker from the main room. Put some salt on the pot. Use the dagger
    to pour some blood in the pot. Kneel on the altar and read the
    scroll. The day will end.
    *Dream sequence - purification and initiation
    Day 8
    "Inside a hidden chamber, where I had no right to be,
    I found the wheel at last, or could it be, the wheel found me..."
    Get the key on the table. Read the writing on the door. Unlock it
    with the key. Browse the books in the library until you find
    "People's republic of Benin". Read it and then look for the next
    one, "The Primal Ones". Continue reading this way until you find the
    book with the picture of the snake mound(wheel withing a wheel).
    Go talk to the maid about everything. Show her the book and pay for
    the trip with the credit card.
    Day 9
    "And then the wheel went round and round, I could not find my way.
    Twelve and three and turn the key, I heard the madman say..."
    Enter the snake mound. Walk around and take ALL the plates you can
    find. There should be ten. There's also a rod here. Take it. Now,
    place the plates in the slots, according to the number of snakes
    painted on each plate. The plate on the entrance screen should be 6.
    Place them clockwise. After all are in place, go to the 3rd plate
    and place the rod in the hall. Avoiding the mummies, move clockwise
    until you are in a room with three mummies. Swing the vines and you
    should escape. On the next screen Wolfgang Ritter will save you. To
    get out of this situation, place the rod in the hole in the secret
    panel. Once inside the inner mound, walk to the right and examine
    the writing on the table. Try to lift the top. Check out the holes
    in the table and the iron bars. Place the bars in the holes. Now
    try to lift the top with the bars. Do as Wolfgang tells you and go
    cut the mummy on the left with the dagger. The day ends.
    Day 10
    "Deep in the earth I faced a fight that I could never win.
    The blameless and the base destroyed, and all that might have been."
    While flying in the plane, notice the shape of Jackson Square. But
    before attempting anything, go to the bookshop. Read the paper and
    the note on the desk. You'll find out that Mosely is alive. Talk to
    him and make a plan. Give him the tracker and go to the cathedral.
    Enter the rightmost confessional and place the rod in the hall in
    the wall. Place the signal device and the rod under the kneeler.
    Leave the elevator and walk through the other door. The doors here
    are numbered 1-12. By the way, this is a modern version of the old
    snake mound in Africa. Go in room number 3 and watch the scene.
    Enter room number 4 and get the book. It contains some Rada code.
    Enter room number 7. Get two masks and two robes. Go to the inner
    room. Use the drums to send a message :
    Summon Brother Eagle(that's Dr. John)
    Go to room number 2 and while he's gone, get the keycards. Unlock
    room number 1. Get all the money you can. Unlock room number 11.
    Just take a look. And finally, unlock room number 8. Mosely will
    meet you here. Use the talisman to wake up Grace. Give the boar
    mask and robe to Mosely and put on the other ones.
    During the ritual, when Tetelo is about to kill Grace, show her
    the talisman. After the shooting, throw it to Mosely. When you are
    about to get killed, destroy the idol.
    Final - you have two choices here
    1.Try to save Malia
    2.Kill Malia or do nothing
    I suggest you save first.
    The end.
    You can e-mail me at jimnic@abv.bg or jimnicbg@yahoo.com
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    Copyright 2003 Nikolay Kaleyski

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